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9 Videos (20m)
    • Intro to Extavangant Egg Earrings

    • Extravagant Egg Earrings Intro

    • Extravagant Egg Earrings Materials

    • Extravagant Egg Earrings Creating the Component Part 1

    • Extravagant Egg Earrings Creating the Component Part 2

    • Extravagant Egg Earrings Creating the Component Part 3

    • Extravagant Egg Earrings Finishing the Component for Earrings or Pendant

    • Extravagant Egg Earrings Creating the Loop and Ending the Thread

    • Extravagant Egg Earrings The Final Touches and Thoughts


About This Class


In this class, you will learn to make the component for my Extravagant Earrings. My inspiration for this design comes from Faberge Eggs. Whether you choose to make earrings, a beaded bead, pendant or focal point from this project, using pastels and crystals make this project perfect for Easter.

Very few materials are needed and the project can be completed very quickly. I will show you how to adapt the finishing steps to create either a post or wire earring as well as a pendant so you can have a matching set for the Holiday.

This is a very simple beginner level project so everyone can do this.

I used a slide show style presentation for this class so please leave your feedback to help me determine if this format is easier to see the steps used.






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