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Extensive Facebook Training Part 1

Ashish V., Power lies within you

Extensive Facebook Training Part 1

Ashish V., Power lies within you

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4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prepare Yourself

    • 3. Method No.1

    • 4. Quick Recap

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About This Class

Almost 80% to 90% people who do Marketing through Facebook Ads don't know how to find Highly Targeted audience.

That's why only few who knows how to find Highly Targeted audience sees great results consistently.

If you're one of those who are in 90% than this class is for you.

Class Objective: Learn how to find “Highly Targeted”  audience with method no.1 that are likely to convert.

What You'll accomplish: When you finish this class you’ll know where and how to find “Highly Targeted audience for your product, service etc that are likely to buy or convert.

To learn more Enroll Now!!!


Meet Your Teacher

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Ashish V.

Power lies within you


Hello Everyone,

I am Ashish Vasava an Internet Entrepreneur who loves teaching, singing, travelling and exploring nature.

I am doing internet marketing from the last 4 years and have gone through so many ups and downs. Skillshare is a heaven for those who want to learn and i feel blessed to be a part of it.

My goal here as a teacher is to share my experience with all of you and guide you to get toward your desired end results.

Thank you.

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1. Introduction: extend your Facebook training part one. Hello, friends. I'm Ashish Rossella, and I'm going to be your body for this class. So what are the object of this class? What you learn in this class? So the object is that you learn how to find highly target audience with matter number one that I like You could work. Now. What is the method Number One that I'm going to reveal to you in this class? But you have to watch the video that you have to central in the class. And what is the matter? Number do for that thing? I have created another class. But first what? This class and then go and was another matter. So what did accomplish when you finish this last? You know where and how to find highly targeted audience for your product. Service did are likely to buy our own word. I'm talking about diehard audience, Okay? Not just a target audience. I'm talking about diehard, highly targeted audience or whatever name you can give it to them. This is what you'll learn. And this is what I'm going to show you inside of the glass. So what? You have to do Well, to learn more. You have to, Andrews, now. But you can do this by clicking on the end roll now. But that has given below this video. So we're waiting now. Just go and go now. And I see you inside by 2. Prepare Yourself: say thank you so much for enrolling in my class. And before we begin, we just prepare yourself for the stuff for the method. What number one and what you have to do to prepare yourself, get a pen and paper to write down some important stuff. And the other thing is stopped doing any other thing like Facebook. What said watching TV? If you're talking to someone, just tell them that you're busy right now. If you're in a fury in the room or people that just closed the door and get these people out of your room, I want you to fool. I want your full focus on the thing because what I'm going to teach you in the next video is an important self. Isn't the premium stuff. So get yourself Maurin Border and this stuff, okay? And I want one thing that you have aware of this thing because we're going to use this table in the next video. And what is it? Table is how this bird I'm going to talk about the next year, so don't worry about that. Just be a bit off this stuff, okay? And I see with next radio by 3. Method No.1: Hey, welcome back. And I hope that your followed whatever. I have feet in the previous video. So with appreciate them, let's go to our main topic. Okay, This video in this class, you learn Julian about how to find highly Tiger audience that converse. And at the end of this video, or then off the this class, you'll be able to do the same. What I'm going to teach you or what? I'm going to show you in just a few seconds for my friends. I don't know if you noticed a non, but most of the time you're spending money on ads or in your niche. And if you don't have any proper understanding that how the system work, then probably you're spending your money on junk traffic dropping. That isn't converting. That's why so many people are losing the money and there are very few what does generating wealth by doing this stuff? Maybe, maybe many, If you would have, I would have just doesn't the line off break even point, Miss Miss you journalists themselves, but not the self you want because you're not really targeting those people. Those highly targeted people that they like did they really like the thing that What are you selling? Ready? If you can say that that their bios, their buyers on, I can see that approximately 60% of them are buyers. 50 to 60%. Okay, The death might call it a high Talking to people. Those people are on a daily basis to people engaged in the buying stuff in all kind of fishing stuff different. I call them up higher despite called him the highly talented people audience and fortress off what Gettysburg with about for to this work, I have selected a product. It is a fishing pendant, and off course is it is a fishing ban. That's why Mitch fishing. So what images to okay if they want to sell fishing pending, Uh, if there newbie and what they will do that they just typing fishing and choose the fishing thing. And if you can see it's a very broad interest. It's a very broad interest. Identified 200 million people and monthly active people in just us alone. And is it going to see here? They're fishing. Is not target targeted? Okay, as we want. How I can say that by looking on the page legs. It is demographic about the man and woman. And here you have to click on page like to see that how interested they are. So what you have to do is to click on length here and see they're what, exactly? It is what the people who are, like, who have liked the fishing are interested or like a European things. So you can see that this page is reject toe deer hunting kind of stuff. Yeah, fishing with the hunting. But But this is not fishing. Okay, Look it by the pictures, But it's not to stop looking for it, okay? They like this stuff. And if you can see here in Berkeley fishing Gee, I This thing is hunting, fishing kind of stuff, but the deaths. Good. Let's take a look at this list steak. Um, and if we can scroll down, you can see that this is also ready to fishing. Okay? It means that we are getting We're getting near over diet ordinance, but this is not I'm going to use to target what I want. Okay. So let the one of some of the stuff here and see what a thief That's the rigid power to happy holidays. I don't know what is. It's, uh okay. There's some kind of stools. If it is not what we're looking for, let's click on this and see what it is. Actually, my native slow today Certified staying time to load. But it is lucky. The f l w float fishing. I think there is a fishing league kind of beach. Yeah, Yeah, it is a fishing leave fishing something fishing championship. Okay. Bath yourself. A rigid fishing, something that it is ready to pull. It is not so if you can see here that I love drugs on the street fighting the unity of hunting, The main thing you have to look for is adopting categories. OK? And And if you want to ask me that, what I'm a target audience base like Alexe would look like, I would say in the top 10 categories. Okay, 90% off. It would be about fishing. What? 90% would be about fishing. But here is we're gonna see here the burglar fishing, like being belly see three or four stuff who are four pages that are the people like you are in fishing niche. Okay, so it is not a target audience. Hope you get an idea in your mind. Okay. So what the next step would be because it begins. We're going to see here any of the other thing. So the best thing is to look what Facebook use. Like tolling, fishing, tackle, fishing, role fishing, lure playing for she just click on any of this thing and okay, they're having a one point fighting two million people. It's good. But, you know, as we have done with a lost interest better than this interested click on this stuff and see what exactly it is as you can see here that Yeah, it is politico fishing. Probably the people who like this stuff fishing and we can see here is OK, this is the personality J. Come on on. Okay, great. We're getting nearer and nearer to our target. Audience says you could see your professional angler. Okay, Berkeley fishing. Reveal your rocket If our writings of some off the fishing company Jimmy exciting food is you see, my friends. Why? I'm just why I'm doing this so much of a hurry. Because I know this niche. I work in this image and have souls product in this mission. Lucky if if you're doing something if you if if I would be doing this thing to sell a product, okay? Right now, I'm just making a video. But if I was really doing something to make a video feed, it would really take me an hour. And they 30 to 60 minutes two get all the target audience or more than that. So if you want to do this stuff what you have, you have to just find and be patient because, as you can see here, I can see that around 90% of more than 90% are kind of stuff. Our religion, fishing stuff, So probably is that 90 plus percent of the people who are in who would like this fishing lure kind of stuff are really interested in fishing with Libya. They're diehard fans off fishing in your theater. I hope you get an idea. What? That. Okay, over. Get an idea. It's Jimmy Host turn. Okay, so he's also oh, fishing personality. A great. So you are getting idea about that? Okay, so it's Of course it is a personality. So what we're gonna do, we're gonna see if we can. Fine. Jimmy holds true here. And yeah, it is here. Okay, it's a 200 terminated 15 million. Um, yeah, I said, Well, what we do is just going to fishing Your big and such as I can see, I can see around 90% plus pages are about fishing. Like it. Do not just do not just go by looking at the name. Open that page Open that page is okay. I have done this stuff, but I'm not doing it. But if you're doing it, you have to open it every bridge and looking OK? Not all pages, but some few, like 34 pages. So you can get an idea about that If this is targeted or not, The Jimmy illustrates the birth jackets of What we're gonna do is we're gonna put that person named Hope you are aware off this stuff. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put that stuff here and celebrities and presided category Mickey. And, uh, if you're also got this person here a J. J. Kamara's best last year, he's also I think so, fishing personality. So they're also going to get that thing it's even see where just making our list. Like we had done this, they were going to do the stores. Magazine subscriptions. One thing that I want to tell you. Okay. Okay. So let me assure you about this thing. Um, masters of the what executive it is. I think so. That's a lot of this stuff, Beth building. What exactly did you see it is doing right now about his conduct is so cute. Something like trending is something like an information website that is full of information. So we're finding we find one more of one off, we find one thing. So what we're gonna do is take this thing and put it it. Rep that information chaotically, I hope you get I hope you get this thing. And, uh So if you looked up here, we also were also when he looked up and other things like here. There's so much a public figure. Let's go to magazine Best England magazine in fisher beth fan dot com lime eggs. And because I think that because I got into me those people who are interested magazine, they're like a buyer's OK? Because if you if you are, because if you like a magazine, your order it and this people, OK? These people are spending money, and if they're spending money, they'll probably spend money on your product to Okay, so this you can have this kind of you can take these people as buyers. Okay, so let's just copy this thing into our mason. And if you can see here, it is also I think it is also from the authority of the freshwater fishing. It's about fishing. Yeah, and it is also magazine, so we're also going to put this thing here. But let's such about the stores. Uh, buddy, listen to what stores that What exactly? It, if you can see here, makes in a sportive interrogation. Another thing goes, let's see this Brookly fishing. And as if you're if you're making your list, okay, just also try to put that thing here in audience insights. You can know that if it is getting it, you conducted this stopping this interest or not, you write them just for the time. Steak. I'm just doing this, but probably I think said, you get you get the idea. It's strike looking. Your company is It's a school visit this thing Gold with this stuff that would be best for it. It's your birthday. Okay? I think that we've got this. Burghley is also a bird fishing yourself, citing the best. There's the store. A key. Great. So we're gonna do. We're going to check this stuff. They if Facebook iss, you don't not broken fishing? No. We cannot get this stopping this interest for the audience. City has looked for that. Okay, you have to look for that thing. I want you. As I have seen, they have the products kindof store. See that striking new perfecto? Fix the good thing. So let's just put it here and see if we can get this a lot. Great. We conducted this stuff. If you can see as we're targeting this, we're getting just more more closer to our target audience. Get this. Are so die hard fans off fishing. Okay, They many of them are buyers, and they'll probably be looking for the product that you're selling. So what you have to do is to run your ads on this thing. So as we can get this stuff we're going to do, we're going to put that thing here in your company. I hope it makes sense to you right now. I'm not going to Fillol this 77 on the I know. I'm not going to fill all these things here. So what the But the main moody off mine off making this video is that you get an idea of how this stuff works out, do this thing. Okay, So if there is any problem, if you if you if if if something you didn't understand, what you have to do is to watch back the whole radio. If, if still something is not big sense to you, then you can command. You can ask me questions in the compensation, and I'll try my best to answer. Okay, So I hope that this really makes sense to you. And I hope that this will work for you and give you the result that you want. Okay? But don't forget, as I haven't exercise for you to do so don't forget to watch the next video. I'll see you there 4. Quick Recap: Hey, welcome back. So we are in this video. I'm going to give you a quick recap of what you're already done. So let's get started with any time to the number. One thing is, don't go for broad targeting. What brought getting I mean, I mean that if you're selling a fishing T shirt a T shirt with the fishing design that is ready to a fishing niche and then just don't type fishing in the interest, step off the audience inside and target that audience that there is 100% chance that you will lose your money. So don't go that way. I hope you understand. If you're enrich, don't go for broad targeting. Do your research as I have shown in the last video if that if that video doesn't make any sense Student watched that video again. But don't go from pro tragedy. You will 100% lose your money and the traffic would be adjourned crappy. Okay, The second thing is 1,000,000 audience size would be I would have to be 70 k Plus. I mean that whatever audience you're targeting, whatever your niche is, always look for an audience size that is 70 j plus OK, 73 players and the maximum would be is according to u 300 k 1 million, two million, but that all I want is that interest audience must be targeted. Okay? And this is important on page lights. Look at the top 10 categories. And if 90% of them are related to your niche than that interest audience are highly, highly, highly targeted. Okay, I just forgot to write one more highly, but it is really a highly highly highly targeted and the fourth is want to go there? Audience. It's time to make an axe started because off, because not because not having a more time. Okay, I was unable to create a video off making an ad. Okay, but hope your discharge ability. Okay, I'll make another the class for that, but not, but not now. Okay, what's the fifth thing is, always start with BB paper engagement. Why? Because Facebook needs data. Okay, if you if you if you're using Shopify or any kind of any other kind of stuff, Yeah, you can start with the second Russian things, but you can What? I said you should go with conversion when you have when you have a doctor when you have self. Because Facebook missed so that it can do his research is it Can do is I can relate you the right person. Okay. And if we're gonna have data, it will cost you more money for take for a click for a visit for engagement. So first, let's face it, we have a data. That's why I suggest you to start with B p. A paper engagement. Okay, so we have finished here. And don't forget to watch the second matter to find bias audience. Yes. The second method is where you will find the buyer audience. My audience with those were big purchase in your image. Okay, That would be interesting stuff. So we're finished here, and I want I want to request you that please do you a positive review for this class. If you like it, then of course, you're going to give a positive everybody. If you don't that please don't you any riff? You okay? I'm just joking. But please do give a positive review. And if you have any questions or if you want to ask something about anything or if any of the topic that I have shared. Do you? Doesn't make any sense to you. Please. You can do this. You can ask me. You can talk to me through the compensation. So the comment there after a cushion, I'll try my best to give you the answer as watches again. Okay, so we have finished on. Don't forget to enroll into the second matter class. Okay, so I see you there by