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Exploring Painting With Imagination For Beginners

teacher avatar Chantelle Fashion, freelance marketer and designer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Where We Begin

    • 2. What you need

    • 3. lesson 1 watercolor mixed media class

    • 4. lesson 2 acrylic paint mixed media class

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About This Class

Exploring Painting With Imagination we use, watercolours, glitter & acrylic paint.  

I never tire of making and get excited every single day to create new art. I draw patterns, flowers, people, cities, animals, abstract, landscapes. Discover original contemporary watercolour paintings, digital art, prints, homeware and gifts. Each piece is treated as a canvas and truly a work of art. I always try to create interesting watercolours with movement and vibrancy using a mixture of inks and watercolour, letting the paintwork to create beautiful natural marks and patterns. Originally I studied as a fashion & textiles designer. I do drawing and illustration of everything and anything. in this course, I teach you how to be creative with your painting. 

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Meet Your Teacher

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Chantelle Fashion

freelance marketer and designer


Hello, I'm Chantelle. A freelance social media marketer, designer and fashion blogger/ vlogger. London based designer graduated from University for the creative arts with a degree in BA (Hons) Fashion. Inspired by travel, sewing, textile art, London fashion week and Fashion trends. I decided to make my skills not only my business but my personal brand. I share my passion here on Skillshare! 

Art and Design

I have an extensive background in different forms of art and design. I have a BA (Hons) Fashion degree. 

I also have a history in video and online presence, specifically youtube. My passion for youtube has helped me become a master in understanding lighting, video editing, and confidence with a presence on camer... See full profile

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1. Where We Begin: I used to have a dream at night about three years ago but this dream stuck with me. I was falling from the sky plummeting to the earth so fast But my mind was in slow motion. All I could think about was the things I wanted to achieve in life. Things that I want to have the way I wanted to live. But I didn't want to hit the bottom. As I felt the earth my heart raced. I could feel every muscle in my body tense. This felt too rial to be just a dream. And as I fell and I fell and I fell, I realized something. The message I was being told the sky was the freedom and the earth below was why I felt trapped. And right before I hit the bomb I began to soar, soar into the sky like a bird. I remember being and feeling amazing. I felt that this is how freedom felt. So the dream ended suddenly. Andi, when I woke up, the magic of the dream inspired my art. And with every new inspiration, I started to be more free with the way I created my art. So today I'm going to show with you experimental art techniques so that you can be free and free yourself from this constriction of self doubt. Learn to be present and really feel free when you create. 2. What you need: So let's go over all the tools and materials that you'll need for up the scores, so you need a cup with water just so that you can regularly clean your brushes and use it to dip into for out. When we're making our paintings. We'll also need some water color pains in various colors. We'll need a palette as well for you to put your watercolor paints into. You'll also need a set off paintbrushes or various sizes on shapes. And you also need some acrylic paints as well, because we're gonna do some acrylic painting Teoh, as well as a she off a free paper or on a free sketchbook. Andi, you could also have some flowers on optional. You could also have a candle to inspire you. 3. lesson 1 watercolor mixed media class: So first you want to start off with a watercolor pad, and I am using 230 GSM acid free paper. So it's important that it's watercolor papers so that the paper doesn't crinkle. And I'm just dampening the paper a lot so that the water color can spread. And if your papers not the proper paper, your paper can bubble up or it couldn't get but wrinkly. So it's really important we have the right kind of paper, so I'm just covering the entire page. We have just a normal water wash. Nothing specials inside the water. It's just a regular, normal water, and I'm just making sure to cover the entire page. Now it's time to choose your color inspiration. It's really nice to look at images in nature for your inspiration for your colors. I usually like to take inspiration from my dreams and inspiration from nature so that I can use that for my color palette. So I decided to use blue Andi. I'm just spreading that onto the water wash that I have already put down, and as you can see, the colors flow really nicely because of the wet paper. Already so you can see the colors are spreading and just bleeding into each other, which is really beautiful effect. And I'm just drawing lines on top of lines to try to make sure that you have a nice fluid movement of the brush. And always make sure to keep wetting the page as you go along. So each time you dip your brush in, make sure that you wet it on dure, able to make sure that it spreads nicely. Now try adding little droplets and watch them bleed out, and it gives you a really, really beautiful effect. As you can see, it's really bleeding into the blue, so I'm using a slightly different color of blue. This technique really gives your painting a really diverse effect, and it gives you beautiful patterns. So now I'm just drawing some lines, and it's really up to you. Which way you want to draw it. Just feel really fluid with the paintbrush. And don't be afraid to make any strokes. It's about being 100 business free with the marks that you're making on your page. I decided to use thes colors to represent my dream. When I was falling through the sky, and I remember seeing the sky being really blue. So I was really inspired by those colors. You can create different strokes by flicking the brush just like that. Just tap it and it can create a spray effect, and it can be really nice. Now we can add some depth of color into a painting by adding a darker color so I'm going into the black on. Just makes him that with the war to take it a very liquidy so that will spread easily and just gently tapping it on the page. You really want to make sure that it's the right consistency and just gently tap it, and I'm just bringing it along so that it will blend into the previous color that's already on the page. And just add where you feel best. Use your intuition to know when you need to add the paint because this is completely up to you, and this is your place for you to be able to play your place for you to be able to experiment. And some of the most beautiful pieces of artwork come from the ones that weren't planned, ones where you haven't got any idea of how it will turn now is sometimes the most beautiful . So I'm just adding little speckles and little dashes. And I'm just doing very short strokes just quickly dabbing on, using sweeping motions with the brush, just being really, really fluid with it, and just being relaxed with how I'm holding my brush to create these kinds of strokes. Now I'm using a part of glitter. What's the paint is still wet and sprinkling little bits litter onto the page just to give it a magical effect, something like stars shining through the sky. So I'm just sprinkling a little bit of that, and it's really nice to have mixed media, so you can really add any think you want on your page. At this point, you can add glitter if ever anything he like. It's really up to you, and it's your art piece, so you can decide how you want it to be really going to nature and look for something that inspires you. Look outside and see the roses and choose something that really inspires you. I was inspired by this rose, so I decided to use it and make it into a piece of art a night, taking the living and making it a part of my art and making it transcend into something beautiful. So I started by using some acrylic paint and painting the tips off the flower. I wanted to make it look goldens and Sherman's against the glitter that I applied to the page previously. Now taking a bit off a thick glue, I'm adding this to the paintings so that I can apply the flowers petals, gently placing them down and pushing them with the end off the paint brush so that it can merge onto the painting. This is a really nice experimental technique. It's really great with mixing media, and you're not just working with the media itself. You're working with natural fibers and other pieces. There aren't necessarily considered this painting that is a mix off materials, and it can give you a really beautiful effect in your finished pieces, so continue just painting the petals and gluing them to the page. These don't have to be petals. It could be any think you find that inspires You could believes it could be the autumn leaves that could be beautiful, a swell. It could also be some fresh leaves. It could be a tree. It would be a branch. Use your imagination. It doesn't have to be petals. It could also be Ah whole flower itself placed onto the page and painted. It could be grass, anything that can inspire you. You might want to use this in your artwork and just place them where you see would be most beautiful to complement the pattern on your painting. So now I am just using my intuition to really go back into the painting with acrylic paint . And I'm just doing some depths of gold, just iridescence so that I can really see the texture and see the gold falling off off the petals. So these little pieces of gold falling off the petals. And that's the effect that I'm trying to hear. Kate. So it's really up to you how you place this. I'm just in little dabbing motions around the page, and they can it look like they fallen from the petals 4. lesson 2 acrylic paint mixed media class: So now I'm preparing my workspace by adding the colors that I need for this next painting on this next painting are using acrylic paints. Andi. I'm painting on a primed canvas that was already pre primed already. So I've decided to go with the colors with red gold on a little bit of yellow as well. Decided to use these colors because they are close that were inspired by some flowers that I was looking at online. Andi. I think these color ways go really well together. The yellow complained in tow an orange, and they just sit very well together with the color wheel. The first I want you to start by taking short brush strokes. With this technique, we are taking a lot off the acrylic paint onto the brush and just creating a brushstroke where it fins out at the end. So just little dashes, nothing too difficult just dashes all the way up the page, and you want to repeat this for out the whole entire campus for a really nice late effect. It really gives the campus some texture, and they also makes the canvas look a little bit varied with the brush strokes like this. None off the bus Strokes are uniforms, so it has a different approach to the painting rather than a uniform feel. So you can get a little bit of thick, a bit of paint on your brush so you can get a little bit less. Andi will create this really, really cool effect off raised the paint once it's dried on because some of it will be thick and some of it will be fins that will be really, really nice raised effect. And when he gives you that nice critic texture that you get in those paintings, - so now I'm going to mix a little bit of yellow into the red paint so that it can create an orange tone on. It's gonna be really nice. So I'm gonna add that in between the red, so it's going to be slightly orange, but it's not going to be so different. It's just going to add a little bit of dimension to the painting background so you can really see a little bit of a different color. And I'm just putting that in between where all the white parts are and just really mixing it in. Now we're gonna go in with the yellow paint. We're not going to wait for it to dry. It's just gonna go on top of it so that it can mix with the red. So what I'm going to do now is just doing some little small V flicks with the brush. And this is a really nice brushstroke that you can try out. You can try any brush joke that you want to. It can be little dots. It could be dabs. It can be slashes, get experimental of it. And the point is, is tried to fill up much as the white space in between. Andi, don't worry about it. Mixing in with the red, it will give a really nice effect of yellow transitioning into the red and the orange, and it gives it more of a uniform. Look, uh, now we're going to go back to using our pot of glitter. Goater is probably one of my favorite ways to make a painting look beautiful and unique, so I'm just spring killing a little bit off the glitter on top on just getting that really into the painting and just looking at different areas where it could use glitter. I like to add the glitter because when you look at it from the front, it looks sparkly and then from the side it can look a little bit difference that gives an illusion. Almost now, we're adding little dots of gold in between the white areas. So just trying to fill some of the white areas so that there's not too many white areas on the campus, and I'm just feeling this in with little dabs of gold. Just give it a little bit off a shiny finish. - Take some dried flowers or a piece of nature of your choice. It could be a dry it leave, or it could be a twig. Anything you like. I really am drawn to flowers and the way they look on your piece of art. So I decided to use thes flowers that we have before, but they had died and dried up, and I kept them for pieces of art. So now that I've cut them off, you can use the really thick glue to attach it to your painting. And you want to do this when the painting is semi dry, not wet, but no completely dry, and then you just push your flower onto and firmly and hold it in place so that taken a year to the base. And you just need to continue this process old aware her until you're finished, and then you have a finished piece off artwork and you have something completely unique and beautiful to you. You can choose to scan this in. Andi used this in Newport earlier. You could use to frame it or keep it on your wall. Is something really special and unique that you will never find anywhere else because each person's piece of art is unique to them. So I'd really love to see your projects. And if you do create this, please leave a link to your project, and I really love to see it. So thank you for watching. And I hope you enjoyed the skewer share course. If you did, don't forget to leave a review by