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Explore the Universe through Astral Projection

teacher avatar Fernando Albert, Your daily dose of Light

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

32 Lessons (4h 15m)
    • 1. 1-Why is Astral Projection so awesome? Find out why you should take this course!

    • 2. 2-What is Astral Projection? What is the Astral Body?

    • 3. 3-Who can Astral Project?

    • 4. 4-Spiritual Benefits from Astral Projection.

    • 5. 5-Revoking fears and myths about Astral Projection.

    • 6. 6-Differences between Astral Projection and a Lucid Dream.

    • 7. 7-Set and settling play a key role. What you must do and what you should avoid.

    • 8. 8-Preparing your mind for Astral travel. What do you need to know?

    • 9. Ex-1: Getting your hands dirty!

    • 10. 9-A profoundly relaxed physical body is also a must. Prepare yourself!

    • 11. EX-2: Getting your hands dirty!

    • 12. 10-The importance of journaling and keeping track of progress.

    • 13. 11-Body asleep, mind awake. The Vibrational Stage. What should you do here? (Yo

    • 14. 12-Exiting the body. Exit point techniques for you to master.

    • 15. 13-Got a Lucid Dream? You can Astral Project from one!

    • 16. 14-You just left the body, now what?

    • 17. 15-What can I do? Where can I go?

    • 18. EX3-Getting your ASTRAL hands dirty!

    • 19. 16-How to reach an absolute point of bliss.

    • 20. 17-Re-enter your physical body with easy. This will enhance recall.

    • 21. 18-Take notes while it is still fresh!

    • 22. 19-Now is your turn to explore the Astral Realm!

    • 23. 20-Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    • 24. BONUS-2: My Astral trip to the Pleiades star system!

    • 25. BONUS:-2 Learn how to Lucid Dream now!

    • 26. EX-4: Getting your ... ??hands??? ... dirty!

    • 27. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 1.0

    • 28. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 2.0

    • 29. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 3.0

    • 30. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 4.0

    • 31. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 5.0

    • 32. How to meditate.

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About This Class

Do you want to Astral Project?

Do you want to visit your own Akashic Records?

Do you want to visit other worlds and meet amazing beings?

Do you want to leave your physical body and reach absolute bliss?

If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this course is for you. 

I am Fernando Albert, and I am a natural Astral Projectionist and Lucid Dreamer. I have been Lucid Dreaming and Astral Traveling consciously my entire life. Thanks to Astral Projection, I am who am I today! You will find out that I created this course from my personal experience. I am going to explain everything in a way you can relate to. I will be basing this entire course on my own experiences and learnings. Also, a lot of literature through books, discussion forums, and blogs way and giving it my personal touch.

During this course, you will learn all about Astral Projection:

  • The works of the Astral Body and the Astral Realm.

  • To debunk all unnecessary and mistaken myths about astral projection.

  • How to reach a profound state of mental and physical relaxation, required for Astral Projection.

  • How to exit your physical body will simple visualization techniques and without any additional aids.

  • I will share the wonders about astral projection, just in case you are still not convinced about traveling astrally.

This course is complete and direct. You will love this course. I can assure you. If you follow all the tips and bits of advice from this course, I can assure you; you will be astral traveling in no time.

The Astral Plane awaits! Get out of your body NOW!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. 1-Why is Astral Projection so awesome? Find out why you should take this course!: welcome to master production cars. So I see that you are interested in Astro creation. Well, my name is Fernando Elder than you know, astral projection has been for me. Awesome. In fact, I can tell you, this whole course is going to be done for my very own personal experience. Because have bean astral traveling on lucid, dreaming for my entire life. Before I even knew the meaning of these words with dreaminess a reaction. I already was ableto do it. I would believe he was something normal. Okay, But then many years ago, I started to find out about the research. I went to many workshops were with many people. And, you know, I have decided to convey to come up with this course because, Hey, do everything from my own experience. And many people haven't seen that they need to come up with this. Gordon's share everything based on my experience. And, you know, this is what I'm going to be doing in the scores. I'm going to be sharing everything race on my own research, my own findings on my own discovery. You know, I have a lot to share with you in these cars. I want to tell you a personal protection. It's going to open you amazing worlds. Amazing place of reality. And you're going to love so much toe assault travel unites going to expand years, pay 20 a lot. It's going to help you reach out many. They mentions many worlds, everything that brings you closer to astral projection. You're going to find it in this course. Okay. And also, I want to let you know that the score is going to grow as it becomes larger and more students join. I am going to invite you to ask me any questions for me here on, I will come up with bonus classes on even. I can share some of a journeys if you want. Andi. Well, you know. Yes. Go for it. Take. I look to the course. You're gonna love it. I am pretty sure of that. And you are going to be able to get out of your body on be traveling in the astral enough time. So joining 2. 2-What is Astral Projection? What is the Astral Body?: folks. So welcome to cast number two. And in this one, we're going to talk more in depth. About what? This extra protection. What is trouble? We a little lead all about it, you know, on day, first of what I could get started paying you ask her protection is something amazing. You know, I have been looking forward to this course for a very long time because I have been experiencing this on my young on their like super there like they have no words if you have experienced As for protection at the conscious level, at least once, you are going to be really amazed. I'm sure you are really amazed. And it's something you can remember with a huge amount of joy and our city things if you haven't yet experienced. As for protection, you know it. You can't imagine what you're missing. It's something really, really amazing. You know, astral projection is a higher state of consciousness there. Many different planes off existence on were also multi dimensional beings. Okay, We're not Yes, this physical body we have many more bodies we have for dream body. We have our astral. Really, We have her spiritual about the our mental Bobby Andi. It said that we have toe in Flint, amount off bodies in superior planes off existence okay by the astral body, it's precisely this period. It's what we would call the spirit. Okay, I like to call him. You will be a living ghost because you know masturbation. You will be like a ghost. Okay, But in the flesh, obviously, because you are going to be connected to your physical body through what's called a silver cord poking the sealer cordage something that isn't hands toe as that connects the physical body with the astral body. This is one of the main reasons that you can never get lost in Astro creation. Incent in next class. I can't go ahead and talk a little bit about the bank in some myths. And this is something I am going to be talking through the entire course because if something very important and you need to know that you should have no fear whatsoever about astral projection used half No, the house that something wrong can happen because nothing wrong can happen at all. It's impossible to get lost. It's impossible to get process. It's impossible to have about experience. Okay? It's very important. You realize that when you get to do astral projection at the conscious level, life is going to change for you. Okay, fear off. This will be gone because you're going to feel what if experience to be on the other side, you're going to feel how it feels to be in the other side. In fact, I can let you know that when you get better at astral projection, you will be able to connect with other spirits. You will be able to connect with loved ones who have crossed over. You'll be able to connect with your very own spirit guides, other angelic means you can even connect with. Why six touch arrestable things. Okay, The the astral realm, it's really populated. It's this year than the physical plane. It's really, really reached off consciousness of awareness. There many sentencings over there. Andi, when you get to us, her project with a positive buys on with a positive proton. Obviously, this is something I'm going to be teaching doing these cars. You're going to get to connect to these beings. Okay. In fact, you can travel also toe any places I will be sharing later in this course. But I can, you know, if I have reached the please. Okay, The star system. The pain is in about two seconds. If I would recall the astral projection and then it took me to get from here over there. It has been two or three seconds worth off. BDO recall. Okay, on. We're talking about 400 light years, which is about 800 continuing kilometers, which is a crazy amount. We're going to talk about that, and I probably will share a little with you guys about Major in a later class. Okay, But you can reach toe any place you decide here, whether it's here on the earth or in the cosmos in the university. Want to go to another benefit systems? You can. Okay. In fact, a ASAP reaction has been used a few decades ago by the military in the United States in order for a program toe, spy other countries and to do some sort of research. And I'm sure there is much more that we're aware about. Okay. And this is something we went toe touch base before you continue. And, you know, there is really nothing karmic that can happen to you in a lucid dream. Okay, but doing answer protection well, you can't do anything really wrong. It's important for it to be aware that using a sir protection with the Goto spy on other people or a spy on a specific room or, you know, to do something that you are not allowed to do it in waking life. It's not going to work either. You will be able to astral project with that intention, or you will get erratic information. Okay, This is the only warning Asper say I have that you need to go with both safe inventions, Barcia, migrations. And if you do, then you are going to get a lot out of each of your travels here. You're going to get a lot for you to be aware. You know, in the astral plane, we always navigate with the astral body, the astral body. Most of the times, we're going to see it as a reflection off ourselves. It's going to be this same. Okay. However, it's not always true. Most of the times you would be even aware you have a physical, okay? Because you will be pure consciousness is is very hard putting toe works. But you know, you can move at the speed of felt for an instance, something I will be explaining during the course as well. But, you know, everything is very easy in the astral plane. Everything yes, happens. It's a sec off, please. State of abundance is Think of joy. It's something that you've got a trunk, even if you have to ride lucid dreaming, which, by the way, also having course about it. Even here, the lucid dreaming you can find out astral projection is a whole new level on I truly recommended. It's going to change your life. It's fantastic, you know, there plenty of literature out there that you can find out that is a life changing experience on. In this course, you're going to truly be able to get to know everything. I'll astral travel of your astral body about how to get out, what to avoid to the bank. Only few years it's going to be fantastic, you know, on don't you know more about astral projection? I can let you know that you are going to be extremely joyful when you start getting out. You're going to get much more sp 12 benefits. I'm going to be talking out that then a few classes. Okay, But I can let you know that it's an amazing experience. And if you are here at this point, we sing to me. I'm pretty convinced that you're going to go with the course on Take it on, You're going to get a look out. So see you next class. 3. 3-Who can Astral Project?: Hey, folks. So welcome to lesson number three in the Astra friction course. Andi, I am very glad to see you guys. So in this lesson, I'm going to answer a question that I have received a lot of times in a personal email in community boards. Even here at you know me, I received this question before doing the scores. Okay, India, in the driving course. I mentioned without expropriation, and I think, asking a lot of times getting a side project. This is something that many people believe they can't. Maybe some people trying a few times doesn't work out. They give up believing they cannot assert project. Let me tell you something that's wrong. Okay? It's wrong. Everybody can actually project even animals do astral project. OK from the research of a few authors from books they have read one of them, Robert Wagner. If Emma was taken, did find one day in the Astra Room that there was the Silver court going all the way to the rocks house on. Guess who What has traveling Deduct Waas Having a blast? Probably so yes, you can see you know, even animals, Even our dogs are cats and probably every single living being is ableto astral project. Okay, so it's very important that you come to the realization that you two canister project. In fact, you already asked her project nightly. Okay, I might have briefly mentioning in the last lesson, but let me perform days now. Every single night we experience Ashley creation on I can let you know something that you will tell. Okay, this is it. Let me tell you something. I am sure you have a walk sometimes abruptly from men like you. Boom on the pillow. And you he week of like thes on the heart is pumping very hard on you are completely accelerated and looking around what's happening? And it seems that boom in your ear that you were hit with I don't know something masses on . Then you realize you were you had to sleep in. It's one of those falling dreams, the every popular they very common. Well, falling dream is not technically a dream. It may be some things, but most of the times it means on a brook return from the astral realm to your physical body. Maybe because a physical entity such as your Posner or an animal or you're k doesn't matter . Touches you. Or maybe because something astral touches you, you are instantly pulled back into your physical body thanks to you through the silver cord . Okay on, then, when you are not consciousness, then it happens. You feel the bang? Okay. If you happen to have a conscious, are so protection and you return to your body more abruptly, you're going to be a little more lost, Liam or confused. But not in the way that if you had lost consciousness but steel, where he went to get is the fact that you who has to project every night on I want you to really drill, led in your consciousness. You are able to astral project. You are able to astral project on the reason I see it this way. It's because they're more is cemented in your sub consciousness. The better. Okay, so for me as a teacher, I really want to bring this to you on make you understand that you indeed are able to astral project and you are able to learn how to our sir project consciously on. We felt the need off any aids. Okay, there Many external AIDS out there and even Dragsholm, Who knows what? Okay, that could help it to astral Project. But if you want to have the cleanest astral projections without any disruptions with the best vibrations, you know you are able to do it without any external eight. Other than using your mind, your heart on your soul, having a great desire on you know, obviously, this court is going to greatly help you out and even, you know, you can read extra books if you want this bite. I am covering everything here. Always extra information. Helped, like, really books on the topic. And I plan toe expand this course even more in the future. Okay, so you know everybody can you need actual project. The only thing you need is to have a mental and physical relaxation. That's all you need. Okay, there is a few kickers in the mechanics, and I will share those with you, obviously. But the true true jumpstart engine for this is written physical relaxation, mental relaxation remain that the sex for a while on. Then eventually you're going to get out of your body bone in no time. Okay? Without any AIDS with help anything you know, you only need dedication. You need to buy anything extra. You can help yourself with guided meditations, if you want or with whatever. But in the bottom, you need nothing at all. But yes, your focus, your the sire, on your dedication to our school project. So, as you can see, literally, every single person can actually protect. Unless in your religion, they forbid you toe astral travel. Then, unfortunately, if you desire to follow their teachings, then you won't be able to continue. But if that's not the case, there is nothing against that. In fact, let me tell you something. Even if you feel it connected with your religion, there is nothing wrong s spiritually about astral projection. You can only gain benefits from it. In fact, I am going to talk about that the next class. So why don't we go ahead and jump to it? Okay, So ceiling 4. 4-Spiritual Benefits from Astral Projection.: How are you doing, guys? I hope you're having a great time. And I truly hope that you are enjoying the scores. I want to take a moment to say I am more than welcome to receive suggestions to hear to your needs to your third. So if you have something to share with me something you would like to change something of your concerned. By all means, let me know. We re happy to clarify for you or to adjust the scores or create future bonus classes. You know, I'm very open for they love. So, yes. Should you miss a choking saying, if you have any vowed or something that it's not clear for you, I can carry fire. So Okay, make sure I want to make sure you know that. OK, so in this class, we're going to talk about the biggest benefits from astral projection because, you know, like everything this life, it has benefits. Okay? Sure. You can think Well, everything in this life has side effects. Well, maybe they only started figured it from here is that you're going to love so much the astral realm and you're going to the Sire. Toe visited more. But you know, as long as you become and escapist from physical life, which is very important to injurious will you can go there as much as you can on you know him. It's something that you can go through it. We gotta find do it many times, and then it will take a while. You don't go back. You know, it's something that it only can bring positive outcomes in your life. The 1st 1 fear to death. It's Riebel on any. Explain this to their many myths about death out there, sense to religion, you know. Mostly, we has developed a great fear to death at a global level. There is out off uncertainly about death, and these makes people very narrows. Well, let me tell you something. Someone who experiences astral projection looses their fear to death completely. Because when you get to the astral realm, you're going to see your physically right there. Okay, you're going to see it right down there on. You are going to feel Oh, wow, that's that's me. And then you're going to see yourself in a different body. They're going to see yourself fully conscious away from your physical body this right off the bat. Well, tell to your consciousness sub consciousness. Mind brain to your whole physical body to every single atom in your body. You will be told life continues upon this. You are able to exist. You are able to reason you are able to feel and in a huge way, this bank being in your physical body or not, you're going to be seeing your physical right next to you which, by the way, you want to get out of there where we could talk about it later. But that where you prevent premature oral returning. OK, but anyway, you're going to perceive that your physical body is right there next to you. So it's like you're going. It's like somehow you're going to be a ghost. A living host. Meaning you're going to experience death already. Not the process off dying. It's health. But you're going to know how it feels to be there. And you're going to see there is nothing wrong about it. Nothing to fear on its something wonderful. And definitely you're going to continue existing after death. There is no hell. There is no heaven. There is no like scientists say that there is nothing this upon death on we cease to become conscious. No, definitely. There is much more out there than all of that. Okay. And even want to revolve around the fear off death. Okay, so if you asked her prediction, you're going to see that death. It's gone, thanks to the awareness office. So this is another benefit you're going to get to know yourself. In your true essence, you can look at the mirror and say, Hate is me, or you can you know, You know, your personality, people that surround you, the life you have created. Okay, all of that is you. Yeah. Well, let me tell you all of that is not you who you are. You You are a soul having a human experience. But these is something temporal. It's something that will expire. This soul. It's something eternal. Andi, for some reason, you know, on day went to get into conspiracy. Shin's when we get into these, when we get into this life, we get to forget many aspects off our prayer lives or the time we spent a between lives. However, you know, and you're going to perceive you're going to perceive it when you get into the astral that you are going to remember who you are, actually, because it's always who you are, truly your whole existence. It's who you are. Actually, not this lifetime, that it's a split second in your whole journey. Okay, so you're going to see yourself. You're the two reflection off yourself it through aspect off yourself. It's hard with the words you have to experience okay by yourself. To perceive the most of it, you have to feel it. You have to sense it on. As soon as you get out of your physical body, you're going to be able to do so on. Why is that? When you get to the astral realm, your eagle disappears. There is no ego in the astral. You, the evil states with the physical body. So you see life. You see your whole existence assay eagle s spin area. You can see anything from your ego. You don't see anything from judgment from negativity. You see everything from the heart from the soul and the perception off life. It's very different. If you get to see people, you're connected with inertial form. You're going to connect with them at an even deeper level. Okay, so it is a very important benefit from astral projection. The fact that you get to know your soul and you get to see who you really are, that's crucial. And you could be thinking, Well, it we have to make a difference. Well, let me tell you, when you get to do these at a more deeper level, you're going to see how much of a difference it makes. So another benefit. It's a state of place that will last very long, sort often afterglow, especially on your very first experiences. But let me tell you, even when you're used to it and you get out more to the astral, you still are going to have a long lasting afterglow. Okay, you're going to feel some degree of three or some degree off excitement somebody off Julie , that it's going to amplify the passion in your heart to wait. Can't even imagine. I don't want to be redundant donating, saying that since class number ones are going to get into it, but that joy that you get from the astral realm you are going toe, bring it into your physical life, and you're going to have a much better behavior, your rent approach to life much more happy. You're going to be much more posses on, you know, like that, like attracts like So, as you're more positive and more vibrant, you're going to attract more, which reciprocal? It's going to make it easier. Frito US, A. Project toe have even better experiences. So a certified posse look again, you will get growing exponentially. Quite, quite fantastic. Okay, so more benefits about astral projection will. First of all, it expands your interest in your experiential awakening. If you're listening to the scores on you are, you are rectus fire. Chances are that you are in the process or you are already spiritually awakened. Well, when you get to astral Project, your awareness keeps expanding more, more and more on the more you are super checked, the more it continues to expand them or real decisions you make. You know what he's saying on planet Earth when you get to travel. I mean, you live three years in Germany. Three years in France, three years in in Colorado for year, seeing Mexico, you know, whatever you get, Weisser, because you get the culture of the people there. Well, this is similar. You know, You get travel here and there you get out of wisdom on your soul, expands and grows and your interesting Everything also expands and grows. So that's another very, very positive benefit. Okay, that you're going to get a lot of our now. Also, they're going to become more empathic. You're going to be aware more off the energies off other people that surround you. Okay. The energies of places that you go, even the energy off objects. Okay, so it's not only about gain and awesome having, but it's also the fact of expanding your awareness on your perception, but only the astral plane, but also in this plane in this one, too, because you're going to have all the senses expanded and thanks for expansion of your speed of your spirit. And then your heart chakra will also expand a lot. Then it's going to be easier for you to sense greater energies and sense extra feedback that we're constantly receiving that most people doesn't perceive. But it's they were feedback were receiving Samos petion, hearing everything OK, So as you can see, a you're also going to gain sharper Fair, I sharper empathy. Sharper, sensitive minutes. You're going to become much more sensitive, and this will help you greatly life. Okay, I'm additional benefit there. Quite a few, as you can see. And I'm only naming the main ones. You're going to discover many more. But, you know, the main ones are so many that they had to address all of them. You know, even if they accept the for longer class. But it's very important that you have this foundation. Okay, so you may receive teachings in the astral plane as well. You can go to your akashic records. Okay. The Akash records are the libraries off his soul. All our existence, every single experience, every single soul connection that we have had through our entire existence is recorded in the akashic records. Well, you can access them through astral projection as well. And you can see your very own Hall of records on Realize how it manifests for you. How the show to you on what type of information you receive. You know, it's something quite quite amazing on a very thrilling you know, if you get too when you get to us to protect more. And if you completely scores you are I invite you to check out the akashic record because you're going to be mine alone. You can get out of wisdom from there. Many of those spatial questions. What's my purpose? Why I'm here where I'm from, you know? Or whenever you feel drawn to ask what my connection with this person, you can get all of that feedback in the akashic records at the astral plane. You can also going with the spirit guides with angelic beings, extra Teresa buildings to receive more wisdom. That takes more practice. But you can get there. OK, on will last. But at least it also expands a Most of the upper trackers. Okay, it expands the heart chakra. It expected it could be the throw, but the so manage it expands. If there I and it expands the crown chakra. Okay, Especially the crown sugar. And then it focuses to expand food there. The eighth chakra. Okay, which, besides salmon shockers, we have a national for more on the ninth shocker. Eighth Shack raise the one that connects us with astral travel a lot. Okay, so you're going to get these that dimension are only a few off the benefits there, the main benefits. And, as you can see, the earthquake that look, I'm pretty sure you're very excited now. I hope so, because it's it's It's amazing. Okay, it's really amazing. So, you know, let's jump into next course I went to the bank. Some meat, some lies out. A soap reaction because lies meets andan. Necessary fears can ruin your whole acid trip. You know can ruin the possibility free to get out. So I went to make sure we covered those to get those out of the way and for you to be fully emerged into acid trouble. Okay, so see your express. 5. 5-Revoking fears and myths about Astral Projection.: Hey, folks, how are you? So another important casts something I really want to address and something I really want to get out of the way. You know, unfortunately, there are many means on saints out there that are wrong about Ashley creation there. Way too many saints have sleep paralysis about that transit state that you actually need to jump into the astral on many remorse about our separation itself that are not true. So I am going to talk about a few off them, OK, The main ones in order to be bank them and for you to understand that there is nothing wrong at all with astral travel. OK, so the first meet people say, Oh, you can get lost, you won't be able to return. That's a complete lie on absolute completely on ways there. As I mentioned to you in an earlier class, we are connected to our physical body through a silver cord. These seaver cord keeps the physical body connected to the astral body at all times. Even if we are sir, Project This connection remains riel. When that his connection in from this about this deceiver court sewers on. Then we are no longer connected on our physical body is left behind a restaurant. Bobby is the new main body we have because we have left our prayer life. But this wouldn't happen until your time off death. In fact, this cedar court, it's pretty much indestructible. Okay, on I had I can share with you guys really quick. One experience that they were extremely fire where I actually failed jolts on my silver cord because it was a physical body pulling me back when I was trying to go to a very high dimension. Okay, so even if you would try to go to the very edges off existence somehow you know the cock symbolically, you are able to reach so far that maybe your silver cord can't handle it. For whatever reasons, you know, it's pretty much unknown. But for the answer, I receive a higher vibration that it's different from the sea. Record a steal. The silver court will pull you back into your physical body. So this is why neither off the physical or the national body, maybe touch this means no possessions, no. A spirited get inside of, you know, one that can steal your energy. No, one can pick your life. Nothing can happen to your physical body. You can't get lost. Your astral body cannot get damage and you can get trap. You know all of those are complete lights. OK? What happens if let's say on astral entity off lower vibration tries to reach your physical body. As soon as that astral entity touches the physical body, you return to your physical with these sort off like a trigger. You cannot even stop it. OK, on sometimes is not an astral entity. But it's maybe your puppy or your cat or your partner that has touched you. Andi, they have ruined your arse. Appropriation. Yea, I got the locals cats, right? Well, you know it happens. The good thing of this court is that you can learn to get out as many times as you want, so it's a big deal. But as you can see even if you're can't touch is your leg asking for some love on? You are in the astro wheels where you are back in your body, my friend had you can't make anything about it. Okay, on neither blame the camp because a cat is full of unconditional love one in some of your love back. So even after the animal, and then try to astral travel again, OK, but it's important. You realize that their weight many triggers that if something physical or astral touches either our physical wrestle body boom, we're back. No choice. You can neither get lost. Okay, It's impossible to get lost. You know, I have this belief that the astral body has some sort of affair off a tank of gas. Okay, you go there with limited energy. This is why it's very important to practice and to develop the skill because the more you practice, the more you develop. You are going to be able to have a longer and more lasting us to travel, because when you get out off your physical body, you are going to have more energy. Your astral body, it's going to be a stronger on. You are going to be able to really move forward at a significant pace that we'll bring out of jury and passion your life. Okay, so definitely you have to be aware that even if you want to stay in the astral forever, you can't neither because when this energy runs out. You are right. You get to go back to your physical body. So you know you can't get lost neither. And if somehow you get lost, okay, that you're very far year by breaking very high on for some reason you don't understand where your physical love, the ease or you forget you have a physical body because that may happen. You can forget that he has a physically at all that will bring the highest state of police to you. It's a very positive thing. By no means is scary. Quite the contrary. If you would have any fear great to that, then you won't even be able to experience. That's why saying it's a beautiful experience. But even though you are for who knows, you know in that state of consciousness, when your energy rents out, the sliver court will pull you back into your physical body on you will be with your eyes open looking around or come back home. Okay, Good Weathers. What an awesome picture in his head, you know, and then you want to go ahead and write it down immediately. So as you can see, you know, lies, lies, lights. Now Another thing I have heard is that you should never travel in a straight line that if you travel in thick fat, sort of this traveling like this for the Asir plane that when they commit, made so much no sense to me that it's like, Wow, it is even a real thing or a joke. But it's something serious that many people believe it okay, from you can travel anyway. You when you travel with the speed of thought, you don't even to make any fort in the astral plane. So, yes, sink where you want to go and you get there. You know, probably when I went into the please, you might ask travel. I went in a straight line and hate. I am here to the even the scars. Nothing happened. You know, another lying inherit the step. It's something may happen to you. You know, if you're very far sort of extraterrestrial beings with technology or sort off, you know, celestial objects or Centene beings in the astral that could get on the way or could damage your physical body wrong. Even if you win in the most deadly neutron star or the black hole, nothing will happen to you. The worst thing that can happen is that you can freak out on in the split. Second, you freak out, you are going to be back in your physical body. Their separation would have ended on. You will be safe and sound back at home so she can see all these triggers will keep our consciousness also safe from harm ways. It is why it's impossible to have a major is scare in the astral plane or to encounter something scary or something we are not prepared for. Okay, that's why it will never, never happen. Okay, on one last thing I already mentioned, but they want to re mention it because he's a wordsmith off. In addition of a getting last one, it's not possessions of that Shields or the morning influences. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The Seaver court will not allow it to happen. Number one a number two, you're going to learn how to our circle. Check raising the reparations. I'm getting out with a positive buys because this is the way for you to get the most out of every single of your creations. So, learning to the wedding this way you are going to always by break at a much higher frequency on you will not even be able to find any of these fiends. Okay, you won't be able to find any challenges or anything scary. So it's very simple to Yes, protect yourself to a very positive place. So as you can see, nothing to fear about nothing. Negative is no getting lost in ovarian damage. You will always return to your physical body. And you can only gain benefits on positive wisdom out from this. Okay, so am next class. I'm also going to address another popular question I am getting a loan on. It's about the differences between astral projection and lucid dreaming. Okay, because their two estates off mind, they're awesome, but they're not the same. But we talk about that. The re next class. Okay, so see you then. 6. 6-Differences between Astral Projection and a Lucid Dream.: How are you? Well, we are getting into an interesting class. Okay, that came out from a question that once again I have been asking a lot of times. In fact, I have written a book entry about this very topic. OK, so it's something that definitely it's worth touching. I want to let you know that next class were already going to start talk out said setting. And how did it start to get out? A. A nice, But still I want to touch base on this class before we jump into the actual mechanics because that when you complete entirely your foundation in astral projection having a solid foundation, it's going to bring additional benefits to you. Great. Their amount of benefits that you're going to laugh in your life. Okay, so next ago, these differences First, this is a different within a separation and lucid dreaming. Okay, Sometimes people tends to confuse them, especially because they dream their astral travel. They can lucid dream, their astral traveling on. They can even you know the mind is amazing. How powerful he is on it has happened that some people has experience everything that you got experience in an appropriation. But in a Ruthie dream. Obviously some off the aspect of us help reaction. They were never felt on. If that person had the same experience in the astral realm, that person would be fair. Very well, and understand that the first experience was a dream. My, you know, this is very common. Okay, off the remain of her, sir protection or similar things like that. So, first of all, I want to let know the first main difference. It's that the lucid dream happens at a dream plane on the Astra. Creation happens at the astral plane. Okay, The dream plane. It's something that it's been created constantly by our mind with you half a dream body. Normally, it could appear the way they weigh our slow Clegg, but sometimes is different. In fact, there's a great reality check that will help you to see if you are tuning or not to look at your hand. Okay. And if you have more than five fingers or lays and five for some anomalies in your hand, you're going to notice your drinking. For some reason, our hands get distorted so much in lucid dreams. Okay, On that way, looking at their hand, We can perceive this change cocaine. However, in astral projection, you know you are in the astral plane And you I'm your astral body with you know, your astral body. It's either the same look as you are going to have seven fingers or or stuff like that. Okay? It's going to be us. You are. However, it feels to me that also it may be that you have no vote the adult in the astral plane that your pure consciousness Okay, maybe you feel or you believe you have a body. But maybe you feel that your Yes, I thought Okay. And you move us the fuck on that Something fantastic game that only fantastic that you will never find in dreams. That's how you can differ them. Okay, Because in dreams, in a lucid dream, if you want to fly, you have to jump. Maybe you have to flex your legs or start running or start jumping until you are able to fly. Obviously you are not going to get tied it because the dream body doesn't get tied. It however, it's still going to require some physically fort. If I told you now go ahead and do this crazy, difficult yoga position in your next Luthi dream. Trust me, you won't be able to do it. Maybe you can The fit Superman in a fist fight but doing a yoga position that you know how probably won't be able to do it when? Because, you know there is some degree of physical afford and it's very helping dreams to know how it was something in order to do it with more ease. Okay, maybe we don't know how come flying. Obviously we can. We can't. But you know, we know how to jam. We hope to run and we have way too many subconscious messages out from Superman and 100 million more movies where we can start Brendan into flying way we jump, we can flying. Or if we jump off from a skyscraper or a big height, we're going to find also, but we still have to flex our muscles have to make the Ford you know, half that in the extra planes. Quite the contrary in the actual plane, the only thing you need to go in trying to have the desire to do something. In my case, I had a desire to reach out to the please bomb. I'm there. Okay, this is how it works. You, for instance. You know, the share, different experience. I remember one of my earlier are so predictions. OK, once I realized I was made in my astral body, I started to float above town on. Then I started to this one I that they want to be in space on. Then it's like, somehow the town around me disappeared. Andi, the space do ok on a space drill. I was able to fully enjoy it. Okay, I was able to fully get the most out of it. Andi, From there I was able to visualize for protection and then protection would surround. Okay, Always a simple for protection is good, because anything can go wrong. But because your physical body and your sub consciousness will be happier. So if you are yourself in the astral plane, you want to be sore eyes a bubble off white light around you. This also will give you extra energy and will contribute for your preachers to last longer . But as you can see, it's all about thought about thinking and this hiring in the astral plane much, much easier. Okay, to move around in the astral. Also, I want to mention that the greater level of police on freedom and you feel industry creation has no difference with through the dreaming and pressure if you have experience with it dreaming that you know how thrilling and exciting ISS. But Astra breaks and makes lucid dreaming look like a joke. It's like a joke. OK, on. It's something that you need to keep in mind that when you get to Astral Project you have graduated in college, Ruthie. Three Mean is elementary school, okay? Both very worth it. But, you know, the actual travel can get you a lot farther. I'm a lot more very, very fantastic. Okay, something beautiful. Also, I want to mention to you you can do anything in dreams you want without any repercussion. There is no karma. There is. There is nothing because everything is the creation of your own mind on that enough existence. You know, since it's something you created your own, have any issues in doing something crazy? If you feel like in the astral room, it's like you can do other things, you know? But it feels to me that in the astral. If you go with back intentions on you trying to Spain, someone they try toe, you know, do something nasty. I believe it could even cause some karma. Maybe not some heavy karma. But there is some karma will prevent you from Assad traveling easier. Or will the layer progress? Or you will get us an experience that they would like, and it will be related to that. OK, but you know him pretty much. You can do anything wrong here it If you try, you could get some repercussions. Okay, So Miss People teachings that maybe a little tougher to learn or something. You're going to get something that something. When you do have in mind, you're going to get something. So it is when you can't go with negative inventors. If you go with negative intentions, you're going to be vibrating at a lower frequency on. Then it's when you can encounter with beings that are off lower vibration. Sure they can't do anything to you on you will return to your body. But, hey, why not getting the most out of your astral projection in the first? No. Great. So you know him very same. Also, some rules that applying dreams okay, and you can find more about it in manufacturing course. But there is especially one specific role methods about reading in lucid dreams you can drink, but in the astral plane you are able to read. So if you need to make sure to know where you are, trying to reach something will definitely help you. If you are not dreaming, you won't be able to read that it will read already. It would change or you'll wake up. If you have time to read in the astral plane, you will retrain like if you are awake. Okay, so it's something that also you want. Oh, give me my its kinetic more off a career city than anything else. Okay, on it feels to me also that the amount off please that you can get when you get to the Asher plane. It's quite amazing. And quite the young measure. Okay, Another difference that I can let you know. It's that a psychic medium. For an instance, it's able to see you in your ass. Trouble. If you are doing an extra creation on you get to see and the medium gets to see you. That medium will see. You know, it's a long story, but once when person are still projected to me on it was able to bust that person. He wasn't known in a negative way. It was positive on. Do you know the person was able to validate? You know something after that? Indeed I did. Best her. Okay, so that's another thing that in a lucid dream, you can't be blasted by a medium. They will see you sleeping. But if you're in your national body, a medium will be able to see you. Okay, this meeting will be able to see you. And, well, it would be sort of a connection. Andi, you know a mainly for me, These have the most important aspect. So Okay, there many more differences between lucid dreaming on astral projection, obviously their way to induce them. It's different. Even though there is an induction technique for with it remain at this precisely induction techniques for Arcelor creation, my other than that, you know, those feel like the three main differences. There are a few more out there. Okay. Such as the way of learning things, their way of receiving messages. Many more things. But, you know, these are the main things that I wanted you to have to have a thick foundation, which now you have. So now we're going to start jumping for the next lesson in how to make an appropriate set and settling in order to have everything toe have fantastic journey. Okay, so see, Annex class. 7. 7-Set and settling play a key role. What you must do and what you should avoid.: Hey, how are you guys getting excited now? Well, you should be, because we are about to jump finally in tow, fully Arsal, traveling and getting ready toe Get out of his body's as soon as you can. So in this course, we're going to talk about said and seven why this is so important. Wait plays a key role for you to have an appropriate 2nd 7 Also, I'm going to share with you the things that you need to promote and the things that you need to avoid. So it had started waste and said in its key, first of all, you know, Sensei's ki for pre much everything this life, how you said your office, how you said your bedroom, how you said your bath tub for relaxing times, everything they were You set up things. You are going to really perceive that it makes a huge difference in your travels to get started with, you need to make sure that wherever you decide to start astral in, you need to make sure that it's a place that gives you a parcel. Vibration gives you pasties energy. If you're a positive feeling in your body. Okay, you feel safe. You feel sound. You feel happy in that room for an instance? Maybe you want to assault project in the living room, but maybe you feel comfortable to us approach it in the reading room or in a bedroom. Or maybe in a comfy, reclaimed share that you have the ceiling room. You know, you never know. OK, but you need to make sure that the place you were at you feel comfortable with the actual room on. You feel comfortable with the actual place you are in? OK, do we nicely break streambeds? Something like I want to comment. If you don't have other oil, the option, then go for it. Okay? Or if it's 5 a.m. in the morning and you want to also travel, you can still go for it in bed, but if you can have a specific spot, a specific reclaimed chair or a specific place to lay down lesson manner, but you want to have a specific spot to be able to astral project. This is going to greatly benefit you on. Why is this? Well, you will create some sort off, you know, off a pre pre action behavior. Let's say that you want to get to project, you're going to start preparing yourself. Maybe you go to this different room and then it's like your sub consciousness and your physical body are thinking Okay, we're going here. This means it's time to our stripper check. So it's very important to follow all the steps on without you even noticing. Your physical body will start to get ready. We'll start to get prepared for astral projection. Okay, which is very, very positive because it is precisely what you need the most. The more prepared you are, the more positive tendency and willingness at your physical body and your mind hairs, the easier and the better are going to be your predictions. OK, so this is this is the most important step and, you know, innocent reaction. It plays a key role. Your vibrations, your energetic vibrations. This is why it's important the place you want to protect its cleans. It has parsley. Energy has partially vibrations. It gives you a good feeling. You know, you want to burn some incense before you ask the project. Or even better, you can smarts the room. You can grab yourself a bundle of sage okay, on you can smash the room, and this will dramatically raised the vibrations. The more vibrations, the better are going to be your projections, the longer they're going to last on the more wisdom on durian you're going to receive. So this is an important key. Also, to make sure that the room it's by breaking that very high frequency you also need to buy great at a very high frequency unit could be thrilled, but not very excited because going to relax. But you need to be very happy and could be joyful okay on you to be positive when you are jumping to it. Never. Please never make ourself creation like a chore When you were practicing, you know it's important to some, continues practice, but don't within a char way because it's going to the bank Your desired to project. You need to live. It's a hobby, something for fun. Be patient. If you take something to develop, that's fine. Every person takes their own path that it's important that you continue to have a genuine, beautiful desire to keep moving forward and never feel it like a chore. OK, very important. Another very important point is for you to have no fears at all. Okay, You have the prayer lesson for that. So if you are unsure, still refer to that question or connect with me. Send me a message and I will Very happy to play five for you. You also need to make sure you're not disturb, especially at first. Because if not, it can be very frustrating. So don't share with animals. This place were living. You're going to ask the project again if you and half other choice Well, you have the way. But if you have the choice he's bear to avoid Okay, Is this this is important for you to become aware now? What about what I was mentioning in your bed. You know you can still project from your bed. But if you get to us we project from some place else it's much better. Why do you need to make sure? Is that you want to 1/2 a journal next to you? If you plan to us to protect in bed or us liberal, check in the middle of the night, then have a journal right next to you on your night table. But you want to go ahead on whether you're super check if it's not your bed you want toe. Take the note that with you, put it next to you where it's handy for when your feelings your astrologer, you can come back and write it down as soon as possible. So you have forget any details from it. Okay, so journey right after. It's very important. We're going to talk about that later. But Connecticut wanted to mention it in these in this class in Sicily. The farm off, getting ready and getting started now and Ivan recommend candles. You know he liked candles. You can have them, but they only receive them. Recommended me sleep because they are a hazard. Okay, they are in office, has certain and Canucks would not provide anything. Bositis, energetically speaking, if you enjoy the right of candles and it's something that makes you happy and maybe it feels good for you, toe. Make it the militant candlelight before a soap reaction. Then fantastic places the candles, asan, additional aid or as an additional excuse for your physically to go in motion to astral project. But make sure that the naked flames are safe. Please okay? Because you can be. It's something that you are very deep into your arse appropriation journey that you are very disconnected from this plane and you can be entrance for, you know, a or B more difficult toe snap out of it. So it's important toe have proper safety first. Okay, If you want to have some Asian AIDS, you want to go ahead and help yourself from crystals, especially quartz in any verity are great. Okay, Tigers I It's also great. A Metis is also great. A others like him untied. Maybe you want to avoid those that are very grounding. You want to avoid those, but though that they're very connected with the upper shack Ra's on, Do you know, focus on Clinton and protection. You want to grab those on? You don't have to Anything. You can have them laying around in the room. Or you can yes, you know, have in your pocket as it feels proper to you. That's the king. How it feels with for you. Okay, so you know also, it's good toe. Make a some relaxing time before him. Especially at first. You get a point that you will say okay, and glass the project on, then you sitting that share boom, You project nephew seconds. However, at fairs he takes some time. And, you know, for some people, it's more difficult to relax, So it's good to a certain off a ritual first, okay, would recommend here for an instance for you to get a warm bath or a warm shower before you actually project. I in fact, recommend you to grab yourself a specific soap, and it's very different from the soap you use every day intended only for a separate action . Why? Because your programming your consciousness that every time you use the soap on you smell it. You are going to actual project. So once again, it puts your physical body in motion. It starts to set them with. You need to set the mood for everything, even for astral travel on. This is definitely going to set the mood for you. And if you let me ritualistic way and you a few things, take a shower me, you can drink 50. You can base much there with some sage. You can do a five minutes really made patient. All of those are going toe promote very possibly your protection because it's preparation that you are doing. And it's some sort of ritualistic preparation, and that always becomes highly rewarded. Okay on. Well, last won. At least make sure that he was not very tight it or in a full stomach. When you're tempted, project all the ways you will not be able to get out on a few managed to get out. It will be assert projection with low quality. But if your physical is very tired or your stomach is very full, you just want to avoid trying to ASAP reaction because he will be very, very difficult. OK, on the same thing goes, Don't attempt to it right before you go to bed. Neither, Okay, because these states your physical well, it's going to take a great deal of time to relax, and you can do it better later in the morning. Okay, so well, that's it for this happen setting now in Lex. Listen, we're going to get started with the relaxations on Ben pair process off mental relaxation as well as a great exercise that will help you out to make it. Okay, so see, X class 8. 8-Preparing your mind for Astral travel. What do you need to know?: Hey, folks, how are you doing? So game or excited as we get deeper into astral projection? Well, now we're going to get to them. Most important part for me. No, the whole process, but in the person's off relaxing and getting ready to jump into the astral realm. Okay, Because, as you know, the purpose off this class is to reach a very deep level off mental relaxation for you to learn how to reach this level of mental relaxation. It is something extremely crucial for us of travel, OK, in ways that you know, even to have a complete silent mind on a completely relaxed body in order for you to be able to get out of your body. Okay, Without it, it won't work. If you have this in mind, you won't get out. If you are feeling your physical body all the time, you won't get out, you know? So I want to dedicate to lessons for its on. This lesson is about mental relaxation. Okay. And it's not only about the greatest investor protection and on working to these towards extra protection. Obviously that's the purpose of the scars. But, you know, I want to mention to you that when I'm about to teach you, it's something that you can apply it in your life for many things, and it's going to bring so many benefits that you're going to be around. And this is for you to learn how to be in a silent estate. Okay, How to reach science and how toe declare your mind from so much steamy. Okay, we are constantly every day after they bombarded by constant steam early. We are owned by the electrics. They don't own us, we don't own them. They almost own us because we're constantly on their return ex all day long, you know, and it's important to know how toe cut off from that a little bit. In order for your mind to get more relaxed, more silent, and for you to be able to control and use your mind in a much better way, it is crucial. Okay, I'm going to share with you. I was trying to show we don't exercise, but I feel drunk now to share with you. Something else fares, and it's a piece of fact bytes. OK, it's something that I love to move in. Doing it for many years on. I have to say that it has enhanced my astral reactions even though it has not matched on What is this about this out? Finally finding silent times during the day. Okay, especially at night, Last moment in the night. Feist, immunity for going to bed. I have got used to seat into introspection on go on, analyze my whole day Everything they have done, how it went. What did they do wrong? You know, this helps my mind to get clarity from the very and helps me to realize, you know those maybe listen perfect things that could have gone or the opposite the great things I could have to and feeling happy on rewarded about it. You know, on when you get used to talk with yourself with your mind every single day, you are going to get much more in tune with your mind. You're not going toe half that mostly pirate constantly a jam in your mind. You're going tohave that worry nous you will decrease your level off Wariner's You would decrease, you know, oldie griffin shiny because you're going to be much more in control off yourselves. So it is the first thing that you need to go. Okay. Need to start to regain control of your mind and being able to have a little more from main food. So if you're a person with a very busy head without brain going at a 1000 MPH constantly, you need to slow it down a little. The findings of silence and you know he will help you out. I have created another car school path to success that I talk a lot about this. Maybe you want to check it out. Okay. But you know, a industry production, it will also make you a great benefit. Because once you are able tohave another control over your mind, you are going to realize that the next exercise America share is going to be much much this year. Okay, on. You know what sort of exercise will you know? This guy over here, you know, posted. I'm sure everybody knows these dyes. Well, this is going to be your best friend for the next three weeks. How well, for this exercise, at least you want to spend some quiet time with these guys Were here for at least you know , 5 10 minutes away. Okay, on this is a progressive exercise. Everybody goes in their own pace As you go through your own page. You can move forward with this again. What? You need to go in this exercise. At first you need to find a blank wall. Okay? You need to make sure that you find a black wool where you are able to only place the poster, something that you will see Boom. Like this. You will see a blank wall, and then you will see this posted. That's all you will see. Then you know you would have in front of you a big white wool and posted. Now it's for you to focus to think about it posted. Okay, This is why it first to get value of practice with introspection. Because then you will complete these exercises much faster. You need to master this exercise in order to astral project. Okay, so the first face, it's in four faces. Okay, First face, it's for you to sit five minutes in front of the world on its stare at your posted. And you want to think you want to constantly be thinking OK? Either want to be saving silence. You don't want to Gates the posted? Not yet. You need to analyze. Look close. And it What? Shaped hats? What color it has? Is it a hosted or is a different brand? And what is supposed Teoh coming from paper? This rise, how it feels. You can visualize how it looks in front of the world. Make sure you can have plenty of thoughts, but Veasley could be only about the post it very important. This way we'll get your mind trained. Tau Bay focused on only one point. OK, on this is good in expropriation for some exit techniques, but it's also good in the progression off silence in your mind? No. Do you want to try this? Okay. For 15 minutes a day you're going to comment Discount fares with bigger and thoughts. Maybe you are exposed to this year low. It's paper and got the papers from Germany for God. Old year. Okay, then you notice that you have went away from most it, then? Okay, Think yourself and then go back again, focusing your post. Okay, once more to post this back. Okay, Here is. He said back now you can do it two more times because you want to exhaust your mind neither . So you went. Then again, we go to your posted focus. Um, it Andi start. I'm a license. When your mind puts a big foot once more, they got the breath stopped and do it 1/3 time. When 1/3 time, your mind could suffer. Then stop. This isn't far away. Feeling okay? Very important. And then you continuously thank yourselves for recession, for the dedication you have. They Even if it took very seconds. 20 seconds, she doesn't matter. You know you're going to get better day after they on you Get to a point that you can stare the posted for 5 10 minutes, Aunt, think only about the post. Fantastic. Now it's time to go to the second face in the second face. We're still going to What's her friend? More like you know, gacey. And this is where it ends. My gods, you know, just do you want to have the voters of your world. But instead of constantly questioning the existence of the posted itself, you won't be Yes. Go ahead on. Gay said okay. If you have bigger and thought in your mind about the post it That's fine. My don't focus on them. OK, you can have in the air K and you can continue gazing at the poster. But you should not analyze if you find yourself in a lesson that posted He doesn't count us whenever you can continue. But still you want to get very involved once again If you get distracted, they are the thoughts. Then you need to go the break. We'll start again and after three trains you stop. Okay? This is very important that human over toe. Then her very good friend here starts to vanish away on its about the third phase, you're going to be staring at your world with no post. But you can imagine the post it is there. I want you to actually look at the world on. Imagine the post that you know I am not holding the post that trust me. I am not holding it. My canIs empty this solution. But you have to see it in your mind. Okay. We have to imagine that the posted east on the world without having the posting there. Don't analyze the posted. Yes. Imagine that they're supposed to projected in the world. This will keep your mind lock toe one thought only, which is a projected reality off posted on a blank wall. The post. It is no longer in there. Once again, try it for five minutes on. When you after several dates, you got to stare at it during five minutes without losing the project off the post it sells , you can go to the final things and then you're very much ready. And what's if Weiner's face about? Well, once again, you have to stare your world, but don't even imagine. Don't even imagine the post neither analyze the world. Okay, Adam, be thinking. Are painting of the world or the construction of your home? No, you stare at the wall, but don't focus on anything at all. On trust, we do it to this stage. You are going to be able in one or two weeks, have your mind completely empty of thirds for several minutes and this is a requirement for you to be able to astral project. If not, you would be able extremely important. Please don't rush these exercise. Okay? Don't rush it because it will pay off later if you would properly. Okay, you need to be 5 10 minutes without any degree of thoughts, because the goal is to go ahead, close the eyes and have no photo, okay? And yes, that science was on purpose. You know, Andi, when you do in that silence, they worse. But for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, if you can. Because you can reach trance in a very, very deep level. Okay? And actually, you know, the more you do it, the stronger your mind will get on. This will not only benefit investor protection. We will also benefit in your endeavours off every day. It will benefit in your job. In your connections with others. You're going to have better eloquence, more self expression, because your mind is going to be clear of thugs. So this is why this excellent is extremely awesome, but only for a split reaction. But for everything else in life. Okay, on you know him. You really going to Christ years you're going to crave silence is going to get to a moment that he will create the silence. When you get to that, it's pretty much you. If you are able toe, relax your body, then you will have a direction like this. Like with no effort. Bomb Europe. Okay, so now you know what to do with your mind. You definitely have some work to them now. So, you know, get started with your world and your posted and you will see how fast you problems. But don't rush things, okay? You if you want, you can go through an X lesson and learn the body relaxation. And you even can combine both off. Ember your sleep dedicate quality on unconditional time. Toe each of these. OK, so don't use all the posted exercises for your body training. But do it may also sometimes only for your mind. Okay, so you get struck it, especially at first. When you are in phase three or so. Then you can start combining that with relaxation of you. Okay, so we have been said. See, annex class 9. Ex-1: Getting your hands dirty!: folks. Time to get your hands, Steri. So we've been talking about the importance off silencing our mind. Essential if you want to us or travel. So for you to get started untried to get in motion with this, I want you to reach this goal. I want you to be able to a stay one minute in complete silence on with complete silence. I mean, no thoughts in your mind. In other words, to accomplish this exercise, you have to get to face for in the post exercise stare at your wool No posted at all and neither imagining that there is a posted or anything else. Yes, a blank will a blank mind. One minute you do it. You have accomplices exercise good job, keep expanding to be able to do it for a longer, which is what will help you the most. Forest travel. So let's be Let's see how it goes. Go for it 10. 9-A profoundly relaxed physical body is also a must. Prepare yourself!: Hey, folks. So are you guys getting started in working those minds? How is it posted? Exercise. You know, you can very well let me know if you have any struggle with that exercise. But, you know, it's very simple. It's pretty much about working it out yourself. Okay, It's I would exercise to practise, and you're going to be loving it more and more as time goes. So in this lesson, we're going to talk about the other half off our path toe get started in astral travel on that is reaching a complete relaxation on our physical long. Okay, Because without a relaxed physical body, you won't be able to get out at all. Never, ever. You know, I've been telling you in prayer lessons that when you get to astral Project, when you get to think of your body or even when you feel your body, you immediately are going to come back to the physical plane. Okay, So how come you're going to leave your body if you're constantly feeling it? You want to leave your body, don't you? Well, here to forget their bodies, their period, you forget it's there. When you reached, we must mine Silence situation on your mind is completely relaxed. Then obviously, you are going to be able tow perceive that no estimate is distracting you all. You need two weeks to get your body to sweep on. Then you're going to be done. But obviously you don't want to fall asleep yourself. Your mind doesn't want to fall asleep because if you fall asleep, it's like going to sleep here. Well, it will relax than your Molly will relax. But if you keep your mind completely relaxed but you can focus on his sleeping mat relaxing your body guess what you have the formula you need for extra protection on. We're going to be talking about that next face in a couple lessons. Okay, because next lesson, I went toe touch space once more. The importance off journaling OK, that we have the three foundations of fast rope reaction which days? Silent mine relaxed physical body Onda Proper journal. In with that, you are going to get in and out the astral plane like you get in and out your bathroom. Okay, so it's very important toe make sure. Okay. And let me recap this before I go deeper, but when you get to us, we project you and have a very tired physical. Bob. You know, when you get home and giving, working all day, even grind up and down that you are tided. But you feel your body. It's like Steve like heavy. You know, maybe nothing harms me, giving Europe in pain. But steal your boy feels very heavy. Very like balky. You know, when you're feeling this way, you don't want toe actually project OK? Because you're going to be able to project in the state. Maybe if you were setting yourself to us a project can you had to work a lot and he was impaired. Well, you know what? We took out seven. Setting in a prayer. Listen, you can go ahead, take a warm shower. You know, you see a specific soap, so you get that Bannon chairs and everything. Use that soap. We'll remind you first reaction, but get a warm bath and allow the physical body to get relaxed. Okay, Because these physical tightness with a warm bath, it will go away. You need to have your body relax, not tied it. Because if your physical body is tied, it your muscles minor. Be relax. In fact, when the physical is very tired and chances are that your muscles are Steve, are it stressed? You know it's not good. It's a good state. So if you feel you're super tight ID even after your shower, then what, you need to do its unity. Yes, call it a night and don't ask for a project that time. You have plenty of things to us, a project for the rest of your life. You know it's free, so you can do it as much as you want. You know, there's another thing that can get a little on the way in terms of national reaction, that physical pain, you know, paint some banks is a nonsense. It's important toe learn toe, at least in mine. It's your pain at some degree. Okay, on. I'm going to get into that because that's completely away from the scars. But it's important, you know that if you have a degree of pain or a chronic pain or something that you get to know your pain, better for you to know the best moment free to protect the words on even what natural remedies you can do yourself to help yourself pain. Okay, I'm promote yourself to be able to take control of your body because unfortunately, if you're in pain, you cannot forget our your body because you're going to be no snipping on one last may want to mention it's that make sure even if you're feeling rested even if you're feeling okay even want to go on attempt are self creation right before going to sleep. Because even though you don't feel it, your physical well is going to be tied It okay, Dan it from the day and your mind will start cleans itself and you can spend way too long Workmen relaxation to reach to nothing or to reach to a very you know is short. Maybe acri Astra Reaction. OK, the best time, in fact, Wasser Project. It's when you wake Cabot five or 6 a.m. in the morning. That's a good time to wake up on game in tow us a project or during the morning. Let's say we'll even have to work until four o'clock on its 12. Well, you feel reliance. You feel you feel happy you can lead down and try to us the project. Okay, It's a good time. Also at the more they goes into the evening on, the more tired you get. You want to make sure that you don't push your physical body to match, okay? Because you're going to put weight much fourth for little to no result. Okay? No. First of all, there is initially for assault creation. What is most recommended? It's the 60 point, the 61 point relaxation, which is about focusing on 61 points on your physical body on base. Realizing these going into relaxation on becoming light. This is a very fantastic technique, but it's really honest, very serious. Most books are asleep. Reaction recommend the 61 point a exercise. Okay, but I don't recommend it. Well, I will either recommend it, but, you know, I don't recommend it because of the time it requires I shared with you. The scotus made on my own experience, and, you know, I have found things that work best. That rather than the 61 point relaxation. Okay, you can find, you know, if you look up in Google 61 point relaxation, you can find planning. Okay on. You know, I feel that it's something that if you want to practice, go for it. But I don't think grooving it in these cars because it doesn't really resonate with you know what? Address mint with me. It's a combination off focusing on different parts off the body on Breen. Okay, This is the technique I used. Andi, I have to let you know something right now with a feel the breath. I can relax. My whole body all at once on DSI is to feel it. In fact, us. We're speaking right now. You know, I can focus on my legs and feel them gone. And right now, So I'm speaking. I feel that the legs are, like, almost ghostly. Okay, So as you can see, you know anything we're going to tell you, you will be able to control the perception of your physical body on the key will be to Yes , it's tough feeling your entire body. And then from there you already will. Will be ready. Okay. Will be, then mentally relax and physically relax. So what you have to do What? What do I do in this technique? Well, first of all, I like toe, you know, in my case, in the reclaimed share I have. Okay, I like toe layover, train chair, and then I stretch properly on the arms. You know everything really? Stretch the legs. You know that something when you're stress, you feel that if you stretch too much, you are going to pull your muscle. Well, either one you to pull your muscle place. If you pull it, you'll ruin a whole week of us travels because it's her brother in pain. But you want to reached almost pulling your martial. Okay? Don't risk it. But you know, there is a little plateau where it feels great, okay to straits. But if you push it a tiny bit more, you pull your muscle. That's the kicker. Okay, so they get to the point where you feel great. Okay, so let's say it's focused first on that for the whole body. Okay, You focus on that. Well, you simply breathe. You know that one or two minutes toe. Visualize that your body is relaxing, its getting warmer, or it's getting cooler in case your call of your heart. You know you want to despise that. Wherever feels as relaxing to you. You want to visualize it like a world water or maybe could recently phase, you know, independents. But it's important that you trying to focus on might realize some degree off wellness and, you know, feeling good. Then you want to take a deep breath looking on as you exhale. You want to visualize that your body leads. Your body is letting go off all the strays, all the sleeve muscles, everything. Now, at this point, you are going to feel yourself already much more relaxed. Maybe your heart will be relaxed already on your really most likely also will be relaxed. Then you want to start visualising the main parts of the body on their way to appease defeat, then the lower leg, then the upper lack, then the heats than the lower back, then the upper back. Okay, But the upper back alone No, the whole thing. Then they focus on the chest area. Then I focus on the neck area, OK, very important. And it focused on the arms, upper arms fares, lower arms, then hands both hands on. Then you know, once again a little more on the upper neck and then on the face, okay. And the mom, they only matter from the face on, you know, for each of these. Okay, by the way, the one feet at a time. One arm at a time. You know, Irish double units within one time. On what I want you to do, each to focus. Let's start on the feet. For instance. I want you to focus on your feet on one of them here on your left foot, and you take a very deep breath, okay? And as you exhale, I want you to visualize that as you exhale defeat, the food starts to disappear. OK, so you like. And now it's the fingers. Get rid of 15 years and you complete your exhale. And you can visualize that that food has disappeared. Like if you didn't have that foot, then do the same for the upper for the lower leg, then for the upper leg, and then go to your to your right foot. Okay. For each one you want to take out the breathless you exhale this well, I signet banishing and between is be swell. I snipped, getting very relaxed. Okay. Once you are able to lose with your whole body, you would have to spend maybe a good. 10 12 minutes on. You have gave yourself a wonderful gift to your physical. Whether because meditation has so many benefits is unbelievable on Do you know your body is getting really in the mood toe for yourself to get out, you know, So you know, if this is important, you know, you get this disposition when you feelings with your entire physical body, I want you to go ahead and imagine that as you are laying down or seeing down whatever that you are melting. Okay? It's like somehow you imagine that you are melting when you get more used to relax your physical body. You can make the milking before decision right off the bat on. You can get there almost immediately. Okay. And then another thing for you to help yourself, you know, as a definitive and body relaxation way. Okay, he's more advance, but it's it's much more faster. You know, it's yes. Buswell icing. You know that your physical body is completely melted, Assayas told you. Okay, but then I want you to While you visualize that I want you to focus on your fair. I right here and you can touch yourself or do something like this is scratch a little your head like these on, you know, or you have bean shaped like this. And then right now, I can still feel it because I pinch myself a little and you know, a person, it persists, so they're not. First you can do that if it's hard for you to keep your focus. But at some point, you will be able to keep your focus understeer. I you know, And then you want to take deep breaths on Lee. And for every deep breath, you imagine that your body males more on more on more about your perception, wherever you are feeling, it's only centered in your Sarai. OK, it's the only place is centered, and you are going to be able to focus This way you will be ableto being in a completely stake of physical relaxation. So if he hasn't this well, now you are able to send your mind on to relax your physical body. So we missing number three, which is next lesson journal. You know, on preparing a foundation for you Do boom, Get out. You're going to have everything you need after next lesson, then you're going to have the next states. They accept techniques on a few will get a few more things that are going to be very cool to discuss about. OK, so let's go for it. 11. EX-2: Getting your hands dirty!: Thank you. Get your hands staring. What's more on for these exercises about the physical relaxation as we have in talking physical relaxation is essential for you to astral travel. And you know, this is about progressive crackles. The all for this exercise is for you to reach a level off deep relaxation. Okay, for at least five minutes on. Do you will know in this exercise accomplishes because you're going to feel like your body is very energized, almost like if you were about to buy great or review fruits to vibrations. Mersing, you have human which further but 22 accomplices exercise union sneak to reach to a state where you find yourself. But as you come out from meditation, you feel your body very energized, very relaxed, but also very energized. This is going to happen naturally, so you will know it when it happens. OK, so let's get busy 12. 10-The importance of journaling and keeping track of progress.: way hay hooks. So third lesson for the three foundations of faster protection would seize the importance of journaling and keeping track of your progress. This is something crucial, very important. And, well, you could steal astral project If you really do this. If you want to extend yourself progress in proof get day after they better at mirror ASAP reactions, then we definitely want to a start journal. You know, my first piece of advice is for you to find yourself a astral journal. Okay, find yourself a notebook. A note pad, you know, But so then becomes right. I you know, like, well, for every dream I recommend boys record there's or even using your phone. You know, for these I want you to make it a little more ritualistic for your physical ability to perceive that the whole asset creation thing, it's something very different. So you went toe having paper a paper journal? Go yourself to the library and buy yourself a beautiful dream. A national journal sign any note pad that it draws your attention. It makes you feel good. Okay, on by it. Okay, grab it because you are going to seem that it's going to make a big difference having Okay , So why is this a mask? Because you're going to be able to track your progress, your accomplishments, your roadblocks on also, it's very good, because if you have a drink, a national journal, you are going toe being ableto check back on your journeys on these will help you not only feel this full fear have because you will remember your astral treat, but also because they're going to bathe years of consciousness with more astral information . This is another key point. OK, even though you're able to relax your mind and relax your physical body. If your sub consciousness is more aware about astral projection, then you are going to feel and realize that it indeed makes a difference. Toe. Nurture yourself with our soap reaction material. You can read things online. You can read many books, but the best thing you can ever read easier is your astral journal on. If you get toe right, several of your trip's you can have a blast really number. You're going to remember them with great joint and almost you're going to release them. Okay, it's quite fantastic, but you know that's not the only reason, because here you are also going toe. Be ableto keep track of everything. But you definitely don't want to forget your astral Juries. Otherwise, what's the point? Even when you come back from your body and you feel Gosh, I'm going to remember these. It was amazing, you know, Will, you could you could remember it for your empire lies. But in order for that to happen, you need to write it down. And why is that? Because I believe you know in my own believes that things the astral happens at the soul. The brain doesn't store the information that you have received, so it will get deleted. It's like there's an emperor memory. Okay, this is why you need to start with, right? Right? Nick Smith, you come back from the astral. In fact, they're going to find yourself office As you journey more on as you write down many more notes, you are going to recall more from your journeys. Ok, but don't me this Eve, even if you feel gosh, I will never remember these. Forget these. It's it's so are some. No. Write it down because you will forget. Don't be the C V will always forget. Maybe it can happen that you had a blast on. You can't remember much steel, for what you can remember is only a sliver off the whole experience. So it's a steal A little, you know, saying because you have lost a huge amount of valuable on jail information. OK, so this would be your main goal because you're going to bring development more awareness, and you're going to have something to check back with, which will reciprocally improve you for future astral travels. Okay, so and you know, another recently This is very important for data progress. Have things that are important to know, You know, there is no, there is not a way for me to tell you the scores you're going to encounter these this way these away. These are the way these away. No, it will not work that way. Okay, because it's person is different and it's person is unique, and you will have your very own progress on If I would try to compare it against mine, where it's another stealing, it's that it's bad, you know? It's bad. I'm stepping up. Good. But you know, for you to know you're weaker points. You're stronger points the times off the vein us to protect better the time. So they use the project worse. Or maybe even you can take some keynotes in terms of Well, they I did work, had a great time on. Then you write down your actual creation or today I didn't work. But it was a difficult day. Or could they alien work? And he had a blast at the beach with my kids. You know, we can say many things. You can see many things, and you can really move forward in that in that aspect. And that visualization, because when you write down, you take note off all of those little aspects. You're going to come with a very solid foundation. You know that you have self studied yourself, and then you will be able to extract many pieces. You know, that could help him to improve your astral journeys. Okay, your strong points, you're weaker points. Okay? These are important. So it's not only about going back and check and on feeling are someone relieving experience , But it's also tracking your progress because this way, you will be able to know what helps you most? What helps you least in what moments you are so project more and what moments you asked her project list. Because this way, you can harness that time and change the negatives into positives. Andi, make you know, know the moment that you can find maybe if they will have a year at 8 p.m. I never managed to Arsal travel because you also want to write down your failures. Okay, Everything with of a everything okay, When you attempt was to protect you want to also write down, you know, especially at first the preparation, the initial preparation You know, something's advice for you to get started before that started. It's doing a sort of a small read. Well, this is 1/3 lesson I mention it's cocaine, Andi, I will briefly mention like in a bathtub. Or maybe you can grab yourself and buy some incense that you are specifically on only going to use for extra protection, for instance, and use me self centered. Okay, I only use undergo defecting to master project. Now, you know, to be honest, many times of anybody could incense or anything like that. But you know if I really want to make a longer projection or is something that it had spent panniers but more more plan ahead than I used. Okay. And many. If you use your very old instance that used only for us the protection it's going to activate Arabs. Aromatherapy. OK, and it will help. It will give a placebo push to your physical body toe. Go ahead and project because your awareness is going to pick up that send and you are going toe becoming aware that you are in the actual traveling or about Okay, so Well, that's it for for these lesson. It is pretty much all the from the importance of this formation. Okay, so now you know, you got the mental relaxation. You get the physical relaxation, you got the foundation. You know everything else. That's the creation. So now we are getting the most fun parts. Okay, The next lesson is about the vibrations and about what the next what? When you are in silence, relax and everything is all going to go well, you will find out that in excessive. So see you then 13. 11-Body asleep, mind awake. The Vibrational Stage. What should you do here? (Yo: way are now. We're getting to the more interesting lessons. The foundation part of his score is now complete off course. There is much more to learn. Much, much way to become aware. But we are already getting to the use evidence. Okay, on. And well, let's say that you now know how to do Relax your physical body. Relax your mind, and you are properly journaling everything on your very well aware about astral projection on about all the positives on all the lines about. Okay, I don't find negatives, so I can't say that. Positive and negatives, the negatives are the lines out there. Okay, let's see that you have reached to his estate. Okay, well, welcome to the vibrational state. You're going to feel that you're physically is starting to shake. Okay, you know, this kind of freaky, But if you are from California or from a systemic a active seismic, I place okay, you are going to perceive that these vibrations are very similar to those off on aftershock . Okay? It's like the whole bed is shaking, but shaking very slightly again. It's like it comes from within. Okay? Like it comes from the ground. What is exactly this. Well, imagine this as your physical body. Okay, like this and then thes as your astral there one. But when you are super check, they start Try to separate. Okay, When they said to separate, you know it's the by grace since time. It's when your physical body it's completely asleep. But you are completely and aware and mentally use it. Okay, you are going to be feeling this migrations, and it's very important. Fret not freak out. You can still screw things up here on grew in your whole bridge. Then you will have to start over. Okay, but the first unit could be aware it's do no freak out. It is only the separation process. It's nothing. In fact, you, when you experience a few kinds, you are going to end up like it because they braces itself, they're going to make feel even more relaxed. I don't know why, but because probably your physical body knows you're going. Go to us to protect. And then you're starting to be morning. Tune with your soul. Okay, this is the best deal. If I can bring you feel more connected with your astral by the end Well, usually there. Somebody has a much younger on a positive energy of the physical. Okay, Yes, for the sake of being a higher plane of existence. So you're going to reach toe the point off? Yes. Experiencing a so separation. Okay. As you experience these vibrations CNN to freak out. You know, during these vibrations, you can also go through the hidden Wachovia State. Okay, this is something that is very discussed about lucid dreams. And in fact, you know, in at this point you can also induce a lucid dream. I will save in a second, but you know, and you're going to go to the him ago. Your skates. Hemoglobin states. Okay. Him agree? Hallucinations. It's called and mainly, you know, here can hear screams where you can hear baby crying, for instance. We can hear cars passing by. You can hear any sort of noise. Even though some things they're loud. Okay. And its fares, we can give you a job. Certainly if you Joe, you have ruined the whole thing. You have to start over, OK, at usually more relaxed. And there's a job. Really? It's not you out of it, but you know him at fairs. You're going to feel that. But please be aware there is not going to be any physical sensations. There could be some parts of your body. They will feel cold there. Or they would feel warmer or even some physical parts of your body that they will feel like they're pulling them away from it like they're they're calling your arm out from on. This is because a part off this thing off their stromboli has separated already. You can enter in a face, call double consciousness here where you are feeling your physical body and when you are also feeling your national, this face a temporal face. I can't tell you how long it lasts, but not much. Because when you start doing the upper with focus and you keep going forward, Okay, so what? You need to hear it so you could make sure you focus me. My braces is when I go, OK? If you want to induce a lucid dream what uniquely street nor the vibrations on this When I say dreaming your mind on then you will be at you would have been able to do so lucid dream through their wild technique okay. And you can have a great with it. And you can find a lot more about this in my youth dreaming course. But other than that, you know, Okay, when you want to us to protect, you indeed need to focus on the vibrations. Okay, You actually are going to learn how to uses a British in your favor, sort of visualizing them the my bridges all around your body. And then you want to get started in visualizing the migrations enhancing. Like if you started by great, stronger Okay on. Then you want to visualize for I think of practice. If you want that, you are able to push up and down your migrations. Okay? When you're vibrating hard, you can get out again. In the next lesson, we're going to talk about the exit techniques. Buck, it feels to me that if you go ahead on you, focus on racing off the Christian your vibrations. You are also going to strengthen your physical. Okay? I mean, you're a struggle. So you want to visualize that if I just keep climbing, climbing and time that you are by breaking faster and stronger. Okay. In fact, out from these when you get to actually Patrick a few times, you know you're going to know a little bit of this energy, and you can learn how to control it in order to make better Ashley protections on one way it's two visualized, you know, can be like a sphere of white light going up and down your body. Okay, At first you may not feel nothing, but it's going to get to a point that you will be able to feel like energy, like a line, something that can that flows happened down in your body. And you will be able to perceive it because that point okay, it's going to be warmer somehow. And then you're going to feel like, you know, like something goes kind of like these, you know, if you make the visualization, is how your heart explain. But, you know, when you learn how to move the vibrations, you will be able to go that some degree that week, and this would be good for you to be able to move your energy around the body. But, you know, a definitely focusing on raising the migrations. Ignore the him ago. Guia. Okay, whatever sounds. Why were freaky stuff. See? Ignore it. Because they're 90 months. There is nothing to Citibank. You when I merely a lesson, Okay, this is a process. It's just in mind trying to create a dream. Okay, Because the mind is realized that the physical these asleep matter, the mind was awake, you know? Didn't kill your immense to dreaming that so doing that already will bring you there. Okay, Operation. When you keep raising your great British, you're going to feel a moment that your physical body, it's like, really, really helps. Okay, Like, really made rates very hard. It's like you can feel even that you're going to fall off the bed or reject away from me, that okay, Because it's a very, very deep level of intensity at an energetic levels. Very tense. Okay. Very positive. Very that you're going to know it when you're about to get out. Because you might also here sounds You might hear something like that. Okay, what? Really loud. But it doesn't bother at all because you're going to hear from within on. You're going to be shaking really hard. So you're going to be very excited. Don't allow excitement toe ruin the process. Okay? Because here you can ruin the process if you become too excited and you can bring your trance. So actually, you stayed relaxed mentally and physically, especially physically on visa lines, that these vibrations keep going up. You know, he's ineffectual per ticket once, and you haven't yet reached to the are so preach to the vibrations, you can start imagining the vibrations gave. You know, the vibrations you're gonna start matching them for short is kind them. When you are physically relaxing your mind. Relax. You want toe, You want toe? Imagine you are feeling these beverages from your body. Okay, Because he's also we promote for the separation. So you know, once you are for a while in this state and you are by breaking stronger and stronger between, you can get out. Sometimes you get out. By that, you know a directly But some things we could push yourself. So the next lesson I will tell you how so. See you then. 14. 12-Exiting the body. Exit point techniques for you to master.: Hey, How are you doing? Well, well, well, we are in one of the most interesting lessons. If you are able to reach to the state that tick you out, you know, there is practically nothing else to Okay, But they're still one less step. OK, which is the actual getting help? As I mentioned to you in the prayer lesson, you actually might be ableto get out on your own. You know, like somehow you a little hard it your physical body Let allows this they actually going to go away. You know, that's really ejects. Boom out. And then you're going to be finding yourself flowing about your physical body, most likely or giving your back through the physical body. Okay, so this is going the lessons from now are going to be, you know, not a stance. They're going to be much more fluent because, you know, the topic itself really done. You know what's the harvest? So let's see that you have your by Britain's very, very hard. Okay, well, I want you to visualize yourselves getting out of your body. If you have experienced astral projection in the past, I want you to visualize a former appropriation. If not, I want you to imagine to the best of your ability the astral plane on. Then imagine the stars. Okay. These were neither stars. And imagine the astral plane this. We'll definitely make a difference here. Okay. Now, as you visualize these, you can get out. Okay? There is really not much more needed. Now we're going to is going to share different except techniques. When you feel you are by ratings very hard, you can make any off these things. The 1st 1 their rope technique. Okay, on his pre symbol. You know, let's pretend that it's 5 a.m. You know, for explain off his techniques on you are in bed. Okay, which is where most people is going to project anyway. Okay, So am I want you to imagine that you have a rope hanging right in front of you. You are laying down on. You are seeing the rope hanging in front of you. I want you to reach out to this rope. But don't even think it moving your physically. Maybe you can't. You can be paralyzed at this moment which is called sleep paralysis. Easing to where all the migrations and everything happens. Okay, but if you try to move your physical, we're gonna snap out of your chance. So you want to imagine that you have your astral Arabs. So with your arms leave their physical arms relaxed. I want you to imagine that you are raising your arms, and I want you to imagine how it feels to raise your arms, but with help moving your arms. Okay, do you most likely are ready. Aim moving your astral Arabs. Okay, but you're helping yourself to get out. Some things can be more difficult for whatever reasons. Okay, but him with his techniques agreement, make many devices. So with a rope one, you visualize that you reach to the rope with your astral hands. Okay? You are reaching. Reaching, reaching you're granted with your Astra hands. Remember, my arms are now laying down in there on very relaxed, disarming, actually. Hands on. Then you push as hard as you can. Most likely you're going to get out of your body. Okay? You're going to get out of your physical movie. You're going to be finding yourself floating a both. Okay. This is one of the most affect effective techniques at least for me. You to practice all of these and see which one works best for you by the rope technique. It's one that it's very strong. Okay, another option is to roll over. I personally don't like this one because it gives me a sensation. And with the fallout from bed, I may even like that. But you know, what you can imagine is that you are in bed and then you're not with your physical body. Please. Okay. Imagine that with your astral body. You are rolling less than writing the bet. Certainly these but rolling can let can like this meaning and imagine that you are doing that fast there on fast there. And first here can, like, don't get like that. Okay? You want to imagine on Visualize that, and then after a while, you know you're going to feel that your vibrators are going to keep growing and enhanced. So after this, you want toe, then roll all the way to the edge of the bed. But once again, with the civilization and with your astral body. Or we don't try to work with your physical body. Yes. In case you're snap, Arroway, than you actually form from Okay, But you can do it with your astral body on. Imagine that you're rolling toe one of the sides on. Most likely we're going to once again find yourselves. I'm gonna be loaded, man. Or, you know, or right next to you Hedorah. This is the second most popular technique it has helped many people help with. Like I said, I don't like it very much. OK, but it's still there's another one that it's it's about being asked to be pulled. This one. It's not good for the faint hearted, especially that first. If you're familiarized with the spirit guides with your very own spirit guides with angelic beings and with passive things, then you can ask for your spirit. Gets to lend you a hand to help you pull yourself out from your physical. You're going to feel like suddenly you are literally pull out from your physical body. If you went on and grab you like this, you know you're going to feel like that, and it's probably going to be a book. It's going to hurt. It's going to be anything wrong. Fact. It's great toe get help sometimes, especially when you are pulling their rogue when you're trying to move the restaurant body or even when you are in 1/2 astral separation. Okay, so you need to do make sure you are not afraid of that. But if you are not then asking to be pool which something fantastic. Okay, next thing initialize is flowing, it's there's a sensation off flowing. Okay, besides myself floating on living, you know, on a savings realized the vibrations expand and the flow and expand, it becomes very easy. This is when I use the most. Okay, you're more than the rope technique there are open. It is when I think of a bit of help. But if not, I focus on this one. Okay? This is a good one. Everything to focus on access. Imagine that your physical really goes lighter, lighter, lighter on. Then suddenly you can imagine that you are flowing. You can imagine that there is air flowing around her entire physically. You can imagine that you are no longer touching the bed, but you are levitating above it. And you know you most likely will be able to find yourself in the astral plane. After a while. You are visualizing this on a technical saving, telling you it's your body melting. Okay, there's something we have spoken the prayer lesson. Be smashing your body melting, it would allow you to project. And with this technique, you actually might project we're Heidger brain affects systems directly because you're visualizing that you don't even half about. So you might protect yourself toe your mental body, doing more, you know, to become more aware, more, more consciousness unless connected with any degree or anybody at all, you know, sort of being more like consciousness. So this is an interesting technique to do. It's a little more complicated, not the best one to get started. But it's worth for you to try. Okay. There is also two ways to protect its to protect with their I after the solar plexus. I personally prefer to protect through fearing. And he says, I called you on the prayer relation toe focus on your sarai. And when you are by grating, I want you to imagine that Let your entire body imagine that you have a little hole here looking on. Your whole physical body has to go through this whole. I know it sounds a little crazy, you know? It's like the body has toe get inside within itself, you know? Good aerial. Trickett explain that. I want you to imagine that there is a stream Zoff Energy that they go all the way from your feet all the way after your body all the way to here. Ok, on then. You want to visualize that there is kind, like a tunnel right here that it's kind of like that. So you do something like this, You know, you were into these Leave these reasons. Is disease room kind of like that? Okay. And you'll be surprised that you can protect yourself. You're right on. I don't want to spring match about about it because it's very surprising. And it's very positive when I want you to try it on your own. Okay. They saw her. Picture is the same. But focusing on your on your tummy area, okay? This If you are more faint hearted, maybe you want to project from from there because you're going to gain on bring a lot of your personal power with you. Because when you project these shoppers, you bring the energy from the shack Ra's forth like the fair hang because really, you know, it's all about that, you know, in the astral plane. But, you know, sometimes you need where you went to anchor. There are for whatever reason, you want to use your personal power you can use as well. OK, you can use the solar plexus as well as the next point. OK, so you know, there is another option for you Also. Freighter visualize Europe enviable. Okay, when you are in the migrations on your going left and right, left and right on. Then imagine that after a while, when you can kill a motion for a while, Okay, that you are almost turning to a pilgrim yourself. Then you want to imagine that the actual pen boom becomes use and then the end room. Obviously, when it click on it will you will play away when you want to despise that. That's happening with your energy. Because when you're visualizing the moment that he becomes loose and flies away between your physical body will allow your astral body go away on you will find in yourself in your Astra ball. Okay, so he said remain techniques. Okay, but sometimes it gets more simple than that on something like personally like to do a lot. It's to seek where I am laying them. But I like to see with my astral body on, I have found myself many times that I would have an astral torso. But it was a steal connected in the heaps with a physical body on this call. A partial separation. Okay. And some things you can get stuck in here. And you can you lose the focus on fall into a lucid dream or something to anonymously dream awakening. Either At the States, it's very hard to break any trans. Okay, you can still do it, but he is not necessary. So you're half separated and they you know the only thing that leads to to finish off pushing yourself. Let's say that you are seated. You know he met in that. My that my legs right now are you know, in bed are no like in a chair. But we are in bed on. Then what? I need to go. Well, I'm sitting up straight, you know, Imagine what you are seeing Here is my astral body on what you can see is my physical Well I put my hands on the bed like this and I pushed down OK, My master hands, of course. And I pushed down and then I get out. Okay, There are many other techniques, but these are some of the main techniques that once that worked the best for me, especially once I putting it out there many more on by do if you find your old techniques or your wrongdoings to share okay, all of his techniques, because the more ways to get out there. But these are their strongest and best ones based on my experience, any when you do have. Okay, So in next class, we are going to be talking about Arsenal. Travel on how toe travel from a you think three because from a lucid dream, you can ask the project as well what is quite fantastic. So if you fail to project and for some reason you fall into healthy dream, it's easier to get out to the astral once again. But all of that and more next, less 15. 13-Got a Lucid Dream? You can Astral Project from one!: Hey, folks. So have you already asked travel? I would love to hear from you. If you have on you can even you've seen them. But we question, See, if you find them you can also share your journeys and your experiences This one motive a all other students to keep trying and keep working hard and that still travel. OK, so definitely, you know, a I invite you to share your journeys if you feel like a king. So in this lesson, we're going toe learn a different way to ourselves Travel. Okay, let's say that you've been trying higher giving in your vibrations But suddenly you got distracted and you find yourself in a beautiful in a beautiful forest during a beautiful city and mace surrounded by awesome people were Obviously this is a no Anderson trouble. So how can you get to pass a project in youth? Well, the thesis technique, it's to first of all, find a high place. You need to know how to fly. Okay, You need to know how to fly here if you know how to flying in electric, unless you are already on a high rise or something. But if you can find better. You want to go ahead or high place all the way up and fly up there? Okay. And then you me to make sure that you got yourself on the edge, okay? And you and I yourself to fall on your back, sort of like, let that Okay, It's very important that you do it that way and you and you don't fall kind of like this because if you fall on your back, you're going to treat your sub consciousness. And precisely it's where the magic off our separation can happen. If you fall on your looking at the ground, you're until you're going to reach the ground on you want project, So you need to on yourself to for yourself from the back. And as you feel you are falling yourself on the back. You want to visualize astral projection If you have felt it before this Well is a feeling of masturbation. If you haven't felt before this, where is the fame of flowing and a specifically thing? I want to get out off my body. Okay. At some don't worry if you crash against the ground because most likely you're going to be falling and falling for a while until a few outcomes came. But nothing would happen to you. So it's very safe. Or usually make sure you're in a dream when you go is okay. But in when you're fooling yourself in your back and thinking about astral projection. Initially you're meant to get out, so you should find yourself floating above your physical. Make sure you get the heck out of your room because at this point you can return Max easier to your physical body. Then if you project it, no okay, but years get out from your room and then you can enjoy a full astral projection. Perfectly fine. OK, let's get that. It faults that it fails. OK, you may go toe, you will probably go to another dream. You may wake up, but it's very strange that you wake up. Okay. Do you really will go to another lucid dream or a non lucid dream or a neighbor? In fact, let me share with you guys really quick. You know, one of my predictions many years ago, you know, it happened to me that I precisely tried this technique of fine in my book on then Suddenly I felt myself in a means amazed with fire on dashes. You know, there was an EF rate on a vima and you know, the wolves were surrounded by level and they were escorting me to some place. And I was thinking, Gosh, I projected toe Ah, wrong plane. You could screw up or something on then after a while, I noticed when I mean it doesn't feel to me like to be the astral plane. Then I went ahead and it has created check Very important. If you find yourself in a dream, you want to make a reality check, OK? To make sure Even if you find yourself a soap creating you still want to who are already checked to make sure you are where you are even though if you're traveling, you will notice that you want to get used to it, especially if you haven't tried astral travel Fierce or better said yet because that way you even dream often expropriation which can happen. OK, so you need to you know, at this point there was I noticed that that rate the chicken. I noticed that this is a dream. What's going on? You know on. Then he was able to find a smaller staircase, and I did the technique again. You know, when you get used to his technique going to jump to ask skyscraper, he's in any easier for, you know, five or six of stairs in a regularise. Their case, you know, could be plenty. Okay, So, you know, once I did these and I was even I was still a were afraid from the different. Even though I was looted, I wasn't probably 100% you think? But I allowed myself before my back and I was able to project Okay, make sure that the first lady check you do is check in your hands, then try to reach something. Okay? If you are in your if you're not in your physical body like you find yourself flowing but you can reach stuff around your room, then definitely you are in the astral plane. If you have difficulties reading the staff or in or what you read is a radical changes, then you are absolutely in a Lucy three. Okay, so if you happen to turn living the dream, you can go ahead and train in. If you happen to wake up, I would say Don't give up. Don't believe you have screwed things. You are very relaxed. So it's very easy for you. Toe once again, do the relaxation technique. Keep your mind clear and you'll be able to try again in no time. Okay? Which is quite fantastic. So well, without consent, then I hope you enjoy this glass. You know, it's Ah sure, class, but it's very interesting to project from new the dreams also. So make sure to give it a shot and will next. Listen, is going to be a little bit about how to drive the astral body on. We're going to be talking more about the astral plane. And what can you do in there? Okay, so see, express. 16. 14-You just left the body, now what?: Hey, folks. So here we are. Lesson number 14. And today, finally, we're going to talk about the Astor. Now we are located in the Astra realm. Doesn't fill Amis in pressure. If you guys being there, you're gonna love it. Okay? But if you haven't been there, don't worry. You'll be no time on these are going to be a very brief lesson. But you know, a few points I want to share It's pretty much the first few seconds of your astral travel. OK, It's like you just left your physical body. Now what? Well, then even a few basics. First of all, you want to do you want to make sure that you get away as fast as you can from your physical body because presence of your physical body, you're thinking of it. It can help you to return prematurely, which is something even went to go, especially if he s came out. You might happen the first few times that as soon as you go out, you get excited and you go back in. But you know, even if you got out once, you already have at the ends massively and it's going to be much Easter and you're going to get more and more productions, OK, but you to make sure you get out from your physical body, ran from it like you would run from whatever fears You OK, you need to get out of there. The good thing is that you move with the speed of thought. So let's say that you want to be in in space. You know, the only thing you re nick over here, it's to visualize you want to be in space. Okay, Visualize or I visualize his son. It doesn't matter, you know, or yes, this well is yourself floating above you're sitting. Maybe you feel drunk with that. You're going to find that suddenly you are above maybe in the clouds, you know, serving the city. And the funniest thing of all is that you will be able to see the cars, the people you will be able to see everything like if you were awake, but in a ghost forming your Astra bombing. Okay, on from here, you know you can do anything you want on. This is the point that they This is a recently mentioned pre planning is important because maybe you haven't planned anything. It happened to me. I had simultaneous astral projections because when you get used to them, they will happen to use simultaneously and you will gain consciousness. And I would enjoy myself floating on and help with that. But if you want to get something done, you want to set some intentions before you attempt to astral project? Because if you do when you get to Asher Project, you are definitely going to know where to go, where to go. And it seems that things are going to be even easier, you know, because you're going toe already half a map drunk. So you're going to know how to get there right away. Okay? You know, pretty much you know, these happy mechanics off faster projection. There is definitely much more. You know what, Ashleigh Reaction on day one of my guts? No said because she has been passing by here on you know him? It seemed that she knows that they have seen her in the astral a few times. But, you know, this is pretty much came the basic mechanics in the next few lessons, we're going to talk more about performed I seen in What can you do in the astral realm? You know, and white. So awesome. Okay, so let's jump to it. See you next lesson. 17. 15-What can I do? Where can I go?: way, folks. So welcome to little number 15. Andi. I am pretty sure you are excited by now, especially if you've been able to us to travel, which I hope that by this time you have. But, you know, it's all about practice. Maybe you're hearing these courses Were enough there another that stultifying? You know Andi? Yes. Keep practicing. Keep going and you'll see you will astral travel in no time, even if you haven't also traveled yet, you're more than welcome to hear Toby's lesson. Since you have left the map says you can hear it as many times as you want. But if you hear it now, you are having more in the years consciousness, and it's going to contribute in a positive way for you to get the most professor travel. So in this lesson, we're going to talk about OK, so you're out. And now what? Well, we've been talking the last lesson. How can you move? What can you do a little bit? In this lesson? It's about going a little deeper into that, you know, normally, I want to say most of the times when you asked her project, especially at first you're going to find yourselves flowing. Your room, okay, is this is the most common. Okay, Going to find yourself floating in the room you might see or not See your body at all. Okay. If you look for it, obviously you will see it. And most likely where you will return to it. But in most cases, especially when you have done it a few times, you are going to find yourself floating, and you're going to pay any attention to your physical body. Okay, Then you most likely will be in your room, or he will be locating the space. Okay, This is the most common things, okay? Or in your room or in space, Connectix surrounded by stars on. You know, Now you're going to find yourself with a huge level off, please. Happiness and joy on all the synonyms I can find in terms off possible feelings. You will feel all of those and more. So it's not only about that, you know, there is actually more to go a young, you can do a lot of things, you know, you can do other things here On first of all, for instance, one of the most basic places or one of the most desired places to go. It's too busy. The akashic records. The Akashic Records is sort of a lavery that contains all information off your entire soul Existence. You can see here things are your past, lives, things all your life. Purpose. The reason you're here, your gift's your family connections. You know, you can look for pre much anything, Okay? And you can access this library through bastard reaction with you as they desire going there may be in the first or second production, you won't be able to reach their You will return to your body before or you yes, want get there because you're still not confident. They're strong enough. But as long as you have, like a few times and you know how to get yourself from the astral, you can definitely see the akashic records and get out of wisdom from there. Okay, Another option is to connect with your espirit lights or even your loved ones in the spirit . Okay, If you have families that they have departed, you can connect with them through a strip reaction, and they actually will be able to see you to talk to you on. They will even remember they have stuck to you. And you will remember, obviously even write it down that you have talked with family members. And you even could bring evidence that the connection with his family members has been really okay. Which is something quite awesome. And send goes with your spirit guides. Okay? We all have a spirit guides that are surrounding us. They protect us. They are sisters, and they're there to help us if we ask for their help. Okay, on. I feel that definitely this is something important for me to transfer to you. That if you talk to your guys in the astral plane, you're going to get a huge amount of wisdom okay from them as well. So it's something really worth it. Another another joining off these. He's yes to being a space. You know, I personally love space, so it's one of my biggest hobbies. But you can goto anywhere you decide. You maybe see Oh, while I'm drumming. I want to go there. Then you can go to Andromeda, Or you can go to the moon. Or you can go, you know, to any place you desire in fact based on the exercise that you have already seen, most likely you are told to go to the moon. Take a basic over there. Yes. Needs to think of the moon Boom. You are there, OK? And you can go to any places. If you want to go to a black hole, you can go. If you want to go to one of those super massive stars, you can go. You know anything you this year you can even look at the photo in waking life on Then once you're in the astral plane, you can project their if you recall it, OK, This way it's important to have with those preparation. Now you can do the same with air. If you can go to any places you want to know if you can go to Japan if you want on actually very funny because you're going to see all the people and everything they're moving and it's actually in really time. Okay, Also unique and music. Other worlds are over dimensions in different ways. You can go ahead and find yourself in higher planes of existence, sir, Off doing an extra protection within on astral projection. Okay. Like you are in the astral realm on. You can even project yourselves to a higher body okay to a higher plane of existence, and it's pretty easy. It's much easier than to get out from this money. Okay, To get out from your astral body into a more superior body, the only thing you need to go it's the focus on raising your vibrations at the astral realm while you are there for us in recent migrations and be Celeste white light and refined your spirit, your restaurant balmy on. Then you will race in my graters. You will be in a different image and it's very hard to put in the words. Okay, you gotta try it for yourself. But it's something being understanding and the young amazement it's it's really okay. So, in fact, we're going to talk a little more about a state of super consciousness in X class. Okay, so I invite you. Go check it out. By the way, I'm going to share also in a bonus class. My trip. The plane is okay so you can see the feeling of her loveable travel. OK, so ceiling 18. EX3-Getting your ASTRAL hands dirty!: Hey, folks. So it's trying to get your astral hands. Dairy? No, your hands but your astral hands this time Because this exercise can be then in the physical realm. Unless, of course, you're from NASA. You're an astronaut and you're going to the moon. If that's the case, please take me with you to get to take a trip. You know, it's critical that if you are not sinister, then you're not going to the moon. The only way free to go there is to us the prediction cheaper, easier and faster. Trust me. So you know, that's that's already too. Okay. Anyway, you can remember to say that goals and you know the purpose of this exercise is free to set up a going to go to the moon. But, you know, that's all you need to know. If you are in the astral plane. You really that you are so Russell through write checks and you find yourself at the moon. Awesome. Great job you have on it. So what they waiting for nail Enstrom, Go for it. 19. 16-How to reach an absolute point of bliss.: How are you? So this is the lesson I was mentioning before. Okay, in this lesson, I want to talk about one additional thing you can do in the astral room. It is something that, most likely you will feel drunk. Who? More advanced. Okay, When you are more ahead on, when you are more forward. And you have busy that your akashic records your guides, you have received many worlds, and you have to spend out of time in the astral. You're going to the sire to take it up a notch, You know, on it's actually quite easy, you know, because in the astral realm, at some degree, what you manifest, it can materialize is right away. Okay? Especially if you are in a vehicle for hire prolific systems. So in order to convince, you want to make sure that you are in a superior area than yes, they astral plane. Okay, you are not Yes. Seen the physical world. You. If you are in the physical world, you want to go ahead on a C mention in the last lesson, raise your vibrations and be so it's more like within you you're going to is find yourself in some degree of space, Okay? Even the space as you know it, it's still will feel like like space me with his stars. But you might be able to see other consciousnesses, okay? And I There is no way to explain how they sort off, Bressant says sort of spirits without a physical form, but at the same time they have an energetic signature on. You're going to be able to see them. This is how you know you're going to be there, Okay? When when you can feel that everything is kind of like, you know, it's really hard to explain that very, you know, everything. It's it's happened at the same time, and it's like, you know everything. Okay, you will know what when you get to the state. But you want to make sure that when you project, if you see the real world around you, you want to raise your vibrations to project to a higher level looking ones. If they were, you are going to know if you are here, it's because of the next step. First of all, you want to visualize that everything that you can see disappears. Okay, that's the first step. You need to focus on your Saira means, okay, And everything this appears. If everything starts to banish away and you find yourself that you start to get into nothingness, then you are in the right place. If nothing happens or something funny happens, then you are still in our many a little fella Where astral realm on. You want to go ahead and focus and raise your vibrations and bring more light into your body into your astral body in order to reach to a plane. If you are able toe believe everything all around you, then you are going to be in some degree off, black boy. Okay, but it really like pitch black. But notes carry by any means. It will be actually quite awesome. The next step is to erase yourself. Okay. You might have an astral, Bobby, or you might not feel you have a nurse. Nobody at all. Maybe at this stage you will find yes, like consciousness. But still, you want to set the intention that any every single trace off energy that belongs to you, that it's no consciousness. You want to delete it to erase it? Okay. If you feel you want that? That you want to blend into the nothingness you are up. It will just happen. Okay, on as you focus on that, I wanted to focus on beliefs, and I wanted to focus on how the jury bills having your chest. Okay, that's the only focus. Ignored the arrest. Okay, the focus on anything else? Yes. Focus on that on. Trust me, your mind will be totally blown. Okay, this estate off, super consciousness on you're going to be pure consciousness on nothing else. It will feel like you are a god, a creator. You know, you're going to feel you are everything. You're going to even feel omnipotent, Okay? Because you don't even searching for anything. Or if information of these states you are sitting there in an absolute near Vanna, you know it's a great work Two years. So you know, if you want to try these, you need to have some practice. Because if you are getting a started in the process, you will return to your physical body. Okay? But when you have done some decent to practice, it is something you gotta try. OK, so Well, we have to go to next class. Now in that one, we're going to talk about how to properly return to your physical body. Okay. To bring the most out from your astral travels into your memories on record them. OK, so CNN 20. 17-Re-enter your physical body with easy. This will enhance recall.: Hey, folks. So has any of you try it on Accomplish to reach super consciousness? Because if you have, please, please, please share it with everyone. Because this will greatly Marquis of eight every single person to keep working and keep expanding themselves to astral project. And get to this awesome state. Is your already at that level. Congratulations, You rock. Very good. Very good. So, you know, let's get going with the lesson because there are few more things to share. Okay, we are already at a level where we have don't our travel, and it's time to come back home. So it's very important toe have a gentle return. Okay? Because sometimes if you have an abrupt return, you can forget, and with him, it has happened to me. Has happened toe many people. Okay, that sometimes maybe you're can't or a loud noise or something, you know, kind of like gets in the way and you return to your body immediately on. Then you find yourself in a state of confusion a little bit of its for a few seconds. Can I like a little lost? Not knowing where you are exactly. After a few seconds, you will realize that you were asked traveling on you will be back in bed. At this point. You are going to notice how your whole actual production it's fleeting away from your mind , because he was a very abrupt return. And it happens that some off the information, sometimes the whole thing goes away and you will feel it. How it goes away in your mind. You know, on some things can happen and you have nothing to do about it. It's that make any sense of self defense, that silver cord. They mention your area lesson, so it's good to have it. However, you know, it's also good to know that if you have a conscious tree but nothing gets in their way, you still need to return with ease. No, they just think of your body and one having the desired toe jump off from bed or from your chair or from wherever on. Start writing things. No, no, no, that way. OK, because if not, you will ruin your whole memory. So it's very important that you avoid Abreu returns because also, a proper terms can end in a foreign during those dreams that you hit the pillow poem very hard on that. We'll definitely or reiterate any good memories you have from your astral travel. So you know you're going, You're going to know when you return, okay? Because most of the times, you know, you start thinking of your body and then you're going to start feeling your body because you are already back in it. OK? It's not like a dream that maybe you get to a point that you have to wake yourselves up, okay? Or that you know that once you reach to this place, you're going to wake up. Okay. In our separate action, you really don't know when you're going to wake up because there is no in your time. So it's impossible to know. But when you are returned to your body, you're going to know it. So the key when you're feeling that you're returning to your body, it's state. Relax, give. I'm tryingto push it to stay longer in the astral plane or try to push it toe, wake up faster and write things down. You are going to have a good memory. Even rushing's if you rush things, is going to be counterproductive. Okay, so make sure that when you start finding your self finger Bali, you at first don't move soaking. They start focusing on your breathing and see how it feels doing back here. Okay, that's main. Then they start to slowly move your toes, your fingers, your arms, your legs. You know, don't make fast moves to make a brook move. Keep reading, slowing okay. And then slowly start to move. That's very, very important. Okay, once you are feeling that you are really getting back into your body and you are feeling your memories in your mind and you have your mind fresh what's still happening? A prediction. You can say thank you to yourself and think the universe. Whoever you want to thank for this travel. OK on. Then you immediately have to go on, start taking notes right away. Okay? Even if it's for a M in the morning, move your butt on, go ahead and write it down. It would be worth it. He don't you would forget. Trust me. So the next lesson we are going to talk a little bit more about how to efficiently write down your travel and you know, pretty much we're getting to the very end. So let's go to next lesson 21. 18-Take notes while it is still fresh!: So we have learned how to get into mental relaxation. We learn how to get into fiscal relaxation. We have learned everything about astral projection. Debunk it. Maids We have talked about the astral body. How to drive your astral body, how to get out from your physical body. What are the vibrations? Help to focus on them, how to navigate the astral plane, what to do, How to reach super consciousness. And even we have talked about how to return to your body. Now we have only the last state, but not less important. It's as important as the rest which is taking notes down. So first of all, make sure to write them. The sooner debater Okay, without Russian. As I mentioned you in last lesson bad When you are done with your return, go ahead and write them down. Very important. Okay, For proper memory recall I So I used you to use keywords. Okay, on the key words should be used in a way that with the key work you're able to remember for instance, right down moon on. Then you should remember with a work moon that you've bean at the moon and what you have done keywords. At first you want to write the keywords, but also you want to write a full description sort of sane moon. And then next line I've seen at the morning I failed myself, dragged there. I saw a lot of stars on a Cy Watson. The moon I found myself in, please and love, love, love on just playing your trip. Okay? Keywords are also important to use when you were in the astral plane, okay in the bonus class and going to share a trip to the players. But let's say they had to make a checkpoint cane. When I reached the first planet, I said, Well, I'm going to make This is the first checkpoint and then when I come back, it's easier to remember that checkpoints. That way, when you have a longer Astro prediction, you can remember longer. Okay. Can remember a lot more through the use off monkey. You know, making cuchi notes in the in the very ownership trouble like myself. Okay, so the first plant I landed at the play this it's going to be a key word. Okay on then. You also need to make sure you write those down when you do it in the astral on when you journal it, you want to say, Yeah, I I decided that this is going to be a checkpoint, so I am useless a keyword. Because this way, you will be able to get to know yourself more and get to know how you put a check, the check points, or how you're so interprets. Whatever on this, we'll get you more familiarized with the astral plane and will A render you to better trips and more a extended experiences. Okay, Make sure to also write down any degree of feelings that you're half okay, All degree of feelings, everything. Not only what you see or what you hear, but also what you feel. Every degree of perception. You want to do it, even even extrasensory perception. Because in the astral projection, you're going to have some degree offic stress and serial perception. You want to write those down as well What you filled what you receive, how it felt in your chest, everything. Everything that feels physical, everything feels he doesn't matter if something feels you should write it down. Okay, now, especially at first, make sure you aint they thought the trips. Okay, so you know, with what frequency trip and you can also find and the fair points. Okay, let's say that you keep track off three trips that you have done England days and they were great. And then you get to do after you have three or four trips that do it in the weekend, and they're awesome. My friend, for example, three times that you happen to our side project. One of them wasn't weaken, and two of them were rising weekdays. Your kid had to go to soccer, and the extra protection wasn't really great. Well, you can get from there that maybe when your son has a soccer match, you are a little too worried. And maybe it has a distinct, versatile check on. You can find out that when you can project during weekdays in weaken to get better as the reactions. This where you get to know better in your life when you project is here when you project harder, because you went to also journal down the entire process off the acid reaction specially at first, when you are more used to do and have to Francis, I don't write down the initial steps, but I will write down obviously the entire projection with its data on everything. Okay, this will help on. Also, you want to write down if you have used any sort off aids. Okay? Like I said, I really don't recommend them. You know, they can help and such. But appreciate fares you don't want toe, usually because they want to teach your body that the only way to our Super Check is with a certain aid. Where there it's a drag. Whether it's may signal plan, whether it's guys, meditations, bring waves doesn't matter. Okay, he's some sort of a that that fair she went to avoid. But if you use them, you run to writing down that where you see the efficiency of that aid because it's eight words different for every person. Okay, so make sure you are not fool. You will forget. Jot it down. You will forget George it down. Okay, trust me, caressed me. Trust me, it's very important, and you know it's actually worth it, because imagine that you have read in the whole notebook worth off assault trips on one day . You know, you're feeling real down you get your notebook on? Do you spend three hours reading your journeys and you are awesome again. And you are shining. You know, it's a great therapy, you know, to read your journeys afterwards. So, you know, write it down. It's totally worth it. And something that you absolutely have to remember to try to get a note path much better. And using any electronic, I make sure to note that is something that is significant to you and go next. Well, okay. So Well, this is pretty much all about it. You know, there are a couple more lessons I want to share with. You guys cannot get fear, tiny bits of things in next lesson. And then, well, I'm very grateful for you guys to follow me. So there is one more lesson for that. And, well, I might come up with a few bonus lectures. Us? Well, okay, so CNX gas 22. 19-Now is your turn to explore the Astral Realm!: Hey, folks. So I want to movies. Brief lesson. Sort off a close in lesson before I give you think in next lesson. Okay, but the kinetic wanted to make a brief close in lesson and three matches to say, Hey, congratulations. If you have reached this point and you have been able to accomplish everything Awesome job . Very good. You know, on I'm very happy for you, Andi. If you still haven't been able to get the full extent, keep practicing because practice makes expert. If you still have any doubts or something that even know or you don't understand, by all means, let me know. OK, But you know now you have skill. You have the gift. If you have reached to hear you now have the gift of astral projection, and you can do it everything. You this year. You know you are more than welcome to share your adventures with us. OK, Please do. We're going to be very happy about my cells or their students. Everyone okay. I want to invite you to to set yourself goals and said yourself, You know, things you want to go, it's it's great to have family, you know, they're sort their separate. The swell realm has an amazing bull of knowledge. Okay, It's an endless full of knowledge. And there plenty of beings willing to help. So, you know, make sure to write plenty of goals, ideas, things you want to research. You know, I need to talk a little bit about going into introspection, that he was very beneficial. Well, you can use that introspection. Time for you to get deeper into your goals and the things you want to do at the astral. You you want to think, and on this way you will get goes with ideas for you to at the astral room. And this is going toe benefit also. Okay, so it's definitely worth it to also set some off your introspection. Time to set more goals. But you know pretty much this is it. Now you are. You got everything you need and you really can get the most out of your trip. So half lots and lots of fun. So let's say our goodbyes in next. Listen, however, I'm going to make some bonus gases for you. Okay? So ceiling 23. 20-Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.: so Well, you know, this is a very short lesson. Mainly I all want to do is to give things okay. I am very grateful that you have reached all the way through here with me. And, you know, I'm a person of gratitude. I I'm very grateful that time and I lost to be grateful. And, you know, actually, being grateful you feel of your heart with gratitude. Your raise your vibrations and benefits you in the astral realm, but also brings great benefits in the physical realm impact in your life. So, you know, it's mainly to give you thanks to share with here. You're more than welcome to ask any questions. You have, Please asking those questions. Okay. I want to keep improving this course. I want to keep expanding it. The same goes for may other courses. And, you know, I'm going to even release more courses. So you know any citations you have? Whether he turned the sound their record in whatever you know, the content, whatever you want to say. Yes, you know, and more than welcome. I'm grateful to receive it from you. Okay. So pretty much. That's it. You know E wanted to give you big things. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And we'll see then. 24. BONUS-2: My Astral trip to the Pleiades star system!: How are you? Well, I wanted to make a couple bonus lessons on the 1st 1 to get you motivated. I want to share one of my astral travels toe the star system the please. Okay. Andi, I want to share these one. Because even on a spontaneous are, sir, projections. You can have a wonderful experience. Okay, I'm going to be brief because I don't want to get very deep into it. Well, it has been something amazing for me. My mean, nothing for you on. Let's completely find a normal. Okay, But let's say that this happened spontaneously, okay? I woke up from a not looking three. My benefit of us on. I found myself in the state of vibrations. Okay, so I said, Well, why not let me get out of here? And actually, I believe that they had a neighbor because I believe there was a little exulted, you know, But I focus on relaxing myself, my mind. And since I was already sleeping, it was easy to get out. Okay, so at first I had a partial separation aside. Explain. You know, I feel I waas Oh, my Tommy. Okay. Later, my Tammy and I failed that my backwards started to flow, but not the rest of the body. So I visualize myself becoming more and more light. Okay. In orderto expanding vibrations on suddenly I failed myself floating right above the body. Okay, so, you know, a waxy was there I since I didn't have any plans or anything. He said, Well, you know, I love please. So So why not going there? You know, I It took me two seconds about two or three seconds. If I would go ahead and recall my extra protection in memory. Okay. He takes about two or three seconds worth of my memory to see myself there on. It's like I saw the earth like this. And then it went like that. And I would because, of course, I actually I went to the police on my back because I was looking at the air. And you I went that way, you know, that's 400 light years. That's my friends. Three quadrillion. 784 trillion 292 billion. 189 milion. 32,320 kilometers. Ok, that whooping amount. Gracie, isn't it when I make it crazier Well, let's go for the speed. Okay, there. Speed limit on. That's about 600. Anyone cept Ilyin 170 to 60,590,000 ilyan kilometers. Spare our boom. That's some speed. I'm glad you can get a ticket. I'm not there. No tickets up there because that's crazy Fast. Okay on. You know, it took me two seconds to get there. He was like, wow, crazy, You know, on Then I landed in a planet, OK? It was supplying that it had, like, tiny off risks, but they were natural, forming the plant. Waas readies orange. You know, in the and half any degree of life, it felt to me very rocky on a degree of life is different as we know it. Okay? DNC any. But if if there was some, it wasn't organic assed hours. The sky was his purplish brown his collar, you know, it felt great and he was inside some sort of a natural formation off rocks on. Then I said, Well, I'm going to set a checkpoint here that way. I remember when I jumped toe other planets through, Please. That weight is here to recall us. Explain before Okay, so I went ahead and on set up these a checkpoint on When I said the intention to travel toe . I know their planet Ashman Saigo thing, That planet. I actually ran off gas and I found myself back in my body. It wasn't prepared, so I really even focus on racing. My vibrations charge many cells on extended. So, you know, he was a brief ash repression, but it was very powerful. And, you know, I can I wanted to share it with you all. OK, so Well, you got a little example here off a short asleep reaction, but quite Emmys. Okay, so I hope you enjoyed it. 25. BONUS:-2 Learn how to Lucid Dream now!: Hey, folks. So I asked wanted to bring you these quick bonus lecture because most people I have in working with they have suggested me to do so. Well, it's something that I actually wanted to do anyway. OK, on. This is just to give you a brief introduction to Ruthie dreaming. You know, we haven't taken everything out with it remaining in this Carson. Well, I want to make you and special offer here. Okay? I want to make you a significant discount. And this is an older cars I created. You will see more off a power point that shows and such. Okay, you will hear my voice that court is going to amplify, and it's going to expand the load. And, you know, it has hundreds of pestilence, and people are very happy with it. So I invite you to check out these cars. You can check out affairs, a free lessons. Okay on. Do you know if you're interested, you can use this coupon code to get yourselves these cars for 10 bucks. OK, we'll do that. 10 bucks for these cars on dure. Going to receive a lot of techniques to our superjet. I mean, look it dream, okay? Out of techniques, out of teachings. And actually, I believe that if you do this look dreaming cars. It's going to greatly greatly benefit from acid reaction because the model three dreams you have the stairs free to our secretary on. You know, you're gonna see critic from your dreams, and you are going to have your dream journal. Your astrologer Nolan is going to be a maze. Okay, so why don't you check it out? If you like it, join it. You're gonna love it. Okay, so, seo thing. 26. EX-4: Getting your ... ??hands??? ... dirty!: well, folks, I decided to create an exercise for these as well for you toe happy 100% accomplishment in this course. You also need to get out on completely exercise because that way I can see that you have completely mastered after protection, and it's going to be very rewarding for yourself to push yourself to the limit. So these exercise you know, its symbol. You have to get your astral hence dairy once more on all you need to do each to set super consciousness. OK, the less when we have been talking about, go ahead and find yourself in your Vanna on Enjoy. 27. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 1.0: Hey, Holtz, how are you doing today? So I have decided to come up with this video to give you a Q and A about astral projection about the whole out of body experience after realm questions You guys have been asked, and I want to thank you to ask me further questions. Ive you has more because more off these figures will come up in the future. So any questions you have that you haven't found here, let me know, and more of these will come. Okay, So in this video, we're going to go some cues, honey, So we get started. So the first question, what are the benefits off astral projection. You know, this is a with a mask. And, you know, I can tell you the three months leave this their fantastic, you know, But the main advantages loss off fear to death. Okay, When you get to actually protect your going to experience how it's the astral real, you're going to see yourself involved in your astral body having no fear, meaning that you have no reason to have fear of death because it's like somehow you will see how it feels to eat it you will see that life continues. You would see that there is much more out there after that, so it will revoke your fear off this on. Also, it will make you feel more connected with your life will bring you Joy will ring your passion because it would be very three. Every rcep reaction will be needing a huge afterglow after it. Also, other benefits are bringing a spittle awaken, bringing more awareness, bringing more being more kind because you learn to feel the one minutes you learn to feel more connected to the rest of the universe and two others, and you become kinder and gentler to others. So definitely these are one off a few benefits from one of the many this airfield off the many benefits necessary reaction because there are many, many more king on the best ways to get you to try. But they won't say mentioned are the principal ones. So that's it for a what are the benefits for us appropriation. So next question you to sleep by realities, astral projection, and I have to share with you guys that is not the same. A sleep paralysis. It's a faints. Okay, sleep viruses initially, Is our physical body being paralyzed? For us to not act out our dreams doing ASAP creation were meant to go in a transit state where we're going to experience Cicely virologists. Okay, on when we get to this point, we can even a lucid dream If we want, we can do a wild what it's called and induce. I looked dream from this stage. I explain everything in my life dreaming course. Okay, but in terms of faster production asleep viruses is that face where bodies asleep minus awake. Okay, but it's only a face you here are Do focusing the vibrations if you want to go to in a soap reaction or focusing a dream if you want to do factory. OK, so this is mainly a what a sleep paralysis is. It's only a face. It's not the same as a soap reaction, but it is living so that seats for these one number C what are the difference between us? The direction analytical, do you know? Very supple a post that you can find that talks about these at a very good level. But give me a brief and fast answer. I can tell you. The main differences that are, sir, production will give you a greater feeling off please, in a celebration you will. You will. You will not have a society. We have to do something, Mississippi. You're going to feel the ones. You're going to feel the here and now. You're going to feel completely full of love on everything will require no effort. I don't. You will think of something will happen and also everything. The Astra in the astral It's much more connected to reality. OK, then. A dream that after all yes, A dream. Everything happens in your mind on there is no karma In the lucid dream plane. You can do whatever you want about very some degree of afford. You're going to find some boundaries in of implantable talks about it. Not you can't do everything you want in your dreams. You can my concussion practice. It's called room Control. But in the astral there is no such thing there. So you think it happens in the dream? You still has to go some degree before. Okay? And by the way, you cannot cycle check from a lucid dream. Did you know that? So we leave it here for this one on. That's it for question number three. So is Astro. Prediction. Scared? A question. A mascara on. I have to say No, there is nothing to fear from Marshall projection. It is true that sleep paralysis you know, some things can be a little scary, especially if it's the first time you you experience it. You're going to feel your body para lights, and yet you can move. People report feeling their chest pressure. People report, you know, being blocked by a demon. And on many, many, many things. This is obviously paralysis, OK, and there is nothing to be afraid off. It's true that you sleep paralysis. You can hear a loud noise, stays where you can feel excitement, patches you. But it's important if you want to go check. Guess focus of the project action on Ignore everything else. Okay, because when you get to a separate check, bliss is going to take over. So even if there is a little scary at the beginning, the police official predictions when they get over the most important East for you cannot be afraid to a super check because off this, because if you have them slightly sphere you would be able to protect. Okay. Senate will know it's 100% safe. There is a single court that keeps us. There's nothing can happen. You will be completely fine. Okay, So you are in saying that there would be possession sets? No, never. Okay, this is something important for you to give you my needs completely safe on. There is nothing to be scared about. Okay, So Well, that for question number four. So another good question. Do you experience ego? They're doing astral creation, you know? And yes, for the sake of national traveling. No, you do not. OK? Because you're going to have some degree of awareness off who you are. Your physical with the slain bad. Very a tiny bit of your ego goes with you, but maybe get a slightly off evil. Okay, Very significant. But something will still go with. However, once you were in the astral plane, you can go ahead and trigger eagle with how these realizing that your whole existence around you, including yourself, vanish away. If you're in the astral plane, it will happen almost immediately. Find yourself being only consciousness on in a state of these where you will perceive no linear time Arrow. We're going to be in a blissful here and now. Totally kindness. Obviously it feels timeless by the time it's running. So if you have your clock at 8 a.m. the worry you will wake up. Okay. But in this moment that you go far in the astral and you allow to sell to let go of completely everything, then is when you can reach equal this in the Astro, going to melt with the rest of existence. And at some point, not even if significance toe me I for me, you know it's going to be everything us whole, the oneness, you know? So definitely definitely you can trigger eaglets during our appropriation. Okay, so I think most of the next one So another common question. It is easy to us a project fast. Well, you know, there is one way to a separate success. There is no easy way on DNO either. These and it's done. No, there a few easy ways. Okay, But you have to seek, For instance, if you are good at UC Cremin, you can use a technique deal. Okay, But instead of jumping from one lucid dream toe another. You jump from a lucid dream toe an astral projection on, then even think he has a few seconds towards her project. Okay, if you have in the wake up in the middle of the night for size, I am, and you don't move on. Even better, you don't open your eyes yet. Your weight, You will be able to assert project within seconds because you can focus on the asset protection separation, and it will happen almost immediately right away. Okay. But it's important for you to be aware on. Toby focus that if you wake up in the middle of the night, you shouldn't move. You should open your eyes on. This is tricky. Okay, this will require some mantra and some mental train. Andi, this is really the fact is we to Asako check, you know, But in the end, you know a once you get used to us to protect once you know how to classical check, then you're going to be able to ask the check within seconds. OK? It's going to take that much, but if you haven't our circle, check it. Never. You won't be able to just boom as a critical like that. And if you you're either natural, which is fantastic, or it has Venus on 10 years astral travel, okay, that it's important for you to be aware of that there is no easy or fast way, at least not when you are learning. Make sure to set the foundation properly to learn the most, and then you can start to go for speed. Okay, so that's it for this. Now, another common question asked, Can you get those in the astral plane? No, absolutely not. Were connected with the silver cord that connects our physical body with her astral body. Which means that there is no way through being in a state off, being blood or being in a state off. Very lost, because as soon as it's your time to come back, boo this record. Okay, so you cannot get lost, neither because you move with thought, OK? You say I went to rehab and drumming up boom, You appear there. It'll like that in a dream that you have to flight with. No, you you get a very meeting. So if you're feeling lost somehow, you know, you can think of your physical body. And trust me, you will be open your eyes event within a few seconds again. So definitely it's impossible covered lows at the same time, it's impossible to get stuck gas airplane on stuff like that. Okay, so we move on Andi, for this question, can you meet someone who is also astral travel? You know, I'm going to mention briefly today, but this is going to come up in more detail in a block post in the future. But in shirt yes, you can. Number one. You need to know very well this person number two, you have to have a good connection with this person. Number three. Both of you have to be prone at astral travel. OK, on then, number for the both of you want to have an initial visualization of where you want to go? Those are very important. OK on then, Even if you can actually project at the same time because off the difference. For instance, you still committing the Astra because in the ass traditional linear. So, um, if you ask local check at different times, you will be able to not only save each other, but also report similar notes out from your projections. Okay. So definitely its close. Working with someone. You yes, need to get into the are circling and then focus on the other person and you will appear writing from a person. OK, but you need to have all of the above mentioned before In order to make it work. We'll take some practice, but he can be okay, so I'm Come on. Cool. The next question. So can you a spy on someone or somewhere? This is a very, very common asked question and, you know, insure. It depends, like with bad intentions to see if this girl or boy it's with somebody else or to go ahead and check area 51 or stuff like that. You know, their money doesn't work either. The feedback we get is incorrect. Cocaine or we can even get karma. Okay. He one of your books. I have read okay about investor protections. He wanted to a spy in his youth to some girlfriend. And he's so that his girlfriend had changed him. Well, it was national protection or possibly Earth dream. I don't know because I was in his head. He came to unistar travel, but apparently there was no affair our own, you know, it was his fear that he projected in the astral realm. Because why you're not able to explain someone because you don't have permission. He's a spirit. His her hair spirit guides will not allow it to happen, you know? And if you want to something, it would be in a pile of life, or it will be something else. Okay, But it wouldn't be the leadoff in order to be able to see someone you can. But you need that person's permission. Okay? You can go ahead and hide a carriage somewhere on then. Asset broke it. Tell you still someone to ask you how your car somewhere. Then you are super checked and you can find the card. And you can even say where the car is on. Maybe, you know, report when you come back and be accurate, but without permission, you can. Okay, so this is it for this question, and we'll have one more on our last question for these rounds. How can you see in Astra Creation? You know, this is a very interesting one. Number one. You know, mainly, you see through haircuts like, you know everything already. OK, you were there on you are aware of everything. You know everything. So it's going to open the door that way for you. Okay. Also saying intentions is also how it's helps you to see if you for some reason you have asked her blindness and you can't see a thing with the only intention of scene you will be able to see once again. Okay, Andi, obviously, we're going to try to see with our eyes in the astral plane. We We have a 360 degree view bishop, which is quite amazing United. It's very hard to explain, but, you know, it's like a three d camera. Well, this is the same is thrilling the answer plane. Okay, technically, for a ring. But, you know, you will be able tow completely a do you everything around you in all directions at the same time. And you will be able to understand. So, yes, you definitely can see a lot in the astral realm on. You will have a very powerful bishop. Okay, so this is it for the radio. We have went through thin questions, I hope thes questions answered many of yours on. Don't hesitate things and any further questions that way. Future Me, this, like this will come forth. Okay, So thank you very much. As always. A big pleasure on See you next thing. 28. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 2.0: Hey, folks, how are you guys doing? How are those journeys going? I hope wonderfully. Well, you know, I want to give the things for 50 bucks. All the messages on the support. Everything you guys have shirt. Really appreciate it. And you know our way to bring that appreciation. But you guys to create these a bonus class. And this is the 2nd 1 already for a celebration Q and AIDS. It feels me and answering through video. It's great. You know, every 10 questions, I will make a new of these meals, so make sure that you send me any question that the company. Okay, so we are going to get started with the questions. First question. How can he raise migrations and go further in higher prints off existence? You know, this is a wonderful question, and very much is very straightforward. You know, if you are already a will to get out of your body, this is going to be quite easy for you on, you know, a they answer easing the question. Okay. How can you go to a higher plane of existence, you know? Well, definitely. You can't do this through raising your vibrations and your asking How well quantities in. Okay, as you are in the astral plane, you want to start these allies in that working comes to you. Okay. You want to decide, Like, race off. Like I communicate these to you are in anywhere you went as well as you want to once again visualize your vibrations expanding like you would do when you feel the vibrations for the separation, the same thing you're going to have this astral sensation, you're going to feel a national figure, okay? And then you want to focus on this field, and you want to focus on the feeling grown and you want to be size quite like coming into you on thin. You have two options. One options to keep this visualization until you find yourself in a higher plane office. You wouldn't know it because you will find you would have a deeper level of police. Um, boss, easily when you are at it, know that match. But when you're back, you would notice that the fragment off the prediction that you rosa increases and you went because the higher benefit distance what's much more intensive? The amount of feelings among of love will be greater. Or so you will know it because you will lose an even greater perception of time. On you will be more into the ass operation and more disconnected with this war. Okay, on another way to religiously, it's so tranquil. National project Doing an expropriation on. I know this sounds cellular crazy, but it's the way. Okay, So what do you find yourself in the astral? Do you want to do this Focus I shared with the mind ago on. Then you were provisionally, that you want to project. You want to leave your astral body in your mental I know which is the next body on you want to go ahead on this one is that it has happening. You know, if even though you're in the Aston already is you would separate from that body into a hunger ball. And you want to sit that intention on. Then it will also get you that Okay. In fact, if you're well grounded in the astral and you try this, it's going to be quite this further happen. Okay? You want we recommend to your body that easily just to make this persuaded station she can happen. But if you have a stable assault, travel will not happen. Most like okay, at least it hasn't happened with many people I have worked with on either with. But you know, it can always happen that a steel if it happens to you next time, focus on being more grounded in your arsenal travel. And then from there you can project a high enough existence. Okay on. Yet this is the way. It's pretty simple and you can you can indeed a project of hunger. Perfect distance and you can continue climbing. OK, take some practice, but you can get it done. OK, so we'll go. Is there a night only in a surreal or it's possible to have the balls. You know, this is a very interesting question. Okay, Very interesting. And this is why I actually I wanted to put it here, and they want to check myself also, you know him. It's it's not really so much. It's night and they depends. OK? Because if I went, go ahead and do an astral projection 5 p.m. On. I decide to stay in the real time soon as they call it. Okay, enough existence that is closest to our physical cane. Then I will project that was flying over my neighborhood and everything annually Night. I mean, you believe a okay, even believe any because he's as it is outside. Okay. However, you know if it happens tonight, it's going every night. Now when you get to really project to the astral plane here it's Bae Young, The ghost copy off the physically Okay. When you go hiding the astral plane, there is no such thing as night or they you go toe hunger planes. So you know your heart. Explain that already units aholic space. But you don't know anything in a space There is. You know there is out off leg and there is no life at the same time. Okay, but this is already in a higher been of assistance where you won't be caring about day or night. If you are caring about the night I'm your in the astral. It means that you are in the real things on on this is really bound toe their location. You are however, you know it's true that if you're in the rial Hang Seng okay. In the Costa's Astro to the physical plane and you decide to go to the other. Actually, world where is day or where It's night. You know, depending on the hour, you will be able to see that get in front. You can see the really think so. You know, in the S a travel you can see. You know that on you can see basque, you know, as you go through it. Even though it's something that is most like you will be focusing okay in the production. Because if you are in these you know, the physical plane, then you know you will be going out and yes, going on with whatever time it is. If you protect it on the day will be. They took the night. He will, but And when you goto Hagman if existence, then this will cease to be something you will even care off. Okay, but definitely, you know, coming night and day in the real danger. A higher plane of existence, that sensation, it's lost again. There is no such thing. Okay, so I hope he's one reply to your question and let's move on to the next one. So next question you're asking while a snap election is impossible to break your card that this is actually physical body. This is a big blank. OK? Haven't asked this several times if someone can use their Seaver cart doing ASAP reaction if someone can. But as you something like that looking, I have spoken about these in prayer classes. Okay, our celebrations completely safe. All those are lies on our ways toe at fear to the fact for you not to astral travel. However, the silver cord is absolutely in this travel. Okay, you can go even to a neutron star and nothing would happen. Okay on. No entity can touch it can carry anything because he record. It's also like, you know reflects mechanism as they explain If something whether it's in the physical plane or whether it's in the actual plane, catches your secret card, you are going to go back into your body immediate. You will have no choice. We will be back in your body whether you like it so a which is completely safe. You can't die. You can't get last this liver card. We're stretched really thin. It is necessary on. Then, when you have to go back in your body in a split second, we will be snapped back. Okay. So if physical the physical, nothing will harm it on the astral body. Neither the cedar court will remain the connection active. So you kind of receiver can be removed by any means. Even if you want, you can Okay. And you know, let's move onto the next one because he's one is very straightforward. Okay, next question. A very powerful question. How courage. Oneness. Nestor preach very, very powerful question. OK, and definitely it can be done. Now, as we have spoken on the first question how operated by Britain going to food, replace of existence it is something also can get you into this one is that you are asking about, Okay, Why? Because you already will be in a hydrogen. If existence on oneness, the high get you go, the easier it becomes. So rich oneness. It's important to go ahead on expand your migrations as much as you can and go into higher planes of existence. Okay, now another way, Another path. It's once you find yourself with a huge sliver of vibration. If you want to go further with this oneness, you first want to visualize that you are expanding yourself. Okay? More and more. You said you can imagine yourself yourself as a light with consciousness and then you can you can imagine that it expands. So get ur expanding that everything around you is you. You think somehow you start growing on you feel have been your room. Okay, but you're not. You are in the room. You are already in the astral plane. So you want to sort of be civilized that don't visualize that you are everything that you are expanding in all directions On that you are also blending with everything again the week visualize this is to see that as you expand you start to disappear into existence. Ok? Do you want to see yourself self vanishing? Want to see yourself losing your color and disappearing? You have your revisions high on your will focus in your class of travel and these a specific transition that you were asking for. Then it will be coming to you in an easy way. You will find yourself eventually Everything will feel like once you know on you will be super super happy because negation of that would you will be vibrating at a very high level on. That means that you wouldn't even perceive more from this one. It's a and that will give him more. And we'll give you better out from your creation. And also, when you reach one minutes, he will allow you to see life from a different perspective. You know, from a more oneness person. If you laugh, it will help you to see ones with much more clarity. Okay. Really Ring great. Really, really awesome. Thinker. Okay, so you guys should try. OK, so we weren't the next question. So next question, you're asking what are in again. The Rangers are faster creation, and I can tell you very easy no one. The only danger is for you to believe there are dangers on not being able to get out of your body. Okay, It's very important that you remember that all the freaky staff is asleep. Our analysis It is the worst thing that can happen to you in an expropriation. Going through a scary asleep para lists on when you get used to actually Paris. And you get to understand that it is yes, sleep paralysis. You will be able to free yourself on the move forward in a much better plates. OK on then. You won't go through the scary stuff that match. But if you go through, it will not that much. Okay, but really the only danger muscle prediction. It's, you know, the scary park of sleep paralysis. That's it. As embarrasses is completely harmless because it's oh, everything happening. Your mind. So this is something that you can and will be very, very happy about is very important that you cement these in your there are no dangers. Adul from astral projection. Not at all. They are secretions, sayings, the bank, all the means the bank. All the years of their ask your precious complete safe. It will only bring goodness and wellness in your life. Okay, so we are going to go ahead and looking good and exquisite. Okay, so next question. Interesting question. It's I'm trying to quiet my mind out, but they couldn't send a method which really would help on. You were asking me for some distance. Okay, well, there's an exercise in the class that is the easiest exercise I can help you with. It's essential that you go through that exercise that posted exercise is essential that you can keep your mind sharp for one minute. Okay? In fact, these a when they homework ask you if you have reached one minute, it's supposed to be When you are able to go there, it's like a checkpoint. If you are able to handle your first minute, then you will be able to handle handle much more. Another easy way. Okay, to clear your mind, it's the first, you know, if you want to hear and for her help yourself. He went to this. Um, you want to do something that you know, the Sanibel bead of physical afford maybe like a train male or something like that. But not without if intensive, with a very mild intensity. But when you go human form in your mind, going away Okay on. In addition of that, you also want toe find someone Description Pang you can. Before you came to us a project on write down everything that comes to you. Okay, Everything unified, Jess, clatter Commentary It doesn't matter right down Everything comes to you because this will allow your mind toe the focus from only life bladder okay on the mind will be clearer and will be more of a level for our separation of the concentrate. Okay, that's something that really can help you out. Various. Also him, you know, in point of supports, okay, have uploaded a a relaxation, hatred, relaxation and with the final that will help you go, uncle deeper into our salvation. Okay. And will help to clarify and clear your mind with whatever is going on. You know, that's very, very essential. But you know that out of the exercise is the one that can physically help you the most. Okay, I know they're a mind focus exercise that you can do it when you are doing tasks or when you're doing, you know something that it doesn't require your insurer 100 person. You want to bring that attention? 100%. Could do, I think, even if you are. Yes. I don't know. Open about this matter. Okay? You want to go ahead and book your 100% awareness in good bottle? Okay. On for everything you do. You want to try to that track with only one thing at a time when you're able. Okay. On, See in yourself that that fact okay, like I am opening this battle. I am queen my 100% off my words Thank bombed may fall from the sky next to me and I won't even notice because I'm very focused on what I'm doing. Ok, so this way what I meant Because this way he will get your mind. You will help your mind to learn to focus about one thing you know, especially when you are asking for, You know, usually nice is going to focus on several things at the same time. It is not good, actually, but society requires that from us. But you want to train your mind that you desire to focus only on one thing. Okay, Andi, don't get distracted. This will during your mind. You also is staying put with the focus on my hands. And this will help you with the creation. Okay. With being focused for the for the ASA travel. OK, so a Let's go. Come. Next question. So next question there are of signals how to counter. You know, this is a big bomb sometimes. Okay. The external noise. You can be an issue in escalation because, you know, race neighbors can be a course this aspect, and so then she can't avoid that. You know, now, using year plaques, it will make your arse on travel more difficult, especially if you're not used to them. Both. Day asked travels on both the ear blacks, because if you're not used to the ear plaques or, you know, used to us a travel at Smith, try to relax your body completely for the separation you're going to feel your plants on. It could actually be an anchor to not allow you to come out because you come out. The blacks are going to be talking doctor in your physical body on his shirt. Many times when the physical body gets touch, do you return to it right away? So the best way to they encounter outside? Nice is, if nothing off the obviously see no, the best way might make toe play some white nights. This is really the only solution. Whiteners, aka volume, that it's not very loud, but it's loud enough toe make those noises to be felt more from the background. Okay, um not recommended to use any ear plaques or any heads off. Okay? Yes. Played from your computer from wherever from your phone. Listen minor, Okay? But it's important your separate who have the least amount of things touched, you know, blowing and fine. It's trying, you know. But I am having Samir plaques or some earphones could really you know, it make you have a hard thing to a separate. So the best way to counter this outside noises is to use white nights. You know, the use work nice and make sure that that witness overlaps the Xterra. Nice. But it's not a border that will not allow you to focus. You also would need to get usedto white noise if you're not used to. Okay, so we'll jump in. Co Next question. So you're asking about the difference between the lower Astros on the lower vibrational Astra? These usually are confused on, but it's not good to get confused. You know, I was actually the question region Iwas How can I How can I go to lower astral on? You know, you should felt like Well, why you want to do that while you employ your reparation should connect way by Russian entities. Madam came to me that that that still may be referring to the actual in the actual lower plane, as I would call it. Do you really think so? Okay, like right next to our physical plane, there is the astral plane, but the very the very bottom part. Now, when we see a ghost copy off our reality, I call it a real time. So, you know, because you are very much in this world, you are like what we call a ghost. You know, I didn't goes. There's a column on actually, in these states a medium and see Okay on the you know, it's something that if you were calling this to the lower astral enough to go here, it's quite this year's knee. You know, when you're on TV, when you get started with production, you will always about here. Okay, Andi, we will get to a point that you will learn to protect the higher planes of existence. What if you want to go to the low where our struggle real time, some you years weren't tow vessel is whatever you know, We, Japan, China, or where you want to go on, then you be regulations will adjust more clear vibrations with a physical realm, and then you will be able to move forward to go. Please know where astral or really? Thanks. So Nasstrom Okay. No, a I know that you were faring toe a going ahead and go to the actual lower vibrational Raylan. I don't think that this is what we want. No wonder he won this because, you know, and maybe some of your contributor my explorer I wouldn't believe it's worth not because he will have in something to you that they said our celebration safe. But the issue here, it's the fact that you asked, you know, where you everything very much on you can connect with nature. These emotions, with negative fields of your honestly has never tried to go to the lower vibrational because it's all about negativity on fear and such. So it's not necessary. OK, this wang fat, it's always recommended for the rays of a braces and to focus and bossy. If emotions were going to our circle, check that were you raise your vibrations, but still, if you had to go to a lower astral name, the name of the Western of the actual would ask provided you know, the lower congressional astral, then you would need to focus on negative emotions, I guess. And you wouldn't toe decrease your vibrations. Okay, That would be the way to do it. Like, said I never found worth going toe a negative plane. But, you know, maybe some of your wheel on You have to focus on that. They say we don't travel in that situation. They would travel well aware. Well, but you need to be so lazy by grace is going down on, you know, maybe not focused so much on love because big rates very hang. Okay, so a let's move on to the next question. Okay, so next question and you had a asking How can you show a friend your ass separation skills ? You know, it is a some legal quite east. OK, you can use, you know, in many things, like furnaces. You can tell your friends. Okay. Hide a fruit, for instance. Inside a Not very, you know, get liquidity on apple, for instance, on the public address on, then you would get through a circle check. You would visualize going to your friends home or or something like that. And then to see a what was placed on the rest. OK, It will be very freaky when you get to tell your friend Yes, a service, and it's going to be that that can be done with cards. Also, they deal ones are these. He's be cards of our star a circle, you know, airlines because he said he said to remember, You don't want to use a Europcar because it may be more difficult career. But also, you know, you can make it in a way that your friend friends and gives you permission to go to his home on. Then you can describe in your back wherever you so on. If you never being your friends home, then definitely a friend with a Oh, wow, How have you done that? You know. So this is a good wearing toe to show your ass separation skills. Okay. Or, you know, maybe you can China's yourself school connect with a friend and meeting the actual ash operation. There is no better way to know about that, that meeting right there. Okay, so you know they're there few ways to worry about the most classical and efficient way. It's for your friend. Hide something on free to identify watching us through astral projection Okay, so they will go. Go. The last question today. Okay, On that question is that how can a dish can Albert Arsal bridge medication and not medication medication. Okay. Made ation well, actually benefit our situational aspirants. Okay, but a serious medication. You know, obviously I haven't dragged off. Making was out there, but I have done a lot of research myself in this ass on he also myself. Hey, I have experienced a lot off, you know, the situation that I had to do to make it for something in a short period of time or whatever. And I, you know, would feel that that some degree you can affect, but not that match especially, you know, not in any negative way. Let's say that you have some chronic issue on. You have to go ahead and hey, you know something to remove your pain, for example. Okay, Well, actually, hear the medication is going to be playing in your favor because you are removing your pain . Mean that you won't be feeling so much your physical body. You know that for us all travel, you need to disconnect with a physical body, entire. Okay, so if you have pain. You're not going to be able to use coming king on. Doing this will help remove this pain. To remove this problem on the medication would be helping your favor. Okay. Stimulants in the other hand are not good for us. A fish stimulants we'll not allow you could reach like a big level off relaxation on is you , Richard. You know, for the mechanisms off your physical body, this is stimulant will snap you right back into your body and we'll break trance. Okay, so it's stimulants are no, the best idea. Okay for observation. And then we get to a big 1/3 group off medications. All of those. They're connected for a psychological issues. OK, these may or may not affect association. However, this is a very serious situation. So we're thinking any of these prescriptions that are for psychological problems, you make you need to make sure you consult with your worker okay in about the effects of the drugs. But you know, it's steal this for you to discover it yourself because it's a it's or anything is different. It's persons difference. So as you are going to experience more, you know, and as you have to go through life and have these are add medication. You will know what helps and doesn't help your body. Definitely unique. No medication at all to classical check. Unless, of course, you have a condition like pain for France and standing vacation will help. Okay on. Will that bring this? That brings us at the very end of these bones class. We have been here for a while, but you know, definitely lots of staff from this question. So when I hope you have enjoyed the bonus class that has answered your questions if you have more, you can send it to me. I don't see you next. 29. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 3.0: Hey, everyone, How are you guys doing? Well? Here we come with already. Well, her price. Que? Sundays? 3.0. We already here. You know, another array of 10 questions for Astro prediction. Quite amazing. Thank you. Guys were in SoCal parrot even for making the scores better. So here come with your next 10 questions. Okay, So the first question it's about recommendations as the wack a doo. If one has a foundation, You know, I think the base all my classes in my own experience, I do not happen from Patiala. Quite the contrary. But however, I have done some research, I have spoken with some people and you know the recommendations. Second give In terms of Fantasia, it's for you to pre much focus on the same You are group because this is your natural way to recall things through emotions and through sensations. So with a fantasia kind of visualize, But they can recall the feelings and the sensations astral projection. It's all about feelings and sensations on, you know, even for the normal fall in a celebration is easier to recall feelings then who recall actual happenings. Actually imaginary. Okay, because there is much more feelings and much more emotion in the hunger planes of existence . Then there are things in quotes. Okay, so in order to learn Okay, in I release that anything your mind keeping any thought in German is something that we will come easier. Okay? The method is the same for our subjection. You don't really have to visualize anything at all specifically looking on. Especially if you get toe astral project once. Okay, You are to recall that stealing the emotion out from our strip reaction it is outstanding, so you can go ahead and you can make it happen in a way that you feel that as you recall the emotion, the sensation first affliction, he's going to propel you forward. It's going to help to project much faster and much easier. Okay, so he doesn't really get in the way. The recall will be different, but since they are still is all about emotions, I don't feel that can teach is going to steal a lot from you. Unfortunately will steal a fragment of it. But it will not steal the whole thing. And the best beats you still get them and learn a separation. You can do with a foundation. No problem. OK, so next question how they proceed with a celebration after asleep. Paris's with migration. You know, if we have to talk about these in the classes, Okay? This is where you are going through your separation stage. Okay? When you find yourself in migration, you want to start a visa is one of the techniques the easiest one. You know, when I like the most obvious ways yourself. Yes. Flowing on. Try to imagine your minds. I have You're going up on up like a balloon or you can visualize on the sensation. OK, gays precisely of condition we have been going on about. It wasn't You want convince situation? They're feeling on the sensation off. Flown every time, more and more. Okay, We have to talk more about this, you know, in terms of the separation techniques. Okay, but when you were in this woman, it's arrest moment. Several. Okay, so, sir, question You are asking your cannon legal possible check with 1010? Absolutely. You know, it can happen many ways. In fact, naturally to every single person on a separation, at least once nightly happens. And obviously all of those hearts on candles. But you can also experience those spontaneously. OK, they wake up and find yourself in the ass tripping or like has happened to some Wake up and find yourself is paralysis where you're only we could visualize yourself flowing and in the same split second, you are going to be flown. Okay, so it is significant. Indecent portal. Go ahead with that. So you can ask politically, have any intention? Especially if you are starting to work on a separation on the work of loose agreement. You can indeed, as a project without setting the intention, even from a lucid dream. Okay, even though it's harder without the intention. But you may wake up yourself from a dream being sleep, paralysis and then eject the astral plane going out of your body and having innocent creation experience. Okay, so definitely, you know, it is something that it's were pre wire fraud. It comes natural to us this way. I like everyone who follow it because it's not something, you know, alien. It's something very human. OK, and definitely definitely will bring more in a way off. Finally, great awareness and training. Great June, when you get a surprised Astor creation. Now next one kind sleep paralysis killed. I would be served with this one. No. Can the rank all the meat? So participation are celebration's sake. It will not kill you nor harm you nor traumatized. So moving on. You're asking me if can someone with conditional Astra friction at all, as we have been talking about in a prayer question Yes, you guys can do are so creation. You have to approach with emotions on also feelings. But remember way haven't looking out the scores of the emotions going the heart was the most important off. In fact, it's the most important and someone with a fantasia who cannot this realize nothing them, Einstein. It definitely means that big, making the decisions, that emotions will be easier. And the fact that asked Operation helps itself so much out of emotions is going to be great because then you get progress with his emotions on. You get to be able to have your terrific greens. Your asset travels on your amazing experience. It's OK. What is going to be quite Parsons. So you're asking me a what happens when you can't relax a specific part? Okay? You know these can be something, Citizens. Okay, on the kicker here. Okay. It's a start. Work on that possibility. Out off the moment. Your tanker. Relax. Okay. Like, it has to be a very fine. Okay. I had a bit of state that they had one of my legs. Very itchy on line. I know each in terms of the scratching. I could give Hank a move it choking on its appointed the head of focus mentality. There isn't a thing. Cannot move the one book seeing you can make this. He's trying the first of all recent energy going to your leg for Anita. Steer arm. Okay on. Then you can imagine that that army see racing. It's fading from your physical body as the rest of your physical body is. You can relax. You want to pretend that this relaxation is this piece that you're feeling you're bringing it to the heart of a body that you're feeling the most? Okay, this way it will make it more noticeable, and it will be less of a burden score for it carried. Okay, so you know, it is significant that if you research this part of the body being healed. Being being, you know, relaxed. You are going to get to a point that you are not feeling it at all your body or that it Relax, completely appointed human feeling. But, you know, sometimes you can get underway, especially with physical ailments. There is a pair of your boy that you cannot see Scofield annex about practices, state practice, trying every day to bring, you know, a bigger connection with this pack of your body on to also be able to shut down precisely your connection with this part of the Bonn. Okay, so next question, you're asking a I fell asleep very, very fast. What's it this week? Project? Well, first of all, if you think of a chip at the time, could fall asleep. Not a good time. Awful buying the worst time. You want to go with the meal tonight? That's the ideal. If you manage to wake yourself up, maybe you can use a single alarm. You getting DUIs, jealousy, green or travel quite easily because you already are going to sleep very fast. So the wild technique thing induction techniques courageously paralysis can happen within seconds. So make sure you pay attention to the wild Pickney. You know, if you are researching with the dream, which they have course about it. And here, in a separation research, you know the separation process as you will be going toe, you know, definitely transform its OK, So you are doing this in the morning or even at night, and you fall asleep very fast. It's going to be fantastic. But witnesses friction. The end of the night is not the best noted that most thinking you can induce dreams you want, but it won't be of high quality and subjection. You will actually return to your body quite fixed. So it's something that you need to evolve again. And, you know, just for you to go in the mucus meeting early morning or any morning, you know that I m Arsene creation with this way, because no church when it benefits you. Great. So next question, you are asking this karma in the ass, hoping initially, you know, it's very hard to make yourself some karma. But there are rules is really horrific. Reality matters their rules. You know, we have having respect to other beings of light. And if we stay here even to use it only for a high guestbook of their purposes. So if long as he's that it's no is he always held about intentions, uses for manipulation, then definitely is not something good. Okay, so it feels to me that it is significant to tell you that you know, karma is something that you cannot deal yourself in in the dream, the dream or on the national war. Unless, you know, you would push it too much to the ages of trying to hurt someone or trying to use information from the Astra. Clean gains, checking opponents in the physical plane or to bring harm on negative. Okay, if you want to Spain someone you shouldn't. And most likely you're even going to see the person with a reflection or that person. But, you know, you can go ahead and you can a very hard but you still get some degree of carve our own karma, you know, could be to be kinetic registrations and polite. So no on your energies, all sort of stranded on candy like it brings lack of flow for problems. Okay, so it's good toe no, do anything negative in the astral plane and is your testicles, bliss and joy You possibly are going to do anything like that. Is anyone Okay? So next question, it's possible to record someone doing astral deviation. Well, actually, I believe it is, but it's pretty much impossible if you have a circle. A sands circle. A speed was circled, You know, There any physical evidence off the Spiegel presences? Okay. From extra wraps from labour movement on for even full and body manifestation. Do you know how it feels to me that maybe someone when our subjection wouldn't be able to go get embodied in that wing? But they will be able to, you know, to be recorded were recorded as they were there, soaking. It feels to me it was significant to share that, you know, astral astral travel, you know, and on. And you've been getting recorded. It's something that possibly, you know, can do in that room. You know, with one of those Start Cameron's And you know, something pretty can be seen, but most likely really something similar. Toe those pictures that you can see about, you know, serious people, circles of extra complacent transfiguration and other aspects. Okay, But initially, you know, because it happened. You know, in a way that it's isn't another medium, though, can perceive someone doing masturbation looking sort of speaking up, the energy of that of the person, especially that personal, comes to connect with them. That's a possibility for this will happen, OK, However, you know, that's the only way you know, that it could be recorded. It's going to the stream. But, you know, taking killing it could be gone. Okay. And then last but not least, you can think Trump time traveled the astral plane. This is something you now that brings out of this casting out of stopping on. You know, I honestly haven't went never clear hands. But I have reading quite used books that you can indeed go repairs in their suppression. Yes. You won't be making any insolence. You will be so different of servant sort of thing. Re own permission. Okay, I'm symbolic. In that sense, it feels toe that you indeed you know, you can get to us a travel but some things that can be a dream off travel on br Lucy and me not being extra friction alone. But you know, a anchoring the actual you know to some extent, I believe that you can. But possibly the human consciousness, you know, isn't something ready to understand completely yet. Okay, So this is why it's significant to go ahead and realize you, indeed, you know, and experience these What? These have something for you to be focusing on? Okay. You want to guess? Relax or other goes, but I'm traveling. When there was suited to a separation is something that maybe you will give the tried cocaine. So we said and said, I hope you guys have enjoyed the glass. As you know, your questions are always welcome. So until next, less 30. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 4.0: Hey, folks, how are you? So here we are today with our fourth version off question and answers. Well, guys, thank you very much. You know, appreciate all of the collaboration, and you know of the actions all of your seat backs, all of your exercises, everything. And that's just what this brings more bonus classes. I feel this is going to be a quick Okay. The answer circling cream or grease. But I can. And I wanted to share then because some of them were asked quite a while. So first question, here we go. If I go to sleep and clothes and a circle check really appear us and clothed in the Astra bling. No, you won't. Because you won't come up with a body like you go in and cream in the astral plane. You are more off the car incisions. Okay? You're more often consciousness. So then you weren't even thinking. How will your clothes You won't even thinking of that and no one will be able to see you naked. Okay, If you project yourself as being naked meeting, you can find yourself naked. But you just mean that order will be able to see you name it became so definitely, You know, you will not go up and get in the Asher. Okay. So, Nixon, can I help someone? To our circle Check. The short answer is yes, you can. You need to be grown at masturbation, and you need to be able tow basically this person easy. Okay, let's say everyone they would help. Yash. Classical check. You need to make sure that when you actually project, you can protect yourself to Yash. Quite is. Then obviously, Yosh needs to be aware that he wants your help. Are stricken ship. So you want to go in a moment of deep sleep for Yash? Okay on. Do you really go to the person? You know, you might be throwing about the physical body off Josh on, then? Yes. Imagine that you reached his hand and you pull. You're going to pull off the physical and in the astral body. Obviously, you know, on you might be in the hand. Could this person Yashin This case toe national chip generally is easier for the guides to help with that. But you can also help in that way, it's kind of tricky, but you can pull it off. Okay, so next. Listen, can you check if someone has, like, No, you make sure you know the energy of the person if it's Tina or there, but that might mean adolescence on. No, you can't use the astral plane as a spy network. You won't be able to get dear information or even truthful information you're looking for. For someone who has, like, because you have a negative emotion, your heart you're looking to see if someone told you the truth. And that goes with a negative emotion. So you are not going to be a great very high. You're not going to go to the Hi Gher Astros on you might get the wrong sit back. So you know who make it easier? No, you cannot find out someone. Okay, so next question. Can I see my cells in the mirror? No, it's quite complicated this this year. Certainly meter most like you're losing. Okay, but a miracle won't be able to perceive you in the Astra. And when we want to see yourself in the mirror Okay. So next question can a catch or feel the water, for example, in the astral plane at some degree you can. I don't feel that you would, like, make wife from the water Me with a huge Utah. In the future, you can make a tiny ways. It hasn't my case, but there has in cases. But if you go to the water, for example in the astral, you know you can feel it. Yes, they're going to get a Certainly your perception. It's gonna be awesome, actually. Okay. And you will feel it can become crab. Both the Constand pulls off, touch the world and not touch. Okay, you are going to be able to feel something different. It will be different for everyone. But indeed, you will be able to go purse if something again. Something nicer trying. So let's go with an exquisite he sister. Prediction like a signal eyes in Children. Okay. In fact, you can't make allies out of our celebrations along. The only problem, a sense here is that you may find more interesting the astral plane than the physical. Okay, but it's important for you. Go realized that you know the astral planes there, sir. Plane and the physical things where you are, where you're having your human experience and for better or worse. You spend most of them. So you know, you need to leave this night right here on national pressure. Needs to be something. Because if you start to use our subjection for escapism, you won't build project. You will project the lower negative routes. So it should be on addition for your life. You know, something that brings more clear. Okay, so next question. Well, I didn't ask if I could share another separation thinking, you know, I'm going to share one that they haven't shared many classes, which is about the stretching yourself. Once you are in bed and you feel immigrations, you want to mention that your legs and your arms start to grow. They grow so much that they feel up the entire room. Okay, on you want to emphasize they continue growing. And maybe you also continue on growing on. You grow larger and larger until you know you're going to sign yourself out of a bottle. Also, another good thing can do. OK, it's to visualize a coin flowing in the air far from you. Okay, maybe at a 90 degrees angle, for instance. And you want to visualize that you are that going that you are located in that point and you want to set all of the intentions in the world. Go have your consciousness. We're not going east. Six. That will allow you to also propel yourself forward out from your Nashoba. So we should also toe techniques that you can use. Okay, they are very I could be complicated, but for some people, that may be the east list. So give it a try. You the train because they can be quite interesting when you get to use different separation techniques. Okay, so let's go for the next question. Candice staring open too much, you know, as a correction will need open. Your shepherds came on. We'll expand your awareness and we'll make you seem more so. You are going to be able to see more. We have a fair I could perceive more. Yes, you're going to be able to send and easier the energies more people will get to sense out more. Some people we get to sense. Let's give everybody you know it's going to have a progress, and sometimes it can happen that you even get to see too much on that access to the next question. So what happens if you see so much? You know, And first of all, you want to grounding exercises. Okay, You have your three way to open. You want to do grounding exercises on to make sure your figure well on the ground, okay, they go against him yourself. You know what? Your face and focus or engaging to some physical Now, if you get to see weird things or what you're perceiving, even like it, Okay. You need to make sure you cleans properly the space because many here picking up lower energies that are lingering there. You want to burn very saying she want to burn Paterson for whatever. It smells better for you. And you have some process around and said the intention that you only allow energy's off the line that serves your high just partners. Okay, that will allow you very much deal If you get to see maybe if energy so you get to see much game. So let's go for one more. Well, the physical plane lost significance if I ask how much you know in a personal being. And I have the same. Yes. You know these words from drastically has a lot to offer, but actual creation beats air with, you know, you want to quit your life because of faster creation, the same way we want to give your life for any home. Okay, getting to. And Julie, you know, listless coolers wherever situation and chairs, wherever when you hear, but also Cherries, the physical plane. Because if you get too much value to the Asher plane, you're going to notice that the physical plane is not that big of you. Because, you know, it could be honest, the physical playing the world leading it's, you know, much, much larger than we can even image. We see only a tiny fraction. So you're going to get the one who explored more and discovered more out of physical on. That could bring a week of separation from you on from what the physical pain has to offer . But it is good for you to be conscious of all dead and do proper grounding exercise. And you also get the most office. OK, so that's it for conveys bonus glass. We went to have questions. Hope accounts on. They hope we can get more views. So see you next class 31. Questions and Answers - Astral Projection - 5.0: I have folks. Well, I am bringing to you today the thief class off Q's and A's about astral projection. So once more, thank you very much for all of your questions there. Always great. And they keep on feeling these new classes. I want to remind you to check the other four que teammates Okay, because if you have questions chances higher, they made the answer. So let's go on with the first question. Why I feel asleep every time before vibrational state. Well, you know, first of all, it might be because you're tryingto Astra per check at the last hour off the day. I have said in many, many classes that doing that it's not good will make your astral travel harder. That's not a good moment to fall a scrupulously. I mean to us the projects a great moment to fall asleep. But now that good moment, toe astral project. If you say that you wake up in the middle of the night on us still fall asleep nearby bridge ministate, it means that you need to be a little bit more focused on. The best way to fix this is for you could keep focusing on your vibrations because it's true. That is essential, you know, free to focus on your embraces, to race them. If you fall asleep before they arrived, it means that you're not keeping proper focus. Okay, you are laying your mango on fine asleep again. If you're very tired, this is normal. If it's in the early morning or in the morning, then you need a bit more of concentration in terms off focusing on actual travel and no, yes, falling asleep. Okay, so let's go for the second question, Why could check from sleep dynamically with help the process? Well, that's because you, my friend, are lucky, you know, definitely lucky. You know something is something great. It has happened to me. I feel hangs, but most of things they have had to trigger it from sleep. But I had a trigger it from a lucid dream you can actually trigger on a soap reaction, he says. The CIA's jumping off a please a building or even stare okay or ah, bench. But you have to foreign your back on a see though you say intention toe. Ask literature. Review this. Please make sure to ask it to do a reality check or to toe make 100% sure that you are asleep in a dream. Okay, make sure that. But some people from a non lucid dream may also actually picture If you have a slide projection in your mind, you might not turn the fit in your lucid dream. But you actually might be aware off your asleep reaction when it happens, because we all are still project every night. Yes, we don't remember it. But if you are into the topic you're reading about of your leasing goods you're receiving out of information out astral travel hens having the greater personally off you realizing that you are in the usher plane while you are at it. Okay, so that's the reason why something great if you have, it's a blessing. Keep embracing that. And if you dream, let's wait a wait. Of course about it. Then you can induce it from them off. Okay, so let's go for the next question. Why My eyes move so fast when I tried to go into trends, Okay, that's a great question, you know, And warming reason for that is because possibly you are falling into Ram State There is one lucid dream induction technique. It's called Wild Wake Initiated Lucy, and it is done exactly the same as astral projection. In fact, when you get to the point off finger ice like this, you need to start to focus on migrations. If you will feel them, imagine them because sooner rather than later, even they would feel hours to you. It will be a moment, your physical body on your actual. We will start to separate and you will feel the vibrations. Okay, but definitely the fact that your eyes away so fast because your room faces starting. It's here. If you focus in a dream and you only focus in that room, you're going toe enter fully loose it into a dream. Obviously, even of the innocent travel for their travel, you have to focus on the migrations. Okay, but this is something normal on. Actually, it's possible if this happens to you, you might be able to end their up. We'll check in along doing a little bit faster because we'll work in your favor. Okay, so let's go for next question. Are the hunger sells the actual body? Andi spirit guides this same. No they're not. First of all, you asked the one living. Please. You are a soul having a human being experience. Okay, You're so equals to the astral body at a certain level again. Then the high herself is a hybrid version of you. You know, in the fourth dimension, that has more wisdom, and you can connect and channel with on. Then your spirit guides are sent in the beings that they're connected with you through being your spirit guides. But they're not a bar. A few leg your higher Selves, their individual beings that they work with every single living creature again called scoot guides. But definitely they are not the same. Okay, so let's go for next question to make Aniston tree. Can you see him? Or he has to go lie down. You know, initially, A It's easier line now, however, sitting down, especially if you are on a lazy boy chair. You know, these huge reclaim chairs, then you actually a might have some identities, are doing it a seating or even, you know, half the way because you'll really will be like these on. You will be able to push your somebody out like that Okay, so definitely, you know, a each fine. And if you're comfortable sitting, definitely you can do it. You know, In fact, if you like to see a notice position or you sit to may take and you can go very deep, you can definitely attempt to our separate share in this estate. You know, in this position, definitely what matters is free to become. I will save your comfortable, then go for it. Okay, so let's go for the next question. Are there other souls in the astral, You know? Yes, they are. And we have briefly touching these on other cues names. But they're so singly on the astral plane that you can in Iraq with souls from this planet on other planets. Here's where I switch guides and haggard dimensional means. So they let's go for next question. Now, next question, it's a little bit longer. It's I am able to float up on whenever I mean, who I had intended to me. You could make bridges all over your about General of the flavors in your body doesn't mean you're are still traveling. Well, if you're able to throw it up, okay, then you are traveling okay. It's normal that you after the reaction you get the vibrations all over your body the immigrations to come before and after. Okay, a the every common. You know, it's actually a got double confirmation. You know what? You have done your thing right? So you are indeed after breaking absolutely. OK, keep that in mind. Absolutely. You are? Yes, you were considerably and Houston affiliate reparations. That's completely normal. Some I am sensitive. It happens to me for some people doesn't happen. But in this scenario, happens are not OK because the key sexy but the fact that the returning your your body's still migrating that definitely survival value. Nation. Very good. So let's go for next week. So next week's another long one. It's I have been having very heavy limbs and vibrational state during the process. But even as heavy as £1000 on your arms, you can still move your arms if you won. This is seriously by. These are not yet No, you are about to Endor, you know, In fact, you are actually ruining your rest of problems because if you are feeling your sleep paralysis on when you say that your arms feel as heavy? Yes. You can't imagine Worth. Then you are really in sleep. Paralysis? Yes, in fact, trying to move it breaks a trance. Any Brexit sleep paralysis people freaking out is what they tried to look. They try to move 100 in that movie. You know, some people sleep. Isis is stronger than others. May be your She's like a weaker But let us admire really, You know the problems with having little. But if you take a week and that's OK that maybe mean you have a lighter asleep, but that's it. Okay, but definitely you know it when you are feeling armed his way, you want to focus on by grating on your vibrations. You want to focus on tranq more If you want to focus on enhancing immigration when you feel your body is shaking, then is when you can. This will I don't try to do it visa wise. You were reaching with your astral arms on. Then put in the core, for example. Okay. Or every movement you want to go be so actually with your mind because that way you will we will push out the actual body and you will not regular trends. So let's go to the next question. So next question is, what's the difference between astral projection and grim Obi? What difference do they have? Anything you know, in my glove made eight with Fernando. I didn't actually write on entire entry about Okay, that you can read and get all information, but mainly remote vision. It condone it can be done in trance from a standpoint, off meditation for an instance. Okay, but you don't really get out of your body at all. Um, you know, a it works in a much more intensely A celebration is hard to spray my as a precious, much more intense. You have 360 dishing with their subjection with no booing. You have more vision and your hair's normally but usually is not 360 on. You know yours are going to notice that you steal a while with remote viewing. You're sending a fragment of your consciousness to make it happen with us. A prediction. Technically, you are sending almost 100% of your consciousness. That way, you get out of your body and you can you can travel there, show plane, But no, we are not the same on you. Explain more in there looking. Okay, so let's go for the last question. What happens if you project nowhere or an imaginary place? Let's say that you want to go ahead and project to Pender or to the Millers or Toe Star Wars or whatever you know, places that don't exist that are imaginary. You know, if your came to project this places, if you actually reach the place well, then tell you you are having a fantastic Ruth dream, but not us trouble. If you try to go to a made up place as you were traveling, then you're going to yes, appear somewhere in the middle of the stars. Okay, is how it has happened to me is how it has happened to Many students have worked with Okay , but they that really pre much unless you would raise your vibrations toe huge, huge levels and you could manage to pull yourself to the mental plane which is a higher consciousness on. Then make a resource, isn't there? But that'll really, you know, it's less like Okay, so that's it for our 10 questions for our five around. So I hope you guys enjoyed it. And, as always, if you have more questions like they know to me. But please check first. The other two. Houston H o k. Because maybe your question sensor, so see your express. 32. How to meditate.: Hey, hang everyone. You know, I wanted to bring on additional bonus class that I find that it will be extremely helpful in every single course. In fact, pre matching every single course, if not all of them. I have been asked how to meditate. So I'm going to give you guys a brief video. You know about meditation. I do have a block. Made it with Fernando that come that if you search how to may take, you will have a complete guy. Okay, But first of all, it means share a few things. A get started with many myths that are not true. Maintaining is not about setting yourself in Lotus position on starting tenting on four hours pretending toe work. No, definitely. That's a wonderful type of notation that it's a mantra type of meditation that you may practice with or without the lotus position. But definitely that's just one off the many, many, many mate is yourself there. Okay, so you don't need that. You know, it's good for you to have a specific spot, communicate, you know, there that is the that is not the best place. Even though sometimes there is no other option and you have to go with that option. Expended another, made a little. But if it share or a room that you can specify it for maintaining them, that would be ideal. Okay, But that's the only thing you needing. No toe. Be able to set the right seven setting. Okay, Like if you have a family, you noticed everyone. Hey, I am going to may they now, So I don't want to disturb than you love yourself. Even if it's in your bathroom, that's fine. Okay, If you have any dogs and cats, you know, you definitely want toe prevent them from access in because they are going to access, especially care, because they feel drone toe a greater source of energy. Always and they're going to be covered. Your meditating that your energies concentrating on the cat will love to go there to put the poor and to receive some love. Trust me, I live cats, so I know that well, So you want to be the Easter you know on to make it the place comfortable for you. If you have an office and you feel it stressed out, then don't maintain their knighted somewhere else. If it has to be your room. Then find so be it. But make sure that they places the right A seven saying is very important. You may want to, you know, version insensitive You want, or like, a candle that it's not really necessary. Okay, you have to make sure that you are able to relax to lay down or sit down whatever you more comfortable with, you know, on make sure you're not going to be the start, Cain. Now, when you get to that there many many wish to meditate. And for me to give you guys a simple one, it's a simple US breathing exercise. Okay, us went toe. Get yourself comfortable. Okay, on. Then, allow your bring to go on its natural pains off surf you're reading. You can even question your Renick even think about oh, and bring faster and green slower. I feel that I have to take many deep breaths and the insured breaths that I don't recommend them. But every now and then you will and things like that to a point that you yes, allow your brain to keep on its own on for you to be observing it. Like if you would be watching a tennis match. Okay. You are? Yes. Observing You're not interacting. You're not questioning the athletes your years looking at their gaming until one scores. Then here. You just want to look at your breathing until in Aatish is over. These will put your mind at very relaxed state. And yes, out from that, you are going to find the huge difference. Okay, try it on. You will see. It will definitely make a huge difference on I want invite you to try this with some instrumental music. But also I want invited with without it. If silence disrupts you, then put yourself some instrumental music. I understand some people struggle with silence, Will even a very nicest society. But then put some instrumental music. Okay on when you can try some saying moments even if it's in the middle of the night because you woke up to go to the bathroom. Okay, but here to try, because you will see how much it pays off. Also in convention that I have a host of guide Nate ations in May date with Fernando that come and over there you can get medications to help you sleep to help you. Okay. Your shackles to Luthi. Dream toe. Check your akashic records to connect with your guides. Toe. Amplify your shack, Grass toe. Do in a research. Empower your self esteem. Everything okay? You can find it there on one less piece of advice. He's not so much about meditation, but it's about a man. Falls for you to try to go easier with life. You know, we live in a society that it's mad. The average person wakes up checks, their phone goes toe weather teeth both to breakfast, a coffee, checking the phone again while you do all of that driving and some even checking the phone , wondering they go to war Working, working, working, checking your phone, then talking here and there. Have to win this place. Other place, then activated in the afternoon. Think that it's here. Over there. Over there, you get a home exhausted, give cook dinner. You trigger something again. You're watching TV, checking your cellphone and talking with your friends, and then you go to bed exhausted with your suffering. Hand the secret by to your very best friends. You know, that's awful. And many people are going the page No. You know, you need to tack on constant activity and constant steel. You have to find moments off silence. You have to find moments off relaxation. And if you can decrease in the amount of things, they're not a festival. You're doing all these long then better. Because if the mind is constantly at 100,000 MPH, it's not going toe to toe down. Not even if you're trying. So you need to also have my finished in a day to slow it down. Okay, so with this, try both and you'll see how much easier meditation gets. Okay, so see an express.