FL Studio 20.5 - Upgrade Course on FL Studio 20.5 | Martin Svensson | Skillshare

FL Studio 20.5 - Upgrade Course on FL Studio 20.5

Martin Svensson, Learning music creation since 2006.

FL Studio 20.5 - Upgrade Course on FL Studio 20.5

Martin Svensson, Learning music creation since 2006.

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6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. FLEX Plugin

    • 3. Plugin Performance Monitor

    • 4. Default Template

    • 5. Minor Improvements in 20.5

    • 6. MacOS - Use FL Studio in Logic or Other DAWs

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About This Class

Learn the new features of FL Studio 20.5 in this short class where we cover all of the new features of FL Studio 20.5.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Martin Svensson

Learning music creation since 2006.


- Founder and Owner of music-prod, a platform with courses for learning Music Production and how to be a musician today with over 10 000 Subscribers. 

- Music Producer and Professional musician. Producing music for 10+ years with Logic Pro X and Ableton Live. Produced music for several big labels and for other Producers, Dj's and big names in the music industry.

- Certified Apple Logic Pro X Producer since 2015.

I have a lot of experience in making music in different studios here in Stockholm, Sweden and also in Los Angeles, California. I've been making music with big names as well as teaching how to make music since 5 years. 

I'm now into teaching music on the web as well as making different businesses because I really wa... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey there, and welcome to the effort Studio 29th 5 Upgrade course. My name is Martin Svensson, and I'm a full time music producer. For over 10 years now, I've been creating music for a lot of different music producers, and everything I make is made straight in the box. In this course, I'm going to show you some new changes in Efforts Studios New version, which is version number 29 5 And there's some major upgrade here. I will show you how to use the brand new Flex plug in, which comes with a lot off new fresh sounds out of the box as well as cover how to use Efforts Studio Inside Off another digital audio workstation. In this case, I'm going to use Logic Pro 10 and have Efforts Studio as a plug in, which will enable me to use efforts, studios Interface and the Great Channel rack. Even if I'm using an alternative digital audio workstation, I'm also going to cover some minor new features and changes in this new version. All right, so I hope to see you in this course and start learning the new version, so see you in the course 2. FLEX Plugin: Okay, so let's take a look at the first new thing in efforts Studio $20 5 So first I'm going just going to show you that I have the newest version. So as you consider its efforts, Studio Producer Edition $20 5 that I have. And, um, yeah, the new features depends a bit on what addition you have, but and almost all of the different editions here has the same new features in this 20 not five release. So what I'm going to do here, I'm going to show you something or the biggest thing that came with this off grade, which is a brand new plug in, and it's called Flex. So you will find it here with Plus. And if you go to the Flex plug in here. So here you can see this brand new plug in from image line themselves. So the makers Off Efforts Studio did this plug in and this is a very, very nice plug it. I'm very excited about this because they this plug in has so many sounds in it. Um, and it's something almost like the nexus plug in, which is very common in the ADM World. And so that plug in is very popular because you get instant sounds. So here you can just choose whatever priest that you want and you will have a very, very nice sound immediately. So as against here I have some different installed packs. So flex comes with different installed packs. But it can also go to this section here called online packs, which you will have different packs that you can download. So, yeah, so it won't take up any disk space or something that you can also choose different packs that are optional. Sirkin purchase them and you can also preview with them here. If you go to YouTube or Soundcloud, you can click these buttons here to just preview these online packs. And it's agency. Now, there's only two different Adams here. So I think, um, yeah, I think there will be a lot more adults or packs here when you watch this course. Because I'm recording this this course here in a very early stage off the 20 not five release. So you can also see here that you can choose different recent presets that I've used or also make some presets your favorites. So if a go to, let's say this essential pianos pack here, which I really, really enjoy, unlike because there is some very nice sounding piano sounds here, which I think ever studio act a bit because there is a piano Blufgan in the studio. But I don't think there's many like generic piano sounds inside of it. So this Blufgan has a very nice sounding piano sounds inside, and you can see if I hover over a preset. You can see there is a star here, so if I press the store here, you will see that it's orange now, and it's also in my favorites. So, yeah, if you want to choose a sound, just click on it and play. So there are a lot of different parameters here. So we can, let's say, narrow here that I think that this is mostly like plug and play stuff so you can see there are called macro. So I think that you actually have to expo bear mentum it with these different player different settings here. So if I play on the piano here, so this one would change some different as sound of it, or tuning up the piano and you have tone as well. Something that's darken. Yeah. So I think there are a lot of things you can do here. You can just experiment with the macros, but also, you have the regular things like pitch, for instance. You can pitch the sound up and down. There is also filters here, different envelopes. So we had a regular a the S. And are you also have something called H? It doesn't do anything here. And yeah, so just regular things says he will finding ah, basic synth or a sampler. Lot of different sounds that are very good here. So you have first auction sit, escape as they call it, and you have some 66 preset ciric and play around with you also have the essential pianos, essential strings, which also has some very amazing sounding strings. Here you have that mobile synth black, which I really like because I enjoy the plaque. Sounds a lot. You can make a very nice track with just a basic black sound, a minimal truck like that, and I really enjoy that. You also have the 808 base, which is very nice to use in electronic music, hip of music and stuff like that to get very nice basis and clean basis. You also have the old bait compendium. So I don't think there's a lot of different difference between the different names here. But there are precip acts, so all in all, you will have around like 500. Yeah, you can go here all and see 407 presets. So it's coming just for free with all of the efforts studio editions out there. So a very nice Adam Teoh the new efforts to diversion. So I think this plug in makes the 25 upgrade very much worth it, and it doesn't cost anything, so you just download, upgrade. And, as you know, after studio, if you purchase effort, studio will always have free upgrades. So that is very nice off image trying to do so. I really, really recommend you to to get efforts studio if you don't have it. If you're just having a trial version, I really recommend you to purchase this because Image Line are making very, very hard work for you to tow. Have it for studio up and running. All of the time they were doing a lot of updates. And, yeah, they're putting out some stuff for plug ins like this, and I really, really enjoy it. So let's see what you also can do in the Flex plug in here is to go to tags and you will see different categories off different sounds. So if you have it hovered on all or clicked and selected all you can go to the tags here. And let's say that to all. I just want some ARPs here and you will have all the art sounds, which the preset names. So let's say that I want string sounds so it can just search string, and you will get all of different string sounds there that it's in the PRECIP X said. Before you can download different line packs and ah, there. It's a lot of packs here, but you can also download packs that are made for flex but isn't in this list here. So let's say that you get flex packs from other places than inside of the flicks plugging. You can put that Ah, prison back inside off. If you go to options here and go to general settings and press file or go to options and five settings. Then you can see here that we have our user data folder, so you will have to go to the folder, which is this and forward slash flex for slash packs. And there you can find the different flex packs that are downloaded and you can also act. Put your own flex sounds There. You can also go to this folder button. Here you will get to that location so you can see her. If you go to image line, you'll see flex impacts. So here you can put all of the different packs that you got from other sources, for instance, or if you want to manage to the PAX, you can see all of them here. They're very nice feature in the flex plug in, which is the analysis, and you have different views off the analysis here when you play your instruments inside of the plug in. So first you have the basic oscilloscope, and if I play something, you will see how it looks something very similar to our monitor here inside of half a studio. You can also right quick to pinch or not pinch it so you can see the difference outlooks. Uh, you also have the next one, which is the spectrum, and you can see basically how many notes there are off one sound. So if I play more than one note at the time, you will see that there is more going on here in this visualize er. Also, see the next one, which is the victor scope, and this is showing if the sound has some steer material in it. So as it goes wider and wider, you will then know that there are steer material. So if a sound is very very stereo or very much in stereo, you will see that the sound or the visualize er is showing a very, very big picture. So if I go to, let's say, a bass sound here and I need to like that and let's go with a bass sound, you will see that it's good not going to have any steer material. It's just basically a line here because it's Imano based sounds are usually in mono, so you will see that the sound is just showing as a line. Oh, and then if I go to a string sound, for instance, which is usually a lot in stereo. It's going all over the place, so this is very nice to have as well to see if the sound. Let's say that you want something in sterile because your track is lacking stereo sounds. Then you can just find mysterious sound or match something, match a sound with some other sound and make a very number, and I steer sound out of it. So the next one is their spectra Graham, which also shows the spectrum frequency off sound. Things are basically frequencies and same thing here. If I go to back to the base sound, that's a clean sound. You will see that it's a lot things going on here in the lower section. Thing about the flex playing that I want to cover is that you can change the different view of it. So you have actually some themes here, so we have. The blue s are standard, and you can also go with brown or something like Like that, for instance, you can play around with that as well. I really like that effort. Story is always so customizable, so you can choose a lot of different things and different stuff just so it looks perfect for you. Okay, so let's go on to the next section where I will show you a different new features in efforts Studio. 3. Plugin Performance Monitor: Okay, so the next thing that is new NFL studio 20.5 is that we have a new view option and it's called Plug in Performance Monitor. And here we can see all of the plug ins that are currently active in our project. So, as you can see, we only have two different plug ins right now. So let's open up a demo project here. So I'm going to go to, um, you stuff here and this is just example Project of Effort Studio. And there's a lot of different plug ins here, so I'm going Teoh, let this open up here and now you can see in the plug in Performance Monitor. We have a list with all of the different clients. So as soon as we play our our track here, the projects, he will see a lot of different numbers coming up here. And as soon as the number is high or higher, the number is, the more it will effect on your computer and CPU. So let's play it and you will see what I mean. So you can see her that this is very nice toe. Have If you have some things going on your project. Let's say you have a lot of cracks and noises that are coming up because your computer is and holding up to the project. You can see what what plug in here makes. Where takes a lot of resource is from your computer. So let's say that you have one. We have the side chain compressed air that is taken up a lot off a peak and total years. You can see. So let's say we could take another plug in there instead and put it there that the side chains so we don't have to use the fruit limiter side chain in this case s Oh, this is very nice to use because you can see what plug ins are taking up. Resource is from a computer, and then you can just switch it to another plug in. That does the same thing, but it's lighter on your CPU. That is very useful here is that you can use the freeze button. So as soon as we play our peak here in the track, meaning that we have a lot of different things going on in the project, let's say we have something here then we can just use the freeze button, and we can analyze the different result that comes up with the plug in performance monitor so you can actually see Hear this plug in is taken up a lot off resource is from our CPU. Um, you can see the numbers very, very high there. So maybe we could take a look at this plug in and exchange it. Um, but yeah, this is only useful if your computer is starting to getting stressed and you can hear the cracks and all of the different stuff in a sound. Eso you can see what plug and you should take away. Basically. Okay, So see you in the next video. 4. Default Template: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to show you how to handle the new default templates option that we have in every studio 25. So if you go to options, you can go to general settings. Now you can see here we have something called default template and it's basically what effort suited will load up as soon as you start after studio. So now we have the basic with limiter, which is Yeah, just empty project with a limiter on. But we can actually create it something else. So let's say that we always use our own projects that we always use with some different routings or with some different sense or plug ins or effects or anything like that. It's very useful to then use your own. But we want a new default template. So let's go and create one. So I'm going Teoh, start it with the new and basic with limiter. So now we have our default template or this is how it loads up default in efforts studio, if you haven't changed anything and yes, so here we have ah limited fruit to limiter on. So I want something else here. So I'm going to go with? Yeah, I'm going to stick with the fruit limiter, but I also want an e que on our master. So I'm going to put unequal to honor Master here and now this ihsaa tweaked, you know, because we added a 1,000,000 basically. So now I want to add this template instead. So I always want this to be loaded up when I started for studio. So what I can do now is to go to file and save us. So here you can see you have our file syrup and I'm going to go to projects and templates. So now I want this to be called my own templates. Click Save. We saved the project. You need to restart Episodio. So just close it and open up again. And now we go to file new from templates. You can see here I have my own template here. So changed the full template. We're back here and now we can see it here. So now I have the default tempered as my own templates. So every time I go to new or open up if a studio I will now have that parametric eq you loaded up as well. Okay, so see you in the next one 5. Minor Improvements in 20.5: all right, so in this video, I'm going to cover some very basic things that are add up in version 25. So, first, if you go to option here, angle to general settings and let's go to file here and now we have our auto save, which is our backup. So previously we had around 200 euros maximum, and this is the backup or auto saves that effort suited does for us. But now it's increased to a lot more. I think it's around 800 or something like that. So if we have a lot of this space on her computer 999 if we have a lot of this space on her computer, this will save us a ton of time if something goes wrong with the project, or let's say that you have mists around with the project and want to go back to that stage that you were earlier with the project, so that's very useful. Okay, so next thing we have here, it's that we can have the sound fonts which comes with the for studio, and you can just important to the channel rack here and now you will have everything loaded up and ready to play 6. MacOS - Use FL Studio in Logic or Other DAWs: okay, I saw the next thing I want to show you is a very nice feature for us Mac OS users, which they added onto effort Studio 25. So you can see we're now in logic pro 10. So, yeah, it looks a bit different from efforts, studio, but, um, we can do now, and we can do this on logic, pro or able tone or even Q base. And so what we can do now is to add a for studio Asan all the unit or a VSC instrument. So how would you do that? You just go to, um, the regular plugging picker, which is in logic. Or if you're using a belt on our Q Basie will see, you will do it in a regular way off that digital audio workstation. So now you can see here we have image, line, effort, studio, and you can choose if you want more. No stereo. So what we get now is this window here? So as soon as we press the efforts to do Lago, you have ever studio open up and this very useful to have if you're, let's say, creating some projects inside of it for studio, and you want this to be the same as in logic. So you want to basically add in some instruments or some parts off project. You have an effort studio, for instance. You can do that in other digital audio workstations as well. And them? Yes, so you can basically just build up beat. For instance, let's say that you prefer the channel rack in Effort Studio, which I do. So I would. I think I would use this feature quite lots, because now I can use very easy channel back to I love my beats. Let's say I want some drums here. I can just do it like that and what I can see from what I can see now in this version. And the temple doesn't match with the host temple. So with that logic for in this instance, so we won't we have to keep keep a look at this the BPM off or hosts. So it's 12 on a tear, so I need to change it to efforts to do you want 18 for it to match. So now we can just press play here. All right, so I'm now load up my own template. So let's create a kick here. Very basic, simple, simple beats something like, Let's do it like that. It can obviously use the quicker things, but I'm going to use it like this. So you can do now is to record in the hosts, So this is a very nice thing to do. You can, let's say, record different stuff from here, so I can. That depends on the digital audio workstation, of course, and this is a studio course, so I won't show you how to do that thing logic. But there are different things you can do with this. As I said before, he cannot up different projects. You have an effort studio and use some parts of it. Or you can use the whole song if you want to. And then let's say makes in logic. If you like to mix stuff and logic, you can do that as well. So you can actually just load up a few off the software instruments and logic and then separate different mixer channels of effort studio to logic, for instance, and so it's very nice to use, and I really like that they have implemented this thing into other day ideology, workstations as well. And this Mac only feature for the 29th 5 version. Okay, I so see you in the next one.