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Expressive Watercolor Landscapes : Four class projects

teacher avatar Shanan Subhan, Fine Artist | Art Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Sneak peek of the class!

    • 2. Art supplies

    • 3. Techniques and thumbnail - Part 1

    • 4. Techniques and thumbnail Part 2

    • 5. Waterfalls - Part 1

    • 6. Waterfalls - Part 2

    • 7. Tuscany Trees - Part 1

    • 8. Tuscany Trees - Part 2

    • 9. Misty Hills - Part 1

    • 10. Misty Hills - Part 2

    • 11. Meadow and Canyons

    • 12. Thank you and Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, you’ll learn four unique and expressive landscapes using watercolors. The class focuses on teaching to create layering and gives insights on depth and highlights to get an enhanced and enriched outcome.

Come join me to create your own Magic!


 Each and every material will be specified at the beginning of the class, the class will be suitable for beginners and above levels. I will be covering all the techniques required to paint different elements of nature in easier ways. 

If you like this class, please leave a review that will help this class reach more students.

Happy Painting

Do checkout

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Watercolor paper 100%cotton (min 300gsm)

Colors: Any artist-grade watercolors

Brushes: Mop brush, Round size 8, 4, and 2, and a detailed brush

Cardboard, Masking tape, 2 jars of water, Tissues

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Shanan Subhan

Fine Artist | Art Educator



Hello, I'm Shanan Subhan, an Artist currently residing in Bangalore, and born & brought up in Udupi,India 

I am an Engineer by profession and an Artist by passion and everything.

Nature/landscapes are among my favorite subjects to paint. I thank nature and great photographs for inspiring and challenging me.

I started coloring at an early age, even before school taught me to read and write. Unaware of art and the theory of colors, I loved scribbling on papers, books, and walls! All I felt was colorful walls are merrier than monotonous ones. 

Although I loved painting and coloring, because of studies and the competitiveness of day-to-day life, I somehow got disconnected from art a few years ago, but I always f... See full profile

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1. Sneak peek of the class!: Hello and welcome to my sculpture class. My name is Shannon, and I'm an artist from India. I'm often inspired by the scenic nature and I tried to express my perspective on landscapes through my paintings. I always seek to enhance my knowledge and at the same time share them whenever possible. I believe everyone has a different day can painting different elements of nature. I do have my 1B of painting, but I keep experimenting in this life of everlasting learning. I hope you will find something to take away from my classes. In this class, we will learn to create these four exclusive watercolor paintings. Here we implement basic watercolor techniques and understand insights on achieving that and highlights. We also focus on leering, resulting in an enhanced and enriched outcome. So simply and go in my class to get started. I would love to see your paintings submissions. I'm sure we all have something to learn and improve upon. Hope to see you in my classes soon. 2. Art supplies : Welcome back. I'm so glad you decided to join my class. So first of all, I will discuss all the supplies that I will be using in this class. You can go with any similar supplies that is available with you. It's not mandatory to use the same supplies. For any watercolor painting. Paper is the most important factor. Always use a good quality paper. I'm using a handmade carpet paper of 400 GSM, a 100% cotton. You can go with any brand of people, but use at least 300 GSM and a 100% cotton ones to achieve best result. For Carlos, I'm using art philosophy pains. And this is the classic pilot. But I have also added some extra colors so that I can go with one single pallet for all my paintings. Yeah. Bring down the paper with masking tape. Of course. This step helps the paper to stay impact and also gives a nice border to it. Moving on, we will talk about brushes. So I'll use our mob brush of size four. I'll be using this for washers and covering larger areas. So if you don't have a mop brush, you can go with the flat brush or hotkey brush. It's up to you. Next is size eight, round brush from Neptune series. I'll use this for normal application of spins like medium ones and unpack. It holds good amount of water and has sulcus of Brazil's size four round brush from velvet touch series. I use this brush. I times where I feel size eight is big, good. Santa is 2d is smaller. So I'll go with this crash. Sounds funny, right? Okay, so next one is size toothbrush. I use this for pain in details like grasses or branches of trees and exec tries her. Last one is a fine liner brush of size three by two, sorry, three by 0. Since I'm being, being on smaller paper, I use it whenever I need to make very minute details in the painting. It is completely okay. If you don't have this brush, then we will lead pencil and a scale for sketching and marking reference point. Moving on, we would need white watercolor or gosh beans to use it for the waterfalls painting and all napkin or issued the wipe off the beans and worker during the painting process. You should always keep a napkin handy so that you can use it while painting. Lastly, we would need all doors are cups of water by Nisko cleaning that though keeping it. And the other one is two. Clean water for some techniques like wet on wet. When we're following some techniques, we cannot use the dirty paints that will give you underlying base color. So that's why we need clean water for some techniques. That's all about SAA plays that I will use in this class. You can go with any similar supplies that you have. Alright, let us move on to our next chapter. 3. Techniques and thumbnail - Part 1: Before we dive into our painting process, it is important we know some basic techniques that we're going to follow in the class. Okay, so let's start with our first painting. Let me explain the flow. Initially, we will pay in the sky and this background of trees using wet and wet. And then we will draw the trees using wet and dry technique. Forget this vent shop effect. Then we will paint the waterfalls by painting the outer area with black colored, resolving the white area for waterfalls. And lastly, we will paint some green gases on the black rocks. To again simplify, I will draw a small thumbnail. The thumbnail is to just give you a rough idea of what we're going to do. Next. I will show you other techniques for waterfalls. We will leave blank spaces, as I said earlier, and painted with black colored on the outside, dissolving the white region. This blank area will create an impression of waterfalls. For background trees, we will randomly applied kalos, and after it drives, we will apply detailed shapes of trees. So to create some sprinkling effect in the water, we will use this dry brush technique. Means we will apply beans with dry brush to achieve this texture. Moving on to our second project. Here, we have Tuscany trees and those sunlit effect as the most important elements. First, we will paint the sky and this beautiful sunlight. Then we will be in the trees in descending order. The actual height of the trees and all the same. But due to the perspective, it appears different. The bigger ones are closer to the viewpoint. And the ones we just smaller r away from the viewpoint. And then we have a flattering Bush and our tree in the foreground. Let us create a mini thumbnail. So we will have Tuscany trees in this order. Uses Killed Amanda reference points. It will be very helpful. And you have to mount the shadows depending on the direction of sunlight. In the foreground, we will have a bigger tree, which will be closer to them viewpoint again. So let's practice some elements. Surpass country. We will begin to get lighter color first and then I darker color a PHI dough in the tree. Depending on the direction of sunlight. If the direction of sun is in the left side and then we have prepaying their darker colored on the right side may pose the sunlit area really be lighter in color. For pain being the sun, we will first begin the low part of the sky. And then I had a small, so call it in orange to debate this. And they will have a flowery bush in the foreground. So I teach a simple technique you are. Firstly, I'll go when the surface gets clean water, let the people so water for some time. And then we will gently nab the beans in dotted shapes. The next one, the same surface. We will add some beans on the blank area us. We can already see some flowery garden effect. And it gives us a nice bushy look. And then if you want to achieve some depth, we will apply some darker greens and also some red to give a dark color flower effect. Okay, and that's all about the second project. 4. Techniques and thumbnail Part 2: Let us talk about our third painting. So he ought, we will first paint the sky. And then we will paint these misty mountains. Codeine previous one. So here if you see I have this misty effect. So we learn how to create this. And later we will pin these grasses in the foreground and also this Jang tree. And at the end, we will add these boards to complement the overall look of the painting. So let's move on and learn some techniques and also draw a community. That thumbnail will look something like this. This is just a rough idea of what we are going to do. So talking about the techniques, we will first went the surface of the paper. And paper is wait. We will apply with beams on this. We will apply concentrated paints on this and pulled up pains downwards to create a misty effect. This is coil pulling technique. For the foreground grasses, we will apply base Leo. To achieve a nice soft background. We will paint grasses on this one said Grace. Last painting about beautifully my dough and canyons. Yonder, we'll paint the sky. And then basically OS for canyons and meadow to get an enriched look into pimping. Once these layers dry, we will add the details with darker colors. So if you break down the process of this painting, it is very simple. Let us draw a small thumbnail. So we will make these shapes of diamonds. That is also one more Canyon in the background, which will really far and lighter in color. And the biggest one in the front will be darker in color. So let us practice, have to pay him tannin. First apply a light Apollo. And then once it dries, we will apply Dhaka color and some details on it. Pinto meadow on that Tomlin excels semi playing base layer of diluted red and green. And then we'll apply dots typically used in Flash. These are all the techniques that we are going to apply it on door painting. So let's move on and get started with the painting process. 5. Waterfalls - Part 1: Let us start with the painting process by masking the paper using a masking tape. And we'll apply the masking tape on all the four sides very gently. So the border is around half an inch. You can keep the color picker or ten overdose as per your wish. Once you have all the sides now on your fingers to make sure that the sites are tightly sealed. This will prevent the paper from buckling and the paper stays intact while performing the watercolor techniques. Alright, so let us start the drawing part. All you would need to do is just draw a simple wobbly line in the middle of the paper. So I bought this line. We will paint the sky, trees and all of those elements. And below this line, we will be painting waterfall and the black rocks. So I hope you are clear with this. The first step is where don't wear technique for this guy. So we are going to apply what about this line? And make those surface where to apply even coat of water. Liftoff all the extra water on the paper using dam brush on a napkin. We will mix the required colors. So I'm going to mix Brown and painted gray. You can use indigo sepia. The end result should be my Dean Keller. Touch it. Apply the paint on the top edge of the paper and gently slide the brush downwards to make the colors lighter in shade. So the overall look of the sky should be gradient in nature. Next we will paint the background trees. So for that, I'm going to mix round and beans, great Interco consistency. So I load my brush with the same mixture of spins and start applying the paint in the shape of trees. I'm making shape of pine trees by doing zigzag brush motion. For the next three, we will make a yellow and brown and faint yellowish brown tree. If you have gone Bush color, you can use that. Next, we will use orangeish brown shade, orange and mixed with Brown. And with this color, we will paint some trees. So now the trees are complementing each other with a contrasting alone. This will add to the overall look of the building. Okay, so there are some empty spaces here. To avoid that, I'm going to add some water and blend it together. You can use any color combination of your choice, or you can even refer, allow me to get an idea of what color combinations works best. Next, I will draw some trees with darker color while the AICPA is damped. So when we paint on damps are phase, we will get blurred effect or soft edges. But once the paper dries, though, trees will have shot look. Since we are painting background elements now, we would prefer having blurred and soft edges, but then having Sarbanes dispatches trying to create a point the trees. So we will let this dry completely and then we will come back to this and paint foreground. I'm using a blower diode. Once you feel that paper is re just touch the paper and see if the colors have dried or not. Know that my paper is try, we'll move on to our next step. I'm taking black colored, or you can create your own color by mixing available darker colors in your palette. Now this we will paint the trees rather trunk. So here if you observe the tree that I'm drawing is taller than the background trees and it has appointed tip. Then we will add the branches one-by-one. So the branches in the top part should be very small in size. And also make sure that the branches are. So to try and make it look natural, until you have done the branches, we will again for good and go to our 3-5. I want this to be kind of some bad dab the beans to depict the leaves at some ADS. And bottom space will be as it is. Moving ahead, really paint another tree. So whenever you want to paint any fine lines are detailed object, then do not load your brush with too much of themes. As you can see, I'm removing extra pins by wiping. You don't learn napkin. This will make sure that the rush has the right amount of spins and that will be good enough to pain fine lines and any detail ship. Now for this tree has been dead branches in upper restaurants. That as in the previous three, it wasn't downwards. In this tree. The branches are facing downwards. One thing you need to remember is blocked them but should be tinker and as you go outwards now, fantasy needs to meet tonight insights. I'll be using my fine liner brush to make these tiny branches. So this really good to have a fine liner brush. With tin results you will not be able to achieve find lanes. So I would recommend you to have at least size_a Roderigo brush around Rush, maybe it's not. You can use it for all kinds of detailing works. I'm drawing many trees in between. Various types of trees with very less pleasure. If you apply more pressure, you will get the code brushstrokes. Since it is far from us that is going to appear very light in color and in thickness. So gently apply very less pressure and make three shapes. So the overall idea is to make lots of trees and make it look fuller. Filling in the empty spaces where drawings state lines with a brush. This is somewhat looking like a beautiful forest to a faraway land right in that desert about painting the forest. In the next chapter, we will learn to paint waterfalls. 6. Waterfalls - Part 2: Okay, so we have completed the upper part of the painting. Now let us move on to paint the bottom part. So we'll take black colored in Tito consistency. I'm loading the beams in my size in rush. Gently apply the pins just below the trees. Somewhere in-between, leave some blank spaces. These gaps are going to depict waterfalls. Leaving white blank area will give an illusion of freshwater falling from this region. So for the three of them, then we will apply the black beans on the remaining area. At some places I'm using dry brush technique. So diverse technique is nothing but a watercolor technique where you apply beans using them brush to create a nice textured effect on the paper. We believed the three white area as it is. So it appears as though water is falling with full pressure. We will just flipping that around this area so as to avoid creating sharp edges. So this black area will be depicted as a rocky surface, painted completely black. And doing this technique to give it a sense of natural effect. Next, we will colour. We will apply on this area. And this is a place of origin from this viewpoint. If you don't have white wash color, you can even go with the way to what the color, or actually for that matter, you can leave more space. So while painting, I just felt the need to make it little ticker. So i'm applying either ways it is completely okay. Next we will take concentrated Green, Deloitte and mix. Why it, so that it looks a based tool in nature. Building discolored, apply it on the black area to make glasses on this black rocks or black surface that we are creating. Entire randomly particular roulette such that I have to paint your or the spot, anything as such. Just apply wherever you feel like. So do not paint it on the water, but you can even go with green wash cologne If you have. Also, we'll add some tint of brown. So it's good to have a mix of various colors. You can go with any greenish color or any type of grass shapes that you want. And there is no limit to creativity. Just go with whatever you want to do. I will let you absorbed via IP these grasses. Or you can simply paint along with me, create some cast shadow in the, as boys, I'm going to add some of these colored underwater AD up to depict the cast shadow in the painting. Let us carefully the Muda masking tape. I hope you like this. Let us move on to our next gas project. 7. Tuscany Trees - Part 1: In this chapter, we will learn to paint a beautiful landscape with Tuscany trees. So as you see, I have much to people on all side using a masking tape. Next we will read the surface of the paper using clean water and a more brush to cover larger areas. You can go with flat brush as well. Apply even coat of water and wipe off all the extra water on the paper using a napkin, a paper towel. So this trap is to make sure that there is even coat of water in the paper. So this is a painting that we are going to read it. Okay, we will start with the sky part. It medium round brush of size eight. We will paint a low part of the sky. Therefore, we will mix a base to elucidate. For that, we will take a little bit of orange and white to create a nice space t alone. As Dhaka lose on a rough paper to see if you have achieved desired shade. Load your brush with this paint and start applying on the middle area of the people. Apply the paints with horizontal brush strokes. Once you have applied discolored. Next, we will mix the darker shade of same colors. I am applying the paints on same area. Next, I will take my size to round brush. Next we will be taking orange color and make a small circular shape, which will be depicted as some of you will apply orange and yellow color around this and blended well with the background. And this is going to look something like this. Give it a nice blend so that you don't get any sharp edges. In the upper part of the paper. We will apply serial in Luke in diluted state. Next, we will take orange and red to create orange red color and paint around the sun. This will give us a scorching right look in the sky. Then we are going to gently blend all the pillows. And below this area, we will apply diluted red color. Ok, so the sky is done. Next, we will pinto grasses in a faraway land. We will take Payne's gray and brown to create a darker color, somewhat close to black. We will apply this mixture to depict the glasses at further area. Then we will apply diluted brown on the remaining area, which will later be depicted as the reward pathway. In the bottom right part, we will create some flowery bushes. So we'll first paint obese Leo's, the surface of the paper in the bottom part as well. So that when we add kalos and gets a nice bloom, apply orange or pink color and leave it as it is. Meanwhile, we will apply darker paint on these grasses to create nice layered effect. I'm going a little counter-intuitive colored here for this grasses. Coming back to the flurry Bush's, we will apply green beans on blank spaces. So this will look as though there are so many flies on the bushes. We will still have to work on this, but the system basically are okay. So you can use this technique to pain flower gardens. Note that the paper should be done when you're performing this. We will blow dried the people, or you can leave it as it is for 10-15 minute. Alright, the pupil is tray number. We will paint a tree near this flowery Bush. Will first apply water to make the paper wet. I want to go with wet on wet technique here. The surface is where we will make Sap Green and beams grid to create a darker green color. And we will apply this mix on dovish selfies. On the outer part of this tree structure, we are going to be small details which would appear like leaves of the trees. Just simply WO, brush in different directions so that it looks like the US even leave this as it is for now. And then we will come back to this. Moving on, we will pin Tuscany trees. 8. Tuscany Trees - Part 2: So we will prepare the required colors. We would need Sap, Green, and pains great to create darker green color. If you look at this painting carefully, height of the trees decreases as they move away from the viewpoint. The object's closer to 0. Ipos, bigger in size, and the objects fall from new point, tends to look smaller. So with the help of scale and a pencil, we will make the points in ascending order so that it is easier to pin these trees. Market gently. Or if you want, you can draw all the trees. I prefer making dot for my friends and directly print with my paintbrush. Next, I will switch to my size eight found. It's really helpful for a bigger coverage. And start from the point where I had mug that DOD earlier, aching that as reference. So i will pay him towards the bottom. The tuscany reshaped is like an elongated PR drop. So you need to remember that shape and paint it. If you want to learn more about tree shapes, you can check out my class on painting of trees that are more than 50 types. I have explained all the basic and advanced concepts about painting trees and leave a link in the description. You can check that out. It's OK for slightly increase or decrease the size of the trees. Ok. Next we will paint the trees which is near to sunlight. So we will avoid painting that area with green color and leave it blank as of now. Paint another tree as well. So now we have two trees with this blank space. What we are going to do is we will take orange color and paint the blank area that will left. So I'm applying orange colored and blending it together. So this gives us a sign effect in the trees. So in general, you can apply this technique when you want to create sunlit effect. Next, I'm going to make darker shadows in the tree. So I will apply a color on one of the sites. So on this last tree on left side, sunlight is on the right side of the tree. So I'll paint the shadow on the left side. And on the remaining trees, the sunlight falls on the left side. So I'll paint the shadows on the right side. So that is the basic rule. We have spammed did the trees. Now, let us add the trunk of the trees. Next week we'll begin the line below the trees, so you'll pain tiny grasses. Also in the foreground, we will add some details on the flowery bushes. Next, we will try to create some depth on the road or the pathway. So let us apply some brown and beans grave. So here, as you can see, I'm applying clean water. So that next when I'm adding followers, stretch really well. Just randomly applying paint on the word. Here, we will add some lighter green colored on the tree in the foreground. Next we will be in some birds in the sky. So if you see you are doping painted pinto board. Now in this one we will paint those smaller ones. I'm using themes could aid to these words. Okay, again, I have a detailed class on painting birds. And go check it out. Link in the description below. Next we really darken the flowers in the bushes. So we will first apply what those so that the surface is met. And then we can easily add the kalos and let it blue. So we will apply orange and red color. You can go with any color of your choice. Also were very paint flowers on the other side of the road. Just WO brush to depict flowers. There's no need of creating flower shapes and all that. And then add some greens and extra that. So far lighter green, you can make sub-routine and a law. We will now come the road again with pains grade and blended with the existing tailored to avoid sharp edges. So for blending you can use clean water. Next, we will darken that tree in the foreground by dabbing doubt copies at random areas. So this is to create a sense of depth in the tree. Also, we will apply it our campaigns on the bushes across the road. Let it dry completely. And then we will remove them and asking a so if you remove the masking tape When it is wet, and then there are chances that you might rip off the paper. So wait until it dries. And now we will gently remove the masking. All right, before we call it, then, let me add some white flowers on the bush. You can use white watercolor or whitewash If you have. And gently that dopings in circular motion and gently that the beans using ground brush to create on flower-like structure. So I personally felt that the adding white flowers kind of enhancing the overall look of the painting. So if few one, you can add this undulation, you can skip this step. So yeah, we identified this painting. I hope you enjoyed watching this. 9. Misty Hills - Part 1: In this chapter, we will learn to paint serene and beautiful misty hills. So first of all, you will master paper on all sides using masking tape. If that is done, then we'll get started. So we will read the paper using clean water and Ummah brush. Like I said earlier, you can even go with flat or hotkey brush. Even CTO for good throughout the surface of the paper. If there's any pool or puddles of water, then lifted of using an app in other tissue paper. And read our paper is great enough. Ako pilot, pilot. Now we will paint the sky. I'll take my own brush of size eight. In horizontal brush truth, I don't want this to be very vibrant. So I will lift off some paints by lifting the colors using them brush. So we are going to recreate this painting. It will not be exactly same, but I'm going to create something like this. Then we will apply paste helping or diluted pink in same motion. Next case circled in blue color. Then lastly, we will apply Payne's gray on top-right part and blended well to avoid sharp edges. It is not compulsory to paint the sky in this fancy way. You can even paint a simple flat wash with any of these colors. Next we will paint the misty hills. So let's get started with the Hill, which is very far from the viewpoint. Not that the brush should not have too much of paint. If the brush has lots of speed, then wipe it using a tissue paper. We will take Payne's gray in medium consistency and make this hill like shapes. In the next step, we will leave a thin blank space in between and apply another layer of spins. Now, you may wonder why this gap in between. So what this gap is tool the pig though, Mr. in-between the two mountains. So I'm going to place this masking tape under my cardboard so that the colors flow downwards due to gravity. So you can use any other object. And then we will pull the colors downwards. Clean water to depict misty effect. Makes sure that the paper is damp order bed when you're performing this step. I will make spins gray in concentrated form and apply it on the mountain to make it a little darker in color. And this will give us a vibrant look. So usually what happens in what the colors he is as a color dressed, they tend to look literally DL. So in order to avoid that I'm applying to layer off kalos. Next we will paint second layer or middle layer with the slightly darker color. So we'll make so integrate and small amount of black color to make it a darker mix. Now with this dark comics, they will paint another layer of Mr. Held. Next we will pull the color downwards to make it lighter in color. And the just below area. As you can see, I'm lifting the paint using my damn brush to give a nice misty effect in the, about each. And at this point the paper might dry. So you might have to revert it again. Just make sure that you are reweighting it only in this bottom part. Do not apply one on the top part of the people. If you have noticed, there is this nice, misty effect that we have created. Are you hope you have got this theme effect? For the next video, we will take slightly darker colored by mixing more black Dupain screen. Now we are almost closer to w point, so we will only paint half of the hill and then rest of the area will be covered when Mr. So we will leave it as it is. So we are again repeating the same technique of pulling the beam downwards. You need to make sure that you are creating a graded effect in the hill. That's when you will get misty effect. So ending the misty he'll part is done. Next. We really been the base leo four foreground grasses. My paper is still down. So if your paper has drained, then please reverted. Well, in this area, now we will apply lighter green color in the bottom part and then add some kind of a lawn this to have a nice variation of colors. So doing this base Leo, we enhance the overall look of the grasses that we will pin little. Alright, so we will let it dry and come back to this once it dries. 10. Misty Hills - Part 2: OK, so my paper has it right, you can place your finger on the paper and check for its dryness. All right, let us proceed with the painting. We will add some details on the grasses so they have green color or any similar green shade and start painting the grasses. We will paint these tiny curvy lines randomly to dipping the grasses in them in different direction. Some will intersect with each other. But but it's OK to let us have a fuller look in the grasses area. So use a fine line or appointed a brush to get nice and fine brush strokes. So if you notice here, it is easier to paint grasses when we have underlying Baisley. So imagine this area being plain and without any underlying this color, you would have to put a lot of effort to cover it up with green color. And on the top part, we will apply small knowledge to depict these tiny leaves on the grasses, you can vary the pressure on your brush to achieve lots of different thickness. Next, we will paint the flowers using orange color, so I'm going to paint these flowers in the shape of heart so that it will be depicted as flowers. Don't worry about painting perfect shapes. Go with the comfort of after painting is to enjoy. You shouldn't feel frustrated about not achieving perfect results. And regarding the colors, you can pick any color of your choice for flowers being blue, red, whatever you want until and unless it looks real. Whereis. Then we will take some dark green color, so to achieve darker green color, you can make some green with beans, gray or black color. With this dangling mix, we will paint some grasses in between to add a sense of depth. Moving on, we will bring the birds in the sky for that, we will mix black and gray. You can directly use black as well and we will start by painting the birds. You have to gently slide your brush to clear the wings and really the pressure in the middle. It has to be picked. And when it goes outward, you have to reduce the pressure so that you get in line. I'm doing it in Reship, which means the wings are facing upwards. So here I lift the color using tissue paper to achieve a misty effect. You might have to do some trial and error until you feel happy with the result. We will paint some more Bush. I don't find any detail, but I think it's very simple way of painting words or any element for that matter, because I myself prefer easy way of doing things both smaller and bigger sized. But it is always fun to add words in the painting. I let you observe while I do my own trial and error, you need not follow the same step if you want. You can just do some simple report or leave it plain without any. It's totally up to you. Moving ahead, we will add a pine tree in the foreground. So we will paint the tree with acappella and mixing paint green and black again, start by bending the trunk of the tree. And then add the branches from top to bottom and gradually the tree branches in different sizes and direction give it more natural look. Then we will paint the leaves on these branches. We will paint the leaves on each branch by facing it downwards. You can paint your favorite style of paint receives. There's no restriction to follow. Same thing here. All right, so we are done with this painting so you can remove your masking tape if you're satisfied with the painting, unless you can figure out what is missing and what part can be added to make your painting even more beautiful. All right, so I'm removing this masking tape and and we are done. 11. Meadow and Canyons: In this tab go vivid loan to paint a simple meadow garden with beautiful Canyon backdrop. So let's get started. First step is to master paper on all the sides. Then we will invert the surface of the people using more brush because we are going to follow wet on wet technique. So I apply even got off water throughout the paper. And if there is any extra water by those in the paper, then you can lift it off using a damn brush and a napkin. Tissue paper. Ok, so the paper is wet enough so we can get started. It'll start by painting the sky. A place I do them blue on top area, leaving some white gap to depict white clouds. So I'm also applying a lighter blue shade. Some of you might not have seen it. So it is completely okay if you don't have to just go into entangled pair lambda mu, you can use a medium sized crash minus size 40. You can even use a size eight or say six, doesn't matter much. Next time you switch to my size eight round brush and facilitate ground Calvert. You can use bone downward on bunch IANA or any similar shape. And we'll start applying this color in the shape of folk anions. Now we had been doing the base layer for the canyons. Though we will later on paint multiple layers on this. So we will leave a gap in the middle area where to canyons meat. And she will paint the base layout for MS-DOS. So I'm going to apply that color and diluted on the paper itself. If you want, you can dilute it separately on the ballot and then apply it here. And I will apply Sap Green about this red bar, are dipping their leaves. Next I will be taking quantum dated calories and apply it as dodge. On this red and green area. This will be depicted as flowers in the meadows. We will lead the paper dry completely. The paper is gray and the colors look literally dying. But that's okay. We will apply second layer of spins on canyons. So I will be mixing Brown and a bit of black to make it a darker ground color. So we will go with wet on wet technique. That's why we will only apply water on the Kenyan part. You do not apply motto One may those sky only on this canyon part. So I will start applying now, can brown color on that canyon. So as you can see, I'm leaving these metal spaces here and this will bring out the natural highlight and depth in canyons. You can leave some beans from the darker areas that you want to highlight. In the bottom part of this canyon, you are going to blend the colors with water so that we don't have any sharp edges. You're moving on. We will pinto canyons that are further away from the viewpoint. These appear very lighter in color, so we will make some white and brown to get a lighter ground color. Now, this mix, we will apply the details. So start painting some random vertical lines. Don't depict some overall in-depth 30 pixel, or only that. Next darker brown beans on the foreground to create an illusion of the sense of dimension. Next, we will apply water on the meadow area to make the surface damp. Night apply pressure as it might lift up the existing beams. So on this dam, so first we will apply dream docs randomly. Then we will add some read.csv. Next we lacked alert. They will apply some vertical stripes to create some depth in that Gagnon. So you can add as many lines as you want until you feel satisfied with the result, but do not overdo it. They're not rush to finish the process. Take your time and do it very gently. Bend some lines using lighter brown color for the background canyons. Next, we will add some more color to make them look and follow. At this stage, I'm adding bigger dots. Fred collage, the Gulf lavas. And I didn't. Green is a nice combination. I need also compliments each I don't ready well. And lastly, we will paint some works of different sizes. You have to gently, mainly the pressure to get things right. If you want a detail class on Bain inverse, then you can check out my skillset class. Have covered all the details required to beamed words in easy ways. So do check out the class link is in the description. So we are done with this beam being Lydian mode. I'm asking if once you are satisfied with your painting. So yeah. We are done. 12. Thank you and Conclusion: Hello again. Thank you for watching my class. I hope you had fun learning session. If you like it, then please do share your review audio feedback for my class. If there is anything that you want me to teach in particular, then please leave a comment in the discussion below. I would definitely consider your request. Also, if you have created any of these paintings, then do share it with me and projects CLV, skill share. Audio could also tag me on Instagram. My Instagram handle is water calls. I would love to see your paintings highlight. I'll see you in my next class, happy painting. And take care.