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Exploring Dreams: Pt 1 - Appreciating Dreams

teacher avatar Ron Masa, Psychologist, Artist and Educator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (59m)
    • 1. Introduction to Doctor Ron

    • 2. Beyond Dream Dictionaries

    • 3. Approaching Dreams

    • 4. Dreams Contribute to Science

    • 5. Dreams Contribute to Culture

    • 6. Predictive & Prophetic: Princess Diana

    • 7. Prophetic Dreams: Abe Lincoln

    • 8. Some Dreams Save Lives

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About This Class

“Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt, marvelous illusion!
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.

And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.” (Antonio Machado)

Everybody dreams. You included. Modern culture ignores dreams but this visually-entertaining class shows you why not to! See how dreams contribute to every aspect of culture, technology, arts and more. Dream expert, Ron Masa, Ph.D., guides you through case studies and dreamlike sequences and lush visuals to an appreciation of the riches available in your dreams. 

This segment (Part 1) is NOT a class on How To Interpret your own dreams. 


1-Intro to Dreams
2-Beyond Dream Dictionaries
3-Approaching Dreams
4-Contributions to Science
5-Contributions to Culture
6-Prophetic Dreams: Princess Diana
7-Prophetic Dreams: Abraham Lincoln
8-Dreams Save Lives

Dreams have much in common with the unconscious wisdom accessed through the I Ching. Carl Jung was a master of both. You can view my class here:  How The I Ching Saved My Life: Meet Carl Jung's Favorite Oracle To Access Your Own Inner Wisdom

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist and Educator


Ron Masa, Ph.D. is a retired Jungian Psychologist and University Instructor who is also an artist. He has sculpted in stone and bronze and paints mostly in acrylics. Dr Masa has authored many articles and newspaper columns on Dreamwork and on the I Ching. He has taught at major universities and also studied with shamans from North and South America. He lives in the redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California with his sweetheart, fellow artist and educator, Debbie Hart. They love cats.

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1. Introduction to Doctor Ron: Hello. I'm Dr Ron Mesa. I want to talk with you about dreams, which are more fascinating and more powerful than most people realize. Poetry uses symbolic images much like dreams Dio. So let's start with a poetic image of dreaming. Last night, as I was sleeping, I dreamt marvelous illusion that I had a beehive here inside my heart and the golden bees were making white combs and sweet honey from my old failures. That's from Antonio Machado's marvelous poem on No Jaquan arrhythmia or Last night while I was sleeping Well last night while you and I were sleeping, we both actively participated in the marvellous illusions of our dreams, where sweet honey is made from our old failures. We may have been any age, lived in a foreign town and felt totally at home there. One of us may have been flying last night without an airplane. We all dream at night. I started working with Dream shortly after earning doctorates and psychology and social work. In 1981 I began my private practice of union psychotherapy in Boulder, Colorado, where I specialized in Dream work and Carl Young's favorite oracle. The teaching. After decades of work with dreams. I've seen a great deal that is not widely known about dreams, and it matters. Now. Near my 70th birthday, I want to report back some of what we learned. I initially saw dreams as a minor component of psychotherapy. As I realized their healing power, I dropped the psychotherapy framework and focused entirely on dreams. I traded man made models of mental health for nature's path toe Hold us our nightly dreams , universal and source. They are exquisitely tailored to each individual dreamer. When clients and I were both following the clients dreams as our mutual guide, I was no longer the primary authority or source of guidance. Our roles were more equal than in a doctor patient model. I found that exploring dreams increases client self respect as they discover wisdom within themselves, achieving your own inner clarity and healing through your own dreams. Guidance is very different from following anything. External psychotherapy is often valuable and can be lifesaving where appropriate. However, I prefer to let dreams lead the way where therapist and dreamer on the same team, in unravelling dream truth, doing dreams as a client centred way to follow each dreamers unique path. Ever wonder? Why do we have dreams at all? The most basic reason is because we have a dual level mind, which is partly conscious and partly unconscious. That's why sometimes you can't remember a phone number or someone's name, but later it comes back to you from where it comes to the conscious mind from the unconscious. It wasn't erase. It just wasn't available to consciousness. The unconscious is a little like storing your computer data in the cloud Dreams are a form of communication for, like e mails from the interior. Our dreams transfer? Or is it smuggle messages across the boundary from our interior, of which were unconscious through the sleeping state in Dreams to the waking mind stories Air called store ease? Because they store things stored away in every dream story concealed in symbols are renewing energies and profound insights. Insight, meaning a site as viewed from within. Dreams offer visionary insights from within that foster are health, growth and wholeness. Because I want to symbolize your in my dual mental process and address both levels in this class on dream messages between the levels, I will continue my conscious, rational lecture like I'm doing now, including some very cool fax and stories. While my environment is freedom more through a transitional or hypno gogic phase into a non rational, dreamlike flow of symbolic imagery. See what I mean? Creating this dream like imagery for you took a lot of extra work, but it lets you experience a dual level or parallel conversation, considering images and also working with these poems prepares you for understanding dream metaphors. We don't get literal honey for use on toast from Machado's Beehive here in our Hearts, but something metaphorically as Rich and Puris honey does come to us in dreams. Our dreams transformed the trials and errors of yesterday into the white combs and sweet honey of inner Guidance For tomorrow, I've heard many people attribute their therapeutic progress to having a talented therapist . I prefer that in dream work, clients rely directly on their own inner wisdom and guidance. Therapy should build self esteem, but for the client nothing. Therapist dreams, challenge, inform, awaken and grow us. They give weight to the personality they foster insight, originality and self respect. Dream work is a form of self reliance. It is a discipline or a practice off in dependence After eight years in graduate school, my work with dreams convinced me to sacrifice all that education in order to follow the wisdom of dreams. I made that leap and even boot of the insurance companies. Over time, I was relieved to learn that I would need all that I learned in school and from my later study with shamans, I simply used the relevant skills and techniques when the client psyche via dreams called for it. This began a path of many surprises that is greatly enriched my life In this opening section, I want to illustrate the diversity and the depth of dream contributions in art and science and technology and sports and Hollywood films and war. Then we'll mention a few big picture issues, like dreams that accurately predict the future or bring life saving guidance. Later on, we'll examine what the rules of the dreamworld teach us about the mysteries of our own existence. And after a good foundation, it'll be time to discuss some techniques, were exploring dreams, first learned some fascinating facts about dreams that may change how you view your nightly dramas. Thank you for being here and good dreams to you 2. Beyond Dream Dictionaries: Let's get beyond the Dream dictionary. Hello. One big obstacle to understanding dreams is the assumption that there are fixed meanings for each symbol. Either you find someone who speaks dream language to translate the symbols in the words, or you get a dream dictionary and do it yourself. Not really. Language is only one layer of most dreams. And remember, roomies warning languages, a tailor shop in which nothing fits words never perfectly express our inner experience. I love the Japanese maxim. It is hard to describe and ocean with a mouth dream. Symbols are complex and multifaceted, like diamonds. From each new point of view, A different facet of illumination is revealed. They contain fresh points of view and many layers of meaning dreams air partly universal and partly tailored to the individual dreamer. You can use a good dream or symbol dictionary. I usually prefer a regular language dictionary to explore what ideas resonate with the dreamer. But begin with the dreamers, personal associations and memories. Let me illustrate. For many years I let a monthly dream work demonstration at the Boulder Public Library. We would explore one volunteered dream at length and then work with individual dreams, symbols for other participants. By the way, that's a good place to start with working on your own dreams. Explore and inquire about one single image for as many days as it takes until it comes to life and suddenly make sense. Well, one week a young woman asked me what having a kitten in her dream meant. I can't possibly know that. So I explored it with her for breath. I asked the group about cats, and we got a variety of associations you might find in a dream dictionary like neatness, curiosity and independence that have some meaning for her. Turning from the general to the personal, I continued exploring her feelings about this particular dream cat and about cats in general. When I asked when did you first get a cat? She burst into tears, saying, Oh, that was the last thing my father gave me before he died. She then told us that the dream now brought her a direct emotional sense of a connection with her departed father. It's that felt validity that ah ha experience by the dreamer, which is the test of accuracy. The powerful attitude changing personal meanings can't be found in a dream dictionary. Dream dictionaries can help. In the very beginning, when you're starting to work with dreams and later with the shared or universal aspects of symbols, use them to see if something resonates with the dreamer. The ultimate determinant, though, is the felt validity of the dreamer. It may include a physical body experience like a chill of truth up the spine, an intuitive certainty of knowing or an ah ha of newly discovered meaning. No one dream, expert or not can know in advance what will be activated by any given symbol or dream, but you can do is explore this, and we'll until a memory or inside emerges that carries power and meaning. There's always new information in every dream. Dream exploration is a conversation with our inner wiser self. Marinates yourself in an image long enough, and it helps with challenges, awakens abilities and points out your best path. Our dreams. No us from the inside out. There is no single fixed meaning for any dream symbol. Whoever makes us makes our dreams, and they have more layers and more depth than you can imagine. I once led a dream group that intensively explored a single longest dream for two hours every week for nine months. By the way, that dream predicted the September 11th 2001 attacks half a year in advance. About halfway through that dream, we started wondering, What's that next week segment of going to be all about with that nightmarish falling buildings and deadly chaos everywhere what was not going to be all about? Then the twin towers fell and thousands died. Right before that segment was scheduled for discussion. We all came to Dream Group, stunned but quite sure what the dream had long been predicting. So I want to teach a class about patiently exploring multiple layers of dream symbols to reveal a deep inner truth in a world that ignores dreams and craves external and instant results. Wish me luck. As I begin, I dread that someone is going to recite a dream that came from their source, filled with living symbols and deep layers of meaning designed to enrich them immensely. If they would explore it for hours or days, or as long as it takes and providing no associations, they'll ask, you know, dreams. Tell me what my dream means. This is like asking your personal trainer to do all your gym exercises for you. It's the process that grows you far from meaningless fantasies, dreams or what Sigmund Freud called the royal road to the unconscious. Further evidence of unconscious wisdom is how innovators often use the early dream state, called the hip nego JIA, for amazing creativity. The Hypno Gogic phase is the liminal, or border state, when dreaming is just beginning and consciousness just departing. Going into sleep. It's called the Hypno Gogic phase. Coming out of sleep, the weird sounding hypno come pick phase. Creatives have relied upon this meeting ground of the two tiered mind for ages. Relying on Hypno Gogic visions were poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, composer Ricard Wagner and the creator of the Dewey Decimal System, the philosopher John Dewey. Thomas Edison, famous for his wealth of world changing inventions, would sit back in a chair with ball bearings in his hand when sleep released his grip. The sound of the bouncing ball bearings would awaken Edison during the hypno gogic, changing of the guard between conscious and unconscious. Quite similarly, the surrealist painter Salvador Dali, a fan of Freud on dreams, would sit with a spoon in his hand above a metal mixing bowl to create a clatter upon drowsy that would initiate another world class, non rational masterpiece. A few additional users of this micro nap shortcut to the dream state include Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Walter Scott and Johannes Brahms. Dreams contained profound wisdom. So we explore them with respect and humility, knowing how small we are in this universe and how very much we have to learn. 3. Approaching Dreams: Hello. We all dream most every night of our lives. Dreams are universal, they speak to every person and a dreamlike process of fantasy and imagination continues just beneath awareness all day long. It's where we go when we drift off or lose focus. It's even called day dreaming. Whenever you d focus on the outer world that imagine a layer emerges, however, you quiet the senses by sleep or meditation or a sensory deprivation tank. When the senses air quiet, imagination reveals an ongoing movie of the mind. Awake or asleep, humans are dreaming mammals. I should preface this entire class with, in my opinion, because I want to share my acquired opinions after a career of working with dreams, not provide you a survey of current dream theories. It's my chance as a practitioner and an explorer of dreams to report on what I've encountered and what I think it means. I want to share the inside stories that I used to teach dream work in turns, including some cool case studies and real world examples of dreams in action. In the first session, with every new dreamer, I used to explain my basic rule of dream work don't take my word for anything. Dreams will teach you to trust yourself. Following your inner dream Guidance is a powerful alternative toe following others. Exploring dreams requires and develops in dependence. To be independent, you must be dependent on what's in you. When you earn a dream insight you can feel in almost electric infusion of energy, Young star pupil Marie Louise von Franz said. Every understood dream is like a slight electrical shock into higher consciousness. Trust your own intuitive knowing and the felt validity of inner truth. Dream work is like David Whyte's description of poetry. It's the art of over hearing yourself say things from which you can never retreat. Dr. Young used to report some of his detailed dreams to his gardener just so he could over here himself and trigger insights. As with journaling. Observing our thoughts outside the mind lets us view them as if they were someone else's and draw next level conclusions. You decide for you, but I believe our dreams reconnect us to the source of our being and dreams transmit profound daily. Well, okay, nightly advice and guidance dreams have inspired and enriched every culture on the planet and every human endeavor, including art, science, technology, sports, religion, etcetera. Whoever makes us makes our dreams call our source nature or God or the cosmos. But whoever makes us makes our dreams. We kind of returned to the factory each night for fine tuning and repairs. People who are deprived of dreaming soon show major stress and deterioration of abilities as soon as possible. Dreaming increases to catch up to the point of dreaming while we're still awake, which is called hallucinating. So our dreams must be continually repairing us from yesterday and preparing us for tomorrow , even if we never remember a single dream. Devoting your conscious attention to dreams reveals evermore of the gifts within them. Dreams are an ancient and universal form of direct inner guidance. They are a buried treasure. We rarely bother to dig up bone, Francis said. Our dreams, our nightly letters from God. So I should really ask. Have you been reading your mail? Probably not. Busy modern culture, while resting upon the contributions of dreams, denies their value. Modern thinking prefers the practical, the technological, the materialistic. It is uncomfortable with the existence of the non rational, the spiritual, the unconscious dreams can be an inspiring guide to growth and wholeness. Or they can be dismissed with what we tell the frightened Children around us and possibly inside us. It's only a dream. The best way I found to receive the message from dreams is to patiently and systematically explore each symbol until it reveals or awakens layers of meaning. It takes more time and commitment than most ever invest, but it unearths vastly more. I call this process exploratory dream work. In exploratory dream work, we helped the dreamer investigate an associate to and reflect upon each symbol, allowing time to retrieve memories that may be triggered by the dream. Meanwhile, the universal layer allows all who helped with the dream to apply it to their own situation . If you marinate dreams and curiosity, they recall lost memories, reveal unresolved issues, activate in the sides, provide new perspectives and incorporate invaluable humor. While some dreams begin with a humorous premise, the average dream, even when not very funny, contains surprising amounts of humor that only emerge after about five layers of insight. In my experience, dreams help us adjust to change, and they bring our deepest values into everyday life. Each dream is an invitation to explore and evolve your own self. Not all experts agree. Many practice what I call explanatory dream work that's like Mansplaining. That's when an outsider announces to you what they think your dream means. Years ago in Boulder, I worked with a woman who had done dreams with a very famous union author whose writings I enjoyed, she said. His rates were so high, clients could only afford half hour sessions during which he would explain the meaning of a weekly dream in 15 minutes and then do therapy for the remaining 15. She and I spent about four hours exploring her first short dream in depth and connecting it with her issues and with the events in her life. And when we finished, she said. I have been working with my dreams for years now, and I feel like this is the first dream I've ever really understood. To decipher. Dreams slow down like the Thai proverb. Life is so short, we must move very slowly 4. Dreams Contribute to Science: Hello. Many people think that our nightly dreams air trivial and meaningless fantasies, probably the side effect of late night pizza snacking. But I don't believe that Pizza hypothesis, gifts, dreams there do consider first the case of the Russian chemist Dmitri Mendola, a professor at ST Petersburg in the 18 sixties. He was struggling with little success, to find some order in the chemical elements according to their atomic weights. Having intensely focused his waking efforts, he fell asleep and dreamed an answer, he quote, saw in a dream, a table where all the elements fell into place, as required end quote from the notes he made upon waking and with only one minor change mentally have published a periodic table of elements, which graces the wall of so many hard science classrooms. Today, Classrooms for dreaming is rarely given any credibility or credit whatsoever, which seems a little ungrateful. Does it disturb some who think of science as completely rational? That the hard sciences rest upon so many contributions from dreams? And there's more mentally s dream didn't just reorganize the known facts. The table he literally dreamed up predicted the existence of three non existent elements and specified their properties. All three of the elements which Dimitris Dream designated were discovered within 15 years and can now be found on our modern day wall charge. Stop by your nearest science lab to see the periodic table of the elements, a dream that came true. Then there was that imaginative adolescent who dreamed he was on a sled far away from failing math scores and boring school lessons riding merrily along. Soon the sled began accelerating almost beyond belief until the stars of the heavens around him were transformed in dazzling fashion as he approached the speed of light. This adolescent dream was credited later in life by Albert Einstein as the earliest source he could recall for the theory of relativity. Einstein's famous good Duncan or thought experiments rely upon waking imagination, much like he relied upon his imagination in the accelerating sled dream. He may have learned not only new ideas but a method for working with the unconscious imagination, always independent of mine. Late in life, Einstein, the dream inspired Revel, wrote to punish me for my contempt for authority. Fate made me authority to well, it's all in a night's work for dreams, another well known story of sleeping scientists is that a Friedrich von Kick Ole the benzene molecule was the puzzle which obsessed him. How was it structured how to conceive of it? You guessed it. Start with diligent, conscious effort and then fall asleep. It seems the less conscious we are, the smarter we get and that dreams can and do respond to our waking questions with profound answers. The conscious use of questions to stimulate dream answers is called Dream Incubation. Well, in his dream cackle a saw strings of atoms performing before him like a chorus line of chemical clog dancers. Long rows began to twist in a snake like fashion until one snake seized its tail in its mouth and world about like a URL borrow son of merry go round kick, Ole wrote. I was sitting writing on my textbook, but the work did not progress. My thoughts were elsewhere. I turned my chair to the fire and dozed again. The atoms were gamboling before my eyes, but look what was that? One of the snakes had seized hold of its own tail in the form world, mockingly before my eyes, as if by a flash of lightning I awoke, and this time also, I spent the rest of the night in working out the consequences of the hypotheses with much further work, Mostly ton while he was awake. Mind you, this dream image was the key to the circular structure of the benzene ring. Ah, concept which revolutionized organic chemistry. The image of a snake eating its own tail is ancient, and it's called in a row boroughs. It shows life living on life and all living things must eat other living things. So life does literally live on life. But it also can notes, wholeness and self containment and circularity and much more. That symbol has appeared in waking Art and dreaming life all around the globe in a similar circularity are waking. Life contributes to the content of our dreams, and those dreams enrich our waking life. We'll leave this topic, but there are many more scientists and even more Nobel Prize winners in science who have openly reported that their ideas came to them in a dream. Niels Bohr won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1922 due to a dream that enlightened him. Dr. Frederick Banting won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1923. Based on a dream, and nearly a century later, he's still the youngest person ever to win that prize in 1936. The concept for the neurological experiment That one. Otto von Lowy, The Nobel Prize. You guessed it came to him in a dream, like a pizza eating or a borrows. We have now come full circle from the indigestion theory that dreams are meaningless fantasies. To be fair, nocturnal indigestion might disturb your sleep just enough to improve your chances of recalling a dream. But we cannot give the pepperoni itself full credit for the Nobel Prize winning ideas. In those dreams. Kekua lays advice to a convention of his fellow scientists in 18. 90 was Let us learn to dream, gentlemen. And then we may perhaps find the truth. Well, if indigestion improves, dream recall, then I can still say, Ah, hi, I culture because I'm seeking inner truth and wisdom. I'd like to order a medium goat cheese and pepperoni pizza, please 5. Dreams Contribute to Culture: Hello. It's amazing how many riel World Solutions beginning in dreams. Let's sample a few dream contributions to society. In 18 45 Elias Howe struggled in vain to alleviate the biggest bottleneck of the industrial Revolution. While cloth could be woven at phenomenal rates with new textile machines, every garment had to be sewn by hand wrestling with how to automate sewing. Elias Howe fell asleep at his workbench and dreamed he's in Africa, being chased and captured by cannibals who want to stew him in a huge pot of boiling water . I wonder if that might not reflect the subdued sentiments of the slaves who are providing the cotton for the industry at that time. Well, whenever he tries to escape, the natives push him back under the water, using spears that had holes at the tip on waking, Elias grasped the outrageous idea to move the whole from the base of the sewing needle to the tip. This dream hint led to the modern sewing machine, so we owe the shirts on our backs to the dream world. Less monumental. But more recent as the dream solution to the prairie dog problem in the western United States major battles have been fought over prairie dogs. They can cause serious problems for landowners whose livestock risk breaking a leg in their holes. But the prairie dog population has decreased by over 90% and without prairie dogs, there would be no other wild species on the prairies. Plus, they're enormously cute critters who communicate with specific names for familiar predators like Look Out! Here comes Harry the Hawk again so you could see why some people would object to extermination as a solution to the prairie dog problem. Again, it's dreams to the rescue. Prairie Dog hero Gay about four, of Cortez, Colorado, dreamed of an enormous vacuum cleaner sucking the little doggies safely from their holes. This dreamer now operates a business nicely named Dog Gone, which Hoovers up those pesky £2 rodents into a softly padded, vacuum equipped truck where they're fed and watered till relocation. Another dream solution to a difficult practical problem. Prairie Wildlife owes a debt two dreams. I'll mention just one famous sports contribution from dreams. In 1964 world class golfer Jack Nicklaus fell into an unusual slump after struggling with scores in the high seventies. He abruptly regained his mastery. Here's how Nicolas himself explained it Wednesday night. I had a dream, and it was about my golf swing. I was hitting them pretty good in the dream. In all at once, I realized I wasn't holding the club the way I've actually been holding it lately. I have been having trouble collapsing my right arm, taking the clubhead away from the ball. But I was doing it perfectly in my sleep. So when I came to the course yesterday morning, I tried it the way it did it in my dream. And it worked. I shot a 68 yesterday in a 65 today. To this day, Nicholas has continued to use the grip that was shown to him in that dream. So many works of art have been inspired by dreams. We couldn't catalog them all. In the famous story category, there's Mary Shelley's dream inspired answer toe Lord Byron's request that each of his guests right, a ghost story. Mary Shelley wrote quote. When I placed my head upon my pillow, I did not sleep, nor could I be said to think I saw with shut eyes but acute mental vision. I saw the Pale student of unhappy load arts. Kneeling beside the thing he had put together, I saw the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out. Oh, I found it. What terrified me will terrify others. And I need only describe the spectre which had haunted me My midnight pillow on the morrow , I announced that I had thought of a story I began that day, making only a transcript of the groom terrors of my waking dream. And so the Legend of Frankenstein was born. Long interested in split personalities. The author of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson, laying sick with tuberculosis, had a powerful dream that gave him the story structure he had been seeking. He screamed out in his sleep and then later chastised his poor wife for waking him since he was having such a great boogeyman dream. He then wrote the first draft of the novella Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in 3 to 6 days. It was by far the most successful work of his career. Based on a dream idea. Many, many songs have come from dreams, including the most Reaper formed or covered song of all time. Yesterday, the Beatles, Paul McCartney explained, I woke up with a lovely tune in my head. I thought, That's great order with That is. Then there was enough right piano next to me, to the right, to the bed by the piano. I got out of the bed, sat at the piano, found G found F sharp, minor seventh, and that leads you through to being and to e minor and finally back to e. It all leads forward. Logically, I like the melody a lot, but because I dreamed it, I couldn't believe I had written it. I thought, No, I've never written anything like this before, but I had the tune, which was the most magic thing. I agree with Sir Paul, but I think the most magic thing is what brought him that, too. His dreams. Finally, the modern art form of motion pictures has much in common with dreams. Many movie themes and actors appear in dreams and dreams have been the source of many movies. The filmmaker of the two highest grossing movies in history, James Cameron, was directing small budget films when he had the dream image that led to the Terminator series of movies. Cameron was in Rome releasing the underwhelming film Parana, too, when he dreamed a nightmare sequence. The idea for Terminator came to him during a feverish dream in which he saw the image of a chrome torso emerging from an explosion. Dragging itself across the floor with kitchen knives, he leapt up and began to flesh out the rest of the story. Well, there's no end to the contributions that dreams continually make toe. Are waking life in every sphere science, arch literature, music, sports, technology, inventions, religion. And they contribute to everyone's most personal life as well. Our dreams. Individualized guidance for personal matters, our movement toward wholeness in our contribution toe evolutionary growth. 6. Predictive & Prophetic: Princess Diana: sometimes a dream land so hard it flattens you. I liked it better before you moan. Hello. No one knows where dreams come from now that may sound mysterious, but no one knows where we come from either. I believe the answer to both is the same. Our dreams come from wherever we dio. Our nightly dreams are a meeting ground for the visible and invisible worlds that we simultaneously inhabit. Carl Young wrote that a career of studying dreams had altered his beliefs about, well, darn near everything. I used to believe that the only possible way to glimpse the future must make educated guesses about what's likely to happen. Informed probability predictions. However, a career of studying dreams has changed my mind. I'll soon tell you about a minor and then a major example of dream prophecy. There are probably future reference is built into every dream, since they come from the timeless or eternal side of the psyche. Again, futurist dreams come in two flavors, predictive and prophetic. Many future references in our dreams are predictive warnings that are based on probability . If we continue drinking excessively or overeating, etcetera. The dream shows us where that problematic path leads to Charles Dickens famously used a warning dream to show Evan user Scrooge where he was headed. These little morality plays threaten us with our own probable future. They stimulate our free will to avoid the undesirable outcome, like a ship's radar predicting an iceberg encounter. The whole point is to avoid it. Many dreams are predictive and much smaller number are prophetic. They specify details far beyond general predictions. For example, many dreams include references to events that will happen during the session when the dream is discussed, often many months later. This should be impossible, but it happens all the time. Dreams even include comments on what people are wearing to that particular session, which no one plans or could predict. First. A Trivial Miracle of Prophecy When I was leading dream groups in Boulder, Colorado, my office had a large, comfy couch that dream Group members always referred to the unpadded plastic chairs. One evening we were exploring someone's dream, in which a dream character kept asking, What's wrong with that couch? What's the problem with it? After minutes of exploring meanings, we realized that for the first time ever, no one at all was sitting on the couch. As we say in California. Dude, that dream was from months earlier, and no one in the group has seen it. We all felt that mini miracle. Let us know that the dreams Conceicao some specifics of our future with great precision. And as a dream group, we felt mysteriously acknowledged by the dreams and moved by the mystery of the event. The dream perfectly and playfully anticipated a unique accidental seating pattern many months before it happened. Now that's mysterious. Now here's a much more powerful example of a prophetic dream that I encountered in the fall of 1997. I was approached by an anxious young woman who worked at my health club, who had heard that I worked with dreams, she said she had dreamed something really disturbing, and she wanted some immediate help. She said, Quote, I sometimes have very vivid dreams. I always write them in my journal. Well, I had one last Saturday, August 30th that is blowing my mind in my dream. It's nighttime, and I see Princess Diana surrounded by a crowd of photographers to escape thumb, she climbs into a car whose driver speeds away and carloads of rowdy paparazzi chase after her, the princess's car races across town and enters a tunnel. As she comes out of the tunnel, her car crashes into the base of a clock tower and the princess's killed. I feel stunned and horrified to the dream. I look up the clock tower to see the clock hands, pointing to the time 12 24. Well, the very next night, 24 hours after I have this dream, Princess Diana was actually killed in real life, just like I dreamed it. And I read that it happened at exactly that time to the minute. How could that possibly happen? What does this mean? And a quote, I gently replied, Well, this dream communicates to things. For starters, won. The world clearly does not work the way were taught in school and to you have been chosen to experience this fact in a way you'll never forget. Such a dream is always a wake up call, and it may activate questions that you're drawn to investigate. But you do with this Discovery is up to you. It landed in your lap. You asked for it secretly, you had been reeling it in for months like a trapped fish. Most adults believe that it is impossible to glimpse the future, and they're dead wrong. Are waking. Self may know little about what's heading our way, but aren't dreaming. Self is full of four knowledge and often shares it. Dreams originate in a far greater consciousness than the waking ego who receives them, a place where apparent opposites form a complementary hole. Prophetic dreams, congee, Olt, any dreamer into a change of attitude and of burning interest in questions normally left to philosophers and mystics. Such dreams are too big for one brain and its current worldview to contain too big for the net. It loves you more than you love Hit from the Dream by Naomi She have night. 7. Prophetic Dreams: Abe Lincoln: hello. Modern society overlooks dreams as meaningless fantasies or random neurological discharge. Prophetic dreams destroy that argument, along with the belief that no one can foresee the future. Dreams come from the timeless side of our psyche or past, present and future co exist, and they regularly for shatter the future in two ways. Predictive dreams anticipate the trajectory of current events and picture likely outcome. If we're drinking too much, we might dream of ourselves in a symbolic gutter of our future discontent. Such dreams pretend a probable future to motivate us to prevent it. Mental health prevention arrives in our dreams far less frequent but far more challenging to our assumptions is the prophetic dream. They originate in a greater knowledge based in the human mind. Prophetic dreams often includes strikingly precise details of future events. My dream work clients had recorded many dreams, which symbolically anticipated the attacks of September 11th 2001 in New York City. Some of them had been dreamed up to a year before the event. Thes dreams predicted chaos, earthquakes and falling buildings, but were general and content. But prophetic dreams can contain a level of detail that's hard to explain. we discussed earlier a prophetic dream which specified to the minute the death of Princess Diana 24 hours in advance. I want to tell you about an amazing famous dream that has long been part of American history. This dream foretold the unexpected and shocking death of President Abraham Lincoln. He dreamed of his own death not long before he was going to be assassinated. He reported to a friend that he had a dream that had troubled him for days. Lincoln said he could not shake the melancholy it had induced in him. The report of Lincoln's prophetic dreams, recorded in recollections of Abraham Lincoln 18 47 to 18 85. About 10 days ago, I retired very late. I've been up waiting for important dispatches from the front could not have been long in bed when I fell into a slumber, for I was weary. I soon began to dream. There seemed to be a death light stillness about me. Then I heard subdued sobs as if a number of people were weeping. I thought I left my bed and wandered downstairs. There. The silence was broken by the same pitiful sobbing, but the Mourners were invisible. I went from room to room. No living person was in sight with the same mournful sounds of distress. Met me as I passed along. It was light in all the room. Every object was familiar to me. But where were all the people who were grieving as if their hearts would break? I was puzzled and alarm. What could be the meaning of all this? Determined to find the cause of a state of thing so mysterious and so shocking? I kept on until I arrived at the East Room, which I entered there I met with a sickening surprise. Before me was a catafalque on which rested a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. Around it were stationed soldiers who are acting his guards. And there was a throng of people, some gazing mournfully upon the corpse whose face was covered, others weeping pitifully. Who is dead in the White House? I demanded of one of the soldiers. The president was his answer. He was killed by an assassin. Yeah. Then came a loud burst of grief from the crowd, which awoke me from my dream. After President Lincoln's assassination, he was placed in a casket which was in fact put on a raised funeral platform or CATA folk in the East Room of the White House, where soldiers were in fact station to act as guards, according to his bodyguard, William H. Crook. On the day of the assassination, Lincoln told him that he had been having dreams about being assassinated for three straight nights. Crook advised Lincoln not to go to Forge theater that night, but Lincoln said he had promised his wife they would go. As Lincoln left for the theater, he said, Goodbye, crook. According to Crook. It was the first time that he neglected to say good night to me, and it was the only time that he ever said goodbye. I thought of it at that moment. And a few hours later, when the news flashed over Washington, that he had been shot, his last words were so burned into my being that they could never be for gotten just as President Abraham Lincoln's prophetic dream predicting his own death is burned into history . Dreams are far from being meaningless fantasies or random neurological discharge. Prophetic dreams proved the power and relevance of dreams, even as they challenge our assumptions about reality dreams constantly contribute to every aspect of culture and technology and art and literature and science and mental health and even prairie dog preservation. I think of dreams as direct communication with nature, with the source of our existence, the source of our intuition, our dreams. Guidice, grow us, enrich us and answer our questions. And on some occasions, they even prophetically predict tragedies or triumphs that air destined to change the world dreams have access to far greater knowledge than we do. 8. Some Dreams Save Lives: hello position. Larry Dossey, M. D. Has written that dreams air so powerful a predictor of physical disorders that in the future, medical doctors may risk medical malpractice if they fail to take the patient's dreams into account. How could dreams diagnose illness? Here's one theory. Quote. There are nerves coming to the brain from every part of the body, and they relay the signals of impending illness. That's the subconscious translates into dreams. All right, I support Jeremy Taylor's maxim. Every dream comes in the service of health and wholeness from my dream work practice. Let's look at the ultimate health dream, one that literally saves your life. This is the last dream a woman will call Janet recorded before she had a heart attack while driving. As my car approaches a stop sign, I see a small deer unsure if it's has been hit. I decide to stop and see were no more than six feet from the highway. The fawn is laying down heaving breaths. I have to choose whether to leave him in this dangerous place or take him. I choose to take him to a clinic just a short drive. From here. I'm tourney between keeping him in captivity but safe and letting him go to face his destiny, taking with him only my heart. One surprise of dream work is how many dreams anticipate waking life challenges and prepare us for them. This predictive dream foreshadow Jennette's upcoming heart attack without spelling it out and prepared her to survive it. Research studies show that practicing basketball free throws and your imagination can improve your skill. Justus Muchas actually shooting free throws. Rehearsals in imagination are very powerful, and in dreams we rehearse our upcoming roles. Exploring older Dreams highlights how often they anticipated upcoming challenges in this dream, Janet rehearsed one, interrupting her plans while driving to recognizing a medical crisis and three seeking immediate help, which is precisely what she did when it mattered. The dream rehearsal worked, and it's safe. Jennette's life. The dream shows her stopping as she approaches a stop sign in the waking world, approaching an actual stop sign. May of access this dream and symbolically speaking, what stronger stop signed does nature provide than a heart attack? Well, our dreamer, Janet loves animals and volunteers with animal rescue. In this dream, the animal kingdom repays her efforts. Ah wounded, little dear, so touches her heart that she stops to rescue it. In reality, Janet is the little deer who will soon need rescuing. This dream wisely activates her capacity for self care by calling up her devotion to animal care, taking do for yourself just what you do for other animals in need. I think this dream blazed a trail in greased the skids of neurological probability by rehearsing the correct responses in advance, making it easier when the crisis arose for her to conclude and then do the right thing. Normally you investigate a dream to discover a health message. But this dream state Jennette's life before it was ever worked on it did its job all by itself. Our dream work made sense of what happened after the fact, and we applied some of the symbolic lessons of the heart to the emotional level. But dreams do important work, whether you remember them or not. Adding conscious attention by exploring your dreams magnifies and extends their benefits. The phrase unsure if it has been hit might refer to being hit with a heart attack and being unsure how serious it is. When Janet first felt some unusual sensations. She dismissed them. She next thought quote, I don't have time for a heart attack. I promised to meet a co workers. Clients soon end quote When exploring the dream phrase, We are no more than six feet from the highway, Jennet speculated. Wow, maybe that's a reference to me being buried six feet under and nearly headed to the highway , meaning heaven In the dream, the fawn is laying down heaving breaths, which drew Jan its attention to the earliest symptom of her heart attack. Heaving breaths, which the dream associated with laying down and being rescued. Janet's dream pre rehearsed her only lifesaving choices when the time came. Thank heavens. Well, thank dreams. She did not have been in her dear self in the dangerous place called Seizure. Instead, she identified with the deer in her dream and had her daughter drive her to the nearest clinic for help. The Dream Front gets a good bill of health, as did Janet because of her rapid intervention. I think this dream saved Jan. It's life, yet it first viewing it would make no sense to most people. You can understand why people assume dreams are meaningless, but It's still ironic that while dreams are enriching and saving, our lives were busy devaluing and dismissing them, Einstein said. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift well. Jennette's dream ends. I am torn between keeping human captivity but safe and letting him go face his destiny, taking with him on Lee My heart, we all rely daily upon some mixture of a the seeming safety of rational plans and be non rational data from intuition, emotion and dreams. Do I listen or do I stay loyal to the plans in my head? Even when do the higher priorities, my heart is urging me to stop. Dreams are visionary dramas that often pre rehearse our roles in the waking world. All dreams enrich our lives. Some dreams even save them