FL Studio 20 Beginners Course - Learn How to Make Beats in FL Studio | Riley Weller | Skillshare

FL Studio 20 Beginners Course - Learn How to Make Beats in FL Studio

Riley Weller, FL Studio Teacher

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22 Lessons (4h 19m)
    • 1. FL Studio Beginner Course - Intro

    • 2. How to Ask Questions + Leave Review

    • 3. Before We Proceed with the Beginner FL Studio Course

    • 4. 1-1 - Best Settings for Performance in FL Studio

    • 5. 2-1 - Overview of How FL Studio Works

    • 6. 2-2 - Using FL Studio's Step Sequencer

    • 7. 2-3 - Using FL Studio's Playlist

    • 8. 2-4 - Using FL Studio's Piano Roll

    • 9. 2-5 - Using FL Studio's Mixer

    • 10. 3-1 - Sounds (One-Shot Samples) vs. Instruments [VSTs]

    • 11. 3-2 - How to Install Plugins in FL Studio [Plugin Database]

    • 12. 3-3 - How to Back Up in FL Studio [Project Data Files + Proper Labeling]

    • 13. 3-4 - Setting Up Snaps in FL Studio's Browser

    • 14. 3-5 - Setting Up a Template in FL Studio 20

    • 15. 4-1 - Creating a Beat From Scratch

    • 16. 5-1 - Various FL Studio Tips [OVERVIEW]

    • 17. 5-2 - How to Record a Microphone in FL Studio [and Use Edison]

    • 18. 5-3 - How to Install a MIDI Controller/Keyboard in FL Studio

    • 19. 5-4 - Best Export Settings in FL Studio [Get the Best Render Quality!]

    • 20. 5-5 - How to Use Automation Clips in FL Studio 20

    • 21. 5-6 - How to Use Copy and Paste in FL Studio [Very Useful Information!]

    • 22. FL Studio Beginners Course - OUTRO

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About This Class


Note:  If you're wanting to learn advanced concepts about FL Studio 20, view my intermediate course:  https://skl.sh/32Ky2hd

If you're looking for a course to teach you THE RIGHT WAY on how to use FL Studio, you've finally found it!

This is THE COURSE to take in regards to FL Studio Beginner Courses!

Hey! - I'm GratuiTous.  I've been producing music for over 10 years, and have released over 150+ tutorials on YouTube about FL Studio and music production.  (I've also released 16 premium FL Studio music courses!)

After teaching 13,000 students here on Udemy, and receiving AMAZING reviews, I am a very well-trusted source in regards to teaching FL Studio!

I have been actively involved in this music industry by writing TONS of audio articles, creating many videos, and answering thousands of students questions over the years.

Here's your opportunity to learn FL Studio with BEST PRACTICES!

Some of the most popular feedback I receive from students is that:

"My courses are so easy to understand.  I'm able to break down complex topics to simple terminology!"

Are you ready to learn with a PRO?!  (I've worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist!)

In this FL Studio Beginner Music Production Course we will be covering everything necessary to make high-quality beats and get you up-and-running as a producer.

I reveal TONS of shortcuts to speed you up and make editing MIDI notes, creating patterns, arranging your song, and mixing your music WAY FASTER!

So here's what we cover:

  • How use FL Studio, and how music production works in general (all DAWs are very similar - a DAW is your music program: Digital Audio Workstation.)

  • Setting Up FL Studio to get the BEST PERFORMANCE out of the software and your computer!

  • Getting the absolute BEST EXPORT SETTINGS out of FL Studio when exporting a .WAV or .MP3 to release to the world.  (Online distribution like Spotify, iTunes, etc!)

  • Learn an amazing workflow with the Step Sequencer, Playlist, Piano Roll, and Mixer (and secrets to set them up to be efficient)

  • Discover the difference between Sounds vs. VSTs and why to NEVER buy construction kits.

  • How to organize your plugins with the plugin database and protect yourself from FL Studio updates overwriting your organization!

  • How to PROPERLY BACKUP your songs in FL Studio to keep your music safe for the long-term!

  • Setting up snaps within the FL Browser to keep your beatmaking workflow super minimal and organized!

  • Creating an FL Studio Template to speed up your productions every time you begin making a beat!

  • How to build a beat from the beginning to the end (step-by-step you see how I compose a beat with MIDI notes, editing, and a quick arrangement.)

  • How to record yourself with a microphone, or use Edison to record sound effects inside of FL Studio within the mixer.

  • Using automation clips to give your music life and control various parameters while your music plays such as filters (EQ), volume, panning, or various other types of parameters you can automate!

  • You'll also learn the best ways to copy and paste all throughout FL Studio.  This VERY important information to know as it will speed up your beat creation!

We cover A LOT in this beginner music production course based on FL Studio 20.

Even though this course is for brand-new producers wanting to learn music production, intermediate producers will greatly value from this course as it will be a confirmation to clarify if what they are doing is correct, or they will discover shortcuts to complete certain tasks even faster.

I've been producing music for MANY years now, have worked with a GRAMMY-Nominated artist, and love teaching.

Enroll into this FL Studio Beginner Music Course and learn to create high-quality beats today!