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Extensive Facebook Training Part 2

teacher avatar Ashish V., Power lies within you

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prepare Yourself

    • 3. Method No.2

    • 4. Quick Recap + Exercise

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About This Class

Almost 80% to 90% people who do Marketing through Facebook Ads don't know how to find Highly Targeted audience.

That's why only few who knows how to find Highly Targeted audience sees great results consistently.

If you're one of those who are in 90% and also in E-commerce industry than this class is for you.

Class Objective: Learn how to find “Highly Targeted”  audience with method no.2 that are likely to convert.

What You'll accomplish: When you finish this class you’ll know where and how to find “Highly Targeted Buyers audience for your product, service etc that are likely to buy or convert.

To learn more Enroll Now!!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ashish V.

Power lies within you


Hello Everyone,

I am Ashish Vasava an Internet Entrepreneur who loves teaching, singing, travelling and exploring nature.

I am doing internet marketing from the last 4 years and have gone through so many ups and downs. Skillshare is a heaven for those who want to learn and i feel blessed to be a part of it.

My goal here as a teacher is to share my experience with all of you and guide you to get toward your desired end results.

Thank you.

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1. Introduction: Hey, welcome to extensive Facebook. 20 part two, and I'm And I'm going to be your buddy for this class. So what is the objective of this class? Learn how to find highly targeted audios with method number two that are likely Do good work. So this is going to be the method number two. And if you feel come here directly and don't no matter. Number one that I said it should go and watch. Extensive place to training part one on your phone. You can find that class in my class list. So what you accomplish when you finish this stuff really finished this class? Do you know where and how to find highly targeted buyers? Audience for your products, Every sexy trunk that I like. You too. Bye or good word. So what you have to do? Well, you have to click on the Andrew, but And now you can do this and it is given below. So don't wait and drill now. And I see you inside. Fine. 2. Prepare Yourself: thank you so much for everything in my class. And before we begin, before we get into your main topping way, have to prepare your job to prepare yourself well how we can do this. Get a pen and paper to write down some important stuff and stop doing any other thing like faithful. What's watching TV? If you're talking to someone, then tell them that you're busy. Right now, All I want is your focus. Okay? Because what I'm going to share with you is an important thing. And that's why I want your full full before so that you can grab that thing in your mind. Okay? So just do these things and as you into the next video by 3. Method No.2: Hey, welcome back without wasting any time left. Start, let's get ahead and find the buyers and the bias audience. Okay? So that we can get the maximum results soft of them. So what you have to do? Well, if you can see I have used you are okay. The main thing is this Okay. The main thing is which I highlighted. You can post the screen right now and you can write this down because you ever do. You assisting the whole thing? As you can see. Well, what is the use off it? OK, you can use this phrase and you could hear to put this after the facebook dot com slash and what you can do, you can put any company, any website name here and here, keyword what it will do. It will give you a search results. Okay, that is on this website and the keeper with, for example, like right now, if she at the company the Saguenay misty string dot com and I'm using dogs and my keyword that you can see it gives the result about the dogs. Okay. It gives results about the thespian campaigns that are going on on Facebook against your center is some kind of trick you can use this thing to find. The ads are likes, like other things. So right now I'm using teething. Okay. Toe the matter, and I'm going to show you. I'm uses in print on demand like T shirts on pen names. That any other thing? Okay, if you want to use it on other stuff, you can. Okay, but I've seen success. I have seen success in the print off demanding by using this method. So right now I'm going to show you something from bring the only man. Okay. Says you can see we're already written here tasting dot com, and we're going to search for fish fishing. So Lester fishing because you're going to see it will bring drizzles on gun related to fishing. Okay, here we go. On the list. Scroll down and see. Okay. So what we're looking for here, OK, if you can see there so many pictures what we're looking, we're looking for pictures that has more than 3000 shares. Okay, if you if you found any picture that 3000 plus shares that design or that Mitch is right now again, you have to going to the going to it. It means that more than 3000 shares. So let's see. Let's see what makes interesting. It's new. So we cannot say that it has more. Let's take this. You okay? Great. So right now, if you can see that it has 26,581 shares in 3.4 K command all we want it right now, command. Okay. When we got the shelf with more than 3000 we want to know the comments. Because here in the comment station, we have a real find will find our bias. How are you? So what do you do? Just just scroll down at the bottom. As you can see right now, we're only able to see the six off the 4 3020 buyers were not going to open up all the 2420 . OK, we're just going toe. Go over to 505 100 by us. So let's get it. I think this is what you have to do. Okay, We are way. We're spending time on research, and this is what you have to do to spend time on Greece. So that you can get results in just hours. Okay? And it is possible. And what? Most people they're doing that they just do their research. Oh, for 10 to 5 minutes and make the campaigns and and the say later that why isn't this might make companies converting? Why? My head is not converting because they haven't spent so much of time on their okay, if you if you, uh if you take a dentist, if you can take man Melo looking if you ask them, they'll say that they'll spend most of the daytime on research. Yeah, most of the time with spend on research, research about the audience with it about the N m. And Andres is there of the ads and all kind of stuff. So you can see we are already here way across 500. So what we need to do go to the top again? Great. And very to use a search bar so we can open it by control. Plus F, as you can see. Okay. And weapon to write the keyboard. That bias, right? Like one of my favorite is God mind. Okay, if you can see we already got three results you see this? You see this? What? What happened? It gives us bias. This bird's and build Karen. He says he already got money. It also posted his picture. It means that he is a buyer. So regard one buyer. Okay? So we can see that. Yeah, I'm just a hooker. Well, that's a joke. So we got them. We got on the buyer. Okay? You can also use the phrase like, ordered. Okay, even see this person. Okay, Order. And even also use, uh, they're so much, but, uh, but this word, this t what is not negative? Got mine and ordered with you can also vice porches. No. So there is no no, keep going to purchase. Okay, but so what? I'm think we're going. We're just going to use got mine right now just to give you an idea. Okay, My main woody for making this video is to give you an idea to show you how this thing done So you can do this. And my friend, you have to do this to get into your mind. And they finished. It's pretty Okay, go to open up your browser goto for your Facebook account and do what I have. Just what you have shown in this. What you're seeing in this class became a friend. So we're going to open up again once you far want to find the bias. What you have to do your open up there accounts. Yet you open up the profile. I'm not. Well, if you're doing the CSU says you have to open up all the accounts. Okay? But right now, for the time steak, I'm just going toe open one account, and so you what you have to do next. So if you could see big carry on is a buyer and we're going to go to more and see what he likes. Great. So you know what we're doing? We got the buyer, and right now we are just watching. Okay, here we are just researching. The one buyer has liked this person over this person. Bill Karen has liked, I think so. More than 1000 beige. So for the painting, I'm not going to open off all his pages. So we're just I'm stopping here right now, and I was So you're once you open up all his like pages, but you have to do go through top. Open up The search. Far gone, Tripolis f. And you had to write that skewer. We're not going to right here. The key. What? People type and thereby. Okay, we're going to right here. The key would generate over to over Mitch. Okay, Right now, as we are in fishing, Mitch. So I'm going to write. Fish is going to see that we already good 1 28 So that's the good thing. So what we're looking for, Okay. We want audience. I we want audience. There are about 70 kg. Okay, A so you can see the fish. You, Loomis, it has 76,047 cities. Balsam. Dickie, we can take this thing. And here we also have to know. See that if we can target or not. So what? It was fish G. Loomis. Significant or not? No. We're gonna talk about this, So let's sieged the social. Nothing. Lefty, what's next? Bath field and God, just 60,000 likes. No, We want more than 70. That was like, No, no, it's got 1000. We want more. You want to move? Reason likings 17,000. No basket boards. How much they got? They got 21,000. Thanks. No, got one. When I look a week into American, check this thing up team catfish tackle. So let's search for them. No, we can't like this. Do you get fish, Tekle? So let's Oh, what is that fish guy? Let's see how Almost like she got before 19. Much lower than we expected. Five limit fishing. Six years. How to fish key? This is weaken checked up. So for 18 out of fishing lessee if you got something from it. No, we're gonna like this. Let's check out. Did God do you live in, like, in a car? But use? No. Sometimes it mitt takes time. But as I said, let it already Safe research takes time. Okay, But when it when it gives result. Okay, 10. Okay, then then then you didn't say that. Oh, wishing you cute little Okay, when you gonna do a hard core research? And when you see results so good that he never, ever seen then you just say all everything has been done because of a good reason. The U. S. Spring language of time on research and therefore you're seeing such a great results. Nine million likes Were you born more fishing with Giant Johnson? Let's see how much like you got 10,000 likes. No, we want more. 8 1000 likes left. Six killed. Special burners. Look, beginner time with this. Less sugar. Who? Let's open. One more off. It left it. We got something. I'm not Okay. Stop Years. Searchable war again Right now it increases. So if it wasn't 34 six gills beer and be a fishing. If he almost like, they've got 1 to 1. Great. Let's see. Fishing, beer and fishing machine Pacific in. Doug, it is not. No, we can't practice less. General. Other one bath fishing forever. Let's see. 50,000. No, we're looking for more. I suspect the fish. 7 to 9 to full life. See, if you didn't get something on, I expect the fish and we got it. So once you got the interest, Okay. Once you got during, says you have to look at the page likes. But this is where we will find it if this audiences started it or not. Okay, So I thought about this process in my left from a previous class off the part one. And if you don't know. I suggest you to go there and watch that last. Especially this part. Okay, So that you can get understanding that why I see this thing. So as I was at the world told you earlier that you have to look for the top 10 categories, OK? And see if the page lights like this. Okay, If you found 1990% plus of the pages that are related to the niche that we're looking for, then this audience is a targeted audience and I call them highly, highly, highly targeted. Okay, so let's see the specter. Fish, real fishing. Fishing, please. Best fishing. Abdelilah watersports, Best fishing. I love fishing. Fishing for life again. Great. You don't think the what I called this are some off the great. You have some of the personalities Jake Macbeth left addicted to fishing. Get stone fishing. Rebel fishing boy base. And you can see my friend. I've found all off them. How very true. Deficient. How I can say that because I've worked in this nature. Okay, I worked in that. I really work in this nature. I know what this pages are. OK, but if you're doing this thing. I suggest you to go and open the pages and see if they're related or not. Okay, as you can see, this fishing place okay, Off course. By each day, we can see that this pages religion fishing. Okay, but there's some pages like, um, very, very afraid is where deserted Berries, mystery tackle box like that. Okay, so you can just open up that box would have that page and received it is rented to fishing or not. So we find here right now, as much as I can see, 100% is rented to fishing Means that this stopping this audience are highly, highly, highly targeted. And you can also see this thing. Okay, if all these are a little fishing or not, and they are Okay, So this is a very highly targeted audience, and we also find buyer from this target. So what you have to do? We are just copy this thing and best here on the buyer. Okay? If you if you already being on my own, the part one class. Okay, you will be aware of this thing. And you can see in that class, I'm sure knew a NVIDIA. But with this matter. We're going to add one more off it and name it buyers. And we're going toe based. All the buyers audience that we found using this matter. So what? That was our gators respect the fish. Get less fine under the one. Um, it began. Find it. Not that. Find it. That's Let's see. Begin, find another one or not Ben Fishing. Let's see how much you do. 37 for I Okay, Great. We can darken this thing up, then fishing. Great. We can target this and you have to see okay for this thing, it's targeted or not highly. So let's see. Okay, this public figures are already fishing. Fishing, fishing, machine fishing. What hooks Appreciating. Christine. Fishing, fishing, fishing. Okay, great. Great television. Let's upon this also. And the grace year little particles. Let's see what they are. German Marina. Okay, so they're really deficient. Great. Um, let's see what spider were pushing. Okay, Mitch is also ready. Fishing a new spider annuity to let's see what? The notice by the photo. We can know that digital. Really appreciate. Let's see Abou Gracie. Okay. This is also Richard fishing again. We found what will we find an audience that are highly highly Hyatt. I made 100% off them off the doctor and get degrees are related toe fishing niche. So I hope, my friend, did you understand the thing? And we're going to write this thing off here on a buyer stiff. I guess you can see I'm not going to fill up all this right now, Okay? But after afterwards, after we finish this thing off, what I what I do? I make ads, OK? For air for each. Okay. I'll make out for each of the column on, put them on $5 a day and see what kind words are not OK. And after five after two days. Okay, let's say after two days after you spend 10 10 10 10 10 on all the fight Collins, we'll see which one are converting or not. And will those who are losing, we'll stop them and skill the villa. Okay, so this is the next strategy would be as because of the time sick. I'm not going toe. I'm not able t o so you right now, But this is what the whole process is, and I hope that you understand the whole thing. Because the main motive of this video is to get this matter to get this information into mind if I was unable to convey you. Okay, if I was able to get this information, you're into mind. Please. You can write the comment. Okay? You can come in your question, and I try my best to I'm saying so. This is what you have to do. I have done it. Now it's your time to do this, okay? And don't forget to watch the next video, because the next produce about it's a recap. Quickly. Camp. And also, I'm going to give you some exercise to do. Okay, so I did the next video. 4. Quick Recap + Exercise: Okay, let's do a quick recap of what we already learned. Number one is Don't go for broad targeting. If you are in an image, let's say a fishing. Don't just type fishing in your face. You can election Trista and go with it. Okay? Debt traffic. Looking dead people are north junk. Okay, You'll lose your money. Okay. You will not get any readout of that. So don't go for broad targeting. Use the matter that I was shown you and mastered it by doing exercise by doing it by own. The second is medium audience size. Must be 70 k plus. Okay, so this is important. This is the minimum level on page. Like look at the top 10 degrees. And if 90% of them are related to your niche than that interest audience are highly, highly highly valued. Okay, so sorry for that. They're highly, highly, highly targeted. Use this phrase for for the new research here. I have given you some bias key, but these are one of my favorites. Got mine board ordered purchased. You can use this and you can also use others. And once you got the audience, it's time to make ad make at for each column at doll if I a day for two days and scalable. OK, I hope you understand. Always start with BP. If you knew, then you have to start which paper engagement to start with the engagement. And don't go for the second version because Facebook needs data and if you're new, then Facebook. If you don't have any kind of data of what you're doing, OK, but if But if you in this field for some time and also and also got some cells on also have your Facebook and Facebook picture established, then you can go for the second Russians. But if you're just starting, go for we'll go with B p and this matter. Okay, the method number two is best for e commerce if you're e commerce, if you're using Shopify, drop shipping or any guy only kind of print on demand, this matter will work best for you if you use it going. Because I have used to eat and have seen results by using it OK, and here's an exercise for you. Go and do it by your own, because once you do it by own board, matter matter, number one and matter, but to explore more. Okay, You know what kind of problems you face by doing the research, and you get more and more ideas how to do this. Okay, so we're finished here. Thank you so much for being present here. And I have a request for you. Please. Do you A positive review. And if you have any questions, please write it down. I'll try my best. Don't see you as soon as possible. Okay. Thank you so much for being present here.