"'Eye' Don't Know What I'm Doing!": Illustrating the Eye | Laura Pennock | Skillshare

"'Eye' Don't Know What I'm Doing!": Illustrating the Eye

Laura Pennock, Face Artist & Instructor: FAI

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9 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Project

    • 3. Eye Anatomy

    • 4. Primary Eye Elements

    • 5. Secondary Eye Elements

    • 6. Eye Impact

    • 7. Eye Mood

    • 8. Five Eyes

    • 9. Conclusion


About This Class

For illustrators of any medium looking to gain confidence during that critical moment of adding eyes to their designs, professional face painter Laura Pennock offers a fun breakdown of simple techniques for creating eyes with mood and impact. 

What You'll Learn

Eye Anatomy. The eye is a complex organ that can be broken down into six very simple shapes: 1) the upper lid; 2) the lower lid; 3) the pupil and iris; 4) the highlight; 5) the whites of the eye; and 6) the eyelashes.

Primary Eye Elements. You'll learn how eyelids, pupils, and irises can be manipulated to communicate a character's emotions, interests, and personality.

Secondary Eye Elements. You'll learn how highlights, the whites of the eye, and the eyelashes can be handled to suggest shape, cuteness, and mood.

Eye Impact. Placement, size, and line quality can all communicate a variety of traits, such as age, intelligence, and insanity.

Eye Mood. Perspective, shape, and color can contribute further characterization and realism to your design.

Five Sample Eyes. You'll have the opportunity to practice five useful eye designs as Laura demonstrates tips for executing them effectively and using them in different contexts.