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teacher avatar E Genevieve Williams, Artist, Creative Director

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Choose a Logo to Design, Identify Your Target Audience

    • 3. Create Mood Boards

    • 4. Post your Mood Boards

    • 5. Sketching Pep Talk, Show and Tell

    • 6. Illustrator techniques for smoothing out those rough edges

    • 7. Moving Forward with Your Best Sketches

    • 8. Considering Logo Sketches

    • 9. Sketches and Go to Finish Choices

    • 10. Rough Comps of Your Finished Logos

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About This Class


                                                             Logo Design Student Work


A logo is typography (logotype) and/or an icon (logo mark) that sets us apart from everyone else. A logo compresses meaning into a small, well composed unit, a unit that will be integral to your entire brand. That’s a lot of pressure for any design! A creative logo design has to be on point, it must be relevant, it must communicate, and it gives your organization a professional, polished, and well-thought-out look.

Whether you're just starting out and need a logo, looking to redesign or update your existing logo, or simply want to refresh your logo design skills, this class is for you!

What we will do in this class:

You will design a logo - for yourself, for a startup, for a friend's or family business, or redesign a logo for company you admire or one you simply don't like.

Who this class is for:

  • You are interested in logo design but don’t know where to start.
  • You need a logo and want to do it yourself.
  • You've designed logos before and want to refresh your skills.
  • You're a small business owner with no budget for a designer.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

E Genevieve Williams

Artist, Creative Director



I am an American artist, designer, educator, and writer. My design studio in Manhattan has earned international acclaim for its groundbreaking multi media work including a Silver Clio, Creativity Platinum and Gold Awards, among many others. My work falls into the categories of transmedia storytelling, collaborative culture, user-generated contents, and narratology. I have an affinity for solitary, nature soaked settings. My truth-fiction landscapes are inhabited by the palpable absence of human presence.

Currently, I am a professor in Transmedia at Yeungnam University in Korea.

I am offering a Skillshare course entitled "Sketch Your Dream Studio" because I love living in a cabin that my father taught me h... See full profile

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2. Choose a Logo to Design, Identify Your Target Audience: - Hi, - I'm Jennifer Williams. - Welcome to basic logo design. - We're going to be spending the next few weeks designing logos together. - I do need together because I'm gonna be designing one with you. - We're gonna have a lot of fun on. - Do some great work. - So welcome. - So I thought what I would do first to share my process with you. - I'm going to do a logo for a doomy Ortega who you see in this shot. - She's a health and fitness coach, - and she has a degree in nutrition. - And I found her online on I checked out her prices and I can see that she's a little - expensive if you're sticking singles and her groups are more reasonable. - I watched her video. - I got to know her a little bit online, - and then I made an appointment to have a workout with her so that I could see exactly what - kind of a person she waas in terms of workout trainer. - I've also have scheduled at least three appointments with her so that I had little time to - get to know her and do some research about her. - And subsequently she asked me to do her logo and to our website, - so I'm working on that process now. - One thing we want to consider seriously didn't like to sign Age talked aliens. - Who are you marketing to? - What age are they? - How much income do they have? - So you can see on the screen here that I've sent an email to a do me and asked her to - identify her target audience? - I asked her to use thes five demographics, - age, - gender, - income, - education level and loco. - And as you can see, - she knows very well who her target audience is. - In order to get a feel of what kind of logo Dema was looking for. - I created several just off the top of my head things for her to look at one with the script - with figure some straightforward fonds blue orange and showed them to her. - She told me that she didn't like the figure it all on that she'd like the blue very much - and that she liked the script. - So we discuss those things. - We talked a little bit about script and it being a woman business, - and I felt a little uncomfortable about combining a script with a woman instructor, - a fitness instructor, - because it seemed a little soft. - But that's still under discussion during one of our workouts, - as she mentioned that she wanted to use her entire name a Duma Ortega, - and immediately in my mind that translated into topography, - namely an O symbolizing the ball and I said, - slanted on top of it, - symbolizing a person leaning on the ball. - When I showed her this logo, - she wasn't interested. - She really wanted to use just her first name. - My next tactic. - To try to understand what it might be that would make her happy for logo was to ask a Duma - to show me some things that meant health to her. - So she showed me a very healthy cactus and sent me some photos, - and I rendered those photos I traced the shapes on made them into blues because I miss you - like blues, - put a little orange and the type, - and this is what came of those these she's very fond of. - I asked the Duma how she felt about using ancient Mexican symbols, - namely Mayan or Aztec, - for her logo. - She was open to the idea. - We tried it, - and she just wasn't thrilled. - So we decided not to go in this direction. - I considered using just a Duma's name on Remembered this hatch print poster and love it - showed it to her. - She liked it as well. - And then I tried to render some of my own sadly disappointed. - That didn't turn out quite as well as the hedge print poster, - but a Duma likes the most complicated ones. - The second and third went down very much, - so I may try something in that direction. 3. Create Mood Boards: - after having a general idea of a direction. - I want to go in or directions. - I want to go in for a Duma's logo. - I want to start collecting some swipe and swipe is anything I see you're like from anywhere - . - I tend to organize my swipe on Pinterest. - I find it's very easy way to organize. - And what I've done is create one board that says the Duma logos. - And I've put all the swipe, - Everything I've seen that I think would be interesting on one board and that I've created - blank boards for color typography, - composition, - concept and icons. - And I will move pieces from the original board that says logos onto each of these boards. - Sometimes a piece will show up on more than one board. - I take a lot of swiped from dribble dribbles, - a wonderful sight. - There's a lot of, - uh, - talent. - You might want to check their first wife. - There's also found, - which is four f c o u n d dot com, - and you can see I've divided things up. - This is the Icons board. - I've decided that I like a flat shape for a Nikon, - so I have chosen mostly flat shapes and one outline. - I thought I might try not line as well. - Of course, - it'll probably in blues, - but like this divided up flat shapes for color. - A. - Dima loves blues and greens. - She also loves that very rich pink on orange as pop colors. - So I've collected a love blues and greens and a few pinks and reds, - a little yellow, - and this piece in particular happens to have a lot of nice blues and greens. - Originally thought the topography would be a very simple sand Sarah underneath the icon. - Now I'm rethinking that a little bit. - After looking at a lot of swipe, - I'm liking this hand written script. - Not really girlie kind of rough, - maybe even cut out letters. - And I'm still thinking San Sarah, - I like the simple sensor of underneath the icon composition. - I'm thinking the icon above and the logo below. - Or the look a type below for the linotype above and the local mark below, - or some kind of a lesson shape where the name goes through the oval or circle and the icon - pops around it. - So this is a very simple logo mark with the logo type below it, - and then concept. - I love this barehanded one. - It's both a bear and a hand on the company's called Barehanded, - so I don't know how you can get better than that. - I'm sure I won't be able to come up with anything as quite as goods that, - but it's really wonderful concept. - The eat up Kitchen one has vegetables on kitchen utensils. - I wont go near that, - probably for a Duma. - Not really sure why I got this sort of painter leasing, - but I don't know. - I had some idea. - So I guess for now, - just a bad barehanded and the eat up. - I'm not sure what I was saying about the others, - but I have to work on concept somewhere. - And I've already worked on concepts which you've seen the topography for her name and the - cactus. - And so again, - that's how I've organized my swipe to give me some ideas about where to begin again. - I started with a big board where I've put everything and then divided it up into the five - categories 4. Post your Mood Boards: - This is a very quick note about posting. - When you're posting your projects in the student gallery on the scale share site, - please post your mood boards either, - Like this screenshot like Stephanie's done here and like a list on here, - or you may post them his links to Pinterest. - You can use another formats and more format than Pinterest on a mind. - But, - um, - just so that I can see them all together so that I can get a sense of trends. - Andi, - be able to give you some guidance on what I see is happening so that you can move forward - with that. - You can post the post both the screenshot and the link, - if you like. - Charmaine did that, - and that's wonderful, - too. - So as long as I'm able to get to the board quickly so that I can, - could it? - Perfect. - I'm really looking forward to seeing your posts before next Sunday so I could give you some - crit and feedback, - and you will hear from me again. - Then when I post the next set of videos before your next steps, - so have a great week on talk with you soon 5. Sketching Pep Talk, Show and Tell: Hi, everybody. Welcome back to our second week places Global design. This week we're gonna be talking about sketches. But before we do that, take everybody for posting your projects. Things look really good on it hurts everybody else to please poster projects of you. Please stay the course on. I like the way you have been commenting on each other's work. That's excellence. Show me. I like the way Well, the Steffes on giving me a very clear idea of where you want to go in your rewards and topography and your target audience. That's I helpful. Thank you very much. Like every else to do the same thing on, um let's get rolling sketches the next week. How many up this week we're going to do sketches. I'm gonna do as many sketches by hand. I've done several here or one idea have do this logo. That one is with cactus shoot. So then the sketches I made illustrator file with a trace of a captain shape. And what ISS to try this read it for when is one I will be. It's been outline that will drop out of the dark color, the type of me then I figure out line that will be time I come and then a color piece. It's a poverty around it, more or less than this. And these are just again more sketches. I pretty color and worked around them with his head. I also may the actual cactus, some pages, colors that I got with my clothes on the old fashioned person. I like the idea, cutting them out and get it out Piece work. So those are what guns and for with this is your idea, I think, as you know, from last week, I have an idea of overlaying her name several ways in multiple colors. So that will be the next thing that I try and I'll get the same process. Probably maybe a number of sketches sending them out playing with you. Just a lot of common courses generally know exactly exactly where I'm gonna go with that pretty sausages. And so in that vein and with whatever chills you like, I would like you to please create a lot of sketches of your ideas, post, um, up where I could see them as concisely as you can. If I scroll down a lot for each single sketch. It's very hard for you to compare them, so you could if you can collect them, please. And White. I can look at the next to that. We're make a wish, what's working and what isn't working. And I will look forward to seeing those posted on Friday, my new latest Saturday so that I could get some commentary before making another video on Sunday. Okay for dissing your sketches and have a great week, Everybody don't get to comment on each other's work, and I will be coming to. 6. Illustrator techniques for smoothing out those rough edges: - all right. - The first thing I'm going to do is choose the pencil, - draw a shape, - then select direction selection tool. - Click on the anchor point and on the top left, - you'll see Convert selected anchor points to a smooth. - That was my brilliant videographer, - Victor Lee showing you how to convert this photo shop drawing I did of the cactus into an - illustrator file and smooth out all the edges and that he did with this entire file very - quickly and beautifully so that I was able to export as a illustrator file and, - um, - color and each separate peace. 7. Moving Forward with Your Best Sketches: - welcome back to basic logo design. - Have you've all had a great week? - Enjoyed sketching? - Although I know it's a little difficult sometimes happy, - not trusting. - Everything else is going great so that you can relate to do this. - If you had some difficulties coming up with some ideas, - refer back to your swipe. - That's why we gather all this white. - So refer to or topography composition, - um, - comes project icons. - I think I want to say a little bit about icons versus type in a logo logo. - That's just type is a little type on and logo with. - Icahn is a local mark, - or the icon is called the Little Mark. - So those are two different definitions of Look what type of little mark. - I go by them to create an entire logo or have him separately. - For instance, - Nike has just a swish at this point. - We all recognize Nike as that swish, - and that would be a local mark. - Um, - something else like, - I don't know. - McDonald's has the golden arches. - It also has McDonald's written under it, - and that would be a little type with Mark. - If you just saw the arches on, - you recognize it that way, - it would also be just a little work. - Okay, - so when you're doing your sketches, - you could be including local type. - Look, - Mark, - obviously referring back to your sway on hopefully generating a lot of ideas. - If you run out of ideas during certain setting, - please take a break. - Go out, - look around, - do something else. - Come back. - Try it again. - Don't get too questioning in the best designers go through loads sketches before they come - to a good logo where one even wonders which ones are good. - I hope you looked at the Herbert Matter video that I put up for you. - You can see that went through something like 75 sketches before he came to a conclusion for - the railroad. 8. Considering Logo Sketches: - I wanna talk about Sha're Mains sketches because she's got so very many of them on. - She went in so many different directions that I thought it would be interesting to explore - her wealth of sketches here. - The first thing I'm gonna do. - I am initially suggested that she used Morris tiles and she told me that it's actually from - northern Spain, - where the Morrish weren't a big population. - So I'm looking up northern Spain. - I have been there, - but it's been a while. - Goalie Thea is right on the it is around the water, - and it's mountainous, - as you can see from these photos and green and lush, - unlike southern Spain, - which is much drier and people are darker and the food is a little different. - So we want to consider them location that the food is coming from, - that she's going to try to represent and also some of historical kind of icons. - So I know that was counts first and then Romans. - We see a lot of these Roman arches, - the round ones that happened before the Gothic ones here, - some of the architecture, - but But I remember about Spain in particular. - Waas. - I love these tiles and they spoke to me, - has something symbolic of Spain. - They do have some other places, - but they have a lot of them in space. - They're quite beautiful. - And also the Roman arches, - which were which are rounded as opposed to having point coming to a point. - Francis Gothic comes to a point. - This is the Roman. - It's a smooth, - simple That's some homework. - And then I wouldn't look at her sketches and her company that she's working with this - called a miracle. - So we know from the research that we just did that the Celtic Iberians of the Iberian - Peninsula were some of early people in northern Spain, - So it looks like that's what they want to this, - with a client wants to concentrate on. - They're naming a company a miracle. - One of Sherman's real difficulties here is that at the moment the company is importing. - I believe him, - but they're going to import all kinds of foods. - Spanish foods. - I'm a little hesitant toe have her used cliche symbols like a knife, - a fork, - a spoon. - That's why I suggested the the mosaics. - But if the mosaics are not in northern Spain than that doesn't make sense. - But she has tried the mosaics. - Of course they're beautiful. - Then here she's incorporated the mosaic shapes into the letter forms, - which is quite nice. - I'm not sure about the animals move nerves about animals, - cause I'm assuming that at some point they'll be vegetables and other kinds of things. - This is quite nice. - If it waas was gonna be Morrish again, - it's not more so to stay with him. - I'm not sure to explain to me why she did this mermaid thing. - There must be a story behind that. - I'm wondering if something with just topography nicely drawn with a small Icahn centered - something like this. - Would it be her best choice so that she doesn't misrepresent where the food comes from or - which foods are going to be represented in the comport company? - Get more sketches? - Of course, - the fork is quite lovely, - but again I'm thinking that not design is a particular participating. - She took it out. - Get back to that same thing with them. - Mermaid pick. - I'm curious where that came from. - This one I just love. - But yes, - the owners say that was not Morrish. - So using this tiling thing may not be appropriate and I don't know about the animals - jumping out of boxes, - I find out a little literal. - Maybe a little protest, - actually. - Um, - okay, - that's this opinion. - This one is also quite nice. - But I'm wondering again if it's too much of the Moorish influence. - So I'm back to something like this one where she's fit the type in the shape and created a - Nikon and a logo mark with fit in shape formula. - Do you think we saw those? - Yes. - This is more or less a friendship with the probably a squarish if she tidied it up a little - bit anyway. - Fabulous job Charming, - really impressive. - The number of sketches who managed to squeeze out of this topic. - I know you have some experience is a designer, - so we have to accept that she has some skills above basic. - But I think this is a very good representation of a set of sketches and an imagination at - work. - I'm really doing a lot of research and trial and error to come up with something that works - . - What we want to do now is choose the ones we like best and suggest that you go to finish - with those. - And I think I would have to consult with her again about what her the company said in - response to these sketches before we make some decisions. - But I'm gonna get back to this thing. - Sure site, - which is here. - Then you can see that she numbered these. - It's very much appreciate it. - It's hard to talk about them with outnumbering them. - So from what I see here, - the ones unlike worth just text for you interwoven. - So maybe 24. - 39. - I would ask your client about 40 and I would also ask them about 60 to 54. - Perhaps all of those are very strong. - I'm sure there's some more than I'm missing, - but because they're all very strong. - Okay, - Sherman, - great job. - And I think as long as your client agrees, - go to finish with some of these ones, - I suggested. - And or once that you also like that I didn't suggest. - And the rest of you I hope to see a good set of sketches up so that I can go through them. - Similarly, - amid comments, - remember to number your sketches so that when I'm commenting in the gallery space, - I can actually talk about particular things. - If they were just sketches. - I'd have a hard time trying to pick out which ones I was talking about. - So okay, - I look forward to hosting your sketches, - and then I'll give you some create on which ones I think are the strongest. - And please, - everybody chime in and give each other some create on which ones are strongest or you Which - one do you think of the strongest to feel the strongest? - Ask questions if you need to. - And please this developer community, - it can go beyond skill share. - You might end up really hitting it off with somebody on 12 Pursue just being able to talk - to another designer during your workflow, - which is a very valuable thing. - Okay, - I will look for your sketches this week. - If you proposed it's sketches, - I will pick the ones that I feel or go to finish sketches. - And I will look for a post of some roughly carried out go to finish sketches on Friday - night, - late or Saturday midday. - Said that I can talk about them on Sunday next Sunday. - All right, - guys, - have a great week. - Hang in there. - Enjoy. - And I was talk with you soon 9. Sketches and Go to Finish Choices: - If you haven't finished your sketches for this past week, - please continue on sketches. - Don't worry. - This is a working drawing pace. - Course. - Your classmates and I will continue to make comments and work Major for next week. - We're going Teoh, - select one of one of your sketches to go to finish. - So I'm expecting sketches to be posted on Friday or Saturday so I could make some comments - in your classmates. - Make some promise place like this is a community and do comment on each other's work. - So you get a full response from different Degryse, - and so your sketches will be posted Friday or Saturday. - I will be some Brits Sunday Monday on. - Then we will decide rich logo sketches to go to finish on. - Who would be very helpful if you number were sketches his up. - Hard to say, - which described, - which kept on talking about. - So if you remember them and be easier course, - all talk about him and these posts on my wrist effort was give us links the high risk last - so that we can actually see what you're doing and thank you. - Have a great week. - Hope you're having fun rolling and a little bit of frustration, - but it's okay. - It's gonna be fine. - We'll do great. - So, - Hey, - Carrie, - See you next week. 10. Rough Comps of Your Finished Logos: - this week. - We're looking at your go to finish. - Rub comes of sketches chose from last week. - Everybody says a 1,000,000,000 work. - I really appreciate your participation, - comments, - community. - That's what My pleasure working with you face, - feel free to continue post. - If you're not quite up to speed with the course, - it's fine. - I will continue to look back on if you back, - as I hope everybody does and again said, - my absolute pleasure to work with you. - Thank you so much.