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Explainer Videos in PowerPoint - Create an Explainer video with MORPH

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. Explainer video with MORPH introduction

    • 3. Building the scene

    • 4. Create custom icons

    • 5. Adding elements

    • 6. Morph entire scene

    • 7. What if you don't have morph

    • 8. Have some fun and add text

    • 9. Change the pace with different slides

    • 10. Animate the added slide

    • 11. Duplicate existing elements

    • 12. Outro animation - Fly through

    • 13. Outro animation - Adding text

    • 14. Prepare for exporting

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class


With help of this class I will go with you step-by-step and teach you how you can create outstanding animated explainer videos using only PowerPoint!

You surely heard that more than 70% of the current web traffic is consumed via Video so it's obviously one of the most preferred and well recieved ways of promoting any product, material or content. This is why you should be able to make good quality content that people will want to watch.

You can also use the skills to create videos for oyur clients.


This course focuses on creating Explainer Videos with PowerPoint. I want to teach you advanced animation techniques and make sure that I explain you everything you need to know during that process. We will learn:

  • How to gather resources for our work

  • How to prepare templates

  • How to properly build scenes

  • Usage of typography and kinetic typography in your work

  • Export high quality and ready, animated videos

So do not hesitate and enroll this class and create this fun animation with me :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Promo Video: hello and welcome in this class where I want to teach you how to make an explainer video using a transition in Power Point, which is called more. It will be best when I simply show you how the ant result and animation looks like. So this is what we are going to go about in this class. I'll show you each step of the way. How to get those resource is how to get the entire animation together, how morph works and also additional examples on how to create a complete explainer video out of it. I can't wait to start working with you. If you are interested in this topic, police and roll and we'll start work right away. 2. Explainer video with MORPH introduction: I'm really excited to finally reach the point where we are working with the more of transition within power point. At first, it was a bit difficult to understand for me because we never had something like this in Power Point. But I want to show you the power off more and the example I did here and in the more you work from the order site around. What do you mean, other side around? This is an example, Infographic. I don't know that it from the weapon. I do not think credit for it. It's from mind a graph. I will delete it in the moment. I just want to show you the concept off the more of transition and why do we work from the from From the other way around with the morph transition, you want to work with a ready bigger concept. Let me show you why I look at that. So let's say that this would be my finalized project in Power Point and I would use the morph to explain it. So I have this light I would control C control Vida slide and I want to explain, for example, this pop I will just make it bigger. I'll place it here in the middle of the slight. Okay? And this will be my first slight. Then I copied this slight again. So it goes back and the next I want to explain this This fly Are this mosquito? What? This is controversy Contrave. And now I extended to the mosquito. Okay, this is about in the middle of the slight. Okay, now what? I select all those lights, I go into transitions and I just hit more boom, Nothing else. I start the presentation. So you would. Here you see the entire concept. And when I click my mouth or I proceed with my video, it beautifully zooms in transitions into this pop. Then again, it goes back. Then when I take my next, it zooms into the mosquito. So if you use the same elements on consecutive slide and use, the more it morphs the same element. It creates a fluent transition, every smooth transition into it. And this was never available in power point only now for office 3 65 subscribers for office 2019. And, of course, for the newest version that will come in the future. All this will work because we already have the morph transition. If you do not have the morph transition off course, you can practice this because sooner or later you will upgrade your your office software. And until now, you could, for example, use the wipe. The wipe would be not bad, but not as good. Look with a wipe. It would look like that. Okay, kind of zoom effect, but it not entirely the same. But it also looks very interesting the more if it's so great, so much greater. But I also believe that the wipe is pretty OK and it's important that you learned the concept. I'm giving you a template toe work on and to end this lesson let me show you what we are doing. What kind of explainer videos are possible with power point if we use more Look at that. So we have something like this. The music place intimations are coming in and this looks like an animated video like like a normal scene. I like it so much it's so simple to create. And this is just an additional scene to give you more ideas about explainer videos and how this could look like this is my example. Video for the most wins from usage, at least for the first part. A transition. Outro Loga innovation. So many useful elements come into play. I really enjoy it making this and it's so much fun. And I would like to teach you how to prefer such an explainer video using the more of transition. 3. Building the scene: okay. Hey, we are past the introduction. If we want to do an animation or an explainer video with the more function, we should start by building out the entire scene and then to using the transition it using the more transition to showcase the smaller elements. At first, I would like to build the background for my seen. This shouldn't be a problem. I have my color scheme prepared, and I'll use that to create a road, create some some blue background and perhaps eventually, later on, we'll also make some clouds. Okay, so let's right click former background. Select the color for my entire background because this will be the main core. And in this in this information, all right now, I would like to create a bottom like road or something like this. On this portion of this light, I have the great colors. So let's start. We're going to insert shapes and inserting a rectangle shape off this size. I don't want this to like be too big, because this will just be a part off the road shaped outline off course. Know what line to get Rid off the blue line shape. Phil Eyedropper and I will use the dark gray. Okay, control C control V Put this on top and to make a little boardwalk, I'll distinguish with another color. This color can be either lighter or or darker. More feel colors. I'll make in this case darker. Okay, beautiful. So this would be the road. Then they control C Control V again, another object. And this will be in the place where all the shops will stand. So I will use a lighter grey eso This time this will be the boardwalk and this will be the street. I hope I got the colors right shape fill high dropper, click and used the great. And it seems the great I used is exactly the same as the power point Grey, here I have all right and perfect. So this would be how our background our main scene is built In the next lecture, I would like to show you how to create custom icons, how to create, for example, the clouds. And you will be amazed how simple it is to do something in power Point with the right approach. And you can basically replicate any object on the weapon you would like to create 4. Create custom icons: let me show you the simplest technique to do any type of ICANN and power Point If you like to design it straightaway. Off course, we could go to toe flat icon and download some cloud icons. But you can write, for example, cloud or cloud. I can here, Right within Google. And, for example, if you like one of those clouds. Actually, I did like the 1st 1 graphics without the Aiken. I like this one. So what I do if I want to design something at least very similar to this. I present Prince Green. I go to Power Point and they control C Control V This object here. Then they go to form it crop. I crop it only to the object. I would like to recreate crop. Now, I could try to replicate something like this. I'll insert shapes and I would start with my circles, so I would like to circle. It doesn't have to be exactly the same. I just would like something similar in style. Okay. It looks like this Policy control V this one smaller because myself, I would make some mistake quarrel while creating this. Okay, beautiful. And if I use like a template for it. Like I do here. Okay. Perfect. Now this insert and not literally shape. In my case, this will be a rounded rectangle just to cover the bottom side. And somehow I created it. Okay, remove this. Take this. We can select all of them goto former murdered shapes, and I'll union this into an object. I see. I made a tiny little mistake here. I can either right click at eight points and may be removed this point. Delete lead. This was just a small error, so I was able to correct it. All right. And we have a ready designed cloud shape. Old line, no outline. Shape Phil White. And this is how you potentially could create some clouds. I'll set it on a side. Now. I just wanted to show you that you can potentially bring any I can from the web into Power Point and used to recreate it. One last super advanced trick. I would like to show you here if you would like this to be transparent. The problem is you cannot make pictures transparent, but there is work around. I invented ones. What I do if I need items transparent. I do erect angle exactly to the size of the picture. I would like to have transparent. Okay, Like this, and I Right. Click safe s picture. Let me save this as example. Example. I ok. Example. Be injuries. So we cannot make this transparent. But I can make this in the shape options. I could make a picture or text, or Phil, I can now select the example I saved. And look at that. This this shape, which is filled out with a picture, can be made transparent. So it would be much easier for me to work because right now I made the icons above it. But sometimes it's difficult. So I could send this to back, and I could have a transparent file and try to recreate it in Power point. This is a little trick off making any picture and the picture you see transparent because we are making a shape transparent. So power Point doesn't recognize this is a picture. This is a shape. Does the picture is inside of it. Okay, this is a little site trick. Police Remember about that when you work in power point 5. Adding elements: Okay, let me start by building my entire and seen and in the file I created, as you can see, my unseen. My end goal was to put several shops onto one big screen. Okay, let's do it right now. So you are starting from the end. From the final piece, I'll take all the shops I prepared. Control, C control freedom. I want to make them smaller because this is the end result. 12 So all four of them should be and should be placed in this image. Okay, then. The coffee shop in the burger shop or the food truck, as you want to call it. Okay. Smaller. Make sure everything fits well. It's difficult birds. We can select all of them. You can take control and the select select select. I'll just direct your mouth like that. All right. Perfect. We have all the shops here at on screen. So now let's take the cooks from 1 to 3. Control, See? Nice rhyme. Okay. I'll make them smaller as well. So ok, in comparison with the shops, they are pretty big. No, let's make it like that on this site on this side, it doesn't really matter Doom He here or let's put them on the boardwalk. Why would they stand on the street like this? And one more for the burger. Maybe this person. Okay, Not so huge. Okay, so this would be my final scene. What would I like to add here? It would be very nice if I made the cloud, because this is a little bit empty. I don't have to, but let me control C control V on bigger one control C control V. There's above the shops. Kind of randomized. Something like this, Like this. And like this. Beautiful. So I'll take the clouds now and I'll control Jeda or you know what? Yes, This is the final piece enters also ill control G. So this will be one big object. Beautiful. So this is my ending scene. This is my end result. And this is what I would like you to create in this lecture. I will wait patiently until you build your scene. If you want. For example, just three shops. No problem. Delete one there. Delete clouds. Just make three. It's completely up to you. Or if you want, like another design with another Aikens. I'm just giving you this template. So you have some set up to work with because it's a really simple If we have everything here in Power Point and this is an example, and if you will be able to create this example, you will be do able to create any type of video which is similar to that. Okay, build a scene and we see each other in the next lecture when we will start the animated. 6. Morph entire scene: Okay, Since we have our ending scene, I would like to start with one shop and, like, entered the next, the next the next to introduce each person separately. This will be trial and error. Let's go to the transitions. Let's click on more because I'm sure that I will more between this light and I'll just control C and control Vida slide by pressing control K, I upload Put this light I just copied on top. And on this screen you want only three off the shops. So how do you make the perspective? At first I want to select the cloud. And I want to look in that those three shops they have about this amount of clouds, so I will resize it to about the same amount. Okay, this is somewhat somehow the clouds should look like on this screen, maybe like toe. Make them. I'm a bit down, so they are a bit more visible. Okay. And now how to make just three shops? Well, you could do this with really a simple mouse click. You could select everything. I look like my control besides this road, and let's make the shops bigger to approximately this size. You can see they are overlapping each other, so I need to shift click shift. You can click with shift. You can click it with control boat buttons. Work like that the same. Okay, the coffee shop on the right side and you see it's a bit too big. Coffee shops, smaller pizza place smaller and this French rice also bit smaller. Now watch. We have this light and it morphs into the next light. You can always go to the next light and see how the animation progresses. This is starting to become a really beautiful animation, and the most important thing is the most important. Really, that this burger is here on the right side because just imagine morphing takes all the elements it has. If if they elements replicate, they will be morphed into this position. But if the food truck would be deleted here and I would click a more, he would just simply faded. See? Absolutely uneventful, boring and bed. Why is that? Because as you have your mouse over there more function, you can read how morphing works move things on the previous slide to their new locations. On the current slide, every perfect explanation to get the best result. Duplicate a slight move things around. Apply the morph transition. Anything you add or delete will be fading or fade out. So I did not have the burger here and it appears here. So it's simply fates in them. That's really awful. So I need to make sure that on each light a copy, I will have the previous element. All right. The same analogy comes Control C Control V. Let's go to the first light now and now You only want to items and here I can delete the burger and I can have without the streets again. And I can have two items here, but I must make sure that coffee shop will be available on this side. This coffee it could be, could be smaller. It can stay them as the same size. The most important thing is that it is on this screen because it will appear on this screen . See? Okay, So here I would also take the clouds. Clouds are not so important, and more I'll send them to back. Make them would be big, bigger. So at least two of those clouds are visible on the screen. Maybe I also put this here because I really like the clouds And you can see this is how we more between slide and the next. Like Okay, the last slight control C Control V. Sorry, I'm making everything on one lecture. But once you get this, you will become a real master in that. Okay, Here I delete the coffee shop. I take pizza boy, and I put it on the right and I just take the main item. I make it bigger and I put it in the middle of the screen. Basically, I do not want the clouds, but I made a group, maybe one or two clouds on the left side, just barely visible on the screen. And you might ask, Why do I not bleed the cloud? Because it's, like, quicker and more convenient toe work on the same group object you see, each time I click on it. Boom, boom, boom. It gets just bigger. And this is very simple to work with because I'm staying relevant and the same. Okay, let's preview results. Now, this is like most of the completed animation and watch the clouds. I moved the cloud and it is fading up, but that's not really a problem. You still barely noticed the clouds. And the most important thing is that at least here, Okay, they're not the same. Okay? It seems that I'm not satisfied with the clout. Let me control See and control Vihd. Um, once again, I want to see Okay, Something was messed up with the clouds because I was moving them around. So it seems that I cannot move him around, so I just and they take the same object, will see control v, make it bigger. Just the exact same object without changing anything on the clouds. And this is it. This is how I would build up my entire animation until this scene, please. Now try to replicate the steps and may fully finally seen and for more of transitions. 7. What if you don't have morph: one quick disclaimer. What do you do if you work on an older version of PowerPoint and you do not have the more function? If you want to make the same kind of animation, it would be very difficult because you would need to take each object. If you would like to really replicate this, you would need to goto animations and you would need to make grow shrink. See, it's no shrinking. I would open the animation pane. You can double click effect and undersized you can make, like maybe 30%. So the house would be made smaller and you see it so difficult. Okay, now I see that 30% is is too little. So I make 50% and it's trial and error. And then if I would like to move the house where, for example, this left side, I would need to at animation at a line. And just make sure that the line goes somewhat here. That look at that. The line shows me the normal size of this house, and it doesn't show me. Okay, I would need to make both animations with previous So now they both animation start. See how difficult this is it's very difficult to achieve the same result. What I would do instead of doing those wacky animations. I would do the same the same thing that we did here. I would make the scenes like this. But instead of a more transition, I would use the wipe transition. Why wipe? Because it seems, and the wife and the, for example, fly True seems like the closest to the effect we wanted to achieve. Look at the white so the wipe would be pretty off course. It's not the same quality of more because it was completely like a different approach. Different functions, So a wipe animation, it kind of gets a similar result. You can tell a story with the wipe animation, but you cannot get the custom movement. So what to do if you do not have to morph? Well, I would just watch what I'm doing. Learn from what I'm doing this time used to wipe and maybe in the future, want to update a power point because our point for 3 65 subscribers and power 650.2019 already have this built in as a standard function. So each future version of power point will, of course, polity have the more implemented and perhaps some new cool functions which will really work well with explainer videos. So this is a little like additional elector for those who used older versions of Power Point because I wouldn't want to let you down. I just want to teach you as much as possible within this this class within those lectures and you can soak the knowledge. And remember, once you have the more function, you will already know. Kind of what is it for? And that's also very useful. Thank you for listening to this. It's an additional lecture. I hope you don't mind. 8. Have some fun and add text: Okay now, since we already have the morph and I'll select all slight have the more Now you can have a little bit of fun Take this light control C control G contra Okay. To use the same background and do any movement you'd like. For example, moving those closer together on this could be the next light and control C control V The next light, for example, this text will pop up so I'll move all of them closer And you can always go a few slides back and preview what happens on those slides. So they talk and then on the next, like they come together and on this light where they come together, I would like to fade in the text for that we could use a cloud or we can insert shapes. I did insert at rounded rectangle shape. I made this rounded shave, Old ling Now old line, shape filled. Um, I was using the background shape, Phil. And maybe the background is okay. Just giving it a little transparency. So this would be kind of an interesting effect or if you really want you can more colors and make it slightly darker, so it stands a little bit out. Okay, beautiful. So we have this text and we have to somehow point to those people what we can do. We can still to insert shapes. Um, and we can use circles. We could use, for example, this floater element. But it is a little bit difficult to use, so I'll use a normal circle. Let's start control C control V. Make it smaller. There's control C control v even smaller. Okay, I believe this is it. Shave old line. No old line shape filled. I could make the same color control g to make a group, and I'll put it above each person. What is my problem here? Before my group it I would like to give it transparency so they look alike to this original object. Okay, Transparency. I would just make this by hand like these. And now I would like to group it, and this looks a little bit better. You can see maybe I made transparency too strong. Control. C control V Control. C Control V. Put it on the other side. Control C control view. But that's enough. I just wanted it to be visible that this comes from those persons. And here I could insert any text I like. Insert text box. I'll write it here I write. I wrote something like, Food is maybe a bit overeager, but let's tell that food is love and our restaurants are our lives. I'm making this bigger with this button. I'll select another. Found another color. Let's make it. Let's simply take the color and make it white. Let's take the front end. Use something really big. Since we have some kind of cartoon style, I have a fund installed on my PC. Which kind are fits. This fits this design. Okay, besides the smiley face, Andi, something like this would be very okay. Now, how would this look with the more for animation? So let me go on the back so you can see the person's like float around here they come together and under next light they move together, and this text appears a very beautiful transition between between the restaurants and the text I wanted to show here, and then we will proceed with the explainer video in an under fashion. This is why I wanted to start with the morph on, because this creates such a cool introduction. And we basically made a cartoon animation with a few mouse clicks. I hope you are on the same page. Please. Now design your own. Just take this final slight. Make a little fun of it. Um maybe move the characters around. Maybe put the text here on the top. It isn't mandatory, but I would like you to train those items. Even if you do not use more, just do something like that. Used transitions, wipe. Because we will not use more anymore in this presentation. Now we will go back to normal. Just toe change the pace of this entire explainer video. 9. Change the pace with different slides: Okay. How to change the pace off this entire presentation and make it like, personalized to those persons Because we not always use cartoon persons. So Okay, let me hit a new slide, and I kind of maneuvered myself into using this phone. So I want to take the first restaurant and the first chef. Okay, I'm taking them control. C control v and really, really perfect. So I want to close up off her and under this shop in Mitt in her background. So I'll make this shop here. I was imagining here some text and here a close up off this person. So if I make the person bigger even like this Mm. The shop is overlapping too much, and it's like distracting myself from the person. So what you always can do in power point is used custom shapes. Let me go to the first slide because I wanted my color scheme control see and control viewed here. Okay, so I'll have it close around so overlays how to make them. I will just use a shape like this. I can even take this shape Control C control V. If I'm lazy and just place it here and see how that works. Okay, I can make a rectangle out of it, and I'm okay. It's kind of difficult, really. Power point. You are making me troubles here. Okay, let me overlay this this object over his shop and now it's so much better. Look at that. I can click on this object if I am not satisfied with the amount of transparency I can always use a Grady int. I can use a Grady int, but not with those ugly colors. Just select the first color eyedropper and select this blue select The second caller, I drop her and maybe, for example, this blue much better. And here I can use transparency for each color separately. I really like the result. Maybe this color is a bit too white. And I would likely grading to go from left to right. So I linear is okay with the direction Maybe from the left side to right. Okay, now it's much better because I can take the person I can make this person bigger and they can right click, bring her to front. So now she is visible but not disturbed by the background. Okay, let's go to the second part of the design. Since I'm lazy itis copy disorder Control C Control V And I want this object to be about or perfectly to this middle of the slight. When do you know when When is the middle of the slight one? PowerPoint is snapping. And to You have zero here on the rulers. If you don't see rulers go to view and you can always open the rulers or great lines if you want more perfection. Okay, I have this, but this one, I'll make it a solid Phil. And with my eye dropper, I select one color from my color scheme. Okay? Perfect. Going back to form it. No shape, old line. And okay, this would be the initial design for my a person close up. Now, I would just around everything up by adding additional shapes. Additional text, this shape writing on the shape, Phil, I dropped her. And which color we won't. I believe the blue because I want to stick with the color scheme. And now I would just insert textbooks is here, like fill up this entire slide. So I go to insert mm textbooks. Name one. I was centered This calibri It's pretty OK. White fund cultural be and maybe let's give her a name. Okay, Now it is a matter off. Just adding text boxes. I added text, which is a normal calibri text. Normal textbooks. So I just go to insert textbooks, something like this. And for example, I made it like that. I went to the home, I selected this blue collar and I made them bigger. Big enough. Okay, Perfect. With my control and right left bracket key, I can make them bigger or just getting this button. So I made one like this. Control C control V, the other one like this boom. And I put it here, This one here on the left side. This simply has transparency. If you go to the text options, this is a normal white fund. I just gave it a little bit of transparency, so it's, like, not so boring and a little bit washed out. Looks cool. The same for this one. It's the normal blue color that we used. But if you go to the text options, we have 45% off transparency. So it gives it this cool, little additional effect. This is how you popular this light. I'm not sure about this fund, but Okay, we used it. So let's stick to it. And this is how I would design this additional slight. 10. Animate the added slide: Okay, let me animate this light. And let me tell you why will I not use the more transition here? Because here, the slightest, completely different and it would make no sense to use a more. Just look at this transitions. More like this element is morphing. I could eventually eventually take those two control C and controlled freedom on this light and put them here on the side. So in that case, when I go here, they would kind of morph into the screen. But that's still thinks is to see if those lights are two different. Just look at that. Yes, those toe faded nicely. But in order for all this to work, I would like, nearly have to take everything I would have to take like and put everything here on the screen. And now this would somewhat look OK, but why go through such much trouble and why toe additionally and why do additionally crowd this light when I can just use, for example, this beautiful wipe animation and do the effect option from top? Right. Okay. This is how I would go to this slight. But then I would at least want to animate this text part, I would go to animations. I would select the first box and I want to make sure that this is grouped control aji. So it's together. One object and I also like fly in. Instead of flying from bottom, I'll fly in from top. As you know, I always like to open the animation pain I write to click with Previous. I like the animation toe have for example, one second and I'll double click on the animation, go to its effects and make a bounce and and a little bit of a smooth start. This is beautiful. Now those text animations this and this can simply fate. With this main textbooks. I would like it to fade, but in a different way. I'll select all tree animations that I created with my shift key right click with Grievous . I will delay them because I want them to happen after the Stacy Texas here. Then I'll click on the main text. Okay, this is the last one. I'll double click on it. Effect animate text by letter by letter. Not 10% maybe 6%. Okay, A very nice, pleasant, slow animation. It takes a bit long to play. Maybe I love look like and make it 5%. So it's a bit shorter in the largest click on animation painter and paint this over to the last text. This last text is smaller. I'll be late. It is small, so it will fade in quick. So let me preview enough the animations which I did for this slide. You see this this fate into quick and this should fate after the text is completed. So I'll click on the 2nd 1 Delay, delay, delay, delay until it past this long animation That's previous. Yeah, and I like that This text stars to faith in as this one ends so we would be essentially done with animations. Eventually, we can animate this person by clicking on this animation painter and just painting the animation over and instead off coming from the top, it would come from bottom. Beautiful. So now this is how the entire animated slight would look like she enters too quick. I'll extended aeration toe 1.5 seconds. Okay, this is fine by me. Everything works for me. And this is how I would animate this light for a simple now, as we duplicate this light, we will not have to do any more information. I'll show you in a moment how to change everything here. 11. Duplicate existing elements: what I like about power point is if you click on a slight interest press control C control V it duplicated the existing slight with its options. So we already have the white transition. We could just for fun change the for example this time from left because I would like this slight to be different than the previous one. How different. Just take the next person. So I don't this time the peace of place and this pizza guy. Okay, in order to, like, make it a bit different, I'll place them on the right side and the text under left. How to change everything here. If you do not have the selection pain, you have a very old version of Power Point, which is, for example, power 0.0.2011 for Mac, where the selection pain was not available. You have to, like, move the objects and manually moved him. But here, if you have trouble selecting something, you can open the selection pain and you can de select each object one before a simple You have troubles selecting this french fries. You just need to search who which of the objects this is? And then you could select it here. It's most likely picture number tree? Yep. And now I could simply click on it and move it around. Okay? I owned the picture out. She will stay because I want to copy the animations and this will be here in the background , so I'll take everything. I'll put everything on the left. Help it this time. This guy on the right, I'll put his pizza place here. I just need to make sure it's bigger and I'll right click sent to back. You see, a made it a bit to make. Okay, you just need to see that it's the peace of place. It can stand out here. It's no problem because this light ends here. And when it comes to the animations I click on her. I go to animations, animation painter and painted the animation to him. So I have changed her to come from left, so I just pick on him. I take this animation and I select from right because on this slide this will be the more appropriate way. Let me delete her so she doesn't come in the way. Stacy, Let's call him John. Very simple. I'll pick the innovation is the 1st 1 And look, if everything is OK. All right? The text. Fate in perfect. Ready? Ready, Ready. Ready. So now no wonder how much off those lights you would like. You would just take both of them. Control C control V and you can just change. This person copied the innovations over. Then you picked this. Put another one here, placed his back, place her back or the other person, and you would be ready. I'll delete those slights for the sake off this tutorial because we do not need more. I just need to template and let me let me even out the transition because you need to visually see this. I looked like on wipe. Okay? Affect options. You can change. All right, so it seems that I don't like the middle, the middle part overlapping, but yeah, kind off. I like the from bottom than the most. We could eventually used the push animation from sites. Maybe from right. Okay. You see this? Little blue? I'll just extend this. Yeah, Yes, we still have a little little problem. And this is just power Point related, Okay? No, it's not power. Point related. I had this one pixel too small. So right now it seems that the push animation is the best. So here we have wipe. And now we are pushing the screen from the right side. This looks amazing. I'll stick with it. This is how you can multiply this slide by creating another template. And now it would be ready to use just change the text, change their name and change the person. 12. Outro animation - Fly through: Okay. We are slowly ending this animation. Sooner or later, you need a closing flight. Perhaps also an opening slight. But I'll show you on an example. This closing slight. Okay, let me close the selection. Pain. Let me delete everything. I would also like to bring this color scheme once again into my slide. Right click, Former background. And I want to use the dark background for the ending off this presentation. Doom. Close it. Okay, so we have the initial element here. Now I want to insert shapes, and I know that I will have text in the middle. So I want to insert two shapes on the right and left side, which will mask me a portion off this slide. So it will appear as this would be invisible shape. Old line. No old line shape, Phil. The same call Control C Control V. Put it on the left. It's a bit difficult because we don't see the color. Okay, so we have those two masking options now, when it comes to the animations, you can be really creative, and I'll show you a few ways what we can do. Control C control V make this smaller and I want a little bit lighter color in the back to change the color. Just go to former shape Phil. More for the colors and a little bit lighter. Just so it's every visible. I would like them to fly behind this. So right click sense to back. Okay, they are now barely visible. Or I could say they're invisible. I'll make this a bit bigger and what I want to do. I want an animation which will fly to the screen like this. See? See how nice this masking is because under left and on the right, we don't see it, OK, I'll put it above the middle. With my shift key. I place it outside of the screen and I make the first flight through animation. Goto animations. Open it, Go through lines. Okay. It seems as nothing would happen because this is outside of the screen and it just flies bottom. I want to take the red and I want to put it here on the right side of the screen. I'll make sure it it has this red snapping line, okay? And disposition, it has this perfect snapping line. Perfect. So I'll right. Click on this rectangle start with previous. I'll just make sure that the innovation isn't as boring by going toe effect. Oh, it has smooth start and smooth. And so this is perfectly fine. And other presses. Okay, beautiful. This line flies true. Okay, Nice. Now I want this line. Control C Control V. I want to put the line here. You see this line? It automatically helps me because this was the middle. And instead off flying there. I want to take the red part and put it under this. Okay, Power, bring this automatically snapping me to this other object. I need to press my left. Yeah, this is funny. You can turn this off, but I don't need this for this lesson. I just want to make sure that I have a very even fly. True. So this will be my first initial. Okay. You see this error because we copied a new object and new objects are always on top off everything. Right? Click sent to back. Absolutely amazing. And this would be a perfect start toe. Reveal some text in the next lecture. I want to show you how to animate text, how to do a custom transition out and how toe eventually duplicate slight to put their anything you want 13. Outro animation - Adding text: So I have created those masks and I would like to text follow on it. The good thing here is that I can take any textbooks from a previous light control. See, control of it is here, but that here and on the text, I want a fly in animation from left and again. I want to make sure that this text is behind everything. Now, I can go to the invasion pain, come to the first innovation, select with previous extended aeration and maybe give it a delay. So they are kind of close together. And let's see if this works. Okay, this is too slow. Reduce the delay. Very close. Just animation is too boring. So I can double click on the animation, go to its effect, give it this a little bounce as usual and maybe a little smooch start. But let's move. Start isn't necessary. Are you wanted the bounce? Okay, let's preview the animation from start play from okay? And now it's too quick. So I want him to give it more delay again. Less 0.3. I'll do this. Okay. The Texas here too quick. It appears that I need to extend the duration. Okay, Very close May be extended even more. And now the late More Because the result I want to get is that this block perfect. This block was supposed to reveal the text and I can now control C control video text. Put it on the bottom, make sure that it it is sent to back and make it from right. I want to give the text another color home or former text. Well, maybe this blue. And let's preview this information kind of beautiful. Maybe those two. I'll go to the animation pain delayed by half a second delay by half a second more. And let's see this now. Absolutely amazing. Absolutely. And no matter what we right here, I'll show you the coolest trick ever know. So we have day school animation and we can control C control V this life control K to remain on the same background done by me. And no matter how much do you copy this slight like Thanks for watching. You could even make 1/3 1 with another block. Take care. OK, so this would be my three exits light. They have no transition. Or do they? None. None. None okay. And this is if I select after a zero seconds on the transition step after a zero seconds. OK, on the transition step I selected after a zero second and instead off on mouse click. And it's pretty. This absolutely amazing. It goes to the next slight done by me, and this would be a cool way to go to the next light. Maybe their transition between them could be at the least fade or something like this. So this fate might help a bit so the text would fade off. This is a little bit better, but no matter how we do this, we can duplicate its multiple times and you have a beautiful ultra animation. In this next last very last lecture. I want to show you just a very quick trick, making a custom and animation, and we are completely done 14. Prepare for exporting: if you would like to have a custom out transition, not just a normal fate. You could, for example, insert shaves. Insert a circle, one of the left side, gorgeous. Let's work on one. We have this animation or this object shape. Old line. No old line shape, Phil. Make it black. No, on the animations tab, the simplest way to do this would be to open the animations and to give it a grow shrink. So now it's growing and shrinking very slowly. But you can take this oval select with previous, make it less in duration and delight after you have done everything. So after you have read, thank you. Take our double click on the animation itself, go to its effects instead of size. 150% Make it maybe 500% with a smooth end. Okay, let me preview that. Okay. Let me put you all animations. Thank you. Take her. And though Okay, it grows toe approximately this this part of the screen. So I just control c control V it on the right corner. And we are done with this animation. Let me preview the slide itself and this is it. Okay, we have a custom closing transition. Now, I would take all slides clicking on the last one, clicking on the 1st 1 with shift transitions after zero seconds because I want each slide to advance immediately after the animation ends, They're morph morph. Tradition normally takes two seconds. So you need to remember if you will make a video. So going from this to this will take two seconds. Two seconds, two seconds. Two seconds. And then this Those animations. Okay. And here we have a problem. I want to de select a mouse cliff. So I would like to take all slides and d select on mouth click. And now this slide. This light will advance immediately after the animations, and But I will check out the animation ends at 3.6 seconds. I'll make this slide to take about six seconds because I would like to have some time viewing the text. So this will take now about three seconds to enemy in. And then I have three seconds to read all this. Okay, this is perfectly fine. You can proceed like that and the rest can proceed after it has been displayed here. We have fade here. We have a fade here. We can have as well a fate. And this is it. Our presentation is prepared. We can export it straight to video. Before I do this, I want to make sure that all those light are right. Click height slides so they will not be rendered out in my video because these are just template files. This is it. This is a ready file. I click safe, and I am ready to export these to video. Thank you very much for coming. Do this last lesson. I hope you'll able to do the same kind of animated explainer video. And you had plenty of fun doing. So We have so many from techniques. Your I really like to work with those animations. And I hope you did not only enjoy the class, but you did learn a lot off interesting stuff. 15. Conclusion: So if you want to export this to a video, you just goto file export, create a video and you click on Create a video. You will use the recorder timing generations because we did change the seconds each slight should play. We did change that. It should advance without mouse clicking. So is a ready prepared video. The quality here in Power Point and the full Lady is available, but the problem here is that it has 25 FPs, which is a little bit slow for a video. But the normal playback is 30 or even 60 FBs if I just get a five. So a little work around is if you use third party screen recording software, for example, me personally. I'm using Cam Tasia to record my screen, but you have other screen recording programs, and I could make my screen According start. I would hit a five to play this presentation. It was play, and it would automatically also record my screen. This is how I could capture this powerful in presentation in its full speed and quality. Okay, in case he decides to put also music in the background, you can select the music track which you downloaded, you can have some. For example, I used a Web site called Men Sound, but you could use other royalty free websites. I just put the track inside of power Point here on the top. I click playing background, and that's it. My problem is I should place it on the first slide. Okay, now it plays correctly. Let me go once again to the playback and give it a little faith in Fade out. And now you can listen that it will be much better. Because once I start the presentation also, that sound will started like and it really works well with video. Really? Thank you again. So much for your patients and watching more degrees here on I hope you enjoy how we make