Exploring Dreams: Pt 1 - Appreciating Dreams | Ron Masa | Skillshare

Exploring Dreams: Pt 1 - Appreciating Dreams

Ron Masa, Psychologist, Artist and Educator

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8 Videos (59m)
    • Introduction to Doctor Ron

    • Beyond Dream Dictionaries

    • Approaching Dreams

    • Dreams Contribute to Science

    • Dreams Contribute to Culture

    • Predictive & Prophetic: Princess Diana

    • Prophetic Dreams: Abe Lincoln

    • Some Dreams Save Lives


About This Class

“Last night, as I was sleeping,
I dreamt, marvelous illusion!
that I had a beehive
here inside my heart.

And the golden bees
were making white combs
and sweet honey
from my old failures.” (Antonio Machado)

Everybody dreams. You included. Modern culture ignores dreams but this visually-entertaining class shows you why not to! See how dreams contribute to every aspect of culture, technology, arts and more. Dream expert, Ron Masa, Ph.D., guides you through case studies and dreamlike sequences and lush visuals to an appreciation of the riches available in your dreams. 

This segment (Part 1) is NOT a class on How To Interpret your own dreams. 


1-Intro to Dreams
2-Beyond Dream Dictionaries
3-Approaching Dreams
4-Contributions to Science
5-Contributions to Culture
6-Prophetic Dreams: Princess Diana
7-Prophetic Dreams: Abraham Lincoln
8-Dreams Save Lives

Dreams have much in common with the unconscious wisdom accessed through the I Ching. Carl Jung was a master of both. You can view my class here:  How The I Ching Saved My Life: Meet Carl Jung's Favorite Oracle To Access Your Own Inner Wisdom





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Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist and Educator

Ron Masa, Ph.D. is a retired Jungian Psychologist and University Instructor who is also an artist. He has sculpted in stone and bronze and paints mostly in acrylics. Dr Masa has authored many articles and newspaper columns on Dreamwork and on the I Ching. He has taught at major universities and also studied with shamans from North and South America. He lives in the redwood forest near Santa Cruz, California with his sweetheart, fellow artist and educator, Debbie Hart. They love cats.

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