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Eye Makeup course : Smokey Eye

teacher avatar Jenny Paola, Co-founder of Anaivi

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Acheive the perfect Smokey Eye

    • 3. Extra Footage - Water line

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About This Class

In this course, you will learn how to create a smokey Eye. When doing a smokey eye, you can add an undertone to acheive a unique look. 

This look is a natural smokey eye. Once you learn this technique, you will be able to create any variance of this look. 



Meet Your Teacher

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Jenny Paola

Co-founder of Anaivi


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1. Intro: welcome to this makeup boys. After this class, you will know how to do the classic smoky. You will learn techniques and tricks on how to succeed this makeup. Doing a smoky eye is much more so. Take your eye shadow and let's start discuss. 2. Acheive the perfect Smokey Eye: the smoky that we're doing today has a people on the tone. The undertone is the color that is layered on the needs of the shot. To say that I make up, I am using a primer. You can use a light primer or a darker primer. This probably that I'm using, is just so the shadow can stay longer, But having a dark primary will help to later product and have a darker result. You should pat the product in order to have a uniform result. You don't want to see the primer on top of the eye shadow, so make sure you have one uniform color, so the same white everywhere. When you're patting, do not apply too much pressure because you want to be gentle and and not harm or eyeball. So take the time to apply it uniformly everywhere, because a good base will help to achieve a good eye shadow. Now use a concealer in order to clean the excess off white around her eyeball. This step might look insignificant, however, it's really important because every details makes a difference. Having a smooth application, this will create the distinction between your makeup and someone else's make. So now we're applying a transitioning called This transition in color is the color that is closer to a idea, however, were not bringing it on. Lee under her crease We're bringing it all over the lid. This will create the base for when we do this smoky eye. You never want to put some black right away on her eyes, because that's when you have nothing to blend it with. And it creates a raccoon after applying it all over the lid to the same thing On both eyes , going back and forth from one eye to the other is going to ensure that both eyes looked the same. If you complete one I first, then you might not end up with the same use out. When you go on the other blend blend, blend until you're satisfied with the result. Here is a secret to achieve the perfect smoky this in closely so you can take a darker shed and apply it as closest as possible to the eyelash life. Bring it all the way in the corner to make it darker and then fade it all the way to the top. Instead of putting the dirt color right on top of her eyes. Bring it as closely to the eye lash line as possible will make sure that this area is the darkest part. Once it's dark and it fades up, you see that it creates of feeding and that it gives shape to the eyes. Blend until you don't see any any door expert. You want to blend the color on the need with a collar on top. As you can see, we don't really see them. The distinction between the purple that I put and the dark that I put now I am giving you a technique that will change the way you do the eyes. You can use a dark liner, Ah, black liner and create a line on her last night, then smudge it all. Do we? Up you will see how it all blends together and that her last night is more than fine. You can add some black eye shadow to the black eyeliner, and you see that the cream and the powder mixed together create a nice effect. You can not add more black eye shadow all the way to the middle of her eyelid and then faded up so always make sure that the darkest part of her eyes is the closest. Tow her eyelash. Now that you learn how to do the perfect classic smoky, I encourage you to do it and then send me a picture of your work so I can see how you incorporated it. The this technique. Stay until the end so you can quickly see how I apply therefore slashes, and that you see the final result. Don't be scared to really make the middle offer eyes the part that is closest to where eyelash as dark as possible and then freed by adding some transitioning color and blending it with the middle of the inner corner off her eyes. Never put dark color in the inner court corner off her eyes. That's when it's going to be all messy, and you won't have the cleaning result that you want toe moving on to the lashes. When I applied the lashes, I always hold the large on the extremities of the lash, so I start by putting down the middle of the lash and then glue the extremities. This will make sure that I put the lash on the rights, but oh, I let loose it. I do the same thing on the other side. I start with the middle and then I just the two extremities to make sure it sits on the right place. Thank you for watching. I hope discourse was really helpful. I tried to leave it as concise, as precise as possible So you can replicate what I just did Take the time to send me pictures of your work so I can help you. If there's anything that I can do don't be scared to ask. Questions are always take the time. Oh oh! 3. Extra Footage - Water line: as an extra, I separated the fact that you should add some dark black eyeliner under eyes. If you look closely, you see that there's a darker line insider eyes, and that's where you have to put the dark color. You can set the collar with some powder in order to have the look stadia entire day, you're going to see that this effect is going to intensify the eye shape. Also, I suggest that you take a dark liner that is waterproof because if anything, if she starts to cry, if there's any sweat, you don't want the dark smokey eye to all go all towards your cheek, so make sure that it's waterproof and then you're done and complete with the look school.