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Expressive Watercolor Landscapes || Simple and Easy Beginner friendly landscapes

teacher avatar Suhasini Badam, Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 2m)



    • 4. CLASS PROJECT 1 - PART-1

    • 5. CLASS PROJECT 1- PART-2


    • 7. CLASS PROJECT 2 - PART-1

    • 8. CLASS PROJECT 2 - PART-2


    • 10. A SMALL TIP

    • 11. ThankYou

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About This Class

Hi guys


Are you striving to paint some loose landscapes..! is it difficult to mix all the green shades ? you don't know where to learn all these and how to let go and paint loosely ..! then you are in right place..

In this class you will learn to paint 2 simple beginner friendly loose green landscapes.. you will paint 2 beautiful loose and serene landscapes. This is a beginner friendly class . you just need to  know wet on wet and wet on dry techniques to start this class.

This is a entry level class. if you want some advanced class , it's coming soon.. make sure you learn all the things of this class to watch that class....


What is there in the class

  • First we will see all the supplies required
  • quickly sketch some blueprints
  • 2 class projects

And many more tips and techniques i have included in the class

Materials I used are as follows

  • Saunders Waterford 100% COTTON 300 GSM watercolor paper 
  • Silver Black velvet Round Brush of size:8  , 12    
  • Arteza liner brush size-0
  • Water spray bottle
  • 2 jars of water
  • paper napkins
  • Color palette : White Nights 36 pan set
  • Masking Tape

  I highly Recommend using 100% cotton paper to achieve the same result as in the class 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Suhasini Badam

Watercolor Artist


Hello, I'm Suhasini Badam, Watercolor Artist from India currently staying in California.

I did my bachelors in computer science but destiny has its own decision , Picked a brush inspired by some Instagram painting posts and from then it became my full time job .I started working with watercolors from 2018 and i paint  different subjects but Landscapes stole my soul .

Now I paint mostly landscapes as i am attracted towards Nature .Nature has my heart .

i do paint Florals and Acrylics sometimes . but majorly i concentrate on painting landscapes in watercolors. you can find all my works in my Instagram profile .


Here are some of my works 


See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION: Hey guys, welcome domains guilty of glass. Thanks for stopping by. I'll make sure you learn many new things by the end of this class. So he has this model in direction of myself. I'm a watercolor artist. My name is slaps me. Absolutely self-taught, and I love to brain glues and green landscapes. I live in California, but originally I'm from India and I'm doing watercolors install years. If you follow my Instagram, you might have known that I love vein being loose landscapes and I paint them a lot. In this class, we will learn to paint kind of landscapes. And remember, this class is just, it is a kind of, I think there'll be an advanced class soon after this. And this glass is for beginners who interested in bending lose. So let me review what we are going to learn in this class. We are going to do to Glass projects and I'm not getting any picnics preorder. We will just learn in the projects by blending them. Who just need to know that on wet and wet or dry techniques to start the glass. And by the end of the class, you create your own beautiful landscapes. And I will also discuss many useful tips and tricks that I follow. So let's start the class may seem on the saplings required. And later we can jump into the glass projects. So let's get started, guys. Catch you in the next lesson where we'll see all the saplings required. See you there. 2. LET'S KNOW THE SUPPLIES: So let's get started. So when we started our class by saying, unless at least that are required, paint on finite last projects. So the Vice-Chairman and the most important is the paper. So here we'll use Sandoz Waterford. So this is 300 GSM and 100 bus him caught Finland and Norway to use the same brand. You can use any other brand of 100% quarter, not DNR, GSM. And this is the pain palette. This is from nervous capacitor. Let me show this lambda U. So this is 36 ballot, but will not use all these colors. So I mentioned the colored names by using an hourglass projects so that decay. If I u, by doing your class projects. And the next one are rushes. So these are the only three pressures that we are going to use fluorophore underclass. So these Cilla Black Velvet down number 12. And this is a little black velvet eight. And this is a liner brush from Athens are of size 0. And if you don't have the branded pressure, so don't worry, you can work with Koblin on whatever RAM you have. And this is what does prey and benton plus sketching and masking dip to Moscow or edges. And thereby not think opposed to pay no brushes. And do jabs of clean water. Run for cleaning out our nutritious and one-color background water washes. So these are elements of lists that are required, only minimal number of Sophocles and not necessarily the same toppings. You can use whatever available at your home so that it will be easier for you to practice. Make sure you use a 100 bus important verb, but that's the thing you need to see you. Last project section. 3. CLASS PROJECT 1 - BLUEPRINT: So before starting to paint on it or a final class project. So it's important to do as getting first. So it will determine how a finite bending will look. If you have bending using the reference picture, there is no need of sketching. But as you are seeing the bacteria in your drawing, and if you're not using it offends with charity is very important to sketch out the idea before being a finite base. So I have taken it up sheet here, and I have drawn a rectangle so that I can place elements and see how it will be in our final painting. So I was thinking to Bain some green landscape and Greenfield's landscape actually as we in villages are in rural areas. So I have divided into two parts, the fetched but they'll be sky and the lovely mountains and, and the bottom. But I leave it for fields and in the sky part and mundane mon, dense part. And if this affiliates Bob. And yet in the Skype VOC, paint some clouds as the sky part is of more percentage. So I don't want to leave it idle. So I Yvonne two planes on clouds onto the sky. So, yeah, and this is the Mondrian's part so that we can draw some layers of mountains here. And actually, this is the fatal Spock. Live will pay in the field. And as you all know, in the rural areas, you will have noticed how the Beatles will be. They'll be irregular shapes of grief. So yeah, this will be other idea of final bending. So always remember Wendy, you then sketch out a few ideas before concluding your final van to paint. So here, my foster one itself. So I'm just continuing with this. And I'm also determining the colors, what colors to use in the binary bending. So for this guy, and obviously COBIT blue, so in the blues, a warm declare blue-sky it, so I'm bending it would certainly and blue. And for the mountains, I want them to be you some foggy and distant mountains or some dark shared. So beanie script and the fetus, but we'll obviously Green, LA, obviously differentiates of green. So that's it. This is the blueprint. So will continue and will do a final class project based on this blueprint. Let's stop. 4. CLASS PROJECT 1 - PART-1: Hey guys, so weight them to a vice Glass project. So let's implement what we have on the blueprint section. So I'm starting by taping known all the edges. So taping down the paper not only helps to keep it straight, but it also helps, it also prevents the paper from Berliner. So I'm ready with my vibrations and ballot. As this is again feels landscape and it is a lose landscape. So we have to work faster by bending. So I'm pretty mixing all the greens required to pay in the field. So there will be a total of six green shades that I'm going to use. So the first one I am mixing is olive green and to make it lighter, I'm adding right into that. And all the six colors, I'll use olive green, the color that I mix into the ALU. It will be different. So yeah, in the second run and mixing olive green and cadmium yellow medium. And in the third, when I'm mixing olive green and ultramarine blue. And painting a green landscape is always difficult in watercolor. So you always make a chart of greens so that it will be easy for you to paint. You're obese. So next run I'm mixing all neoprene and Brandenburg. And next one is mixing. All agree with Penny script. I always use more than two shades of green in may. Bring paintings are green landscape paintings. So if you want to make your paintings look realistic, so always use two to three shirts. Don't use as English here. So in the last one, I'm mixing a look green with ultramarine blue and painting script. So these are the six pre-mixed greens. And let's start to paint our final piece. So starting with this guy, as we discussed in the blueprint section, I'm going with Sara Lee and blue. And I'm painting directly on the paper. I am not writing the paper before head. So this is met Andre technique. And if you see I am living whitespaces and I'm bending blue in the form of some shapes. So those whitespaces will represent clouds. Make sure you do lead that. And later we're going to use what a storyboard to merge all edges. If you see now the white and the green, sorry, the right and the blue borders, the AX4 definite and got on there so rough. So we are going to use water, those multi down. And I'm mixed paintings clear and violet for the cloud shadows. And I painted cloud shadows. So now I am taking water spray boundary. And this plane under the whitespaces. You'll see I'm not spraying water under the entire painting and Spraying paint on to the part where I wanted to paint us much. So I want the pain to be smashed at the way whitespaces. So I sprayed water there and with those off my brush and this merging them together and the cloud shadows become lighter. So I'm using the same shared and bending it again. So what the cloud shadow, I used violet and pennies Craig. And as we're doing they lose landscape. Make sure that this line is always wet so that when we paint below bought, it builds my Django dot, dot, dot. And it will not create any definite border until swot we want. And I'm increasing the saturation of the sky color. They use up some ultramarine blue. As the blue previously is looking very flat. So I'm adding high alerts with ultramarine blue. And so this guy Pat is now finished. So let's paint the next of the sky, that is Mondale. So we'll paint the first layer of mountains now by Don Read technique. So the sky is all already read and really Bain mountains on. So the hills march into the background without creating any strict borders. And if you wanted to paint some loose landscapes, always pain in red on red technique. Not completely, but don't you, definite borders. So now among dancing is finished. So I'm coming on to the p's part. I'm going to use all this hip 60 shirts so carefully watch how I mix in the hallway. I'm switching between the colors. For the distant part, I used lighter shirts like a latrine with white and clean with, as we go to that photon BAD, I lose darker tones like the Olympian with ultra Marina non-Euclidean slip plane is great. And why painting late you. While painting you picture the blueprint in your mind. Then you will understand the borders. And don't wait till the Bhopal and rice to paint and the field or another color of green. We must do it simultaneously, are instantly after completing one color so that they will merge into each other a bit, but it's okay. These four blues painting is all about. I'm making some different shapes of fields using the shirts that were mixed earlier. And if you see here, I painted some ultramarine blue in-between. I love Altermatt and blue shade. So I always include the shared in my paintings. Either daunt pain, Legler, Nicollet shapes, but the Fields who's in a glut shapes, there's like I'm doing now. And Bain faster. So that part is non pride. When you bend. As we've come to the bottom box, I am taking darker shades. And I'm using Cilla Black Velvet size, a fish here. So called feels part is finished. Now, you really wait for this to dry so that we can bend another layer of mountains and off some trees and bushes. 5. CLASS PROJECT 1- PART-2: Now it's dry, so I'm mixing and darker tone of green to paint some trees or pushes on the fields. If you say in the rural areas. So we can see some bushes or trees in between fields. So I'm going to claim that. And I'm using here Cilla Black Velvet aid brush. So I'm starting with the distance Bart. And a new app bending. Don't be specific with the shapes. If you are specifically the shapes. What you paint, your bending will look like character less emulates and destroying. If you don't want to do appending to look like some kids or some bacon and drawings are less pain loosely without an indefinite shapes and some splines wrong trees. And if you observe, I did not draw anything on the paper by starting the pain. That is, they use often blueprint. If you don't sketch a blueprint, you will not know about prepaid and we're pushed out, can wade through. You don't know the definite borders for this guy or for the modern dancer fails. So if you sketch a blueprint before the law, the definite borders but everything so that you can continue painting without enough sketch. Listed is the blueprint that is in your mind. Ray bending. Bending here, smaller case all some plants are bushes like thing between the Crow, I've men between the fields. And if you notice, I'm drawing some lines that are present in the lines. In the fields. And I'm bending, graze more densely and divide apart. So if we observe a new forgot maps of the fields, you can't see the fact that by developing more denser as they will be closer towards h0 to them. So I'm building more and more cautious to divide this black and less bushes to that book. Boy, girl mesh and back. Try making whether you leaner lines in-between the feelings. If you don't know how Bill famed Alina line or smaller line using a bigger brush, more or less can go for a liner brush. Here I'm using the same flesh as I am using painting whooshes. You can use a liner brush. So when you're starting out to paint, you don't have control over the brush as you are desk learning. So you can always see use alignment or a smaller number brush to do that. You will be mastered very quickly. So don't worry about that. So the span is finished and but the ones that we previously painted has slight lab. So I'm again bending on them to create some three-dimensional effect. So I'm mixing more jacket dawn of green. Here, the green I'm taking is a mix of green and painting script. Less olive green and more paintings, our codon. So I'm disbanding the DAG that burner, Dan's wallet covering fully to build some charter effect or the bushes or trees. So in a member lending watercolor dries lighter. So when you apply the plane and then when the paint is wet, it will look darker. And when the bane dries, it will be very lighter. So always Spain to Don's hired as that. It is visible. Then it is painted on the paper. So if you want a bright blue, always go for two time, two tones darker than it is when it is wet. So now the fields parties finished. So I am bending background lawn dance. So as in the blueprint we have discussed that we will paint some layers of mountane. So the first layer is finished with a downright Henri technique. So Palin, secondly, I'm painting wet on dry technique. So I'm mixed violet and paintings Gray Lady bit off violet, very tiny bit of violet and more paintings, great. And to make the pain more transparent and mixed more and more water as you can see by mixing. So this is how we paint the mundane. And when this dries will go on, go over it and paint one more layer. So we have 18 per doctor, Dr. until then, let's plane some lines representing the field lines interference part. So I'm taking Venice grade and paintings and random net external lines, levies. And he had two. Don't be so specific. Just lands with your fresh don't paint specific cloud straight lines. Go on with that flow. Say here I am, I switch to act as Eleanor British. And now find mixins, am crimson Bain, somebody dead flowers at the bottom of the tree. To represent that as my BFA, love, love apps. So I'm this sprinkling some crimson color and dabbing it with my fingers so that the color will spread out only just a bit. And that's it. So that layer of montane stri, will gone on goal Verdot and pain and another layer of montane. So I'm mixing. And then I'm mixing whatever that layer that is violet and Benyus grip. So if this was emitted light, so I'll mix more violet and Venice Cray and make it more darker and more and more trough cords to make it transparent. So I'm going over it again and bending one more layer of bonding. And at this point, I am Washington rubbish and I'm desk writing that. But into the bag alone. Boring some water droplets. That cubic de smoky effect. And it is spend the Mondelez. And now I would, they Ming has finished. Explain some birds. So I am drawing birds who's in my sharpie Ben. And you can use your pained him a liner brush to draw these birds. I am isn't here my shock. And if you don't know how to use a spray bottle, practice on another sheet using spray bottle and then do on the main BCE. You might spoil the final piece if you don't know how to use his plea bargain. So that's it, guys. Are finite basis finished in this 20 minutes. Yeah, so this is how we paint our fast glass product. So let's meet in the second class project blueprint section. See you there. 6. CLASS PROJECT 2 - BLUEPRINT: As we did clarifies class, right, let's do the same with the second glass project. Let's spend, let's draw a blueprint or scatter blueprint before containing for our finite base. So here I'm going to paint in a landscape mode. So I have drawn a rectangle and I'm doing the same, dividing the paper sky and the base part. So here also the sky part is more so I don't want to leave it. So I am highly pain some clouds. And in order to add some drama, ie, profit Lots. Yeah, the puppet loud. And this is also going to be a green landscape. And the landscape of lean lake landscape where they'll be reflection of bushes under the water. So let me draw some bushes here. And yeah. And Roxanne dot diagram and here would be the water. And the reflection of these bushes leaf fall on the border and decide is soy MD. So I'm bending some larger brush here. So and I wonder you as moral difference or if you don't have any ideas, always do some reference pictures. Always use C or go through some series of pictures like four or five victors. And you just pick elements from each of the four dough and relieve our own to paint. And I'm determining the philosophia sky, obviously blue IOU Sara Lee analog automata and look for the bushes and it's green and for the water modeling the deflection of this guy. So obviously some loops will be there. And for the wrongs, I use brown and green for the bush soil. This is going to be our blueprint for our final piece. So let's go on and do lashed. And finally bending. See you there. 7. CLASS PROJECT 2 - PART-1: So after completing the blueprint, so let start to paint and final class project. So I'm setting again by taping non alleges. And we'll blend really pained according to the blueprint. So this is a, this is also a loser watercolor landscapes. Here we'll start with fainting this guy. So this crying glue, some Buffy clouds in it. So in order to paint puffy clouds, we will paint in the veteran read technique. The puffy clouds contain very soft edges. It is possible only with wet Henri technique. We can do it. I technique, so I'm reading the paper only to the flat rate this guy should be. And removing the excess water now. And you also make sure that there is no excess water. There is nobody up water on the surface. So now I'm mixing the shared for cloud shadow. So we'll start with the globe shadow first and then we'll paint this guy. So for the cloud shadow, I'm mixing violet and Benny's grid. And I'm taking silver black alerts, eyes, a brush. And if you say I'm using a lot of water. So we'll start bending puffy clouds with painting the glow Charles first. So I'm bending the glove gyros wedge. So if you take a cloud, the bottom back will be the globe shadow and about but would it be the cloud, actual cloud that is in light color? So we'll first find the cloud shadow and then being famed Sky at only, and we'll leave the negative space of the Cloud. So in the first five, really bend the cloud shadows as you are seeing now. And don't forget this. Use much water by mixing paint. If you don't use much water, then the cloud charter will not be transparent and it will be more robot. That is not what we want. And we have applied cloud Charles here and there. And after finishing to paint the batch layer and going about that and bending some dark shadows in order to create some depth and dimension. If you leave it like that as before, it would be flat. So by adding more darker tone, I'm adding some depth. And I mentioned girl cloud shadows. And now I'm mixing the mixing that don't flood the sky color. So here I am mixing ultramarine blue and blue from my ignites. So the amber colors that we're using is for my next ballad. And as I'm mentioning shade, so we're gonna go with another valid that you have the data available for you at home. Now, I'm express cashier and started painting. I'm living space and on the cloud shadows on the top of that lump gyro and bending the remaining parts. And don't forget to leave whitespace. Chattel that these walked bucket cloud, actual Bobby Claudius. And I'm the important thing is make sure you go these but also in the paper is wet. Prevent the paper dries. Your larger typography, they out or you get is some clouds with draft. I just Ohrdruf borders. So if you see here and good for looping ending, leaving the whitespaces at both the cloud cello. And remember distinct, famed partially so that we can vein before the, before the paper dries off. And if you are a big net and if you don't know how to work faster. So before writing the paper, you mix tuples of paid before and then start bending so it can save a lot of time. And this is a small weak dip. Paint. All this mix, the shirt that you will lose before and then start bending. So it can all create an econ vision. And make sure you keep the border read so that we don't get any rough edges. And now we started the next Bach. The place where the bushes will be there. So as this is the first layer that we are doing, i'm going with a locker and really been bushes as second layer on the top of it when it dries. And that Bach is water, as we discussed in the blueprint. So for the water and mixing blue and pennies grid and more water. To mix more water as the water Libby transparent, we have to mix it more lighter. And the rocket will have that affliction of the sky is blue. So I've been doing some blue in this. And again, I'm blending everything together with what you see there. The outermost layer is finished. I have baited but that too dry. And so I didn't obey the second layer. The second layer will bend the bushes and all the details which are required to finish the painting. And I am bending the land. But it had taken Brandenburg and black and bending some random land chips with rocks on it. And if you the unit, please help. So my brush moments and how I use that, have I used a paper napkin and how it might be painted with the brush and how it makes water. Those will help you a lot. And I'm using some dark black to create some shadows were better off. And no bill paying bushes for the bushes. Let's start with that. Light as stone-faced. So I'm mixing a lip cream and allow occur. But the lightest stone, mortar water. 8. CLASS PROJECT 2 - PART-2: And I started to bender pushes the lighter, don't waste. That is only premium the logo. And I start, I started debating the basic shape of the bush. And filling the end, it will show the same shade. And we will add the next dorm to create some depth and dimension. And this is the one. And we published that to that side and do the site. Before that, let's create some dimension inductor this push. So I'm mixing entrepreneurial drama Ryan, and I'm using some leftover pain from my ballot. That is from the black and the drum had mixed, but the land and I'm applying, I'm leaving the top part. Do we lighter? And I'm painting the docket dawns him there to create that. So if you don't go into dreams to be flat, always create that meets that Hyatt domes. As I mentioned in the previous loose tuple, three tones of green. Make it look interesting. And now on to them, dead fish and museum michigan chair that is Olympian and a locker and damage some random Bharat delayed. And as that the previous Bush is stay, let it might blunder in lending to each other. So I'm carefully painting the edges with water. And if you are not sure you gonna make it. So always paid what the push to dry out and next pin this bush. But if you want to have a look of loose watercolor equals sorry, two, main governor got going pain, Bandar Bush, ASD limit. It will give some beautiful wash wash lake looks and bending the bush behind that. And I'm missing some dark shared or your plane and various grid and glared in more depth. If you see the bush here that I am bending and the push for the site. So you can clearly understand how dimension can make a difference to our bending. And I'm using Docker shirts led to a wishlist. And viola playing darker, shade. Don't apply all our devotion, it will make it so flam Dave, make sure the lighter versions of the green are stay visible even after you're out. Law blade that are ketones. Close that swapped the lung. That's what creates the depth and dimension. And same Bain EPC to create some metrics and epics. And now I'm mixing some pennies, gray and non-UK did aka Dawn for the darker values in the dimension. And am desk friending and some random lighter share Bush as there will be a big push, go decide later. So I'm just filling up. And as I said earlier, if you don't have any ideas to Bain, while this seems children's tears. So browse throws and reference pitches. And you can paint on note on by saying them. And if you don't want to copy their friends with tears. By seeing that if friends, but to create your own idea of how to obtain the finite beings. Bending the land under the bushes, ran Tiana and black. And here I am creating some rough edges total present, some installments caught that. And I'm creating dimension but DevOps behalf, but that also land me helping did before with the same dot but don't. And when more or less use the leftover pains from your ballot. You can too much pain. If you want to docket. Don't make summed up with loans available on the violet before do that date without meeting a French scholar. So this part will be the bush which contain data and that Bach dry ice. So he had, I'm dropping some might be to give some fog here. But you can skip this step and deadly if you, this step has no some insignificant so you can completely skip this step. And now the body stride, the biographies strides. So I learned to paint the side Bush decided bigger bush that I'm against writing with the light at dawn. Here, I took cadmium yellow medium and some brown into it. And bending Malaysia, Dawn of the bush bust. And if you see when I painted the bush, I Bender and diluted the light of dawn and then I dropped some Dhaka dorms. But in this case, I've been dead. The light at dawn or needed to be. And next, I mixed the doctor dawn and started continued from that plot. So if either docket don't, I'm mixed olive tree and baby's crib. And I've been in the remaining flat with that chain. And at the bottom here and leaving some red just like that. So I'd been some random bushes and underside of that. So I'm leading you that negative space by them. And I'm think Seymour back codon. Main quit more jacket. Dawn. I, I had a lot of paintings grid or modify Dramaten and Buenos grip. He had, I'm adding, Well, you paint his crate with the dean and I'm hiding more back of bones. Don't do that, just fall to the places where there is no light, there is less light. Clearly the bottom bytes and the under parks are very darker compared to the top parts. So it's a blind rule. Can go for it if you don't know, if you don't have a dry cough, this armies. But as I light is coming from. And if you see, you can see all the cliches. I've been in this bush. The light at dawn and low and rapid turn green with opinions, Glee and Modern atone with more paintings. You can see all literally shades clearly in this bush. He'll make sure to do the same in your paintings by bending the class projects because that's what creates that Dart swot makes covered. I believe that there is a dimension and for that tree. And if you had a big net and if you don't know how to handle this, because smaller Trish and bandwidth is more leverage. And then you can go for the larger British. And so the data I'm bending some bushes and the author. And this is the load applied. 9. CLASS PROJECT-2 PART-3: And this is the water part. So the famed shot off publishes on daughter. So I'm using the same shared that the mixed airbrushed and before clamping the shadow because pain times more push in the water. So I am really again, I'll look sorry, olive green with some ground in Delicious smaller ones. Then in the late in the water. And in order to add some depth, again, do this. I'm mixing beanie screen and dropping the dock at dawn. If you are following, you might have understood that dimension is very, very important in painting a landscape. Without those that I mentioned thinks you are bending, we look very, very flat. The dimension and shadows. These three are very important part and the landscape painting that taught creates a lot of difference. So make sure you learn to paint all of them and you include them, your paintings, and make them professional to look them professional. So now I'd have taken crimson and sprinkle in some crumbs on their flowers in the bushes. And I'm pumping them with mindfulness. So within the shadows, but this pushes in the water now. So for the shadows and give them the same shape as I have used, the Cloud shadow. A space curve. Guess why live and more and more and more, Rocco. And I'm just bending deflection of the bushes. And bending shadows. Shadows is a vast subject and watercolors. And this is just a simple class. So we learn in depth about these shadows in our next class that is a more advanced level. And if you see here, I'm dropping some green onto the shadows part as the reflection but also contain although shoulder. The object here, the objectives green colour object is bush, which is in green light, so that the shadow Alonzo in gluten being shared in it. So I'm dropping some green we have mixture earlier. And I'm drawing some lines to represent it as a shadow which is moving. In China, we have lines on it. And I'm painting some lines which represent the water waves. I then get this using the shame shared as I did for that Bush shadows. If you see here, the darker tone we have obtained earlier has dried up. So let me show how to apply Docker don't even after drain. So I am mixing olive green and Brandon. But on day completed our codon and Albanians clay on top and upload Bain places. Where do you want that are codon. So I warmed up at Dominique and give and I'm washing my British completely. And the smuggling the edges into the bag gun to make it through matching. So I'm doing this again. How played flat codon and I am watching my rushed and right below that says Water and this blending that into the background. So this is the easiest technique given. Then you ought to do predictions by your painting. And I'm adding to my alerts to our painting, the final islets. And moving my lineup rational. On-base user liner brush by painting the highlights. Smaller dawn bush will also not work as it may have a short bested, if you will. And British, it will have it longer, British, longer paid. So it will be easy. But our pledge to dance and do all the random piloting bytes. So I mixed paintings, Greer and adding some random Bush's caught some random Lyons. And I might in some random squander this bush. And the uniform lines while you're doing highlights. Just make your flesh bands. Just give it a min, well, make it free. And so now what they mean is almost permission. Let's finish this base by bending some birds. I am adding one more final push. Hasn't offend. That place was empty. And now we'll finish up odd bending by paintings and words like goings-on works here. I then I'm using my HIV. Ben, who's get Sandburg's rubbish. I want the burst of wheat, some abstract. So I use my, I use my sharpie pen to draw these birds. And if you don't know how to paint these birds, in my first lesson in this culture glass, that is spending agree landscape had I explained clearly have to bend these birds. You can refer to that class. So now I've ending his history and history and this building off the masking Deb, and they'll onclick Pip. Don't build a masking befriend debate, but he's still red tape only runs the painting is completely dried. Score. That's it. See you in the Congress and section. 10. A SMALL TIP: Hey guys. So I just quickly want to show my table setup by lamp bending. So the paper on which I am painting in front of me and to my right-hand side I'll give my pain pilot. And behind that, I'll give jar to jars of clean water so that I can dip my brush and mix it in the band and mix on the pilot here. And I look at the paper napkin beside the ballot so that we can do with excess water. And we can tell you, the British as, as quickly as we can. And in front of my paper, I keep my wounds or brushes that I'm going to use by that bending. So that could only be handy for me to be easily by bending. As you all know, who Josh supporter. So Antares for cleaning your brushes. And another giant is background worked of Auschwitz and some groups. I keep my paper slang using some object under my paper. So the gravitation works more better for sampling things. Yeah. There's even guys hope this helps you review. 11. ThankYou: Hey guys. So we have come to the final part of the class and finished painting, do class projects. And let me take a moment to thank all of you for sticking around on the glass and hope you guys liked it and hope you learn something new and something different from this glass. I always encourage people to learn new things and techniques to improve their at. And everyone pains. Want to add works to stand out. Make sure you don't stop learning and bend and think out of the box always. And if you're looking for more advanced glass, Dennis, stay tuned, guys. Next class will be on that. And as I say in every class, if you want to achieve the same quality results as in the glass projects that I did. Make sure you use a 100% important papers. Paper quality is the most important thing. And if you try this glass projects, please post in the glass project section. Or you can post in Instagram and tag me Novak so that I can see our lower and upper limits. If V8, my Instagram ID is by choice. I will link my Instagram profile in the description below. And if you have any doubts, feel free to comment in speciate. Odd misses me on my Instagram. My God. I'll replay as soon as possible. And thank you for joining. And see you in next class days waiting for your glass projects. See you.