Extreme Painting: Bringing Out Your Creativity | Ron Mulvey✏️ | Skillshare

Extreme Painting: Bringing Out Your Creativity

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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4 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Creativity Can Be Cool

    • 2. Drawing and Composing Quickly

    • 3. Painting Winter Mountain

    • 4. Secret of Studio Transformation


About This Class


Follow Ron as he paints outdoors, at just above freezing (0 C, 32 F).

Problems happen as the paint freezes and then melts in the studio.

Find out how to handle what Mother Nature dishes out to the Extreme Artist.

This is a Watercolor Class that will teach you some 'Snow Tricks' with some great results. Open to all levels and very useful for desert dwellers who have never been in cold weather.

You may substitute the cold for hot or for challenging, like New York City or on top of Mount Vesuvius.

Be Brave outside then Go Home and finish up in the studio.




I have more Snow Tips filmed and was going to add them to the video section but decided to include them in the next Winter Offering after the Holidays. They show you how to make it snow, reflections in icy water and snow shadows. 

If this would interest you let me know and I will get it up for you.