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Expressive Watercolor Night Skies - 3 Days , 3 Skies

teacher avatar Sukrutha Jagirdhar, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Hello..Welcome !

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Before You Start..

    • 4. Class Project 1 - Evening View

    • 5. Class Project 2 - Star Dust

    • 6. Class Project 3 - Stellar Night

    • 7. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Have you ever wondered what is at the edge of this land ? or at the edge of all the water ? or at the edge of that moon itself ?

Join me , lets paint those unfamiliar, endless , vast night skies..where we can let our imagination freely run wild..and bring those glorious skies in our hands with just our papers and paints…

If painting those expressive night skies sounds interesting to you, then take out your art supplies and come join me for the next three days..lets explore those glorious skies together..

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sukrutha Jagirdhar

Watercolor Artist


Hello Everyone, Thank you for visiting my profile..I'm Sukrutha, Watercolor artist based in India..A small story on how this medium has come into my life..i was always fascinated with the water and colors react and do this sort of magical dance when they meet..when i was a child, i did not know much about watercolors even though i was using them..over the time and very slowly i was introduced to the magic of this medium, the different kinds of papers, textures,colors,their vibrancy and i will not even get started on brushes :]

When you show up no matter what, opportunities tend to welcome you in a whole different kinds of of those doors was Skillshare..whatever i learnt over the years i want to share with all of you wonderful people here,,Thank you for everyone ... See full profile

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6. Class Project 3 - Stellar Night: Hello, Welcome to Class Project 3. We're going to need three colors for today's landscape. Lemon yellow, chocolate is blue, and indigo. Chocolate is blue, is from the brand called terminals. And the remaining two colors are from White Nights. And now let's see how these colors Luke. So I'm going to make a few swatches here. All these colors are already there on my palate. So this is lemon yellow. Stokoe is blue. Final color is indigo. Choose whatever brand of colors that you have, but make sure they are similar to this shape. We're going to be needing. A fresh and dry day should be a bar for later in the landscape. So make sure keep one ready. And now I'm going to be using my number 6 brush and I'm going to read the paper with clean or dirty debt. Make sure to apply an even coat. Okay. I'm going to be switching to my number 14 syllabus acrylic brush. And I'm going to pick the first color is a lemon yellow color. And I'm gonna take generous amount of paint. The brush. These brushes hold a lot of water and paint. I'm just applying the first layer of yellow. In watercolor. We should always try from light to dark. So my next color would be clockwise blue. And the minute the drug or is blue patches in low it done screen because there is some amount of blue color in there. And that is okay. Green is a beautiful color. All the paint from my brush, I'm going to just blend these two colors together. Elo and Docker is blue. Now I'm going to add a little bit of takeaways on the top of the paper. Now, let's paint the darkest color. And the last indigo. And softly blending indigo with DACA is blue-collar. Hopefully you guys know that this is only possible if the paper is wet. If it is dried, the two colors will not blend. And now without much force applying to the big ball, slowly and softly blend all these three colors together. As you can see, there is already a bit of green color are bearing in the elbow zone. So I have taken a bit of a law, fresh law, and I'm going to be applying it on the paper. At this point. It's about following your intuition. If you think it's blended, good enough, you can stop right here. If not, you can keep on moving your brush very softly agonist to be above until the colors are blended. I think these colors are blended enough now. So I'm going to be taking a dry day should be bombed. And I'm going to lightly dab in a diagonal shape. Paper is still wet so the color is getting lifted off. And so you can see that white color. Again, it's about following your intuition here. I don't think there is enough white. So I'm going to be dabbing with my tissue paper once more. I'm going to keep this for drying. And I'm going to come back once it's completely dried, the paper is dry. So I'm going to be using indigo color. And I'm going to paint the foreground. This time. I'm going to be adding a small mountain like structures for ground using indigo color. And once I've added that, I'm going to be quickly adding pine trees while the paint is still wet so the mountain doesn't remain plane. And you might be wondering why I did not show bending of this mountain daily at the end of this class project. Keep adding these fine trees, very small ones on the edge of the mountains. And now let's add the big binary is using the same brush and paint. I'm going to be taking a small number for silver black velvet brush and the same indigo color. And I'm going to be painting a very large pine trees. The pine tree on the left side of the painting as well as you can see, I'm painting over an already previous one because it was looking very small. Comeback to the boundaries on the right side. Let's cover up the entire left side with a few big binaries. Let's paint a boil with a lot of wise by applying very light pressure on the paper with your brush. Fainter feel wise. Paint them in a very thin lines. Brush with a very sharp dip really helps in making these wires. Realistic. Paint as many ways as possible around the pole. Make it very messy. The more messy, the more realistic it looks. Now cover the entire tree area with the spirit of paper. And now it's time to splatter some white paint. For this, I'm going to be using my number 1 round brush. It's a very small one and y two articles instead of whitewash. Now, I'm going to splatter the stars in the sky, more stars near that Milky Way galaxy. Now I'm going to add a few big stars manually using my number one brush. Reason why I did not show painting that small mountain area is because I forgot to press the record. Actually, I forgot to press the Red Guard on branding this entire floor ground. So I had to paint over twice. You can see these two landscapes right here. So I'm sorry for that. So I really hope you guys found these landscapes helpful in branding normal, giving a vaccine the easy way, using the tissue paper. And I hope you guys had fun painting these three landscapes with me for the past three days as well. And thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video. 7. Final Thoughts: I can't believe how fast these three days have gone by. And each day we have learned something new. Even though the subject is very common. For the first landscape, we have learned how to live those whitespaces in the landscape. And for the second landscape, we have learned how to use that whitewater color gracefully to paint galaxies. And for the final landscape, we have learned how to use additional paper to paint Milky Way galaxy. In each of this landscape, you can find one common thing, These making complex landscapes using very simple and easy techniques. And also we got to play with such beautiful and very bright colors in all of these landscapes. So much fun painting these three landscapes in the past three days. And I hope you had to see you guys in my next class. And thank you so much for watching.