FL Studio 12 - The full complete guide you need.

Gaia A., Member from the Skills Factory Project

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9 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Tutorial for Beginners

    • 2. How to make Beats

    • 3. The Piano Roll and the Mixer

    • 4. How to add Sound Effects

    • 5. How to make Automations

    • 6. How to improve Sound Quality

    • 7. How to Record Sounds, Audio and Vocals

    • 8. How to make Dubstep!

    • 9. How to make Hip-Hop!


Project Description

Create your first song project with Fruity Loops 12!

Target: create a song project with FL Studio 12.


1) the song must be composed by at least 5 total patterns mixed together in the Playlist;

2) DO NOT upload just the rendered (.mp3, .wma etc) song, but show your project done in FL Studio;

3) DO NOT use Copyrighted material. The project must be TOTALLY done on your own.

Steps (In italic some smart suggestions!)

- Think about a basic song you would like to compose (with vocals or not? high notes? lots of basses or melodies?)

- Start creating the basic beat (dedicate independent patterns for the beats)

- Create the main notes and melodies that must be the heart of your song (decide the instrument to be used and sketch the notes that must compose the melody)

- Add basses, special effects and voices if you need (they must fit beats and the main melody!)

- Compose them together in the Playlist;

- Add sound effects and improve sound by using the techniques in this guide.

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