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Eye Yoga - Fix Eye Problems with Yoga for Health & Wellness: Easy Yoga

Krystal Kelly, Travel & Equestrian Coach

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10 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Eye Yoga Promo

    • 2. Eye Yoga Introduction to the Course & Benefits

    • 3. Eye Yoga 30 Day Challenge

    • 4. Eye Yoga If you wear glasses

    • 5. Eye Yoga Exercise 1

    • 6. Eye Yoga Exercise 2

    • 7. Eye Yoga Exercise 3

    • 8. Eye Yoga Exercise 4

    • 9. Eye Yoga Exercises Close Up

    • 10. Yoga Finale

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About This Class


Do you want simple, easy exercises you can do at the office or in your spare time?

Do you want to improve your vision?

Then this course is for you! In our Eye Yoga course you will learn some very simple, easy to do exercises which can be done at home, in the office or whenever you have a spare moment. This course is especially important for anyone using screens too much! (GUILTY!) 

The average number people check their phones to look at their emails, messages and social media is over 80 times!!! This can weaken the eye muscles and that is why this course was designed for anyone with or without eye glasses to help improve vision. If you are passionate about improving your health and trying new things then this course will be a much needed arrow to your quiver. This is a unique training conducted in a beautiful location. We filmed this course in Greenland to give you a peaceful stunning location to practice your yogic mindfulness and exercises.

What You Will Learn:

  • Easy, Step-by-step exercises you can do anywhere

  • "Chair Yoga" exercises done from a comfortable sitting position

  • How to improve your vision

  • The benefits of yoga and eye yoga

  • True Stories of others who have success with these exercises

  • The true purpose of yogic exercises

  • How to share these skills with loved ones!

  • This "face yoga" will strengthen the eye muscles you didn't even know you had!

You will hear some firsthand inspirational stories as well as learn the exercises which can help improve your eyesight with as little as 10 minutes each day. So what are you waiting for?! Don't let doctor's bills pile up, invest in your health, your vision and your eyes today. Because you can't afford NOT to have good vision!

Meet Your Trainer:

Krystal Kelly is a certified Yoga Alliance Instructor and has lived in India for two years studying yoga and meditation. She has also spent 6 months in Indonesia (Bali) where she spent months in an ashram and pursuing her yoga aspirations. She is a coach for over 15 years and travels internationally to give public talks and "horse yoga" clinics.

What you’ll learn

  • How to strengthen your eye muscles
  • Improve your vision
  • Exercises to do each day within 10 minutes of your spare time
  • Theory, inspirational stories and examples to inspire you!

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • no previous skills are required. Be sure to do the exercises at your own pace and check with a doctor before you begin if you have medical issues in your eyes.

Who this course is for:

  • anyone interested in improving their vision
  • anyone with 10 spare minutes a day
  • people interested in yoga and meditation
  • people with poor eyesight
  • anyone using screens throughout the day for work or to check social media! (Cell phones, television, computer screens, etc.)


1. Eye Yoga Promo: 2. Eye Yoga Introduction to the Course & Benefits: Nomis Day and welcome to the eye Oka Online course. My name is Crystal Kelley, and I will just give you a little bit of information. Andi, name some of the benefits of doing I OGA as well as sharing some personal stories with you . And, of course, the exercises, which you can dio in just 10 minutes every single day you can actually improve your eyesight. One of the important things about the I OGA is I think a lot of people don't realize what yoga actually is. You know, in America, especially, it's very popular. You know, we do Downward dog and we do this and you see all these relief gorgeous skinny yoga girlies and their tight little yoga pants and everything. But you know, that's that's not really what yoga is. Um, so I lived in India for two years, and yoga is actually the past to meditation. Um, by making your body by doing all these stretches and poses, you're actually finding center and peace in your body so that when you meditate, you're not having aches and pains, and you're actually able to hold those posts and sit and be silent and comfortable with yourself. So yoga is a form of meditation. Basically, um, with the i yoga. So when I was living in India, one of the things that my yoga teacher had shared with us. When we're doing these I yoga exercises, she actually shared a story. Don't you know, take me too serious. Don't take me, you know, to your doctor and say, Oh, this is a fact. You know, just just listen to the story and take from it what you want. Um, but she was making her students do the yoga every single day every time they came to class , and she actually had a woman who had had eyeglasses her whole life. Um, so she had prescription eyeglasses, and she was doing the I yoga for a year. And after a year, she returned to the eye doctor, and actually, the eye doctor lowered her prescription of her eyeglasses, which is pretty amazing that you can actually do these exercises and train the muscles in your eyes, which should help improve your vision. But also, there's this new problem which I think is a brand new thing which is occurring in ah, the new generation, which is you know we're always staring at. Our screens were staring at our cell. Phones were staring at our ipads were on the computer all the time. We're always just Our eyes are always seeing screens, which is something that were not designed for. Human beings are not made to be staring at a screen, especially this far away from our faces. So you're noticing a lot of new problems with people's eyes and vision and eyesight. And, um, we can actually train our muscles and improve the eye muscles just like any other part of our body. Eso Aiken do exercises for my arms to build my arm muscles or build my leg muscles. Same thing for our eyes. So one of the benefits of doing I yoga for 10 minutes every day and again it's just 10 minutes. I'm sure you can always find 10 minutes at the start of the day or at the end of your day or somewhere in the middle to just do these exercises, and you will train the eye muscles and actually help build them and grow them. Um, you know, even if you have perfect vision, if you're staring at screens watching TV you're playing on the computer for, you know, eight hours a day. You definitely need high yoga, and it will benefit you. I think in the long run especially, um, and ask any older person. They always say, You know, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be when I was young. Oh, now I need reading glasses. Well, how about when I'm old? I don't want reading glasses and my eyes work fine. So that is one of the benefits of doing the yoga. This course is for anyone who wants to improve their eyesight or build strength in their eye muscles and also anyone who's interested in exploring yoga, not just for this trendy hot yoga kind of stuff, but for what yoga actually is, which is improving our body for meditation. So thank you very much. And I look forward to seeing you in the course 3. Eye Yoga 30 Day Challenge: thank you for enrolling in the course and before I get started with exercises, I just wanted to share a personal story of mine. So I have 2020 vision. I've never had problems with my eyes, but I've always worked outside. And when I was working outside, you know, I worked with horses and so I never really had any problem with my eyes. There wasn't on the computer for nine hours a day. Well, there was a period of time when I was living in India and I was a little bit between jobs, and I was looking for a lot of jobs. So I was online a lot, and I was on the computer a lot, and I noticed after maybe a month or so that my eyes were starting to her. I was a little bit like, very sensitive to the light. I also have green eyes, so I'm naturally very light sensitive. I wear a lot of sunglasses in order to survive outside, and my eyes were just having problems and I almost felt a little bit dizzy sometimes, and so I didn't know what to do. I had never heard of I yoga or something like that. So I actually, I went to a doctor in India. And the doctor, actually, he recommended that I do. I woke up, and that was the first time I'd ever heard of it. Um, and so I started doing some yoga classes and one of the ladies, she taught me several exercises to do this. I yoga. And so I started doing it. I started doing it every day, and I actually did feel my own eyes. The muscles started to build, and I did actually feel improvements. Um, I already had good vision, so I don't think I noticed improvements in the sense of being able to see things that I couldn't see before because I could already see fine. But I did notice that, you know, even when I was staring at screens all day or something, I wasn't feeling dizzy or tired. I wasn't as light sensitive, and I was just I just noticed that my eyes weren't as tired. Um, it's a kind of a weird thing to try and explain to you how it felt. But I did definitely notice, um, improvements in myself. And after that, I was really interested in the topic of yoga. And so that's why I thought to make this little course to share my story and also to share exercises with everyone, because I really do feel like I've never heard of it before. And I didn't know that you could grow build your eye muscles. Um, and it was brand new information for me, So I I learned it when I was living in India. And, you know, hopefully you can also share these exercises and benefit from them the way that I did, and maybe even more so than me. I would be curious if you guys continue this 10 minutes a day, every day and really challenge yourself and stick to it. I know it's really easy to, I don't know. Maybe you don't see results right away, or it's just not part of your habit or part of your routine. So I would really recommend that you commit. So I want you right now. You know, get out a pen and a paper, and I want you to just commit and write it down. I commit to doing I yoga every single day and then give yourself a date or deadline. Um, you know, even if it's a 30 day challenge, you know I'm gonna every single day for 30 days do this challenge. And after 30 days, I'm going to write down. If I've noticed any improvements or whatever it is, and I think you'll be surprised after 30 days, if you do it every day for 30 days, it will become habit. I think whenever we try something new, it's not a habit for us yet. So it's very easy to, I don't know, forget to do it or to make up an excuse like Oh, I don't have time. I'm too busy. But if you commit and even if you just wake up 10 minutes earlier than you're used to set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier than you normally wake up and really, really commit to doing these exercises every single day on after 30 days, it will actually be your habit. And I think after the 30 days you won't have to consciously force herself to do exercise anymore, because it will be routine. And I noticed sometimes when I'm having long road trips or something with my husband and he's driving, I might even do some of these exercises while I'm in the passenger seat. Even if we're just grocery shopping or whatever so find find moments. You know, Find 10 minutes where you can step away from the desk or, you know, whatever it is that you need to dio and just come in. So that is my hope for you guys. And I hope that you take these exercises and you, yet you just really keep at it. Keep at it, keep at it and then share with me your results. 4. Eye Yoga If you wear glasses: we're going to begin with the exercises, and I just want to say, you know, obviously, right now I'm actually here in Greenland. Um, it's beautiful. I'm outside. There's iceberg behind me, you know? So it's very easy in a place like this when I'm surrounded by nature to just kind of sit and do these I yoga meditations. However, I understand that not everyone will have, Ah, beautiful surrounding just like this. So, you know, however, you can be comfortable even if it's sitting at home on your couch or in a chair. You know, sit on the floor across your knees. However it is, you want to do it if you're at your desk and you just kind of turn off the computer for five minutes and you do the exercises, whatever, it actually doesn't matter. What matters is that you're doing exercises before we get started. I just want to mention if you do wear glasses, you don't have to remove your glasses to do these exercises. And in fact, I would recommend that you don't because depending on your eyesight, I don't know if you have ah, very bad vision or something like that. I don't want you to get dizzy or, you know, strain your eyes too much. So if you wear glasses, you can still do these exercises while wearing your glasses. Um, and if it's comfortable for you based on what level of vision you have is when you can determine if you want to remove the glasses to do some of these exercises on Lee, the very last exercise you can do without your glasses completely. So when we get to that exercise in that video, then you'll know that you can remove your glasses for that particular exercise for all the other ones. Keep wearing your glasses. 5. Eye Yoga Exercise 1: So let's begin Exercise number one. What? We're gonna dio we're gonna take our thumbs and we're going to stretch them as wide as we can until from the corner of her eye. You can't, um, you can still see it, but it's sort of that edge of where if I go any further, I won't see it. Yeah, your head is going to keep looking forward. You're not gonna move your head at all, okay? This completely with the eyes. So again, take your thumbs all the way to the edge. When you can't see them just before you can't see them, you stop and then what you're gonna do. Still keeping your head straight. You're gonna turn your eyes to the left. Look at your thumb. Yeah, And then you're gonna actually look at your nose. So you're going to do cross eyes. I don't know if you can see it from the camera, but I'm gonna cross I and look at my nose, and you're gonna feel very silly doing this. But trust me, it works. So whatever your parents told you when you're a kid, you know Oh, don't look at your nose. Don't make cross eyes or don't get stuck yet. That's not true. So we're going to do that. So again my arms are stretched out. I'm gonna look to the left, and then I'm gonna look at my nose, and then I'm gonna look to the right, And then I'm gonna look at my nose and then the left and then my nose and then the right. Yeah. So I'm actually looking here and then here and then here. And then I look here and then here, and I'm just going back and forth with my eyes. Now we're going to do this exercise 10 times. Okay? We're gonna count one full round as 10. So this would be one. This would be too. Yeah, you're going to do that exercise 10 times. Yeah. So let's do it together again, sitting cross legged or in the chair. However, you're watching this right now. Whatever works for you, I like to sit with my back. Nice and straight again. My chin should be parallel with the floor, so I should be looking forward and up. I'm gonna bring my arms out to where I just can't see Almost can't see them, and then we're gonna look left. We're gonna look in the center and we're gonna look right. That's one. And then we're gonna look at her nose and we're gonna look left, and then we're gonna look at our nose, and then we're gonna look right. That's too. And then we're gonna look at our nose, and then we're gonna look left. We're gonna look at our nose, and we're gonna look right. We're gonna look at our nose and we're gonna look left, and then we're gonna look at our nose and we're gonna look right. We're gonna look at our nose and we're gonna look left, and we're gonna look at our nose and we're gonna look right. And again we're gonna look at our nose and we're gonna look left. So we're halfway through now. Yeah. Just check in with yourself. And can you feel that your eyes are starting to activate? Let's say, yeah, we're gonna do five more. So again, position here arms, and we're going to look at our left thumb. We're gonna look at our nose. We're gonna look at our right some and back to our nose, and I'll left thumb and back to our nose and our right song back to our nose and our left thumb and back to your nose and our right, some back to our nose and our left thumb. Let's do one more looking at all left some and then our nose. And then all right, some and then our nose. And then I'll left thumb, and then you can set your arms down. Actually, my arms feel a little bit tired for that. I don't know about you, Um, still sitting straight. So that is the first exercise. Um, and the next video, I will include the second exercise again. I like it if you do it with me. However, these are very simple exercises. So, you know, maybe watch these videos a few times until you've memorized all the exercises. Or until you've built that habit I would really recommend, at least for a week, watching these videos, doing it with me, and then after that, you know, just do these in your spare time in the office, or I don't know when you're in the passenger seat. Hopefully not when you're driving. Um, but, you know, just work them in wherever you are. It helps if you write down exercises as well. So that was the first exercise. And I will see you in the next video. 6. Eye Yoga Exercise 2: Okay, So for the second exercise, we're just gonna get straight to it. This time we're gonna do circles. So I'm going to start with my right arm. Yeah, and I'm gonna just put it out, and I'm gonna make a very big circle with my arm. Slowly and again, My head is not gonna move. My head should stay parallel with the ground, and my eyes are just gonna follow the thumb. So I'm just trying to look at my finger nail, Let's say and I'm gonna move my thumb again on that border line of where your vision ends. So I should still see my thumb. It shouldn't be in that black where I can't see it, but it's sort of on the edge so I can see it. But I have to really strain my eyes almost to see it. And I'm just gonna make a big circle with my eyes following my thumb. So one circle is one round. Yeah. So I'll do 10 rounds with my right hand going this direction, and then I'm going to switch to the other arm and do 10 rounds going the other direction. Yeah, it sounds like a lot and it sounds retiring. Um, you don't want to go too fast. You do want to go a little bit slow. I would recommend to match your breathing with the exercise. So maybe when you go up, you breathe in. Maybe when you go down, you breathe out. So that way, it's sort of the rhythm of your breathing, but do whatever is comfortable or natural for you. But let's go ahead and give it a try. So again, sitting comfortably back straight, maybe your legs across, maybe you're sitting on a chair on the sofa. Doesn't really matter. Um, we're gonna bring our arm out and we're just going to do 10 circles. Yeah, So we're gonna begin, and we're going up and around again, trying to match our breathing if we can. Don't take it too serious. It's mostly about lies. If you catch yourself accidentally turning your head, just come back to center and you will really feel your eyes getting tired or feeling strange. I mean, if you're doing this correctly and you're not used to doing eye exercises, it's the same as if you went to a gym and did you know, push ups for the first time. So in the beginning, it might be difficult. You might feel a little bit sore or tired. That's totally normal. And it will go away. The more you do these exercises. So for the sake of the video would be changed to the other side. However, remember at home you will be doing 10 circles. So now again, bring your thumb to that comfortable spot. And again, we're just gonna go on the border of our vision So I can see, until there, I could still see my thumb. And I'm just tearing the best that I can to keep my head steady on my eyes just following my son. And I don't know if in the video you can really see my eyes, but they're just making circles, basically just making big circles. So again, for the sake of the video, finished with that. But ideally, we're gonna do 10 rounds. Yeah, so that is his exercise number two 7. Eye Yoga Exercise 3: exercise number three. So now what we're gonna dio is we're actually gonna bring our thumb straight in front of us , and then we're gonna bring it down and again. Our eyes were following or thumbs, so I'm looking sort of at my thumbnail. Um, we're gonna bring off some down my face and chin is still parallel with ground. I'm still my head is looking forward, but my eyes were following my thumb down just to the bottom of the edge of my vision, but I can still see it, and then you bring it straight up, and then I'm going to come back to center and I'm going to slowly bring like, thumb to my nose. I'm actually going to touch my nose. I'm cross eyed right now so I can see my thumb, and then it's going to come away from me, and then you're just going to repeat that sequence again? So we're gonna go down and then and then to censure and then touch our nose and come back out. So that's two. And then down and then up and then center on, then touch our nose. So that's three again. We're gonna aim for doing 10. So we're gonna go down and then up center and your nose. And then after you've done the 10 Rex, we're going to do the same with the other arm. So, you know, brace yourself. If you need a moment in between exercises, that's totally fine. But try and do it equal on both arms. So again, we're gonna go down. We're going to go up, come back to center and then touch or no. Yeah. So that was five on the right arm. I'm gonna go ahead and switch to the left arm, and we'll do five. Um, but again, at home and a free time, do the full 10. If in the beginning it's more difficult, you can always increase the numbers later. Um, so trying at least keep it balanced in the beginning. So if you do five on this arm, do five on the other arm, and then later you know you can add more, do six tomorrow and then seven the next day until you've built up to 10. Um, again, it's whatever comfortable with don't feel like you have to, I don't know, injure your eyes or strain them too much in the beginning, especially if you are having a lot of I pains or dizziness or whatever it is. So yeah, don't Don't worry about it. So we're gonna have our left arm stretched out and we're gonna go down and then up and then to the center and touch our nose and back out, and we're gonna go down. And the really nice thing about this particular exercise when you're going towards your nose, So I'm sort of looking further. And then when it comes closer, I'm adjusting my eyesight two very close. And so your eyes are having to adjust to not just up and down, but far away and closer. So it's a very good, uh, exercise for eyes, especially if you have difficulties with maybe you see better up close and maybe from far away you have a hard time, or maybe it's the opposite. So this exercise definitely will help with whichever one you're struggling with. So again, we're gonna look down and then up, and then the center and then our nose and then back out. That's organ five times on this side. So that is the third exercise for the yoga 8. Eye Yoga Exercise 4: So for the last exercise, what we're gonna dio we're gonna take our hands and we're gonna rub them together. We're actually creating warmth in our hands Now, as I had mentioned before, if you're wearing glasses, you can go ahead and remove them for this exercise. Um, otherwise, you know, it's fine. So we're going to create some warmth in our hands, and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna take our poems and we're gonna touch our eyes. You should feel the warmth from your poems over your eyes, and you're just gonna rest with your poems on your eyes just for a moment. And I want you to just sort of focus on breathing in and out. And although our eyes are closed, I want you to feel like you're actually looking at the back of your eyelids and just feel the warmth from your hands on your eyes and notice the contrast. You know, you're in a bright room. Maybe your intern office or in your home. You had these lights on in the house. Now, all of a sudden, your eyes are experiencing darkness. No, they just seeing black back up the palm of your hands. So now what we're gonna do while our hands are still resting on our eyes, were going to do the similar exercise which we have done in the other videos. We're gonna actually make our eyes look to the left until the right. I meant to the left and then to the right. And I want you still keeping your hands on your eyes. You're going to do that exercise 10 times. So my eyes with my hands over my eyes are looking here. And then here and then here and then here. So they're just kind of moving back and forth. So again, my hands over my eyes and 10 times I'm looking left. I'm looking right. And I know from a video perspective, it's a little bit boring because you can't see what doing, but I hope that you are doing this exercise with me so 10 times, and then with your hands still over your eyes, you're going to make those circles okay, The circles with your eyes, like we did in the second exercise, you're gonna make circles with your eyes doesn't have to be much just a little bit, and you should feel with your hands over your eyes. You should feel your eyeballs kind of moving around a little bit as you're looking around so my hands can actually feel my eyes moving a little bit. You're gonna make 10 circles this direction and then 10 circles that direction. Yeah. So when we rub your hands together, we made them nice and warm. We got the energy flowing. We got some warmth in our hands who got some heat. We're placing them over our eyes. We're doing the left and then the right, And then we're doing our eye circles. Also counting to 10 this way and 10 that way. Yeah. So we're just gonna do a couple of circles now for the video. So we're gonna pick a point and just go around in a circle and then the other way and a circle. So that is actually the final exercise. It's actually very simple, but as you do these exercises, you will notice your eyes are or straining. You can actually feel them activated. I know my eyes, especially from the darkness. And now I remove my eyes and they're sort of adjusting to the light again. All of these exercises are very beneficial for your eyes. And as I said, it is very good if you keep track of your progress and you commit 30 days and then after the 30 days, I want you to start noticing things. You know, again, if you're kind of like me and you don't really have poor vision maybe noticed, I don't know when you're staring at your screens, bring your phone a little bit further away from the eyes. First of all, um, but just notice, you know, are your eyes starting to strain? Were they hurting you before? Did you feel a little bit dizzy where I shocked when you saw light Or, you know another good example would be like I said, I wear sunglasses a lot. Um, and you know, some glasses are still good. I still wear some glasses. It's not that I don't, but maybe you can notice if you know, Do I actually need the sunglasses right now in the morning? Or, you know, can I wait until the afternoon or, you know, just kind of check in with yourself, see what what's happening if it's improving, if you noticing anything and you definitely will when you're older. When all the other old people are getting prescription reading glasses and you're not, then you will definitely thank me for this Exercise is in the eye over a course. Do share this video with your friends. I do ask that you share this video with your friends, um, that you ask them to enroll in the iota course because it can help so many people. And again, it's just 10 minutes every day. Everyone has 10 minutes. Believe it or not, I know it's songs difficult, but, you know, maybe 10 minutes less TV time is actually for the best. Um, so, yeah, thank you very much again for enrolling on the course. And I really look forward to hearing your results. And yeah, maybe you could sit in a beautiful place like Greenland, like I'm now and just your little exercises and just feel really amazing. So good luck and no mistake 9. Eye Yoga Exercises Close Up: so I know I'm gonna look really silly right now, but I'm just going to show you with my eyes. Um, some of the exercises. So, for example, looking left, looking at my nose and looking right and looking at my nose and looking left. So that was the first exercises that we did on the other one. The circles. Now remember, I'm looking silly for your benefit. So, you know, I do have very big eyes as well. So you couldn't really see What is it doing so again, just circling around. And then when we covered our eyes with the palm I know you actually can't see anything but again our heart, our hands are warm, We're covering our eyes and my eyes are doing the same. They're looking right and left, obviously, behind my my poem and they're looking in circles. My eyes will be closed for this exercise, but that's basically the movements. So hopefully for my embarrassment, you have seen what my eyes are actually doing. And it helps you to not feel so silly when people in the office are looking at your eyes and they're saying, What are you doing? You just tell them I'm doing my yoga. So Yeah. There you go. 10. Yoga Finale: thank you for enrolling in the course, and I hope to hear from you guys. Definitely. You know, message me or if you have any questions, I would love to hear feedback from you guys. You know, if you're practicing your eye yoga every day and if after a couple of months or whatever, you start having results, please let me know. I love to share stories with others, and I love to hear stories, so definitely get in touch. You can find me at crystal Dash kelly dot com, and I look forward to hearing your success stories. You could also check out my other online courses. I have lots available. So do check out my my profile. Or again, you can find all of my courses available at my Web site. Crystal Dash. Kelly Dunckel. Thanks again. And I look forward to seeing you in future courses.