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FOREX MASTERCLASS for Advanced Learners

teacher avatar Abhi Haz, Life is a journey, not a destination

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class 1

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About This Class

I am a full time stock and forex trader by profession. During my last few of years as a forex trader, I have understood one thing very clearly: though forex traders knows it very well about technical analysis, forex market charts, forex trading patterns, forex strategies, still they end up losing money because they know the basic stuff but they do not have the proper discipline. Proper discipline that we require in any market of the world, whether it is stock market, forex market or cryptocurrency. No trader can succeed without discipline. 

Therefore, I have come up with a certain guideline for forex trader or forex learners who are struggling with forex trading, finding it difficult to make profit on forex market. 

If you are into forex trading for a long time, forex market has become your passion, still you are unable to make consistent profit from forex, then this class is for you. I did not cover basic topic like charts, candlesticks, rather I have explained in easy steps how you can revaluate your  forex jounrey or forex trading style and start afresh.


This class is not for beginners. If you are complete beginner, then please watch this class FIRST

this class will teach you the basic technical analysis and all the important stuff that you need to know before jumping into stock market, stock trading, forex trading, crypto trading and so forth. Once you understand the functioning of the market then can become a trader too. Therefore, you need to learn, if you want to earn.



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Meet Your Teacher

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Abhi Haz

Life is a journey, not a destination


Hello, I'm Abhilash. Would love to spread knowledge to the world.

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1. Introduction: Hello, hello, hello. Welcome to the class. This class is for, for excavators who had been dreading for a long time but still unable to make profit. And for those for extra girls who are still running in losses. So this does, is for intermediate readers who are struggling to make profit. And if you're a complete beginner, if you have no idea about the functioning of the market, that chart, the chart because then I have a different class for you. I'll be basing on the link in the about section. You can visit the class, learn the basic stuff. How did Jack works? Where you can spot the buy and sell livers. Then you can come down to this particular class. So this class is for mainly those people, those who are struggling to make profit. And if you're thinking, well, I mentioned him die or not. Whether I have the authority to teach you or not, then you can visit my YouTube channel. This is my YouTube channel, the creator next. So yes, I am between an exon and you can see, I have many videos. Yes, I have hundreds and hundreds of videos in YouTube channel. I was my regular market analyses on the live chat. And you can also take it out, okay? And you can decide yourself whether I have the authority or not. And if you want to know more about me, you can also visit my website of Galatia is my website. You'll get many information about me and forex market, stock market. Basically, I mean, for x and a software by profession, I had been in this field for around eight to nine years. I've been training since 2013. So it's been a long time and it's my full-time profession. So this is a cluster of AI. 2. Class 1: Welcome to the plus 1 first class. In this class I'll be telling you how you should treat. As I've already mentioned, I have a YouTube channel and imaginal, highly seen many comments where people asked me whether they should buy euro-USD, where they should sell euro-USD. And most other governments are regarding euro-USD, okay? The main problem that we face is that printers are not flexible, okay? They have a preconceived notion that I have to put in euro-USD or I'll have to trade in GBP USD. Okay? Because, yes, I also know it very well. The old world knows it very well that euro-USD is the most popular brands appear in USD, JPY, GPB, USD deserve very popular principles. Undoubtedly, they are very popular, but our loyalty should be towards the money-making. Okay? I'll buy loyalty. It should not be towards the euro-USD. Okay? Let's look at the chart of euro-USD. Okay? Suppose this is the sort of euro-USD. Let's assume that I'm not finding up proper position here. Okay? If I'm not finding a proper position head, then why should I trade on you or use the, okay, there are multiple currency plus available in the market. Okay? My loyalty is towards money-making. My loyalty is not towards euro-USD. Therefore, you should be very, very flexible as a bitter, your loyalty should be towards profit-making, not towards the, any particular currency, peer or particular kinds sick pairs. Okay? There are some datas who only trained in euro-USD. And there are some readers who are literate in two or three pairs only. See. If you are not finding any proper position in a chart, then you should avoid the chart because this is your hard-earned money. Do you really think that you should risks your hard-earned money image chart that you do not understand. Is it justified? This is not at all justified because This is your hard-earned money. Why you should risks your money in a chart that you will not understand. It is better to jump a different chart and look for a better opportunity. Let's see. Let's say there is a good angle operatively going on in Euro GBP chart, okay? And why you should risk of capital in euro-USD when you can go for a better grade in Europe, Euro GBP. Therefore, be always flexible as a trader, beanie, always flexible. Okay. You should not, okay, you should not be determined and I'll be trading in euro-USD only or uses gp120, okay? You should be a flexible printer. Only business should be money-making, okay? That should be your prime motive here. Okay? Not showing your loyalty towards any particular currency here, okay? Therefore, what you should do that again, instead of having only single-payer or 23 pairs, okay, make a good list appears. Here. You can see that again, this is my trading view account. You can also open an account for free of cost. And it is very good, okay? It's very, very user-friendly. Here you can see that I have a long list of forensic peer, so pay to be precise, I have got to indeed eat glance appears. So I'll also suggest you to make a good list of currency pairs. But do remember one thing. Before making a list. Always consider volume and you'll be getting volume in pairs, like Euro, Euro, USD, British bomb, Japanese yen, okay, then Kantian dollar, us renderer. And C string. Here you can get an idea. See here, ot get oscillatory. Canberra, Australia or Swiss franc also narrowed Japanese in Australia or New Zealand dollar, Austrian dollar, US dollar after that from gets CHF Gatsby writes the SFTP. You look at Euro CHF, okay? These are the currency pairs are designed to impede, hence appears where you'll find with a motto for you. Okay? So you should only be trading in currency pairs where there is whatever dot volume, okay? And if you are finding it hard to make a list, then you can Google it out. 428 Mr. integrals, we get you'll get plenty of websites where they have given this volume is very, very important, okay, volume is extremely important because see, you do not want to create on a chart where the chart is being manipulated by the big players. So you should always treat in a chart which is very much flexible, okay, where does spread is low and the Chadwick's does not get manipulated easily, okay, therefore, always go for charts like this. Like TV, BGP, GBP, USD, JPY, Euro NZD, euro-USD, catchy, but these are big currency pairs game. So your first and foremost beauty here is the first duty here is to me a list of effects pairs. Okay? Make a list of effects versus minimum. It should be doing. You should have a long list of options, okay? You should have a long list of options. Because I have already discussed your loyalty should be towards the money. Your loyalty should not be, should not be towards any particular kinds appear. Okay? Therefore, the first and foremost duty is to make a long list of four experts that's awfully have understood. Let's see each other. And that second class. 3. Class 2: Welcome to the second class. So in this class, I'll be telling you about the second most important factor here, and that is timeframe. Timeframe. Generally we do not focus much about this particular stock, okay? But I'm premise very, very important. For example, I'm a greener, okay, I'm a grader who has got patients again, that's why I prefer to use for ostium premium. Let's say you do not have much patients, did not have much patience to wait for hours and hours then for our staffing or this particular time-frame will not. Okay. In that case, you'll have to go for a shorter time frame. Let's say you have a job. I'm a full-time printer. I have a 100 years ago, I just sit in front of a laptop. That is my only duty. Let's say you have a particular job. Okay. You haven't particular job and you only get around, let's say 30, 40 minutes or one hour during your during a break. Okay. In that particular period of one hour. Okay. In that particular period of one hour, three, how can you do it in forest? I'm from dad for us to implement, not for you. Okay. Then you'd have to go to a shorter timeframe. Let's see. You'll have to switch to 15 minutes timeframe then instead of this timeframe, you'd have to study 15 minutes timeframe. Or like this. This time frame. Therefore, you have to decide which time-frames with you. If you have got time, if you want to have a stable job, then you should always go for higher damping, like four hours, two hours. These are higher timeframes. And if you are grader who cannot afford, afford to devote much time creating, then you should always go for shorter the imprint or lower type in like five minutes or 15 minutes. There are some critters. There are some vendors who only H2O liquid for, let's say five to ten minutes, okay? For them, five minutes timeframe is best. But basically, basic, Forex market is open for 24 hours, for five days, five days a week, 24 hours. That's five. Normal breeders or less experienced, great us prefer to do it on higher dime. Pretty hard to implement four hours, four hours timeframe. And there are some players also. Let's say they do not get time to sit in front of laptop or Jakarta chart on daily basis. They offer daily timeframe. What game they go for daily timeframe. And there are big pillars, are the big boys in the market, like the banks. Like the banks hedge funds. They go for higher diaphragm, much more higher than print weekly timeframe. Okay. They go for weekly timeframe. So a single candle denotes a single candle. The nose, are we looking DC? The nose like you and me, we do not decide the direction of the market. Okay. The big boys, the big pesticide that direction on the market. And one thing that I've understood, after printing for nine years, that the big purse, the big boys always greener, higher timeframe. That's why multi axis is very, very important. I'll be telling you or I'll be coming to that part later on. But being a trainer, or if you are thinking and you should become a trader, or if you're planning to become a trader, and you should decide your timeframe first, okay. Because you'll have to you'll have to judge. Okay. Which time from Sue. Sue. Because fear and greed of every bidder depends. My fear and greed level will not be seen as yours. So time-frame also depends on k. So as of now, if you ask me over last week's time frame is good and I'll tell that, yes, you can go for Forrest Gump Forrest I face value is stable. But with time, okay, with time, you'll easily understand whether for our diving suits you or not. Okay. Maybe your baby, your us scalper, who will all leave it running for a seconds or a few minutes. And you can go for five minutes time, but in a safe and okay. But finding out the perfect time frame according to your emotion is also very, very important, okay? But as of now, for us is good and I'll be covering this whole class. According to reforest I frequently we got this is my favorite. Okay? But you need to decide your time frame also, okay? So this is it. Next class. 4. Class 3: So from this class on, worse, things will get serious. I've already mentioned that you need to have your own list of FX pairs of workspace, okay? After having the list, your duty is to go through the list every day or multiple times in a day if you can afford time. But your duty is to go through the list everyday. So right now, let me switch to my timeframe, okay? As I already mentioned, deciding to buy premise important. But for us timeframe is very, very good and at every step. So you can also choose force damping, okay? So first and foremost, let me tell you one thing that I'm a fan of multi-discipline analysis, okay? Because I love to see what the big boys are doing or what the big players are doing. As a result. I carried on before us diaphragm as well as gay as well as I consult the weekly time for him. I'll be doing I'll be doing it. And that's our only get to see. Okay. So this is the first kind severe, okay, what you should be doing, I'm teaching or kick this off first sense if we all get Austin organic or not. So if you just look at the chart, there is no doubt that mark visit downgrade. Okay, So whenever markets and down then we should always be looking for sorting opportunity, as we all know, because the area of value, key, area of ALU will be nearly resistant. Because before executing any order can be for executing any order, we should always be looking for the area of failure, okay? Do not forget distinct keeping by this, this thing can change your life or death because this thing has changed my life also. I will also a pretty bad Twitter. Yeah, I was also very bad return. Yes, I go. So remember distinct and listen to this very carefully. Okay? Area of value is extremely important in the chart before going for any order, whenever you will be looking at a chart, okay? At first, your duty is to just ask yourself, what is the trend? What is happening? Right now, looking at this chart, we have understood that, okay, the trend is towards the downside. This means that the market is in doctrine and orderly. There's no doubt about it, okay? Then your duty is to ask yourself, what is the area of value? Okay? This, any of you ADR value in a downward market is always near the resistance gene. And you can see that 50 moving average is acting at a distance in this market. Okay? See here, here, here, here. So whenever I'm just going to go up, it was getting resistance one of 50 moving average and it was coming down. Okay? So 50 moving average is a valid resistance for the market. Undoubtedly. So the area of value in this market is difficulty moving average or the resistance. So here, what do we need to do that we have the shorter market because market isn't downturn, which is the best place to sort the market here. Don't, don't think the best place to sorta market here. We V. And the resistance when market will hit 50 moving average gave when markedly 250 moving average and it in reverse from there. Okay? Then it is the best opportunity to sorta market. Here. We can talk the market year here in your game. Whenever market is going up, you can sort the market. This is the idea of a new in this market. Here we have understood this idea of value p. Then for ping that we need to do here is switch to the Wiki timeframe. So these are weekly diary, weekly timeframe. We can see that this weak market has formed red candle, reversing market folder red candle with price, which action? From below. Okay? And if we just look at this weekly chart again, you do not need to bend your head or what are we cluttered, Okay, Just look at it with glitter and just try to understand the market psychology here. So just looking at the weekly chart, we can easily see that this market is formed. The red candle means market is being dominated by sellers. Previously got some market was being dominated by sellers. Okay? So this is a seller's market. And one thing we can see here is that again, I'm using here the outlines. You can also use by going to the indicators. Then we define the word Point Standard. From there you can go to this, will be having this length people, thanks. So be woodland. We can see that market has gotten support. You market has got a support here on the weekly chart. And always remember, the support and resistance level on the weekly chart are extremely important because see, as I've already mentioned. Hi, airtime print is a timeframe of the big players had the implant is a primary want a big, big boys gain. Therefore, this is a chart that we should not be messing. Therefore, always respect the subordinates as levels and B, which are in the weekly chart, we have two things. First of all, we have on a suit that market has been dominated by sellers. And we have found this up, Wilson. And let's switch to V is your regular time frame where we dream. Okay? So we have the, already, we have found the area of a loop. Then what should be our duty then? They are duty is give, our duty is what? Our duty is to sort the market at 50 moving average, okay? Right now market is trading here. We can easily see that the distance from the 50 moving average and the current market prices, but fairly okay, okay, it is far away from the 50 moving average. Therefore, this is not the ideal position, it is not the ideal quotient, the short-term market. The main mistake that readers are making is that the short-term market anywhere, okay? Because if you sorta market here, if you short the market here, it will stop. Loss will be above this line. And as we have already found a support Lebanon, a weekly chart. So this will be your take profit target is not it. This will be your take profit target. So don't do think your risk reward ratio is not, okay. Okay. Because see, this is your profit level and this is your history where does or does not match. And as you can easily see, current market price is far away from the area of value, far away from the register zone. So this sorry, it's not for us right now. Okay? So we will have to wait for the market to go Rudolf 50 moving average. So our duty here is key to wait for the market to go up when it will be nearly 50 moving average will have to observe the price. If we see that yes, market is struggling nearly 50 moving average again, it is about a reverses. Then we get a confirmation that yes, 50 moving average is still a valid resistance and we can sort the market, okay? If you sorta market here at this particular price level, then your history of orders you matches and, and you are not compromising with the trading discipline also. So your duty is to wait for the market to come to you. Always remember wanting to not just the market, let the price to you, okay? And always find the idea of femto. Okay? So wait for the market, right now, market is trading here. So you do this or you have understood, write down that. Yes. When market or when AAD Gateway be nearly 50 moving every day normally, I sought the market. Okay. Therefore, no drink for you in the OT get right now. Now let's switch to another chart. Let's see. You'll use the most popular currency pair. So this is out of euro-USD, okay? And if we just look at this particular chart, okay. If he just looked at this particular chart and we can easily deal that. I like the odd get. So this side is an uptrend. There's no doubt about it. Okay. So in an uptrend market, what do you so first and foremost duty to follow the trend, okay, whether it is downturn or append doesn't matter. Always follow that. If market is an uptrend, you should only be looking for buying opportunity. Youth market is a downtrend. You should only be looking for a selling opportunity and you should not compromise sewer debt, discipline at any cost. Because if you want to go against the rent and you need to have some good good amount of experience. You need to be a scalper. Okay. So never mess with the drain. 5. Class 4: So never never ever mess with that red. Okay. So so our second UD, what he does I can do to here, again, market is an uptrend, therefore, we will only be looking for buying opportunity. No doubt about it. Okay? So here we can see that again, market is enough for them, okay? Therefore, we need to find the area of value here. And an upturned market, where is the real value is always near the support, okay? So where is the support here? Market is enough. And we can see that. We can see that 50 moving average is acting as a support would a market because he, whenever marketers dummy done more or less, it has provided the required support would a market here, here, here, here, here, here. On numerous occasions, 50 moving average has provided support to the market. Therefore, therefore, it is valid support. And you can already see that I have already drawn a trend line here. Okay? So if we join these two dot, these two touches, then we are getting a trend line here. And we can see that apart from the 50 moving average bucket is also having a, having support from the trend line. Okay? So we have got do support here. So we have found the area of ALU here near the support. Okay. So what should be our next DOD our next duty is to look at the bigger picture that we could aim for him. In the Wiki diagram, we can see that market is an uptrend, okay? And we can see that when marketers coming down here, when marketers dumbing down, market minute hi here of the market with a high here. And Margaret is unable to cross that high. Okay? So, okay, See, when I have drawn a line here, we can see that this weak market cracked across the level, but market free to do so, which means that this is valid resistance to the market. So far no weeklies are. Okay. We have got two things here. First thing is we have understood that I know no market. Secondly, we have found the resistance good. Let's see slim how early they enforce them. So right now we have to decide whether we should take out, okay? As the market isn't upward, therefore, we will only be looking for buying opportunities. I've already told you. And as you can see right now, market or the market is just bending. That does support, support level, okay? So this is a very good opportunity to buy here, okay? And really good opportunity to buy. Okay. I'm making this video on Sunday, so today market is close. So our first and foremost duty we be due. Observe the market and offer the market opening when the market will open on Monday or random, OK, when am I going to open tomorrow? We will observe the price. If we see that market is taking support here are the market is struggling, market is respecting definitely moving average as a support, then we can initiate a biography it easily. So euro-USD isn't good position to go for a buy order, okay? And this will be our big profit target because we have already seen that the market is enough then generally, in an uptrend market, market easily cross this kind of levels, okay? But we have seen that level has got some historical importance of cheap that so market failed to process them. So if we go for a bike here, this will be our profit target. And we can also go for a buy order. Each market crosses this level, okay? So when market will be crossing this level, okay, well, you have to wait for three to four hours and just absorbed the price. If we see that market is closed, it is not struggling, okay? Then we're going to go for a buy order above these levels. But as of now, we have understood that euro-USD is in bilingualism. So getting the behind these analysis, the main, the main point here is that you need to analyze this starts looking like this. So when you'll be analyzing this, okay, then you'd be getting plenty of options each and every day. Right now I have shown you two options on two options only. So where you can take grids. We have found that, you know, use these in a good position. So after the market opening, we can go for a buy order if market supports this 50 moving average. And for OT get, we have understood that it isn't downtrend, will have to wait for the market. So like this, you'll be getting plenty of opportunities, plenty of opportunities, and you will have to just wait for the market to come to a hue. That is your first and foremost duty. So you'd have, for example, we have found the sitting opportunity on Europe also an OT get. So tomorrow the opportunity may not come or not get to you. They have to do moralism in outcome. But after two, this, okay, after two days, after one or two days, when AAD Gateway be going towards the 50 rolling average again, and when it will be where it will hit 50 weighing evidence, then we have to get cautious, get in your duty or your focus will be towards the OT get on. Because you currency pair is about to give you a signal here. So when a currency pair will be coming down to your price level, then you need to get cautious. Let's see. Let's say OT, get what good has gone up from here. And by Tuesday it has reached d. The moving average is good. And you have seen that opiod get is indeed existence right now. So your duty and focus will be towards the OT can all be okay, or it can only be absorbed or price of soda price if you see that it is getting resistance, okay, it is unable to cross this particular level, then you will get a confirmation that yes, what Git is still valid resistance market is about rivers, then just sort them on and build and there is no grade for you on Botkin. Okay? You'll have to wait for a price to your level due to not just the market. If you start taking the market again, when using again, you'll have to wait for the market to come to you. You will have to wait for the price to come to your ADL failure. Just to remember, an upturned market. Area of a loop is always the AD support. Adding a downtrend market, the area of failure or the best sorting opportunity is always leave existence. So if you see that bucket isn't heavy up and down below here, for example, look at this, look at this particular fall of them. Let's say you miss this particular opportunity hand when you found out that OT get is falling, market was here. After the market fell. After the market fell undoubtedly. And if you had ended here, then obviously you would have been good amount of money, but they would have compromise with that reading discipline. Okay. One day you can make money compromising, avoiding discipline, but in the long run, you'll always be losing money. Therefore, never, ever compromiser that really disagree. Wait for the market to come down to the 50 megabits. See here, when market gone up. Here. Again, we've got a good opportunity and C, market fell, didn't hear it. This market failure also. But this level is more important because here we can follow the trading discipline here we did not compromise with our risk to reward ratio because here we have, We had compliments, therefore, never, ever since the market let the price come to you on this, okay? Let the price come to you. And as I've already mentioned, this class is not for beginners, complete beginners. And I'm considering you as an intermediate winner or a Twitter who have been waiting for a couple of months. And therefore, you are understanding my words. I guess. If you're finding it difficult to understand my worst, you can also contact me personally on my website. 6. Class 5: In this lesson, I'll be discussing about the importance of multi timeframe. Analyze this. By now. We can see that I'm in a four hour time frame. Horizontally, my personal favorite diaphragm and one of the most beloved timeframe kinda flex work. Okay, So if we just looked at the chart here, then we can easily see that market is an uptrend. And as I've already discussed, in an operand market, we should only be looking for buying opportunity, okay? So as we all know, the best, studying opportunity in an uptrend market is always near the support. And here we can see that 50 MA again, if I am again, has been acting as support prudent market, which is a very good sign. Okay. So what should we or you didn't? Okay. Our duty is to the Sunday, so absorbed the market on Monday. Again. If we see that right now, see we can, we can see here that market is struggling near the support level. Which means that sellers are present in a market who are pushing the price downward, but 50 moving air resist or non-law, let you go down. I'm giving my best shot. Okay. Also tie in trying their best to stay above D 50 moving average. So there is a battle going on between apples and appearance. Okay? So our first and foremost duty will be the observed a bucket on Monday Howard is doing. If we see that market is respecting or market has successfully reading the 50 moving average as a support, then we can go for a buy order here. But what I've done in this class will be regarding the importance of Monte temperament analysis is not it. So see, after, after getting the a off value or after understanding the idea of failure, our duty is to understand or study multi-factor analysis. Okay, So do you see most of that lead us to not do, but I prefer to do because I get to see until we get to see the bigger picture. Or I prefer to see the bigger picture because he, after switching to do, we get, we get easily see that market is in a print. There's no doubt about it. Okay. There is no doubt about it. Clean upgrade for many, many weeks. For almost 45 months, Market is an uptrend here. But if I zoom on the chart, okay, if I zoom on the chart, we can see that market has seen price rejection from this level. And right now, market is standing at the present level because the market isn't up then this big market has farmer. But those are the kind of a burden with price rejection from above, which means that, which means that DO market is an update. But this week bucket thing to cross, a particular level of market failed to form a green candle. This thing happened because, because the market has resistance against market editor distancing. As a result, market fi gig. So once we get the, once you get the resistance or support levels from the weekly chart, it becomes it becomes easier for us to grade, okay? And your chances of making loss reduces. So in case you enter here, okay, In kissing, enter here, tomorrow, you do d will be to exit by 11, this resistance level, okay? Because in this particular chart, small level does not look very convincing. But we have seen that on multi or sorry, in the weekly chart that he has, this level has got importance because this is respecting the distance from the year two indeed D. So therefore, this level is crucial. So this will be a big profit target. And if you have no idea about this hierarchy, imprimatur, distance support and assistance levels, then you'll always end up in making losses. For example, you entered here, you entered here, and you have no idea about this particular level. And market is going up. Part that market is going up. I do not need to worry again. Okay. After you enjoy making UN to shopping. Okay? But there's a possibility that market would reverse from, you might get worse from here. And after coming down, after coming down from shopping or after coming down from the office. You see that? Okay. You see that your in-laws right now, okay. Your loss right now, only market face some heavy selling pressure and market has come down, okay? So your, your profit tree, okay, may end up in boss, good, therefore, multidisciplinary unless it is very essential for entry and exit levels. Okay. Let me show you one more example. So this third chart of USD care of it yourself again and again. And as you can see, as against the overall market is in doctrine. And as we all know, trading in a trending market is easier in comparison to trading in a cyclist market or arrangement market. Therefore, what is our strategy? Again? Look for a trend. Market isn't bounded. Therefore, we will only be looking for sorting opportunity because we respect to a friend and he's our friend. Okay? And our second duty is to find the area of value. And we all know it very well that the area of a dominant market is always the earlier instance. And we can clearly see that 50 moving average is acting as an existence, okay? Whenever marketers weighing up, it was facing resistance from the 50 moving average. And it was easy to, easy to make money. So we have found the only value also. Right now our duty is to so instead awaited. I agree. Let me remove these lines. So after switching to the weekly time frame, when we zoom on the chart, we can see that market is in downtrend. There is no doubt about it. Kinda weekly timetable. So market is telling us the same story. Okay? But if I zoom on that chart, if I Sumatra chart, we can see that market is standing at the support. So support zone from the year will be 17. So you must be taking a velocity. We are in 2020 one right now at this level is 40 years old. How this level is fairly still valid. Okay. I would like to say one more thing here as one of the chart a little bit again. And I can see that in the yet with this 16 yeah, 2016 market was heavier print. Ok. You can see that market was in heavier print. And this Ogden started in the year 2014. Okay. It's the operand started in the year 2014 and it lasted dealt with 16 for two years, the upgrade and just look at buying pressure. It's just looking at the buying pressure. You can easily see that market was heavily under the influence of the buyers, okay, it's not it, No doubt about it. But after reaching this particular level, market fit some selling pressure and market started going down. This happened in the year 2016. After that, in the year market or in the year 2020, market went up again. Okay. But after growing up, when market reach this particular instance, the market fist price rejection from above. And market started going down. So my question here is, my question here is if the distance from 2016 is fairly okay, then why not? Does support from 2017 will not be a valid one. Okay? So we can easily see that right now Mike, instead of going down market is trying to hold that position. It's not a market is trying to hold up position, which means that definitely this level, this is a portfolio in the 17 is very much fairly. Okay. And this and this fall 2020 happened because of this resistance from the year 2016. We've seen this chart because we have, we have done the multidimensional analysis, okay, we have understood the world pixel, right? Not only because of multi diagram analysis is not it. This is the reason you should always be looking at the higher time frame as well. I'm not saying that you should only do it in the higher temperature. Okay. You can read in one or a worse time frame, 15 minutes, it doesn't matter, but always consult a higher time timeframe parallelly to get the bigger picture. 7. Class 6: So we can easily see here right now that market is trying to hold up position, okay? Because instead of making candles like this, okay. Market is trying to hold operation. Let me show you see. Market wasn't cleaned on-brand. Okay. Market and no doubt about it. Okay. But if I tell you to look at this particular song, if I tell you to concentrate on this particular price, alright, now, forget about it on-brand and loci, we have, yes, we have found the support zone from the weekly chart. That's a different chapter. But if I tell you to look at this particular zone here, okay? Then we can easily see that market is not having a proper trend right now. Okay? Which means that DO market is an uptrend, overall migration or upgrade. But right now the market is trying to market is trying to hold up position. Okay. And and this is our North Reading Zone. This is own or grading zone C because if you saw the market here, this is the 50 moving average. If you short-term market here, okay, market we be getting support from here at this level. So there is no point of sorting the market here. And market is in downtime for four to five months. So no, you cannot go for a higher order immediately. You'll have to wait for some confirmation. So once would be a strategy them overall. Overall. If you just look at the usual time frame, then it was also a lone rice market or it's sorta Marguerite de Soto market at resonance that, but right now after consulting the week, the timeframe we have under some quantity that yes, market is standing in a support level and therefore for the USD get normally. Don't read because as long as market, okay. As long as market crosses this particular level, okay, we will not go for elite. We will not go for any shorting opportunity. As an overall market is unbounded, give, I have surely that we place our market is a dominant for more than a year, okay? Therefore, no buying opportunity as long as market process dislike, okay? So therefore, USDA get is what we see after making a list. After making a list of 20, 25 years, there will be many currencies where you will see that you'll be having your grade or it'll be getting option to create or or opportunity to read after four to five days or one week, okay? Therefore, having a long list is important. For example, or for example, if a guy on literates in USD beer, then he'll have to wait. As long as market process these levels, increased market fields to cross this level and markets these in this level for one week, two week, then the guy we have more bread, okay? Therefore, therefore, instead of having loyalty towards Inequality, global insecurity, you should have a lonely software, It's occurs, okay? So that out off to indeed 25 years, at least you'll be getting one or procreating opportunity every day. For example, right now we have what, no grade for the US declared. But after three days, okay. Maybe you will use the isn't orbiting zone, but Use the government give us an opportunity. Or odd get may not give us an opportunity to get me give us an opportunity. So it totally depends on the currencies. Okay. And as I always say, I'll repeating it would not risk your hard-earned money on a chart that you do not understand. And multi-line. And we have already understood the a multi-level analysis. Okay. Let me show you one more chart. For example, this is the sort of GPP, Qaddafi, British bond character dollar. If you do go for it anyhow, for order here, okay? What do you mean by ourselves? We can easily see that overall market is in downtrend and after their market like to go up, okay, but there is no proper trend here right now, if we just look at this particular portion, there is no proper trade here. So if I don't know, if I, if I don't do that or move our grid earlier. This is not the ideal loud. It's not the ideal patient to treat because see, there is no proper training and proper trend in the market. So you are not a folder created here. And see, this is a chart that nobody understand or this is a chart or write down market is in such a position that it is very difficult to understand the current MOOC or where the market will move. Therefore, is these dot at all? It is not an unworthy do riskier capital in a chart, but you should not risked your capital in the market where it would not understand, for example, dv be good, okay? Discharge of GDP gap does not deserve your hard-earned money. Rather. This dark mid Han, rather discharge clean up brand. Okay, go for a bike once market he defected moving average, okay? This kind of chart deserve your hard-earned money. Therefore, always straight on a chart that you understand, okay? And before that, always do the multi-day implemented less is also n only you'll find, get where you need to create and where you need not fit. Again. Therefore, if understood, firstly, you need to find a trend. Secondly, find the area of value. If Michael is an uptrend area of the loop, always a B Support, and it might be that 100 value, indeed resistance. Third is the timeframe and allies is empty. Okay? These are the three things that you need to follow. Okay? And I'm not discussing about any indicators here because it totally depends on your personal choice, okay? Right. I use personally, I used on either side and you may use RSA, MSD. It totally depends on you. Totally depends on the psychology of that Twitter. So I will not comment on that project. So these are the three things that you need to follow as of now. So in the next class I'll be linear what you should be doing with our risk management because see, the main success or give the mean success of a greater likelihood or risk management operations sizing. Generally, the mean. The main reason behind our failure in any market, whether the stock market, forex market, is that we do not know the proper risk management. We do not know how to do our recent sizing game. So in the next class, I'll be teaching our risk management. You may be thinking that it is not important, but, but trust me, trust me, risk management is the only thing that will keep you on the market yet. So please watch the class carefully and try to understand memoirs. See you in next class. 8. Class 7: In this class I will be discussing about the risk management and reason sizing. Okay? Let's say they are good readers. For certain is Adam and his second grader is, let's see, Steve. And both of them at jeopardy and size of, let's say 100 thousand dollars. Okay. Sorry about the bad drawing. Okay. Let's say both of them have a capital size of a $100 thousand. Adam, He's a very aggressive greener where does steep desert. Later he follows risk management and on and on being in an aggressive manner, he risks and on 50 percent obvious capital. Okay. Are Here. It is always the epitope. Okay? Let's see. And both of them have a risk reward ratio of what is to do, okay? And, um, being an anchor, simply enter risk 50% of his capital, okay, 50 percent office capital, okay? Well that's Steve risk, only one person of his capital. Okay. Let's say, as we all know, market, there is a probability the market also you cannot be a 100 percent correct all the technique, Let's see. The trade for ten days, okay? So on then creating this, they have made five days profit and loss. It doesn't assumption. And I'm being an aggressive greater risk is 50 percent capital and lost $50 thousand on big forest day. Okay. And I'm lost him. He wasn't capital. And on the second day, okay, we all know it very well that we can use for second decimal, two consecutive this atom, again lost and are predefined 120 thousand years after losing 75, 80 thousand dollars in todays. He's almost out of the market. Gave and I miss out of the market because Adam lost fees for two days and equal, not equal not be a debate. So at a miss out on the market. Whereas, Okay. Steve lost one person, okay, one person. Second begun, he lost one person as the following year, risk to reward ratio of one is two to the L isn't one person. Third day, he made a profit. 40, he made a profit. Again, 50, he made a profit. Six-day loss, seven-day loss, profit, loss, and profit. So 12345 again. So see, Steve is also not a very good Twitter. Oh, he has all her ear is having just an accuracy of 50%. To be honest, TV is a very crappy Twitter here with an accuracy of 50%. But still, but still, Steve managed to come up with, okay, still steam manage sukha mode with 5% profit. 5% profit with his rabbit strategy only because he followed risk management, okay? Only because he followed risk management emit losses on five days. But he was losing only 1%. Where does he was? He was making 2% on the days when he was making profit. As a result, it is risk management. He succeeded in making 5% after 10 days, okay? Therefore, you should also be having risk management like this. So might be her my, it's my request for you. Still never risk more than one to 2%. More than one to 2% of your capital gain. Because C, being a trainer, being a Twitter, your first and foremost duty is not to protect the capital, sorry, not to make profit. Being a traitor, your first and foremost duty is to protect the capital. Because without capital, you cannot be in the market. You cannot think of making profit from the market. Therefore, your first duty is to protect your capital and to protect your capital. It is your and only your duty. To follow risk management and following a span and then mitosis, you need to list on D12 2% of the capital because see, you are doing your Ls as you're doing your job. You're seeing multiple timeframes. You are following the indicator, be yielding everything perfectly, correctly. Must still, you cannot be a 100 percent sure because this is market. We know it very well. We have to be practical that we cannot be a 100 percent sure in the market. Therefore, there is always a risk in the market. And to be safe from there is unique to follow risk management. Therefore, never list more than one to 2% of the capital. Okay? And all of these followers history what ratio of at least one needs to do? And if you follow the strategy or the worst that I have mentioned in my previous classes, then definitely your list or the watery should be more than one is to do. Because you'll be getting that right at the ADR failure whenever you will be getting that great at the area of failure, you'll be getting a mystery writer issue of at least one is to do. There will be many instances when the restaurant about resolving more than one is 25. One is to six. Therefore, never, ever compromise with the trading discipline, okay? You have understood how much you should risk, okay? Now, I'll tell you how you should take your position. Generally, what we do is that we take position according to our account says, isn't it? Let's see. We have an account balance up cousin dollars. Okay? And if I got into a leverage, the broker provides, okay, we take the poison. Here. We go for two lost three dots, okay? But this is the wrong way, okay? And this is the main reason. This isn't written main reason, then we fail to become profitable credo, because it is not like that. We do not make profits, okay? There are these when we make C, $50, there are days when they make $50, they are days when we make a $100. Okay? But there are also days when we moose and due to bad risk management, we lose. We lose around $250. And when we make money, we make in 50 hundredths. Again. There are these when we lose $500.1, $100. But when we make, we make a $100.2, $100, our losses are big in comparison to our profits. This is the main reason we cannot. We do not know actually, okay, we do not know how to keep our profits. And this thing happens on me because we do not know how to pick the correct position size. Because we take position according to our, according to the balanced in our account. And that should not be the case. We should use should always pick position according to the current market price and a stop loss, okay? Once you know that, you need to take the poison, let's say this is the chart. These dots are top GNP or here, you know that, okay? Yeah, you know that you did or take the poison somewhere out here. Okay. So after finding out deposition for your next duty is to look for the stop loss. Okay. Look for the stock plus, let's say your stop loss will be 20 pips, okay, 26. So you have a surplus of 20 pips. And as I've already said, you can risk around 12 percent. Let's say you are getting aggressive distant, any unrealistic 2%. So 2% means $20. Okay? So right now, instead of going for the Dollar Tree center dot, what do you need to do here is that you need to calculate operation side. You need to get it in such a way that if it hits the stop loss, you would not lose more than $20. 9. Classs 8: We are listing about, our listing about hormones will be making how much? I love making good amount of profit and gave before. Do remember one thing. Before, before looking for the profit of being greedy for a profit, you should always calculate the position size. Again, you should always think about the loss first. You should, before taking any position, you should always ask yourself, if it hits my spa plus how much will I be losing again? And as I already said, you should only ten to 20 percent of per capita. So if you haven't his right now, we're going to go into portions as what you can do is that you can go to Google. Again, diabetes words for exploitation, size, pelvic girdle after hitting the Enter button. Okay, there are many websites that will help your, let's see. Maybe, okay. So these are baby So here you need to enter $1000 and Hamas really, really how you'll basically, let's say $2. So at 2%. And let's see, we enter at 1820, okay, and 15 beeps, or let's say 20, 20 beeps, our risk. So how much we are listening right now, we're just going to indeed owners, okay? Where did all this and this are fixed? We will not be moving our surplus, okay? So potion size will be 0.1, okay? So this is the operation size. According to your risk management and your Echo size. You can't be easily, you can go for one lot-to-lot according to your account says. But following the risk management, you will only be picking this 0.1 more. Okay? Let's district gets a, b which are marked descending under support. We have, let's say here again, we have a $1000 and we'll be asking 2%, okay? And stop losses, let's say 50 pips. So here our Lord says, you can see here, this is our world says. And this is the way that you need to follow your question says, because being an aggressive bladder will fetch from 1940, you will always end up in Los 1D up you're wondering, we give you a $50 wondering will give you a $100, but one wrong, we wipe out your whole profit and one wrong grid may wipe out your old capital gains. Therefore, you should always take your position very, very carefully. And this is the, this is the only thing that can help you out to stay afloat on the market right now you or maybe your mini in big trouble, you are facing problem making profit. But if you start following risk management and proper position sizing, then I can guarantee you that we turn bad grade, okay, we'd have very bad strategy of 50 percent accuracy also, you can end up in profit by the end of the month. So it's all about, It's all about, again, having proper discipline in the market. You should know about. Yes, strategy is very much required, okay? But alongside proper strategy, risk management, discipline and knowledge is also required. So this is how you should create. Hopefully I have been able to give you a list. So this isn't hopefully you have understood. If you have any doubts, you can contact me. I would love to sort this out. Thank you so much All the best.