Exploring Curves in Photoshop - Part 3 | Marcin Mikus | Skillshare

Exploring Curves in Photoshop - Part 3

Marcin Mikus, Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

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5 Videos (29m)
    • Introduction to The Class

    • Precise Masking

    • Working with Channels

    • Working with Curves using Color Range

    • Working with Curves using Color Range Part 2


About This Class

Welcome in the thirst part of my class about most powerful adjustment layer in photoshop - curves, which are unbeeatable when it comes to adjusting, shadows, highlights, contrasts and are very powerful tool in color grading.

In this class We will develop working with masks on another level. You will learn how to mask shadows and highlights – to have even better control on colors of Your image. We will explore channels in photoshop, and how by using them as a masks, You can work with tones of You image and learn creative toning in Photoshop. 

This Part of the course will teach You how You can grade Your images on different level.





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Marcin Mikus

Retoucher and Photoshop Instructor

I'm open minded and creative Photoshop Instructor and interationaly published Professional Retoucher.  The area I'm interested in is photo retouching and photomanipulation. I believe that massive layers of imagination allows me to create interesting, nontrivial ideas.

I've been teaching Photoshop for the last seven years. I spend almost every day with photoshop and in time I was able to gain more and more knowledge about right ways of teaching Photoshop. After few years of teachin...

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