Exploring Colour : Create a Colour Inspiration Sketchbook and Explore Colour Trends | Claire Picard | Skillshare

Exploring Colour : Create a Colour Inspiration Sketchbook and Explore Colour Trends

Claire Picard, Illustrator

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12 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Introduction to Colour Journalling

    • 2. Why create a Colour Sketchbook/Journal?

    • 3. Where to look for colour

    • 4. Materials

    • 5. Getting Started and Building Colour Palettes

    • 6. Documenting Colour from an Era

    • 7. Documenting Colour from a Location

    • 8. Documenting Colour inspired by Art/Artists

    • 9. Documenting colour from a season

    • 10. Neutral Colour Palettes

    • 11. Colour palettes Going Forward

    • 12. Class Project and Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Learn how designer and illustrator Claire Picard, observes colour, and documents her inspiration in the form of a Colour Sketchbook/Journal. Learn step-by-step how to create novelty colour palettes for use in art and design work, and discover how colour trends grow.  

In Claire's second Skillshare class, she shares many tips from how to look for colour inspiration, through to spotting trend-forward colours and how they will develop in the future. As an artist, with a background in fashion and trends, Claire shares with you her method for creating an inspirational colour sketchbook, giving you a unique insight into seeking out trend forward colour combinations to use in your own work for maximum effect.You will have access to several colourboards compiled by Claire for your own personal use, as she guides you through this personal discovery of colour - a practice she believes every artist should experiment with. Would you like to know how to make your artwork pop and sing by using unique colour combinations? Do you want to develop your own personal colour style for your brand? Do you feel baffled and overwhelmed by traditional colour theory? Do you lack the confidence to develop you own colour palettes? If these are questions you often ask yourself, then this class is for you, whether you are just starting out, or a practicing designer/Illustrator in need of a hand grasping colour palettes.

"Please join me and come colour scavenging with me! Colour is a fascinating process and it’s creative study will leave you feeling confident to pick and choose colour for your art and designwork in the future."

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