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    • What is Oil Cake

    • Oil Cakes Important Considerations

    • Chocolate Olive Oil Cake

    • Carrot Cake

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About This Class

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: An electric mixer, counter top or hand, will be useful for this class.

If you've never baked a cake before, this class would be a great introduction!  Oil based cakes are some of the easiest to make while still possessing amazing flavor and texture.  Even if you are an avid baker, taking this class will give you two recipes to add to your repertoire and hopefully introduce you to a new category of cakes.

I love oil based cakes for their many layers of flavor and their adaptability to new and interesting ingredients.  They have been around for centuries, but have gained a lot of popularity in professional kitchens.  Imagine a cake with notes of extra virgin olive oil, chili, and lime.  How amazing would it be to give something like that as a gift or take it to a party?

In this class, you will learn how to make:

  1. Chocolate Olive Oil Cake
  2. Carrot Cake

The possibilities are endless with oil cakes and you may never want to bake anything else!  Get started with this class and be on your way to delicious desserts.

Want to learn more about cake baking and decorating?

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Amy Kimmel

Baking and Pastry Arts Instructor

Food is the thing that connects us all. From the people who painstakingly grow our food to the hard workers that prepare the food to the billions of people that consume it. Whether we realize it or not, aside from all of our differences, it's what makes us all the same in some way. We need it for survival, use it for an income, and love it for all of it's nourishment and joy, Making food for other people has always been, and will always be, a great passion and source of fulfillment for me. I ...

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