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FIVE Text Effects on Premiere Pro

Alex Edwards, Video Editing

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7 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. CONTENT

    • 2. INTRO

    • 3. BOX REVEAL


    • 5. WIGGLE


    • 7. NEON


About This Class

Here are five easy text effects on premiere pro that includes revealing a box around your text, typewriter, wiggling your text, neon effect and also revealing your text from a centre point!


1. CONTENT: 2. INTRO: Hey, guys, my name's Alex and welcome to my school share. Over the next few months, I will be teaching classes based around video editing on Premiere Pro, in addition to behind the scenes for two shoes on what I do to get certain shops and other things along those lines, I'll be doing for your custom specifically around food bars and cafes, which are perfect for parties and weddings and different events. Unless it I'll be teaching deal tutorials mainly based around crowding on fabric a little bit more about myself. I'm no team on just like College. After studying art, photography on business also run two blocks. One is based around trouble on finding the best spots on the other. SLT, based on portraiture. Photography on my block is laid out like I'm like, If any of you ever have any questions, please feel free to message me. I am more than happy to help if you are confused on anything, but other than that, I hope my classes are helpful. Do you enjoy them? 3. BOX REVEAL: so to begin with, you just need to create your text. So I typed out adventure over this shot off the plane wing and then I chose the front birch . I also increased the spacing between my letters and then once you are happy with your text , just drag it to the center of your clip. Then you need to go to graphics. New layer and click on rectangle even need to UnTech. Fill on increased You don't increase the strike size of your happy with. I think you just need to drag your box around your text as sure. Then you need to create a new mask within the shape, way drug your mask so it selects all of your text, but none off the boat. I think that only toggle animation next to mask this should create a new key frame. Then go to the point in your video whereby you want the box to actually appear just wrecked the musk around your books. So between those two key frames, the mask is expanding outwards, which, which is why it's revealing your box on it should look like this 4. TYPEWRITER: So just create your text and choose thief on type writer. It should be American typewriter, so it should be right top and then shrink mine a little bit and also increase the spacing and then just moved it to the center. Thank you. Need to go to capacity and create a new musk. All you need to select to begin with is just the tea for whatever your first letter is. They needed to cut up your text layer into however many letters there are. Then click on the second text. Well, that you cut up on, just expand the mask to cover the why as well. So you're so short on my videos a little bit just to make it a little bit quicker when it was revealed. But once you've done all that, it should look like this. 5. WIGGLE: so, as usual, you just need to create your text. I ended up going with Pop Lotta's my funds and I also drug. Listen to the middle, though it doesn't really matter what you put yours. Then you need to go to effects and type in water and just drop this one to your tex wave type. You need to have unsigned that it should already be on this Are then adjusted my height to Afghanistan on my way with to 60. Thank you. Want to have the speed on about 2.5? The higher the number, the quicker your text will smooth. 6. CENTRE REVEAL: again. Just create your text. I went with the front phosphate and then just need to send to your text odors move. Its worker is that you want it to be. Then go to the point in your video whereby you want your text to be fully revealed. So that point for me is midway and then create a new mask and then just create a box around your text. Then click on the toggle animation just before mask path. To create a new key free and go to the beginning of your timeline, Andi basically squashed this box into middle of your text as shown. What's happening between the two key frames is that the mask is moving from this line on expanding outwards, which is what is revealing the text way. 7. NEON: So for my text, I went with sign painter Andi. I made the film on the stroke of a bright blue. You don't have to have the stroke on it's up to you and then once I've done that, I just center my text. You don't need to duplicate your text twice more, so you have three layers. Then for your bottom line, you need to go to effects on typing. Fast bowler then dropped the service your layer and go to effect controls and increased the blurriness. What this will do is create a bit of a glow, then you to leave your second. There it is. But for your Sadler, you need to go to effects and type in RGB, which will come up with the RGB curves. Go to master and pull the line all the way up to make your front light. Then you just need to organize your layers so that at the bomb, it's the original front that we made without any effects. Then the second layer should be the one with the fastball and then your top layer should be the one we just changed with the RGB curves. Then you need to cut up the start of those top two videos. Um, delete the ones in between. This is basically gonna give the illusion that it's like a sign, and it's turning on.