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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro.

    • 2. The Eyelid

    • 3. Around and Under

    • 4. Lashes

    • 5. The Iris

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About This Class


Hello Everyone! I have a super easy class to help you master painting a watercolor eye. I have broken it down from the painting the eyelid, to the lashes to the eye itself. It is a class aimed to serve as an aide for my other classes which are focused on learning how to paint portraits. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you can get the eye right, then the rest of the portrait will come out beautifully.

What You Need :

* A Watercolor Set

* A pair of brushes, the smallest sizes

* Watercolor paper or heavy weight paper

You can do this class in less than 30 minutes, get ready and let's begin!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sharon Mapuvire

Anything Is Possible


Hello everyone, my name is Sharon Mapuvire and I'm a freelance fashion designer based in Harare, Zimbabwe. The Skillshare team invited me to be a part of the teaching community and I felt it would be a great platform to share my skills and talent because I have developed easy ways of painting and drawing portraits. Making it possible for anyone to start painting portraits today. 

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1. Intro.: Hi, everyone. My name is Sharon, and I have a super quick and easy tutorial to teach you how to paint a watercolor. I It's so cook and it's so easy and I'm gonna break it down how you can create this realistic a looking I. What you need is a watercolor sets, two brushes or even one the smallest brushes that you can get your hands on and some clean water. Some watercolor paper or just some heavier sheets of paper will work perfectly fine and let's get started. 2. The Eyelid: said These are the swatches I'm gonna be using mostly medium browns and light Brown's with a little bit of red in them. And you have your nude color. So I'm gonna start by painting the eyelids. So in every what sets color what it said that you buy you should have a medium brown or like brown. So you just grab that light brown a medium brown, and you add a little bit of red did it to get this rich color. So around on the corner of the eye by the by the nose is where you're gonna have your deepest color and you're gonna paint under crease on the island and on the corner. If it so that's where you're gonna have ah, lot of rich color right here, moving all the way down to the corner of the eye. And then, with a little bit of water, you blend up towards the eyebrow, moving in this direction sweeping upward direction. So most of the shadow is coming from the crease. So it looks like a fold blended out. And right here on the corner, you're gonna have a little bit off richness and color there, too, Then on the lead right in the corner, place the most of your paint, and then you blend out with a little bit of water moving up towards right around the eye because you want this area to be lighter. It gives the island shape and a little bit of three D effect on impression to it very easy . 3. Around and Under: Now I'm gonna paint the bottom of the I and on this side off the nose, I'm gonna add a little bit of paint there and then planted out. Then I'm gonna target right below the eye where you usually have bags. Let's start with a pretty rich color and then later on our blended out a blended into the skin and you start by painting right around below. Imagine you painting a boat when you think of the bottom off a boat. This is the shape that we're going to be creating right below the eye and just blend it out and it moves up to the corner off your eye. So from the corner of the eye moves all the way. Darrent, about 3/4 3/4 way off the I. We're gonna blend that up, and then I just blend below, graze a different brush, a bigger one, the blend on the sides, and I'm going to start to add a little bit off that nude paint. So depending on the world colors set that you have bought, usually it doesn't come with the nude color, the skin color. So you have to mix your own. I have mixed my own and I mixed mine. It took my medium brown. And then I added a lot off white, and sometimes you could add a little bit off red for that fleshy tone. So I'm not painting that right around the eye. And as you can see, I'm blending it into them. The dark red brown that I had painted for the bottom of the eye semblance into the skin. 4. Lashes: I'm just gonna add my eyelashes before continuing to paint. I'm gonna add on the top on and on the bottom so that I can continue painting further up closer to the eyelashes and then just a little notes for the eyelashes. I would suggest that you paint just January generally and then when you have finished the whole I you absolutely satisfied with it. Then go back and refine those top eyelashes because that will make your I pump. No, I'm gonna go back, and I'm gonna add the color writes below the bottom eyelashes using that rich color that we had used before. It's a medium brown that has red in it, and then I blend that out. But of course, this is dependent on what you're drawing. If you drive from an image of drawing a person, you know, it's different colors, different tones below the eye, and you want to add quite a lot of water underneath. I when you're blending out, so it depends on the type of paper you're using. If you're not using sounded what color paper. Then you wait until dries and then go back in, implanted out again. And I want to add more off the deep tone on the corners off the I to make the I stand out even more, and I am painting with a really small brush and then gonna add a little bit of black on the corners off the inside of the eye to add to that milky nous that we all have. When you look the whites of the eye in the quarter, it's usually it will have a little bit of shadow, so that's what I'm painting. 5. The Iris: And now I'm gonna paint my eye and my eyes green, some using a dark green paint the inside of the circle. And as you can see towards the top of the circle, I leave a certain area blank that I'm gonna paint in the center. So I just fill it in the circle with green and add a lot of paint on the outside off the circle And what I just paint the other I. Then I'm going to add a little bit off a duck color on the rim. Off the circle, I have mixed a black and the dark green to get this really deep green, and you have those tiny lines that move from the rim of the circle towards the center of the eye. And now I add the black for the center and you can see and I literally is coming to life, and I'm going to leave two little areas blank. Teoh give the impression of light hitting the I and in the corner off the I be a pink color pink flesh color, and you blend inside so you paint from the outside with the pink inside. You blend with water because if you look in your eye, looks a little bit of war tree in this area. You just make it seem like the eyeballs coming out of the I. I mean, I'm gonna add a little more off the red torm in the corners. That's it. The super quick, easy tutorial and how to paint too. I hope you enjoy the class. If you did, please share this class and that others know about it. I appreciate your supports and thank you so much. Take care.