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Extreme Decluttering for Tiny Space: Get Rid of Junk!

teacher avatar Umair Ramay

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. 1. Welcome to Decluttering Course

    • 2. 2. Are You Hoarding?

    • 3. 3. Start with 10 Minute Decluttering

    • 4. 4. Disposable Tablecloth vs Trash Bag

    • 5. 5. When Was the Last Time You Used

    • 6. 6. Your First Step Toward Organizing Your Drawer

    • 7. 7. De-Junk the Drawer

    • 8. 8. Organize Electronics & Cables

    • 9. 9. Shopaholic Mindset Explained & Online Shopping Addiction!

    • 10. 10. Fridge Organization & Get Rid of Old Food

    • 11. 11. Decluttering Secret Storage Area

    • 12. 12. Storage Area Cleanup

    • 13. 13. Why You Buy Stuff & Collect Useless Things

    • 14. 14. What to Do with Clutter & Getting Rid of Junk

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About This Class

Change your life by getting rid of all unnecessary junk around you. Yes, of course, I will teach you how to organize from your drawers to the fridge. How to dispose food which you are not eating. How you can clean off your tiny home or space and more room for you. I will show you how I live and work on ship in a tiny, small container cabin. I will share with you my shopaholic addiction and how I overcome it. Finally, I will teach how to fight the craving of unnecessary spending online.


By decluttering, you will be a much happier person than before, and how to live a minimalistic lifestyle.The Great Mama Africa had taught me many things on how to stay in a tiny space and still be happy with it. Also, if you're living in a small apartment or an RV van, this course will be beneficial. By keeping your space clean and storing fewer things, it will be easier to focus on tasks that bring you happiness and bring you forward to your life goals. Finally, I will show you how to organize your electronic gadgets and cables.

At the end of the course, I will show you how I dispose of the garbage I accumulated from decluttering.

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Umair Ramay


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1. 1. Welcome to Decluttering Course: Welcome to date lettering course. In this course I'm going to teach you how to get rid of the junk. A lot of stuff which you hold that over the years, if not months, how to get rid and how to throw it away. I'm going to take you 10 minutes. I'm going to tell you how to declutter your refrigerator and your drawing. Let's get started. This course is going to change your life on how to de-cluttering. Because I work on a ship, I have a very limited space. My cabin is only around 35 square foot. But I have hoarded. I love hoarding. I love collecting garbage out there. Because I think maybe when I will see you on our rough see, maybe I can utilize I love collecting a lot of electronic. I love collecting, buying laptop, buying food on a laptop which I'm not using, sitting on my cabin. So let's get started and ended at Joni can be a little bit her off less Hope does our C is going to become because I really don't want the cabin to be moving like this. Let's get started. 2. 2. Are You Hoarding?: So are you holding the question is that how much you have hoarder over the years, basically marketing, how much junk you have collected, how many leftover you have, how much food, et cetera, you store in your pantry and your refrigerator. How many extra layer of close you have, how many extra charger you have, how many extra USB cable you have, how many extra comic book magazine you have, how many extra video game you've collected it you never want to play like me. Collect a place which every tag game. And I say finally, one day I'm going to play. I love collecting place to share. We talked games. I spend around $6 thousand and I never play. And I started collecting some of the urea, gives some of the most expensive game was 200 US dollar I paid, but I never play because I was so busy. I just love collecting. It was like it was fun. Did dopamine release? I just enjoy collecting. I become a video game collected, but I was not playing it. What is a point of collecting video and when you're not playing it, that is my point. What is the point of buying something when you're not using it ox yourself. When did you last them you use I put like, I work on a ship most of our time. I can easily play. I have enough time. I can easily play the last time I turn on my place. So should we tell was last year, around 11 months ago, I did not turn. The last time I made a gameplay was more than two years ago. And finally I say enough is enough. I denote k, I spent $6 thousand, I'm going to get rid. And finally I sold it for $300. Yes, I can keep hoarding. Guess I can treat as an investment, but I said no DC note investment, I need to get rid of it. And I finally sold for $3 thousand. And finally, I feel happy the burden was gone because the burden was that I have to play. I force myself to really force myself to play. I just played today. I'm going to play. Okay. I'm going to get some paperwork. I'm going to get this done. I'm going to play that day was a burden. And finally, I set myself free and I feel much happy. Are you holding it, the ox yourself? Why you are holding it? At what cost you are holding it, and what is the reason you're keeping distinct arcs yourself, ox yourself discussion, it will change your life entirely. Are you holding a Lycoming? I've worked on a ship. Fire hazard can be a real problem, especially if you're living at tiny apartment, if you're living in a van or like me in energy because I work on a ship. So the problem can be real seed is the problem can be reduced series. Let it go, let it go. Let it go. Are you a hoarder? You do love collecting stuff. Yeah. We all R&D. Same place. Once upon a time, I will help you to get out and I will teach you how to get rid of the stop. 3. 3. Start with 10 Minute Decluttering: Start with a 10-minute de-clutter. The magic behind it, ten minutes is that you'll go giving enough time that you can start thinking and start processing is no like five minutes. You just came up with a solution that you are going to throw this 10 you're going to give this one, has suddenly the formants is over or there's not like one hour. You can totally understand. Lives are so busy. Some people have to walk to shift our day just to put food on the table. Das, why taking a half hour, one hour is very hard. I think ten minutes will be enough. If you are not going to watch any Entertainment TV show or you're not going to spend any time on social media. You can find somewhere ten minutes. Ten-minute is the solution to get, get started. Because the problem is that we have become so lazy. At the same time. We have become so busy. Lazy and BZ, lazy that we really want to work. We really want to glean, we really want to de-clutter. But our body, our mind is exhausted. Our body is super tire. We have fatigue due to overworking, due to stress. There can be multiple factor das. Why start with 10 minutes? Before you start the first time? Just grab, grab your favorite drink. It can be hard, it can be called, or go to a local cafe. Just grab your favorite drink. Get in a good mood because for first-time will be hot. The first time you're going to de-clutter, it will be super hot. Just come down. Just get your favorite drink. Like my favorite drink is simple, fruity. This is important for home. Indoor, Indonesia. Indonesia, I love it. So I already have like a sip of this one. I'm in a good mood. Just have your favorite drink like the most favorite octahedral will GC, which is your favorite doing. Maybe you do not like drinks, just have something favorite. Just consume some kind of food, which is your favorite art, just to get started and get in a good mood because this ten minutes will change your life. The starting is hard. The starting is always how likely? What is this? What is this like? What is this subscribe below? I don't know. I want to find my lens of camera. I can't find anything even account open what my life has become. So start with five, 10 minutes, de-clutter, node 5. Note one hour is the 10 minutes de-clutter. Because if I start with like few minutes, I know I'm not going to get anywhere. Ten minutes will give me enough elderly second clear one node routing. At least I can figure it out. What's inside. We could draw is something which we throw a lot of stuff and we forget because we cannot see. That's why start with 10 minutes of the converter. 4. 4. Disposable Tablecloth vs Trash Bag: So now should you get started with garbage bag and black color or white color or a tablecloth. Here's one thing. I will recommend getting. What three, the trash bag or a garbage bag, whatever you call. It can be white and black. Because for black I'm going to throw whatever insights not going to come up. So whatever garbage black back, It's not going to come out at all costs. I want I'm not going to be so I have to be very careful what I put inside. White one I'm going to use for food. And I don't want to remember one thing when you're de-cluttering, do not mix your staff with food. It can be less trouble when you are dumping it outside or whatever is. In some countries, regularly, the garbage truck came and then they pick up. But I'm going to depend on your so where I live so I cannot mix the food with my regular stuff, especially with electronic. So this one will go for default and this one will be whatever size not going to come up. It's not going to come out. So this is the dark back. I have to be very careful. And tablecloth, good thing or a tablecloth is the evil. No, Sure. I'm just going to put everything on a tablecloth, my valuable stuff. And then I can easily see I conclude because a tablecloth to secondary table plot, you just try to use like a table. For example. For example, let me just put here. So I'm just going to put a table called here. Mostly let small item like USB charger, like small item, which again I have to, I have to see what I'm drawing it so I can just easily put our routing when I'm done float or if I want to open it again, that's why I use the tablecloth also. 5. 5. When Was the Last Time You Used: This is going to be the most important tip. Make sure to check go. When did you use something last time? For example. Let me see. For example, this mosquito repellent. I didn't use this one in ages. So should I throw or not? Maybe the last time I used it was in summer, last year, more than a year ago. So I have to throw this one, have to go in 2D garbage bag. So I'm going to set the electronic product. I want to throw enough black man because I really do not use it for more than a year, but I really want to keep it. Because again, we are mindset of hoarding. We'd love to keep hoarding because day that dopamine release, when we keep stuff, we love collecting, it can become acceptable. We rent storage just to keep our junk. This is a junk. It can be very useful when I'm using it. When I'm not utilizing it, it becomes junk. And I'm holding on something which I'm not going to keep. It has to go inside. Remember axis are when did the last time you use no. This I went to Thailand on a honeymoon 2014. And this I kept the pamphlet is more than eight or nine years is around nine years already. And I'm not going to draw y. So when you are de-cluttering, remember one thing, you don't have to throw everything. This one is just painful. It's not going to take a lot of space because this is my memory, DC and these are the drip which I, which I didn't even my wife are going to control it, but I'm not going to produce two reason, One, a Day. I just wanted to keep us a membrane. Number 2, I'm writing a blog post on Thailand on my out and journal or let travel magazine. So I have to reference back. This one is important for me. Even I do not want to keep us symbolic memory or my honeymoon. I have to refer back some time to call them the price it because some of this resort or adventure or activities are not on the Google map, on note available online, some of steel or physical. So this one become very useful. Again, it depends if I, for example, if I call one of the number which is not working anymore, I know I have to throw it away unless again days. So this one is important, but once I'm done with writing a blog, I'm going to pull right away again. Once I'm done writing the articles, maybe I can keep us as symbolic values do not take must be. But again, remember one thing. Once you fall in this trap that you're going to keep everything for symbolic Daniel going to order or to Pebble you're going to hold you are going to keep a lot of junk, right? Notice in your junk for me maybe it will become so access or when did the last time you use this one I just use a few days ago I was writing I was working on at Thailand travel blog, writing an article. Plus I'm doing my travel journalist degree. So that's why it becomes very useful for me. I'm going to keep this one. So OXO, so Vendee is the last time you use, for example, the camera cases. I bought it to keep my lens. I didn't use it. It's brand new. I can sell it. I could sell for our tenure Zola five-years. I like I can sell as a bundle donating with Nortel because it's not helpful for donation. A newer day. And he's kinda starts much but ASN or you just give it a free. So this one I'm going to keep here and I'm going to or going to bring bring my finger to my home and I've gone to sell it. So Arcturus or when the, sometime you use the last time. This is a very important question. 6. 6. Your First Step Toward Organizing Your Drawer: So now we are already started with date coloring. I bought some back from archaea because somebody stuff I have to bring home. So the Soviets I have to bring all I'm going to keep this back. So these bags are very useful. Again, it depends what you want to bring home, what you don't want to bring home. This jacket. I'm going to wash and donate. This one is going to wash and donate. So this kind of stuff I can be close, I can keep in one back for example, this one. Okay? And then there are some more length. And then some of them are mine, my lens. So, okay, I have to bring this one home. This is very important for me. I'm just going to keep here at some more length back. Good. And my glasses, which I'm not using a goal to throw, this one is going to go in. This one. As you can see, mic and go to open the door more so I can see better. There's a microphone which are going to use, I'm going to keep a watch which I pay like 100 US dollar. I'm going to donate this one also. Like I'm not using it against the way symbolic value for me my wife gave me on my anniversary. The problem is that I'm not using it. So I'm going to put in did donation for the donation, I'm going to go to keep here. Again, some of them are empty solider, okay, this will also have the lens. I'm going to keep this one here and just start decluttering. And what is this? This is also our lens I'm going to keep here. And some medicine again, totally disorganized. And what is this? Another camera like? Well, I have so much like even I didn't know EVA one camera here. This one I am going to bring home. So I am going to keep me in a smaller bag. This one I'm going to keep here is much easier for me to organize. So this old stuff I'm going to bring home, some of them I'm going to keep. So again, some of them I want to sell because some lens I'm not using for video making, I'm going to sell. Just put here. Okay, Once we're done, let me bring it here. And then some more pamphlet again, I'm going to give this one. This necklace is important for me. I'm going to give again, you don't have to throw everything. You can keep the stuff you like. Okay. This is like an empty bag. What is this? This is my audio wireless microphone disease of the case. What I'm going to keep this one also, this one is useful for me up to go to 49. Not a bad. So there's like more to de-cluttering. So now I'm going to show you like the inner side. 7. 7. De-Junk the Drawer: So in now you can have a better idea. Let me zoom in every drawer. So in the beginning you don't have to throw everything, you'd not have to keep our routing. You can link this one is category to some, most of this one. But come, came up with the camera bag, with the camera lens case. So I'm going to give a cosine. You have to maybe tell some of the less I can give the camera back for free. Again, this is our lens. I'll go to here. No, I'm going to put in my molar archaea back. As you can see. These are the lens which I'm keeping it. So some more medicine keep aside. And let's see what it is. These are the lens cap which I'm going to switch. I'm going to keep it because it's important for me. So this case is going to go to the garbage. It's not used for me. It's usually left for me. And let's see. Again, a lot of medicine which I'm going to throw it away later for what, for Sunday to just see a smartphone which I'm not using. Maybe I can give it to my mother. She was looking for a second phone. Okay. This one is going to hurt and want to keep inside. And what is this? This is some kind of landscape. I have no idea. This is going to I have no idea. I'm just going to throw this one away. And let's see. This one is Twist Tie. I have to keep I can use it later on. And a lot of medicine, medicine do not try to keep it demands and I'm going to produce all of it. There are some watches. So 40 watches, this kind of stuff and killed go to keep in one. So it's much better for me to organize. Fostered gate and some more medicine. And let me take out this one. Again. There's one more or less Panasonic 20 millimeter. I will go to one of the maybe I can use this back, right? No. Because do not try to keep everything. But in the beginning, do not try to throw everything. I can keep this left. I'm going to sell this one. Also a profit box. I'm going to sell it this one also I'm going to give this one some more length, uses some more lens, so many less even it didn't realize I had so many lens sitting by. I'm going to give this bottle lens here. Because later I can sell it. Don't want to damage the land when I'm transporting it. Really a bunch of less. And this is broken iPhone and going into the garbage back. More medicine known in medicine. Again, this one is case for my phone, which I'm going to give it to my mother. I am going to give this case for her. This is not going to empty box by the way. Going into garbage bin. So right now I have two water bottle, I'm just going to drink it. I just kept here on my job for emergency. All right. This one is something you have to realize if you especially the collecting your workplace, like Do you really have to de-clutter discipline? I don't hit so this one, I'm going to keep it. Why? Because this one can be important because because I already or distilled water bottle, as you can see here, but sometime the supplier do not supply me to water so I can get into trouble. So I'm going to keep this one, but I'm going to keep it at back. So later I'm going to keep into a refrigerator. Even I did not realize I have here. So my honey beekeeping book. And I'm going to go to all give this also. Because I'm going to narrate this one. I'm going to send it to Malawi in Southern Africa. There's a lot of peace. We can utilize this one. I hope so. Let me just lowered exposure. I think it is better. So this one is coming here. So there's some eyes with I'm going to keep some big mean, make sure that it's not expired. Okay. I'm going to consume this one also. And what is this? This is some kind of food, I think so. So yeah, this is my deeper phone. I'm not using it. Are going to go to sell this one also. So yeah. Ok. So far what you want ask you what you don't want to keep us thoughts. But in the beginning, if you already started, You don't have to de-clutter everything. It took less than ten minutes. Again, it's looked at less than 10 minutes to de-clutter. Lot of stop. I can stop here and I can throw what DO NOT Pro and I can keep whatever I want to keep. You can do this process every day just for ten minutes. 8. 8. Organize Electronics & Cables: So now we're going to need Jacques de second drawer. Now this is about electronic books. I use a lot of electorial laptop, tablet which I'm not using an age is again, these are the head front. I'm not using it. I'm going to want to throw this one also. If I can find something useful, I will keep. But other than that, I'm going to throw this one also all of them. Let me just zoom in to better demonstrate to you. Here we go. So for example, this is my iPad. For all 12.9 inch. Like I think I want to sell this one also. I'm not sure about right now. I'm not using this one is the mini LED version. Okay. And let me just put the inside known as the graduate or anything. And then let me show you something more. This is my M1 MacBook. Again, I'm not using it. I'm a PC guy. As you can see. I am going to sell this one also. And this one is my old laptop, my fork MOLS laptop. And this is my main up top, so I'm going to keep this one. And there's something more. I think so. Yeah. I have no idea what's this? Oh, yeah. This is my portable monitors. I'm going to sell this one I'm not using anymore. So I am I have a lot of electronic devices which I'm not using right now. That is our main problem. Why I'm keeping a lot of electronic devices when I'm not using any of dam like any of them not using debt is a huge problem. I'm still keeping it, I'm still holding on it like this on my M1 MacBook that do not keep the electronic devices falling because the price is going to fall fast. Because by the time you're watching this video, there will be new M1 Macs chip. So the prices on day M1 MacBook Pro will be down. This one I bought like aspects out one terabyte of SLT, 60 GB of RAM. I nearly paid on to toggle US dollar. And I'm not using this one. Why? I don't know why? Because I just think getting a new gadget is much cooler. Much better is going to help me. It's going to make me productive. That is not the case. In reality. That is not the case. Which is, which is a sad reality. To be honest with you. We assume that we are going to get this new gadget and everything is going to be awesome. Like a super junk. My socks, I know I keep myself wherever this is. I think new or wash. I have no idea why I'm keeping my socks here. Calculator, like lotion, like what is decided, no idea what I have done here. Okay, The hard drive is important. Linear de-cluttering your electronic nature to keep them cool. Other, I like most valuable things are this hard drive to me. Don't want to damage or do not want to lost the bigger D's are the most valuable thing to me. The hard drive. And then power bang. What our speaker and these are going to rubbish bin. I'm not using it. My pencil case. I'm going to keep it. I'm going to get somewhere I can use it. I we did. Like my game controller. I still holding on this game controller. I have no idea why. Why I'm still holding on this game controller when I'm not using, and to be honest with you, no idea. Some of the jargon a doctor, this one is for my main lepto. I'm going to keep this one my sleeping bag. I didn't you utilize this one in a JS or my workplace? This one I keep because sometimes I have to work on a ship or something like did I have to work to ship or traineeship? Non-stop. What I didn't use a song going to throw this one also, Baba, my beloved sleeping bag. It was quite expensive. They're like $200 adeno user. I can keep working on it and it will be still taking a lot of space. Why? I have to let her go. And this is the cap. This one. I'm going to throw it books I didn't utilize in ages. This one. If you're working outside in winter, the sun is very useful. So De Jiang, When we have tried to design the electronic maintainable desk, sit down because you have to be in a composition because you don't want to get configured doma TO something important and you really have to make a decision like my M1 MacBook, should I keep trying I sell, if I keep, how long I can keep before you start dropping, the value will be dropping. Like a Vikki for another one near two hundred, three hundred dollar will be dropped. So it's much smarter I sell now if I didn't use, lost them, I use what two months ago, I use the final cut. Notice I personally prefer using the fill amora software. Then I'm introducing this one. I personally do not like Mac OS operating system, a window guy. Windows more intuitive, is much easier to use. And my entire PC repair, I keep beggar and receiving window and the window fanned by inept, proud of it. So I'm going to sell this one. So this is how you declare to electronics. 9. 9. Shopaholic Mindset Explained & Online Shopping Addiction!: Finally, I clean my drawer and look quite nice IF done de-cluttering. So the lesson you have to learn is that whenever you're de-cluttering, do not put a lot of stress. Again, I was quite calm, quite relaxed. You don't have to throw everything in the beginning. You have to de-clutter over VQ Guam month starts low. 10 myths or day 10 minutes. Or if you have time you can go ahead with one hour. Grab some, use your favorite drink, grab some chips, declutter, start eating, de-clutter, start eating, enjoy the process. It, as an adventure. Did Clinton can be really fun. It can be a really fun activity with your family. You have to learn to enjoy. Personally, I learned de-cluttering because my problem is that I was used to be a shopaholics. My story about shopaholics, when I was in South Korea, I spend around 10 thousand US dollar. I still want to cry whenever I think about this number on eBay. Buying junk, buying junk jewelry for my wife, handbag, buying junk stuff for myself, then spend a period of six months. And that thing pause me my dignity. I was enrolling the Wilson University film and media. I couldn't pay my tuition fees because I spent my entire money on eBay. Shopper Hollich is a real disease and it's ready CDS. You have to seek professional advice. My wife was there on my site. Does something amazing about shopping. Like virtual shopping. You, you just go on a web browser, fear mouth, and you start enjoying the process. So here's my advice. Stalled by buying online, it's much better board to a physical retail store and handle physical money. I'm talking about physical money, just hand or the physical money because once you are handing the physical money, you will be realizing that, okay, you spending some money when you're spending the money only, you just feel virtually just we let the game because the dopamine released into you wanna do it again and again. For example, I go, if I buy something, I say, here's the money, Here you go. Now can I can feel this note is a physical note. This is a tangible naught. And it caused me, I worked hard to earn this 100 Hong Kong Dollar and I'm buying something, do I really need what I'm listing? The money? Octopus are only you can access our dance. Why? I advise stop buying unless you really have to, unless there's a specific product, unless there is a discount. Again, I'm willing to spend $5, 10 dollar more in a physical store. Number one, I will be supporting local retail. Number two, when I am spending five or 10 della more, I'm still saving a lot. Why? Because the problem with ONE line is that we think we are going to say $5 to $1.10 della, this deal, this coupon, the problem is that we overspent, is much better to buy less, but buy expensive things. Then buying a lot of crap Jiang at a cheaper price. In a longer run DT is going to be a problem, is going to cause you more financially. Ox yourself. Do you really need to really need this below? Or you can buy a better quality pillar which can last do this monitor for $100 Amazon or you can go to a local retailer like Walmart. You can buy for $200 and you can utilize again, this monitor. I have no idea how was the color when I order it was quite crappy. Color is much nicer. I went to my local electronic store buying a portable monitor. I can look there. I can look at the color. I will spending 200 dollar compared to $100, but I will be more satisfied when I bought this military withdrawal when I use it because it was quite bad at the color accuracy. I even put them collect calibrated. But again, I was stuck. I was forced to keep it. I was forced to use it when even I don't want to use, I want to use as, as my Photoshop secrete. What the problem was quite bad at color. Ox yourself. Do you really have to shop online? Was much better. You go to a physical store. This is a very important question. 10. 10. Fridge Organization & Get Rid of Old Food: Now I want to declutter my refrigerator. Let me open my fridge. There we go. Okay. There's a lot of food which I'm not using it, which I want to throw it. So let me grab one of the white back to throw the food. Here we go. The problem with that, we buy a lot of stuff and we do not want to throw, then we are not finished with it because we think it's bad to throw food is back to waste food. It's much better to waste food then Hoarding on a foot, whichever you are not going to eat. Because at the end of that day when the expiry date is new or when it passes expiry date, you're going to throw it away. It's much better. Either you donate to your local church or charity, or you throw it away. Do not try. This mindset of wasting food, hijacks, your de-cluttering for process. A lot of people stopped when it come to dare pantry refrigerator note. You have to declare that this one also, you cannot just stop it. So let me see where can I start? Like this? This sweet drink, I'm not drinking it anymore. I'm going to throw a discipline also, no use for me. This tomato ketchup. I'm not using it anymore. I'm going to draw this one also. I'm going to finish it. And these are the short bread Vickery. Again, I didn't finish it. I just keep editing. I'm going to have today, tomorrow like that. I have to throw it away because these can you buy in an individual rap? Because if you bind a single RAF after few days, you don't want to eat. Due to the moisture, it will not taste good. It's much better. You buy something like in this kind of individual puppy rat is much better. So I'm going to keep this one. So what about d, Again, d Psi Beta, enjoying going to throw it away because this 11 single pack, it's more than one week or a day in my refrigerator, I'm going to pull it over. This will also lead me see what I have. There are some cake which I'm not going to eat throw fraud, fraud probe faces the chiefs again. I just opened it today. I'm going to keep here are some I'm going to drag this one again. This one is sealed and go to donate to my local charity against seal. I'm going to narrow this one also. If there's something still just donate a mixture, it's called open and some chiffon cake donation. And this one, I cannot donate. I'm going to consume it because I already opened the scenes. So start slow access or are you going to eat within one or two data like I just have one day. I'm going to fill it this shifts by tomorrow. I know because my wife Bruno likeness 1 n and this is my workplace. I work on a ship. This is my small cabin. Was a little bit shaky. I'm sorry, for dads. Like I work in a cab, my ship soya. So I'm de-cluttering everything on a ship. If the beautiful shock, I try my best to stabilize the video. I'm using a mono-polar by the way. So I'm going to give this one. So some UK Hewlett. Like again ask yourself, do I really have to try it or keep? Like for example, now I'm cleaning, I can just have when you're deep lettering is much better. You de-clutter refrigerator and you could eat even while you're decorating your fridge, then nothing wrong. There are no sin. For example, like AI feeling trustee, why I'm letting my refrigerator writing I have to some bucolic, which is our sweet yogurt drink. It and millions of life bacteria. Just make sure I'm not having an experiment. This is how you de-clutter. Enjoy the process. You have to enjoy it. Now feeling much better. So more your palate. I'm going to finish this moral lot of focus. So yeah, this is how you de-clutter. Again, this one is individually wrap. I don't like it. I'm going to throw it away. I'm sorry. I have to toward the far away. I can't do it because when I'm donating it, I made sure the entire fact that you see, that's how I do it. So dass is how you do de-clutter n my favorite gala biscuit. My favorite. I didn't eat. This one I bought last month, still sitting in the refrigerator. I'm going to denote this one. So this our declutter. 11. 11. Decluttering Secret Storage Area: So in this video, I'm going to do ultimate cleaning. All my mini storage here in my cabin. I just bought this bag just to keep my graph, which I'm not using it. And overdub a few months, I started holding a lot of stuff which are really don't need. So let me just say cout and then let me just show you. This is the winter jacket. All right, Now, we didn't know so much gold, but I just bought in an emergency brand new, not where it. So I'm going to keep going. You don't have to throw everything you think that you really don't need at the beginning, just try to glean as much as you can. You don't have to take stress like something if you bought new ender, you note a winter is around the corner. You don't have to draw because again, when you interview will arrive, when the weather will become harsh, you really have to get a new jacket. Das Y is quite good jacket. Need to have the whole inside. It will be helpful for me. I don't have to donate or throw this one away. And this is some filter. This is, let me see what I have no idea. Okay. They are just like plastic cover in some plastic plate. I'm going to throw it away because I do not use or like even in that case, why my JCIDS feel like I already have a tea cup of steel spoon. Yes. So I don't need this one also. And this is the novel. I'm going to name this one. I'm not reading it. You Vocabulary Builder for workbook. I'm reading this one because I'm a travel writer. I write on the outcome generally.com, so I will keep bringing this one. So let me put aside the honeybee, I believe originating also. I'm already done reading this book. I was tended to get into a honeybee bucket. But again, I'm already done routing it. Das Y. I'm going to donate this one. And my this is my laptop. Stand. I'm going to keep this one. Again. You don't have to write everything in that beginning, just try to clean it up. My mouse pad. I'm going to keep this one some time to get work done in my cabin. My mouse, you see, I want to keep this one. And this is entirely mass what the total is doing here. I'm going to use and finish it again. I don't have restored the sun away. And my mat again, I'm going to throw this one away. I'm not using it. There is no use for me, but I bought it from archaea few years ago, but they had no use for me. And and as a thin blanket, I'm going to keep this on some time I have to sleep in my tab. And so this one would be useful. Look at this 3D S I did a play in ages like motor two or three years over last time I play, I'm going to donate this one. Photon speaker. I'm going to keep this one. Usb C router. I'm going to give this one also. I don't have to get another one. I didn't really know you have d over d or headphones. I'm going to throw it. I didn't use it. I bought it for $100, but again, I didn't use it. I would just hoarding and maybe weren't. I'm going to game in my cabin. I'm going to throw this one away. Some headphone. I don't know how long they are. And here I get sanitized, but I really don't know and it is headphone. I'm going to throw this one away. And some of my film-making equipment for the market business three, Kat Jana, for example, just marks. I'm going to keep this on again. These are my video prop. I'm going to keep this one again. This one is something, again, you have to decide what colors you because for this I utilize, I utilise, I'm going to keep this one. You have to decide what you utilize or what you are not utilizing. My mechanical brown switch keyboard, I'm going to keep this one. My hat I grow to and willing to donate after washing it. Speedy exit new case. I'm going to give it to my mother. Another MacBooks 10 I know user, I'm going to throw this one away. So I'm going to now continue in part 2 about it. 12. 12. Storage Area Cleanup: I have three DSPs or didn't play, I don't know why I'm holding eye if some of the N, N gauge game to remember, our Nokia gaming phone call AND gates are still holding this gear for more than 15 years. 15 years I did not play. I'm still holding over D scale. I don't know why I just didn't play. Which is very shameful. I'm going to sell if I can, if not, I'm going to just like 14 or donation link. And as you can invert this, these are, let me see. These are the glasses which I never wear in the edges. Just bought it from Amazon cheap in edges. I'm just going to donate it. Another hat. And you say you are so many hat which I did not hear. Some some tank top which are going to, I'm not wearing it. Some more short emergency shelter. I'm going to denote everything because I'm just not varying it. Let's see, was this some emergency garment for winter? I'm going to keep this on. It's very useful. Some more hack. Some books like The splendor I did not use, I'm going to throw this one is useless for me to splendor. I just didn't use this blender in ages. As you can see, I just didn't use this planner in ages. I'm just going to throw this one away. Last time I use what is 2020 is very shameful to sort of more than 20 years ready, I didn't use now, I'm going to throw it away. This is a book written by a professor, Professor Law maxwell. I'm going to rewrite this one to Malawi. My half size. And notice a non-mechanical is a number and so this is our gaming keyboard. I just pour for twenty-five dollars. I'm going to throw it away. Useless for me. And now the stand, I'm going to sort of a wireless charger, going to throw it away. I'm worried. Pete, shooting method like get, get, get different back leg getting a different colors much vector. So electrons you can keep in white or blue for something like you're not going to take off, just put in black ones. Something went in a black. You don't ever take off personally for lactones, I love to use a pink table o'clock because I can easily open the neck and remember a blinking it pink color vary by Verne. I can remember that I can double-check. It will not turn something wrong. So let me hear some coffee which I didn't drink and agents, I'm going to throw the entire coffee pack. One of my favorite books. I'm going to denote this one. 15 or frequent successful story, amazing book, amazing book, and go to denote this one. And other book. Is that how we made in a freak amazing book? Already finish it. I'm going to need both of these books. So I just want to keep in pristine condition. I'm going to donate to sudden Africa and Malawi in some primary school and some high school. When most of the Malawi in the rural area days no internet connection. So the books are still held forth. Another book, I'm going to donate its one American and some 3D games I didn't have play in ages, I'm going to sell it and other undergarments. Another undergarment, I have too much. I'm going to donate some of it again. Dc brand new, never worn before. Again, some white some reports that I don't just want my yeah, just see my my main electronic bag where I keep my USB charger, my hard drive, I'm going to keep this on. And some of my key, I did not drink any number, just throw it away because it's been here for ages. So this is how you clean up a next video, I'm going to tell you how you're going to dump your junk. 13. 13. Why You Buy Stuff & Collect Useless Things: So we're already done with cleaning the drawer and a refrigerator. No ox or simple question. Simple question will be debt. Why you buy stuff? Why you buy stuff before I move into my bag, I call it my Mini Storage under my table on the ship. So why you collect? I live in an 85 square foot tiny apartment. I've worked in a smaller CAPM around 55 56 square foot is decides. So all of my life, I lived in a tiny space, in a confined space. But still I love holding a love collecting junk. Number one problem was that I'm a shopper, whole leg days or dopamine released whenever I bust up. That was one of the cause, which I love spending money, which I love buying stuff. That was the main cause. But ask yourself why you buy stuff. Number one, why you buy stuff? One note back in that day in 2010, I was working at drainage in charting is a very big drain or department department of drainage sharpening. It was working there. And one No, my friend. He helped him to get a job there. So one day we were just patrolling the drainage and I said you do not have a money, but still you are happy like this much is tucked over to you. Hello, Why feel a spouse, your kids, your to put food on the table like how like how you can manage you have less than $100 in your account. He said denotes spend money, yes. And what? He said buy stuff. Today we didn't 100 and I'm go to buy a $10 t-shirt. But I'm not worried that my balance is going to be 90 US dollars. Why? Because I buy what is used for. I need a T-Shirt. I do not have data, so I'm going to spend $10. I'm not wasting money, I'm buying simply useful which I'm going to go to utilize. Remember why you buy my friends? His name was MIMO. They taught me this lesson. Why you buy, why you buy? Why you buy? Remember, accessors, just close your eyes. Why you buy? Either going to get a gimme constant? Why are you buying it? What leisure is going to give you? We're going to get a lepto, why you're getting this left of what benefit is going to give you a gun. And a mistake I did was migrate to macOS. And for ESI was indeed pc repair IT. So Windows is like back over my life, I can acknowledge my ex expert in window, but I didn't become PAC system engineer certification. So I'm very used to diagnose, troubleshoot, even repair, and suddenly switching to make it make me frustrated. My productivity went from like here to here at the bottom. Like my protocol derivative. Just fallen, fallen like fallen flat. I can not get any work done because I'm not a Mac user. I taught is going to help me. I taught at $2 thousand met book investment is going to help me. I was wrong because I did not ask the question why I'm buying this, because I just want to get a new gadget. That is me. I love shopping, I love lingual electronic. So for a person like me who become addictive, it's very hard to ask this question why I'm buying? But you have to start OCS help form your spouse, your parents, your friends. We're going to buy your wife, your husband, or your best friend, colleague birdie. Whoever you know you are comfortable talking with, say, I'm going to get this gaming console, I'm going to get this name of I should I get it or not. If someone gives you an answer, you've worked so hard to live your life, that is a wrong mindset. That is absolutely wrong as it. Okay. If you work so hard, if your life is much better, if you worked so hard to live life for the address is much better. You donate money to some of the country in oceanic or East Asia like PNG, Papua New Guinea, Eastern Terminal, last day, or Mali Mauritania in a free car or some of the country in Europe, europe, like a Romania, Romania, Belarus, you can donate it. A lot of people are needed there. You can donate it. You are going to buy $100 phone. You can buy a $500 on a $500, you can donate someone or you can buy it to food for five hundred, five hundred. We didn't want to tell you connect to phone and there keep 147 one you can donate a ox your SAP disk question, why you buy? I hope this helped me. 14. 14. What to Do with Clutter & Getting Rid of Junk: So finally, I am done with my cleaning of my cabin for my ship. So I have to draw this garbage. So this one is default and this one is my electronic and my other. So normally I cannot put in our same trash bag is in a different lead me just throw. And this is how you do de-clutter unit. They will power. Once you've got the willpower, you have to do it. Do not stop, do it. It doesn't really matter. We start with 10 minutes or you have enough time, you can do it within 12 hours. But do it it does not mean that one day you have to de-clutter everything because or the ears. If not months, you will have collected a lot of junk, which will be very hard to deep collector or a single night. But you have to do it. Maybe every month you pick one day of De Jiang Qing, throw the entire Jiang away like I did. You have to throw it. You hope this helped you of de-cluttering? I really hope so.