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Exploring gouache - Patterns + bonus video on making quick repeat patterns and mockups on procreate

teacher avatar Viddhi Saschit, Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Class overview +discalmer

    • 3. Materials

    • 4. Gouache basics overview

    • 5. Pattern 1 - Color palette + background

    • 6. Pattern 1 - Adding details

    • 7. Pattern 2 - Color palette + background

    • 8. Pattern 2 - Adding elements

    • 9. Pattern 2 - Adding details

    • 10. Pattern 3 - Color palette + background

    • 11. Pattern 3 - Painting elements + details

    • 12. Pattern 4 - Color palette + background

    • 13. Pattern 4 - Painting elements

    • 14. Pattern 4 - Adding details

    • 15. Satisfying tape peeling video

    • 16. Bonus lesson - repeat pattern and mockup

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to paint and explore patterns with gouache. Gouache is such a versatile medium in making illustrations and its also fun to create interesting patterns.  If you are beginner with gouache, you can still take this class as this class covers all the basics. Although this class is for gouache, you can use poster/tempera or acrylics paints to take this class. 

Here is what this class has for you-

  • Four different patterns
  • Each pattern will be taught step by step 
  • Each pattern is different and you will learn many ways to paint with gouache
  • Tips and tricks as we paint
  • Color palette for each pattern
  • Color mixing suggestions
  • Adding details to the patterns 
  • Converting pattern tile to a repeat pattern using procreate
  • Where to find mockups for your patterns 
  • Adding your pattern to mockups 


This class is filled with so much of content and you are sure to finds this class helpful. Lets dive in and explore gouache. 

// If you have any questions regarding this class, you can let me know in the discussion section. I would be more than happy to hep you.

Love and gratitude,

Viddhi Saschit 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the class: creating on exploring floral patterns where different mediums is something that I really enjoyed thes days on and one off my previous classes on skill share. I've thought how to paint watercolor floral patterns and four different ways on in this class. I'm going to teach how you can explore with course and loan toe pain some different patterns, because wash is such a wonderful and interesting medium to create patterns. Hi, everyone. I'm really such an artist on funding off been a constant triple. I was two years and I love you. If you had said in C, you can find them in the beginning Off the class. Give you very all you have wash books on some off its properties, which would be free to take this class. If you're competing, you begin wash on. Also, if you don't have washed for this particular class, you've been doing a flexor most of beans for on the projects that will be doing. I've been teaching for different wash fabulous. Instead, my step. So you get a follow on, think along with, and since a lot of you are a fan off my color palette about it, something extra in a former red can also makes such beautiful kind of pallets with me. I hope you find the scent in this class and also as a bonus lesson, I think teaching off really quick way to confirm the patterns that you patri into repeat facts. I'm so excited to see you doing my floss. Let's that. 2. Class overview +discalmer : welcome to the class. I'm so glad that you choose to join with me in this class, and I'm just going to give you a very quick overview off. What patterns that we're going to be in the 1st 1 is a very cute strawberry pattern you didn't see. It has a very nice special blue background on some very cute straw bodies and some white flowers. The second pattern is another base still background pattern, which has some flour and leave elements on top off it. The third pattern is also a flubber pattern, but this pattern will be honor darko background and have light color flavors and beads. Look how pretty is this pattern on for the food pattern of chosen to explore something totally different from my style, and you can also explore something way beyond your style and seaward you're able to create with playing with colors on some brush strokes. We'll be doing all these patterns that by step, and we don't how to Leo how to choose the right color palettes and think the elements and a very good contrast on. Also, I'll be sharing a lot off tips and tricks as we paint on before we begin. I just wanted to put forward a very small disclaimer that the patterns that you learn in this class is only for your personal purpose, where you get to know the whole process off, creating patterns and then converting into repeat patterns. In this clause, I'm genuinely sharing all my skills with you so that you can learn from me on. I really wouldn't want you to use the exact same patterns for any commercial use as they are my distance. How you can pain similar patterns in your style for commercial uses. Thank you for your support, and I really hope that you understand this. 3. Materials : Let's look into the materials you will need for those clouds first as squash means you can either use artist or student great wash. But I would highly recommend that you use Artistry Court because they will really give a good wrestle on. If you would like to know more about the brand that I'm using in this video, which is the Bruce Troll Artis Wash, you can find a full review off this on my YouTube channel. And if you're from India, you can also use Mike Open code to get thin. Person this come. If you don't have course, you can use a click or poster paints, and they'll work well for the class to next. You would need a mixing palette, which can be a plastic all ceramic. Any palate that you have on you can use to makes a lot of colors for this class. For the brushes, you can use your regular watercolor brushes, fork wash, and they will work really ready. You would need a round brush off flag brush on a very small brush, which is for detailing. I'll be using these brushes from Princeton. Medium round 6 1.5 inch, Wash. Filbert Sky six and size zero around you can skip. If you don't have this, food would brush. I'm just using because a love painting petals with this particular brush And next you would need water. Culo are mixed media people. I'll be using this Bruce True Artist Click paper because I really like the lecture off this paper on wash looks really lovely on this, but I would recommend you use are smoother people. If you're not a fan off the picture, people for additional supplies, you would need a water container on some paper doubles. And if you choose to paint the patterns and one she just like how I did, you can take the paper with masking tape on all the four sites. Let's begin. 4. Gouache basics overview : Wash is a very popular medium these days, and I'm sure that most off you must be knowing how this medium folks. But for those who are new, I'm just going to give a Freddie quick overview off how Porsche works and some basic techniques that you need to know. However, if you understand and knowing about wash on some very basic techniques, you can find them and one off my skin share classes, which is landscapes with wash. And I'm sure that this lesson in that class will be helpful for you to get started with wash. The first thing to remember is that washed. There's something between watercolors and excellence. If you use more water, wash can be turned into a what color on. If you use Bayless water and off pain, it would be very opaque. It would look like a collects, but also remember that wash is re vegetable. So which means that once it's dried on people and if you are water to would, it's going to get reactivated again and you can just paint over it. So you have to be very careful when you Leo with wash as you can see, the firsts watch that I did. It is very transparent. That's because I added a little more water than the usual consistent, safe or wash. So this is what happens when you use more water and forced, and if you use the right consistency, it will be very. Take an Obeid like the seconds watched aerated. So if you are a big no brick wash, and if you're previously worked with watercolor, it's going to be a little tricky in the beginning. Toe loan, the right consistency for wash. But trust me with practice and time, you should get it right on. Also, the second property off washes that the doctor Kyllo's with dry lighter than it looks like on the lighter color. Once it's dried, it will done a little bit darker than it looks when you pain. So these are the two things that you need to remember while working with wash. And another thing that I really like about quash is the layering technique, which is amazing. So there are two things that you need to remember and layering technique and spell if your base layer is tried, and then when you try to add another layer with a lighter color, which has a little bit off more water than the actual wash consistency. What happens is that if you overdo your brush strokes the base color on the color that you're applying really get blended and be a new color. Like when I added lemon green on top off the ultramarine blue, you can see that another green color is formed and between, so you need to be very careful. Y leering light colors on top off Doc and the wash consistency should be very perfect. Now, when I'm layering the lemon green color, you can see that the colors are not getting blended because the gosh consistency is perfect and the paint is ready. Take on DSO. It doesn't turn to green. Follow one to master those leering technique off course, it's going to be a very fun with them to work with. Trust me. Earlier, even when I started exploding wash, it was very difficult for me to no the consistency and see how leering walks. But with constant practice, I got better with wash and understood this medium, sir. Just be a little patient with this layer technique and it's going to work Great. I hope that this quick overview off course help you get started with this medium. Now let's look into the next list. 5. Pattern 1 - Color palette + background: Let's begin with the first pattern, which is this very cute strawberry pattern I really love. How cute is this pattern on the colors in this pattern is just beautiful. So first, as always, will pick the color palette on for the first time. I've shared a color palette with you in a very new layout, which will help you in mixing colors really easily. So the color palette here for the first pattern is first is a nice, beautiful finger straight color, which we'll get by mixing heart. Think less crime. Simples white on the next color is brilliant. Green on the last color, which we use for the background is going to be teal place. Quite color. You can mix these colors and swatches some bread. No, you're painting or on a different sheet. We'll be easy for you. Do refer why you're painting and watched it on top off the painting, whether some gap. Now, let's begin painting the background, and I would recommend you to mix a lot off this background color and keep it so. By doing this, you'll ensure that you'll get a uniform color throughout the entire background. You can paint in any direction that you want for backgrounds, unlike watercolors or any other medium. This is because wash ones it's tried. It dries up uniformly and give a very nice clean on a mad or big background. Leo after you're done painting the background a love some time for it to dry before we move onto the next layer. Now I'm mixing something color for the strawberries and al. Begin painting strawberries because the layer is completely tried for the strawberries. Just keep the shape very simple in triangle shaped like this. And make sure that while you're painting these strawberries, the edges on or to shop, try painting them in different sizes on different angles, which will make the pattern look interesting and not very boring. So far, it's coming home so well and completely liking how it's turning out. I hope it's the same on your and to now let's move on to the next layer, where we'll add some details to the strawberry 6. Pattern 1 - Adding details : the base layer off our stroppy. These is tried and which means we can begin earning some details to the shrub. Elise first with add the leave caps for which amusing a 10 a brush so it's easier to pain the leave caps on eat strawberries. The lift caps are very easy to paint. It's something very similar toe painting grass, and you can see that how loosely on patiently and adding these for each and every strawberry viol painting these leave gaps and also adding some on the strawberry so the strawberries will look a little more artistic - after painting the leaf caps. The next thing we'll do is paint these small, tiny by dots on top off eat strawberry. Remember to add these dots in medium size. It shouldn't be very small that they're not visible and not too large. Start. Only few dogs will cover the entire strawberry, so it should be off medium size. So Philip, this pattern a little bit more. What you can do is, and between the gaps off eat strawberries. You can paint some simple white flowers like this and try filling up the pattern. By doing this, you're pattern, but look even more interesting with the number off elements that you haven't that and I also think that adding these white lovers makes the pattern very cute, and it brings a lot of freshness into this pattern. You can really, with the size off levels according to the gaps. If that is more gap, you can pain ago by clubbers. And if there is very little yeah, between the show bodies, you can pain very tiny white flowers express as thes white clubbers started trying. And if you notice that these flowers are not very bright and not very opaque, you may as well add a second lier off fight color on top off the existing flavor. Leo. This will ensure that your flowers of nice, bright and fight, and it will pop up in the battle. After painting the flowers, you can just add this tiny little pink color dot in the center off each white flour and still make the pattern look more cuter on in the remaining spaces. If you don't choose to add more flowers, you can just at these tiny little pink color dots in the remaining empty spaces. Andi, that's it. We're done painting off force pattern. I hope you enjoyed painting along with me. The Super Kills for many pattern 7. Pattern 2 - Color palette + background: the second part owned that have chosen to teach is this beautiful Pakorn on a nice speech background, which has leaves and colorful flowers. So the color palette that will be using for this particular pattern is going to be fleshed and which would be the background. Next is a nice orange color, which will get by mixing heart pain plus orange plus yellow pless bit off white, so all these colors are mixed in certain proportion. To get the exact color on, then the third color is media. All these colors will be used to paint the flowers on. Other additional colors would be white and bring a little bit off blue just to add some beauties, as you can see in the pattern that those colors are used only for adding the last details on for the leaves have chosen the direct colors. Richard sacked green, Viridian green and all of green. Oh, I think that would be easier for you. Does what Peace culo somewhere near your painting or in a separate sheet, so that you can have this as reference while you're painting this entire battle. So I'm just trying tose watch the colors, and it's not necessary that these colors have to be the exact colors that are mentioned. You can always just choose toe. Try something different and try exploring different color palettes. If you want a toe. After watching the colors begin painting the Bagram Leo, I'm using my flat brush to paint the background layer because it would give a very nice on uniforms finished throughout the background. Hubble. You can use a round brush to do the background and will still be good enough. - Once you're done painting, the Bagram allowed the background to dry completely before we begin adding the next layers . 8. Pattern 2 - Adding elements : after the background is dry, I'll begin painting some leaves. I'll be painting different types off leaves on this. And if you have already taken my watercolor floral master class, where I teach how to paint, lose flowers, fellows and leaves, which altogether is 40 different floral elements on? You'll also be learning how to pain 10 different types off leaves in this class. So if you're interested, you can later go check out that class so that you learn how to be more floating elements. I will be using some off believes in this pattern that I thought in the master class, if you're not comfortable or confident and fainting too many different types off leaves on this particular pattern just because you don't want to spoil the pattern, I would say I understand you practice some leaves in the rough paperwork wash, or what you can do is maybe just being one type off, leave that comfortable with throughout the entire pattern. It's totally okay toe just pain and alone and explored what you're comfortable with. And sometimes you can also take a risk and try exploring beyond your comfortable zone. I'll continue painting someone needs for the pattern. And if you wish toe change the direction off believes you can also do that. I'm choosing to pain all the leaves in just one direction, and in the end, that's completely your choice on how you would like to be. And next after painting, the leaves will begin painting some flowers. I'm choosing to pain or your local off level on As I'm painting. I'm realizing that this color is not and good contrast with believes that were painted around. So I'm trying toe paint this with another lie associate off yellow, and eventually I don't think this is going to work toe. So I'm going to fix this mistake right now on its very easy to fix and make corrections while working with Wash. And that is one off the reasons why I love wash toe while the pain clear is still that have just absorbed the bread pain in my paper tower. On top off this, I'm just going to add the background color again, and that's it. It's so easy to fix mistakes and corrections and quash. I will. I love this to dry before continuing to paint more flowers. The pain Cleo, which I made for correction is almost dried, and you can see that it has a little bit off patchy ethic. And I think that's happened because the yellow pain clear that I wasn't fully dried. And while I added the red paint off the flesh tent at guard little but mixed with that color, and it formed a little bit different color than the background Leo. Now, to choose which color flowers will go well with the peach color, what I'm doing is in the masking. Tape it up, taped it this little bit off pain clear. So I'm just adding some colors and trying to test which one will bring in a good contrast. So I think that's agreed. Hag or toe. See which colors will go well, why layering on top off each other? I think I'll go ahead and paint some flowers and orange color and use yellow flowers as an additional flowers to just bring in some contrasts and not the mean flowers that I want to be in this pattern. So I'm painting these tiny flowers like this. You can find any diable flower you want not necessary that you have to paint the same flower that I'm painting over. You almost done painting the main flavors on In the next lesson will be adding some more flugels and details stood a spatter. 9. Pattern 2 - Adding details : I'm really loving the pattern so far, and I'll just add some details with white color like this in the center, off each leaf. I'm trying to keep it minimal and not adding too many veins on the Leeds because the leaves size is very small, and if I had too many details, it'll become toe intricate for this pattern. But if you have painted larger leads, or if you're trying this on larger people than what I'm using, you can add some small veins on, look even more intricate and pretty after adding that I'm just going to pay in some white collar small flaws in between the gaps as follows. I'm not painting too many off these white flowers in all the gaps. I'm just spreading out here and there because I have plans to add some more tiny yellow flowers, which will bring in a very good contrast and the entire pattern. However, you can just choose to do whatever you feel is good to you and to bring in some contrast in the flowers and the entire pattern. I'm just going toe add some tiny details like this, and the center off the flowers with ultramarine bill. - No , I'm just adding some tiny pink color dots like this in between the gaps again, before I paint the yellow flowers. I really like painting these daughter and adding them to my pack down, because I feel that they are us overly. I feel that they are such a good element for fellows and filling the spaces in between the gaps. And after that I'll pain some yellow flowers and between. I'm just going to keep them very small and tiny while painting these yellow flowers might look a little dark, and it might not be in good contrast with the background that were painted. But as it dries up, it's going to show up a little brighter than it looks like because it's a light color. Since re a painting or pattern tile onda, we would want toe convert this into a repeatable pattern later. I'm trying not to paint any flowers in the edges because if you paint some half lovers in the corners and try to fill up the gaps, it would be very difficult, or you would have to do a lot of work while you would want to create a beat batter. So If you don't have any elements in the edges, it's very easy to convert them into such patterns and use it for printing. And any of the hope is that you want. - I'm almost done painting with the flowers, and now I'm just adding some last and final details. Toe this pattern by adding some details, toe the center off the yellow flower and also some blue dots in the background. You can also try adding or explored by adding some lines or some different shapes, like star or some Hollows quest for so called anything that you would want to try because we are just exploding patterns with wash, and now we are done with the second pattern tile. In this clause, I really hope that you enjoy painting on exploring this pattern with Let's move on to the next batter. 10. Pattern 3 - Color palette + background : the poor pass on that will be painting today is the beautiful, minimal on vibrant pattern. I really love how this pattern is ready, refreshing. Let's look into the color palette that will be using for this pattern. The main Kahlo, which is the background global. Be ultramarine blue, and the second main color that will be Husing is fight below for larger flowers on for the tiny flowers will be using made yellow and yellow green for the leads, So these are the follows that we'll be using and the pattern. Today you can watch them somewhere on the sheet or in another people, so that you can refer to these colors while you're being. After watching the colors, I'm going Toe makes a Lord off ultramarine blue for the background so that it's going to be a very thick and very even Leo. As I begin painting the background, I can see brushstrokes, and every time I pained Ah, flat brush stroke, I can see that the layer is a little bit transparent and not to open. This is because I've added a lot off water than usual, and some just going through squeeze some more pain from the two on and makes it with very little work so that it's very opaque and take. And you can see that now while I'm painting the brush. Strokes are not visible, and it's going to dry up until very even. And already finally, you After finishing the background, Leo, just give it some time to dry it completely, because it's a dock okelo on the color that we're going to use on top off. This is white, so give it about 5 to 10 minutes for this two completely dry on the next lesson. Well, pain, some flowers. 11. Pattern 3 - Painting elements + details : now that our Bagram layer is dried completely as begin adding some five flowers, I'm choosing to pain for the simple flavors and my style, how well you can paint any off your favorite flavor that you like. I would like to give some tips on painting very bright white flowers with course, So if you want to paint these flowers with squash, you should add very less water and have more off white pain so that it is opiate on. If you're gosh, pain is not really open, even after adding less water and more pain. Then you can add a bit off white acrylic paint on. Mix it with the gore so that the white flowers will really be opaque, and it will pop off on the do background that were being. And since this pattern is minimal, I don't want to overdo with a lot of hype lover. So I'm just painting some leaves so that after painting, these are no bad to add. Move by troubles while painting these green leaves and show that your wash pain has more off paint and very less water. If you're pain has too much off water than the background Leo will start reacting red green layer that you're adding on the lighter green will turn and do our doctor green, which will be mixed off the background, follow and the color that you're. And while thinking if you feel that the bag unreal is still shown, what I would suggest is that you wait for the first leaf layer to dry and then add a second coat so that the colors won't mix with the background layer. - After painting some leaves, you will get a better clarity on where you should add you on value should add more white flowers. And if the first player off the white glove oh is dried up, and if you feel that it's not too opaque and if it's dried up little lighter, then you can just go ahead and add another court. Or with it you can paint some smaller white flowers and again make sure that you don't paint the flowers in the edge off the pattern tile, so that it's easy when you want to convert this into a repeatable pattern. The combination off white flowers on the green leaves is looking really beautiful on the bright blue background and Now I'm just adding some tiny yellow flowers in the spaces between the white flowers, - the last step to finish this pattern as to add some finally gales, which will be adding some white dots in the center off the yellow flower. And then we would just pain some white dots and the pattern better. What that is a little bit off gap. - We are done with 1/3 pattern. And look how Gorges on Beautiful Is this back on time? I hope you enjoyed painting this pattern along with me. Let's more onto the food pattern. 12. Pattern 4 - Color palette + background : The four pattern that I've included in the class is something very unusual and out off my style. But I really went ahead and explored a new pattern on played with some colors so you could call this as an abstract pattern, or maybe as colorful worms, which are way you like on. Also feel free to explore for this particular pattern. You can just do something way out off your style and just try something random. And if you want to just paint along with me, you can do that toe. This is the color palette that I'll be using for this particular pattern. And I think since I'm going toe explore, I'll be changing some colors here and that you can create a color palette off your own choice for this particular pattern. After you're done choosing the color palette, you can just paint the background Leo and after it's painted, I love it to dry before we start exploring this pattern 13. Pattern 4 - Painting elements : Okay, so now that the background layer is dried, I'm just going to go ahead and add some random strokes. It would be too hard for me to explain what I'm exactly doing because I'm just painting into me. If you're interested in painting the exact same bad, don't that I'm painting. You can just follow along with me and pain. And if you just want to quickly see the process, you can just speed up the video on Watch it. But I would really love if you did choose to paint along with me and explode this beautiful abstract pattern. And also another important thing. If you are falling along with me and painting, make sure that you balance all the colors will and don't but the colors very close toe each other. You can mix it up with right on. They still colors and labelled up, and you can also try exploring with the shape off the brush stroke. I'm just painting mostly called shape, but you can paint even more Kobe brush strokes or just simple lines or any other shape that you like. Once this layer is dried in the next video, we would be adding some details to it 14. Pattern 4 - Adding details : in this lesson, I'll be showing you how you can add some details toe the abstract pattern that your painted along with me. You can add some dots or lines or any other patterns that you want. You can also choose to add some dramatic shapes, like small triangles or some small squares. If you're very patient with painting value, layering the details. Remember to layer them with a contrast in color so that your pattern looks very attractive and impressive. Dreadful off colors. If you would like to finish this pattern with me, you can just paint along with me and add these details. - I hope you enjoyed exploring this abstract pattern with me with beautiful colors, and I hope that it's as beautiful as mine on your side toe. 15. Satisfying tape peeling video: Now comes the favorite part to peel off the masking tape. It's a very satisfying thing to watch, and if you love watching such videos, you're surely going to enjoy watching this to 16. Bonus lesson - repeat pattern and mockup : Welcome to the bonus video. In this video, I'm going to teach how you can cardboard the pattern tiles that you painted with me and convert in tow repeatable patterns and test them on different markups. Also, please note that this lesson is a bonus. Listen, and I have kept the process really short and simple. How the actual process off converting patterns into art, licensing friends and to give for actual printing on fabrics and different products is a very long process. But I'm just keeping it short because we are just going to test them on mark ups for details. Classes on pattern Making an art lies in thing. You can always check out more classes on culture, and I would consider making it later in the next few months. Although I'm teaching the process and procreate, you can also try very similar steps on for the shop. So first you would need a very clear message off the pattern tiles that we painted. You can get the take a picture using the pro mod on your phone, or the best way is to scan it. Using a scandal and minimum 300 DPR, You can also scan it in 600 db i for higher resolutions on larger planets. I've just candle pattern tile and imported into my procreate the campus size that I'm using this 2048 vixens until 2048 pixels, which is okay for the Markham's that I'm going to try and then next I'm just going to add great toe the canvas, and you can also change the color off the great, depending upon the color off your design. So it's easy for you to see where the greatest and will be easy for you to please the pattern tile equally into the entire space. You can zoom in and see if it's place, probably, and then you can duplicate and you can just move it below. Make sure that your Magnetics is on so that be easier for you to move around this pattern tight. After the second tied after the second child is placed properly, you can either duplicate both the tiles or just pinch put the tiles on. Then you can just move on the right side to make it into a repeatable patterns. Since we have not been told anything on the edges off the pattern tile. It's very easy to convert in tow. Repeatable pattern on. You can see that the pattern looks flawless after placing all the full patterns properly. If you find that there is some gaps in between, you cringes at some philo elements, like the small dots and been Kahlo, so that your body looks trilled and there are not on. There are no gaps on and on. Gaps are not very visible. And between the part on tiles, you can also make any corrections that you want in the entire pattern, like you can add more off pink. Or you can add some tiny white lovers with any brush from procreate, and you can. I did also after you're done, adding the eagles. In case if you want your back on to look a little more brighter, you can just increase the saturation. All the brightness, order Hugh on, play around and see which wants the past for you and then export and save with us an image . And now I'm going to show you how we can put these patterns into some markups. Markups are available for free and both paid abortions. You can check these sides for amazing. McDonald's free pick has nice free because a lot of nice primo cups, which can be used for just seeing your work, how it looks on a particular product. You can definitely check out free pick if you don't want to pay for some Markham's for personal use. Create a market has a variety off paid more clubs, which are really amazing and also, if it affordable. So if you want to check out and invest in some good markups, definitely check out creative market graphic. Bogo and marketable also has some really lead free and both paid markups. So I hope this details helped you because a lot of them keep asking me, Where do I find such market? So these other sites where I get my markups from So now I'm going to show you some more cups, have already download some off the markups, and I've tried one off the battles that we painted in the class on a bag, and it looks really good. So now I'm just going to add those strawberry pattern that we littered recently, and I'm just going to insert it into this, and I've already created earlier, but need so All I have to do is just to clipping mosque on. The design will get clipped on the below Leo, and that's it. It's very easy toe. Create such markups and play around with your designs. You can also play around on a scale the pattern size and see which one looks more better and similar way. I'm going to add those strawberry pattern in tow. Cushion locals on other more calls that I have, I'm really in love with this pattern on the coercion, and it looks very cute. Next, I'm going to try it on notebook and see how this pattern looks on a notebook. So markups are really great. Way to see that how your design will look on product on it is also great if you want to make a portfolio with your patterns. - I hope that this fullness lesson and the entire class that I thought was helpful for you and you found it useful and exploring more patterns and creating different markups. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for watching. If you enjoy learning this clash from me, you can also follow me on sculpture so that you get updated off all new classes on. You can also take other classes off mine. On culture, I have about 20 classes on different mediums, which you might be interested. So make sure that you check out my teaching profile for more glasses. Thank you. And I will see you soon again.