Exposure Basics - How to get your camera out of Auto mode | Aaron Raymond | Skillshare

Exposure Basics - How to get your camera out of Auto mode

Aaron Raymond, Photo Instructor, Nat Geo Expeditions

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6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Welcome to Exposure Basics

    • 2. Stops

    • 3. Shutter speed

    • 4. Aperture

    • 5. ISO

    • 6. Exposure Compensation


About This Class

Exposure is the fundamental reason most people use the automatic features on their camera.  In this class we’re going to learn about the three settings on your camera that control exposure; aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. We are going to examine each one and see how they relate to each other, how they adjust exposure, and what effect they have on the image.  We are also going to learn about the important concept of stops about how to use exposure compensation to make the image look the way you see it or the way you imaging it. And we are going to look at a lot of pretty pictures too!

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And visit my website: www.raaronraymond.com





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Aaron Raymond

Photo Instructor, Nat Geo Expeditions

I started my career as an underwater photographer, which blossomed from my love for the ocean. I grew up on a sailboat diving for abalone off the coast of California. I love to photograph landscapes, nature, and wildlife - anything that allows me to capture fleeting moments and showcase the interaction of light and the natural world. I have traveled as a photographer from the depths of Madagascar's oceans to the heights of the Himalayas, cresting them at 18,500 feet on a Royal Enfield motorcy...

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