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Explainer Videos in PowerPoint - Create a Product Promo Video

teacher avatar Andrew Pach ⭐, Animation all the way!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Promo Video

    • 2. Introduction to Product Promo Video

    • 3. Opener Logo Animation Pt. 1

    • 4. Opener Logo Animation Pt. 2

    • 5. Design the introduction slide

    • 6. Introduction slide animation

    • 7. Amazing highlight effect

    • 8. Create and design the text copy

    • 9. Design and subtract custom elements

    • 10. Animate all elements Pt. 1

    • 11. Animate all elements Pt. 2

    • 12. Duplicating existing elements

    • 13. Custom Transition

    • 14. Implementing custom transitions

    • 15. Add custom music to round it up

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About This Class


With help of this class I will go with you step-by-step and teach you how you can create outstanding animated explainer videos using only PowerPoint!

You surely heard that more than 70% of the current web traffic is consumed via Video so it's obviously one of the most preferred and well recieved ways of promoting any product, material or content. This is why you should be able to make good quality content that people will want to watch.

You can also use the skills to create videos for oyur clients.


This course focuses on creating Explainer Videos with PowerPoint. I want to teach you advanced animation techniques and make sure that I explain you everything you need to know during that process. We will learn:

  • How to gather resources for our work

  • How to prepare templates

  • How to properly build scenes

  • Usage of typography and kinetic typography in your work

  • Export high quality and ready, animated videos

So do not hesitate and enroll this class and create this fun animation with me :)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrew Pach ⭐

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrew Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Promo Video: hello and welcome in this class where I want to show you how to make this type of animation product promotional animation. What's best, I will support you boat with the ready animated file and with a empty template which will allow you to start the work right away and make the animation exactly like me. It will be best if you just previewed this animation instead of me talking to know what you are going to learn within this class. 2. Introduction to Product Promo Video: hello. And it is such a pleasure to welcome you in this section. What will we do here? We will do this kind of product Promo animation for an example. Company. Let me start by showing you the animation itself. It is music in it. So let's review it for 20 or 30 seconds. - Okay ? Yeah. And this is it. So many nice and interesting features which we will learn here. Let's say that we have an example brief to prepare a product promo video for a company that sells mountain gear are like outdoor gear. I used an example of a few vectors a lamp, a backpack and what did I do to prefer defies for me? I downloaded a few vectors and I went into the victor. I double click to open it in Adobe Illustrator, but it can be open also in the end escape, which is the free software. I did go into the program. I separated the elements I would like to show in this case in Adobe Illustrator. I'm pressing F seven to open up the layers. For example, I wanted the backpack, so I de selected everything about the backpack I could eventually make it a bit bigger. It depends on what I want. I just want to file export. And instead of using a vector file, which I don't really need it here. I just used a normal P and G file. Like calling it BP. Like backpack. You can see it has a transparent background, very high quality, which is 300 five points per inch. Okay, this is perfect even for printing. And I just took those files. This BP took them into Power point, and I made a little template for myself here. You will also get this file available if you would like to work on the same files on the same examples and to make it easier for you. But we learned everything in the previous section, So you can just as well go onto the vector websites and image websites. And I can websites and download a few example. Aikens, this is it. When it comes to the introduction, I made also a credit slide to show you where I took the music from. It should be credited like this where I took the vectors from which I am very grateful. I yes, I usually do I used backed Easy and free Peak. And as you can see, we have hurt a super nice animation with it. Let's hope and now a new Power Point presentation. Let's greet this promo video at first and you will learn a ton off interesting tricks here , so let's start right away. 3. Opener Logo Animation Pt. 1: Okay, welcome to the first lesson. And let's not waste any time and start with the introduction slide. I want to wipe the slate clean, and I want to go back to the presentation because I'll just take the template final, which I prepared for myself because this would be what I would do at the beginning. Off my work. I'd go to this. And this is also an awesome feature in PowerPoint that you can just control C and control the slides between presentations. You can keep the source former thing if you have some different backgrounds and the company . Let's say that the company did give me their logos and I especially like this purple. So I just went ahead and I took this one. Okay, the first slide. Let me put it on the side. How do we do this? We right click on the slide. We go toe former background and we want to change the background. We want to use the eyedropper. I'll click here and I'll select the purple background to be consistent with the coloristic off this company. All right. Once I did create the background, I can no take the logo and make the first example. Animation The logo happens to be a factor. It is awesome quality, so I can make it bigger without any issues. And now how do we want to make the logo to fly in? As I told, I would like a logo to really fight in. So I'm going to hit the logo, goto animations and select the flying. The flying from bottom is very interesting, but in order like to make the flying start from here because the floating is totally different. If it's like floating, it also has this fading in and I don't like it. I like the flying because the opacity is at 100%. A little trick you can always use, and we will use this on the 1st 2 slides is insert shapes and insert a rectangle like a mask and masking shape here with the same color as the background. This so you just go to shape full. I dropped her. You used to call her from the background and you go to the shape outline and you select no outline to get rid off the basic ugly power point. Blue outline. Okay, now I can open my animation pain. Just a private animation one more time. You see? Now it happens. Like from here. Without this, it flies in all the way. But with this, it has happens. All right. At the end, it's a bit boring. So I want to double click on the animation. I want to go to its effect. And now you see how important the previous sections were. Mm. Do we want to smooth? I want a bounce. So it's not so boring. Let's make it maybe 0.3 seconds. Very quick, bones. Okay, I will extend the duration of this animation right click and select with previous. So it starts automatically when the slight start. Okay. Perfect. Really nice, clean, very friendly animation. 4. Opener Logo Animation Pt. 2: Okay. Perfect. Really nice, clean, very friendly animation. Now, I would only need to insert textbooks and insert. Oh, sorry. I clicked on the rectangle accidentally. I want to answer the textbooks, and I called it. Did I do this? I called it Mountain Gear or something like this. Let's say that our company's mountain here and here I used the phone, which is called Burn the Debt Rough. Okay, let's do the same. Where in the earn that rough. All right. I selected the color for this fund to be exactly the same as the logo. Okay, I put it here. I went back to home center. Make it bigger. I want I first tried to make it onto lines, but it looks kind of better when it's on. And this is the problem. In powerful new, sometimes accidentally click on element and beautiful. This would be our first initial slight. Let's decide upon the animation off this dis text. Maybe it will fly in from the right side. Why not still be interesting and the nations flight in and to use it from left Do we want to use our trick again? Why not control C control v It's a bit difficult to put it here. Okay, Like this. Just make it smaller. No, use the text. And if you are lazy like me instead of like double clicking on the animation going toe effects, changing the bounds, changing the duration. I want the same animation that this has. I just click on this. I click on the animation painter and I click on the text. Now the animation is painted over with the same features. Now, I only need to do one mouse click effect options from left. Perfect. If, in any case, you entered this quicker and this is, for example, from back and it isn't working, and it isn't covering up to text, then you need to go to home. Select opening this election pain and the selection pain shows you exactly what is first or the second or the third. I want, um, this We'll even DoubleClick logo text needs to be behind this, which is which would be logo text called her. Okay, so I just take the logo. Luckily, and this rectangle didn't cover the logo itself because the local texas So I want to take the cover I want to place it here and the logo tex beneath it. What's the problem here? That you need to be very careful because we did a rectangle here and this rectangle would be local cover. If this logo cover would be higher, it would cover up our text. So we need to be worry off what is first or the second. And it's far more easy if, for the editing part you change the shape field because how it's better visible. Okay, But since I already know what I'm doing here, I have everything set up and maybe the text going to animation. And this is just your invention. Now I would like to extended aeration. I would like to delay it So the text comes in later. We are now already with our first initial slide. Police try to do the same yourself. If not, you can always open the project file. You can always click on the first light, which I did Here you can open up the animation pain and the selection pain by going toe home, Select selection pain or to the animation stop animation pain. Here you just cover your mouth. Okay. He did a with previous entrance animation, which is float in. And he did it for one second. The second animation delay 25 duration 1 50 0 So this is how, how how to make this And this is usually how you get the best ideas and then you can replicate them yourself. As you can see, I just made the small delay. In my opinion, this balance is too quick, so I'll just extended aeration. This is like nitty gritty. Think a ring With the invasion itself, the balance is too strong. The federation was too quick. Okay, now it's like more natural, absolutely beautiful animation. And let's continue in a debt fashion on the next slide. 5. Design the introduction slide: okay. The previous animation took long because we had toe start everything from the beginning. The second animation, which we would like to do, is like the introduction to what is coming. I used, for example, like Black Friday sale, but this could be in the sale or any text used. The main part here is three text boxes. Okay, The animation wooded here is very similar because we want to go into the like, same convention as we did in the first animation. And it's like that it's revealing three boxes. So what I did, I thought to myself that going purple all the way down will be a bit boring. So I try to use a second color. I used the red one from here first, but it was like two pinkish to bright. So I just went ahead and right click. Former background. I selected the color from more colors. I went to custom and I tried are at I believe it was somewhat darkest red, and this kind of goes well together with purple. All right, so we have our red color scheme set now for the text we need to establish three tax boxes and three rectangles surrounding it. I went to insert shapes and I inserted three shapes like this. Or let's just make the one and then we copy it. Shape old line now outline shape, Phil. And this is where our color scheme comes into play. You can click and you can even use the what you see here on the left side. You could even do this like this. I used off course the purple, which we already have. Did we do this? Okay, then I used to text by going to insert text books. And you would like to answer this. Let's start with this black. And I wanted a big and bold fund to, like, introduce what we're doing here. So I used the fund, which I downloaded, which is a den pro. You can off course, use different phones, country like I like then throw. It's a really cool phoned. I already used it in the past. I make it bigger, I make it centered, and the little trick I use here I used the color from this background to make it look transparent. I use the eye dropper boom, and you can see the text. But if you hovered over this block on the black tax becomes like transparent since the it's like, hardly visible. And we need to distinguish here. What I also suggest you to do click on this text, go to form it shape, effect or not shape, effect text effect. Because I would like the effect to be applied to this black text text effects shadow. And let's use one off the simple shadows we have here I will go for the very first shadow because this is a very clean, normal shadow. And there we have it. So we have the first box. I will control g it to make it the group I'll control C control V Put it in the middle like this. Control C control V and put it on the bottom. Like to make at least a little distinction between the boxes. I will take this box now, since this is a group Sorry, I need to click once to select a group and click another time and you can see here on the right. I selected the textbooks here. I would like the text to be text ful purple So we make a negative like and I will click here. The rectangle and direct angle shape Phil make it threat. This is simple design, but it may cause some trouble. If you want the animation to be a bit simpler for you a bit easier, you can rename the group's properly like text three. Text two, and the upper text will be text one. You can use this as a template. Um, I wrote their black Friday sale like Friday sale, all right, and we have that initial design with three boxes ready. 6. Introduction slide animation: okay. I made there. Read a little lighter and let's go straight to animation. We will use the same rectangle tricks which we used before because we want a consistent information pattern. Let's take the first part. And what school? Here. Look at that. Those are blocks also filled with color, so they might be helpful. I'll insert shapes. Insert a rectangle at the bottom off this animation to about this size. Okay, shape, old line. No old line shape. Phil Samos background. I will take the black animations and make the flying. Okay. Looks pretty OK until the Friday is visible. All right, click with previous to start duration half a second, maybe 0 75 Tweak waters off a second and at least a smooth. And here. Okay, we don't need to bounce. We'll do it like that. Then for the Friday You see, this rectangle is already covering something up, so we will need to, but this above Text one. Okay, Control C control Vidas rectangle and put it on the top off black because this will cover the Friday text. The Friday text will come from the top side. All right. Click on the Friday text just text to or just click on the black text animation painter and paint the animation over instead of coming from the bottom. This time you want to be counterclockwise and just go from top. Okay? And you see little problem. There's this text to needs to be behind text one. Will this work? Okay, The problem is that text number two should be delayed. You see a some mole. Small error here. This is because I didn't make this rectangle perfectly to this. Okay, let me preview this now. Totally awesome. Now we just have to work on the last text. Now, only the sale animation it can go from from bottom because from top would be a bit difficult because we already have distractible here sale. Let me just duplicate this animation, because why waste time on it? It already flies in from bottom. Let me delay it. 123 123 And do you want to cover it up here? Well, we can duplicate this rectangle. We could put it here and we could make this smaller. This wouldn't come in the way of anything. And it's above the sale. So in the end, you have this animation. Absolutely beautiful. Very clean em. If you want to change the animation itself, you just work with the durations and what I did on the previous on this presentation. I just did one rectangle on the left side, just like that one rectangle on the right side. It doesn't even have to be super proper. I took the 1st 1 I selected at animation because I want another animation on top of it. And I went for a fly out to the left or to the right boom, and it disappears. Just take this at animation. Fly out two left and this at animation fly out again to write. If you want everything to happen automatically, you select those three animations one could control to a tree right click with previous and delay it, for example to like four seconds because you want to have time to read this and then just small delay and boom. And this slight animation is ready. This is a pretty advanced animation, and you need to spend a little time on it. But it is so rewarding at it worth the time. I have no relay here, and if I would like to be a bit more fancy, I would make it a smooth start all around 7. Amazing highlight effect: Now comes the amazing part where we will create the product. This will take a few lessons because I want to go very slow and show you everything you need to know in order to make this kind of animation. Look at that. Basically, we only need to select and create two slides like this one on the right side, on the left side. And then we just copy everything over. So the first light is essential one. Look what I did here. I make this cool like lighting effect, and I want to show you this in the first lesson. All right, so let's create this right click in new slight Delete everything. I really hate this. Right click. Former background. As usual, Andy, I want to go with the purple Hi dropper click Boom. I want to start promoting a product which my client wanted me to. Let's maybe we take the tent or the blue tent. It doesn't matter. Control C control video element you would like to put here. Maybe I make it a tiny bit bigger. And it's, like, very uneventful. Very boring that it's just here on the right side. Very flat. What I found out it's possible in Power Point you can insert a shape, for example, direct angle and at direct angle with shift. So it's very even shape. Okay, now I would like to use a advent. Let me for a brief moment, close all the panels and watch over to the format shape options. You can open them by right clicking and selecting former shape. I would like a Grady infield to be present here. I want only two colors. The first corps will be the highlight, and the second color will be the fate off. So select the first color. Go here and you can try selecting the same color that you have in your presentation. And the first problem is I would like disc radiant to go out from the middle. In order to do this, you need to select the type off the Grady int to radio instead of linear radio and the direction you have several options here. Off course from the middle. Do Okay, we are close. So this is the first color. You want to take the car? The exact color that you used for the background. You want to click on more calls and just make it lighter like this. Okay, A very nice highlight. Then you take the second corps, and this circle somehow has to fate perfectly between the slide and this. How to do this? Very simple. The second late color has to be off the color off the background. I mean, we might think this doesn't even look close. So what do you want to achieve? Also? Interesting. This is on a side note. At first, you want to get rid off the blue line by clicking on shape. All I forgot this. Okay, now the entire trick here, we're just very amazing is that if you have a circle or a great in color on it, you have the transparency options. Depending on which color you select, you'll work with its transparency. So select the last color and make it completely transparent. Look what happens. This collar starts to like fate off. It isn't present anymore, but this still looks like a normal circle. The trick here is to put the color wider up the range. See, if you put it like, far up, it will create this perfect little lighting effect. And I really like how we can use this. So I have is lighting. If you need this to be brighter, you just click on the color number one. You go to more cores and you make it even lighter. But I you want I do not want to overdo this. We can even make this a bit transparent. I wanted to be bigger like to cover the tent, OK? And I don't toe right quick and send it to back. And look, we have this absolutely amazing and beautiful lighting effect on the object that we want here and that this can be used with any color with any type of presentation Later on, we just go the animations, we just fight that in and boom. And we have it. Okay, this will be for the first lesson which I would like you to replicate. This is the core off what we need. So I hope you'll be having no troubles with that 8. Create and design the text copy: Oh, and on a side note, we're looking ideas. I just search the web for this type off like posters and videos. And I saw that people designed it in that way that you have a product. You have some kind off sale going on. You have text, you have the price in the big tech like this is the very obvious stuff. So you can google that and you can, like, search for inspiration. So let me go in that direction. We already have a few slides. So why waste time? Take the text. If the information isn't working, we will change this later. I want Oh, sorry. I want the text to be the first item. I'll go to its former and change the text white. Okay, I have my first object. Then I wanted, like a secondary text, which will be like explaining that this is the tend explanation. And this main fund isn't working for like, a second very item. So I'm just going to home and I am changing the farmed. Since I already used Din Pro in this presentation, I want to stay consistent and like use one fund family and I'm lucky enough that then Pro has a few off those funds. Medium light, regular light, like light Looks awesome. I'll make this smaller with my control and left bracket key. And what I also did here. I write ticket on this to enter the format shape options. And we have the fill options off this shape, which is this. But you also have the text options inside of the text options off this textbooks, I will raise the transparency. Maybe not super much, but just to distinguish between the main text and that this one and you may ask, why didn't I just make it great? Great is not transparent. Transparent is transparent. Look at that. You see, s o. I want to use a bit of transparency here. Hmm. 30% is okay. And for the last part, I would like to put the price tag here. You can see we already designed this. So why waste and the time we already have some cool colors. Maybe this red color will be better control C control V And then on the every other slight , we can use the use, the secondary color. So, as you can see, I basically have only two cars for this entire presentation and like dollar 1 99 and I make this smaller. I made me. They make adult here 199 90 and you can stay with this car. You can go to form it and do the text, Phil, depending on what your for example client needs. You could give him two versions. This would be our main main text design for this frame. The last thing I would like to add because now it's it's lacking like the fine touch. And the fine touch in my case was the little sales letter. And we could put a star here like top product. Or, in my case, I want to use the sale will again used elements we have. So let me show you quickly in the next lesson how to design something like this. And this will also make you a better designer and power point for the sake Off this lesson , I would like you to create those tree text boxes, no matter what fun to use 9. Design and subtract custom elements: so I wanted the quick sale. Aiken and I want to design it from scratch. Little site noticed that in power point for office 3 65 subscribers. And since version 2019 I believe you have some implemented icons inside of Power Point, which you can also potentially use. But here I just made a very quick Google search sales. How does something like this looked like? And look how simple this would be to design just making a shape adding a triangle and subtracting a circle or something like this. So this is no problem. I do not have to search for vectors. Ill designed this myself how to do this. You go to insert two shapes and you search for possible elements which would help you with that. You very often you want to use the rectangles available. And, of course, the basic shapes. Here. I decided to maybe use this rounded one maybe from the flow chart or simply selecting this rectangle doom something like this and making it more circular. Okay. And not on the bottom. So this would be my first shape. The second shape insert shapes a second shape could be more off a rectangle or eight rounded rectangle like this. So this would be the body for it. And the colors, since I have white and red. So I'll just stick to it. And either this red or or this red. Maybe. Let's make this. I will use eyedropper because I'm not sure if I select the right color. So I created two rectangles. One white, one red. Hell, no. Select both. And of course, select No outline. This is really annoying. And I don't like that we have Sorry that I'm designing this. Ah, really? Power point. I don't like this curve here. So what I do, I just take this rectangle right click, bring to front. And now this would be the front off it. I would also like this little cut out here in order to do this. And this is very important. And I'll show you eagled. Insert shades Are you selecting Oval? A little circle. You make their little circle, you place it in the appropriate place. Here, you press shift, you click on the second object and now you have to vector objects within Power point Selected 100 former time. You have the merge shape options. Merch shapes is available since Power 0.2013 but I believe that power 0.2010 did also have dysfunction. But I'm not sure. But in PowerPoint 2010 you had to go to either the quick access toolbar to edit or go to file options. Um, fans customize ribbon and you need you didn't need to, like, select documents. You need to find this and then inserted, so it was pretty annoying. But going back here once again, you select a circle, you select this shape and you click under merge shape Options Union combined A so I can see both combined. Subtract with work here. That's really not Subtract, subtract wasn't working because I would need to select them the other way around. I would need to say this first and dentist circle now subtract would be perfect. Okay, subtract so the color states as it is. And I can select this control G. I'll make it smaller and I place it here. We would of course, need to play some text here, but this would be like super simple control. C control V. I'm like sale. Make this smaller. Of course, this box should be also smaller. I put this here maybe like this, and I take the other fund that I was using. Control C Control V. And you can see I'm only using the elements. I already have, like 20% less. And the problem here is that text isn't scaling like objects. So text needs to be no to home and make it smaller. This is why it's very convenient to use the control and left right bracket key. The text isn't visible, so you want to go to the format and he wants to change the text color to black on. And I have the shadow here from previously text effects Shadow no show. You can see what we achieved. We have the negative 20. Um, the fund is a bit too heavy for my my taste. I would select the light front. It's a bit too light. So this is also very useful to have an entire fund family medium, bold, maybe a normal, bold boom like this. And we have this little sale already. This could be a tiny bit bigger like this. And now again, I need to select all of them and group them we need to be careful. Do not select this background. You want to pick it like that. Control G. And now you have it ready. Somehow I didn't select a 20% because it's so big. Let's make it smaller. And I pressed my control key to make it smaller from both sides. This again control G. You can do control. Gee, infinite times and boom. Now we have it. Now I can rotate. It can have fun with it and I can use it on multiple, slight and look, The composition now not only has the red color on the left side with also the composition that's closed because it has some red text on the right side, kids to peak and make it smaller. The problem is, I need to manually make the text smaller, but this is not as much work. I will do this once properly and that I have it prepared. All right, this is it. When it comes to designing custom elements within power point 10. Animate all elements Pt. 1: okay, we have all the elements. Let's power this up with cool animation. And this is like my favorite part. And I hope this is not boring for you. And you want to work on this because you do this once and I have here some animations. But you know what? I'll just delete everything because I'm not certain that this is what I wanted. So at first I want a producto pop into the screen. I want to use the colorful background, and I want to make a quick fate on it, right? Like with previous. Make it longer because I will transition between slides and I need that background. Toby, always this color. So this is like an additional element, and I want to fade it in. Then they won the tent to, like, drop down and bounce. It is kind of obvious because you want the product to be visible. Flight in off course from top Pretty cool s usually with previous, but this time the duration 1.75 seconds. Double click on it, go to effect and give it a slight bounce. Bounced A little animation too slow. If it's too slow, reduce the duration the book click again Effect and maybe a little bit stronger Bounce pretty OK, 0.8 seconds bounce. And so the first is this tent and this over. Now, when this all happens, also the text could be animated in. So you want to select the first text, make your gonna fly in and make it find from left so we will not have to do anything more. Besides, of course, making it with previous delaying it a bit. But the delaying Once you have old animations, you will preview them like 10 times and you'll see Yeah, this is it. You want generation to maybe take one second double click on it, affect options And again, I want to be consistent. I give it at slide the bounds. Now, on the next text animation, let me give you an awesome idea. 11. Animate all elements Pt. 2: Now on the next text animation, let me give you an awesome idea. You can use fate because I don't want like the animations to be all the same for this entire presentation. I will show you in a second wife. I want to use the fate. But this is super boring. Right click with previous duration. Make it the same as the previous animation. Maybe a slight delay. Double click on it go to effect. And this time, since we used the fight animation, you want to change the animate text option two by word or by letter? 10% is very slow. I'll make it like 6%. Super awesome. Maybe this also takes a bit longer, so I'll reduce the duration. You can see here on the right side. Let me preview what we until now have pretty awesome. Just This is too slow. So you see, when I preview everything, I I see if this works together or not, I'll double click to the effect and I reduce it to 4%. I want this to be a very swift quick animation. Reduce the duration on the custom among 206 a 0.6 seconds. This should be okay. Now, the last part would be this little box make It may be flying from bottom. This looks pretty cool with previous extended aeration. Maybe give it a slight delay because it looks cool when one animation have happens, like after another. But they overlap each other. Double click. I know it's a bit tedious, but once you have those animations, you only will copy everything and just change the positions. Nothing else. You have all animations prepared. We want the bounds or smooth as we want to bounce because we are bouncing so much. And this would be basically the animation, only the sale later. Totally awesome. Had this comes into slow reduced to delay or a reduced generation. Yeah, because I want kind of this text to be the second focus. And then the last focus of you. I would like to come back to the sale. So sale from the sale can have the same animation at the tent. Click on the tent. Do not waste any time. Boom. Nice bounce. And this should be the last one. So I'll delay this and look when um look on what we have. We have this really cool animation on this light. I hope you were able to follow it. If not, go one after another. It doesn't have to be everything. Here you can delete the health of the slight and work just on that. It will be a bit simpler. Okay, I want to preview the entire the entire animation sequence. And if it's not boring, if it's OK, like everything is happening on the screen and high really like this, I really enjoy how simple it can be with those flying effects. And especially, I believe we did good work here because this text flies in from the left. This flies in from the bottom and this fate in during all this happens. So it creates a really very fluent animation to and very nice to watch. And also, this is the little touch on the end. Now it's your turn to create a slight like that to create an animation like that, and I will patiently wait until you do this. Then we can and duplicate this. But this is not the end. I would like to give you a great idea off making custom transitions and how to implement them. And also how to add background music, how to find music and all those little stuff. So see you in the next lecture. I cannot wait until you finish this one. 12. Duplicating existing elements: since you created all the animations necessary Now you could duplicate this infinite amount of times. I should make the transition first, but let's make one element after another. If you will use a second item, I'll just place control C control V on the slide. Empress Contra. Okay. To keep the source for mating. And maybe we want to use the red color here to make this a bit more interesting. Right? Click. Former background. Sorry, it's a big and we had the previous red color. Now, how to change the coloristic off that off course I would take the box. If I will be able to select it, I would go to format shape. Phil and I would try to use the purple call. Okay. Looks pretty OK now off course at this needs to be changed. Also very simple. Take the collar off off the red. And do you want a lighting here and more course Or do we want a darkening here? Since this color is pretty bright, let me select a darkening. And this the same as the background Transparency 100%. And instead of making a lighting effect, I make a darkening effect Maybe the darkening should be not so big. Okay, not like this. Okay, In order to make it like, Ah, go be more extended. I would make this bigger. Okay, so we did change this. All this element to a red one and you can see this product is on the right side. So this product should be on the left side. No problem. You would select everything with my shift key. Oh, and selecting and power point here. This can be a trick. Everything to left also you please. And also this Maybe turn it like that and make the sale here. Now I would take the text and I would put it here. As you can remember, the first text did when you when we go to the animations, the text let fly from left side. So now I wanted to fly from right side. This would be no problem. I would just preview this entire animation if everything works super totally amazing New color scheme. And you could do infinite colors with that. If you had a color scheme, I'll show you a small, small, small trick. If you have a product here, let's say a PNG image you can always right click and select change picture. You just change it from a file. And for example, in in my case, I had the files here prepared, I would just select large icons. And if I would like the backpack to be here or the compass or the lab, it really doesn't matter. I would just change it like that, and I wouldn't even need this file. But it's always useful to have it like this. I would I wouldn't even need this file because I could work straight from my product. Vice. Awesome backpack. Everything is prepared. You just make it a bit bigger. You change the price appropriately, and this is how you can duplicate the existing animation. Now, in orderto around everything up, I want to show you how to prepare transitions, how to make it totally custom and how to round everything up with cool music. 13. Custom Transition: in case you want more off those slides, click on those two shift shift control C Control V. You need to make sure that you keep the source for mating and boom, You have four elements. I would just swap out those images and we would be perfectly ready. Okay, Now I would like to talk about transition. I want a custom transition in them. In this cope off those cars. How do I do this? Maybe for the very first transition, we will use a powerful in transition. I knew. You want to start from the beginning. Go to the transitions tab on may be the 1st 1 conf eight Because you want toe Start out the presentation then here on the right side you have timing. I want this entire video toe happen automatically. I do not want to click my mouse in order for this video to play. So you need to select after instead of on mouse click And for example, this first the animation takes like two or three seconds so this slight can happen 45 seconds After five seconds, the slide will advance. Let me go to the second slight here. I would also like, for example, to use something simple, like push. And afterwards I want custom transitions. So here I selected push between slight number one on site number two. And this light, it takes a bit more to play. It takes about five seconds. You can always go to the invasions. You can click on it here. And when you when you have your mouth here, start five seconds and 5.5 seconds. So this slide should advance after approximately six seconds because the animation will be finished. If I do three seconds, it will end away, play out the animations and then events. Okay, so I have the six seconds now on the next slide here. I would like to teach you discussed, um, tradition press insert shape. I have this on my quick access toolbar. And I only press old too, because I placed it here. And you want to create a rectangle to the size of the screen into the size of the entire slight? Okay, shape outline Nordling, Of course. And the colors should be the cause we use. Um, put it Put this rectangle above the slide Eso you have some spacing here and the last color you see needs to be the color from the next slight. So this is why this is animated. Because I will show you how to make a seamless transition. You have this rectangle number one shape filled and you can use, for example, disparate or just for fun and lighter purple. Okay, then control C control vidas rectangle. Try to put this perfectly in the space and we're in a previous rectangle is I know it's a big pain and make this color the color from the next slide shaped Phil. I dropped her click here. Boom. So what we want here, I want you to create two rectangles to the exact size of the slide. One should be any color you like, but the second needs to be exactly the color as you have on your next slight. Let me place him a bit closer on the next lecture. I would like to show you how to animate this to make this absolutely amazing and explain you what you need to do here in order to make this work 14. Implementing custom transitions: you did prepare all elements which are necessary to create this transition. Please open up your select close to select selection pain. So we see where direct angles are perfectly there on the top and let me name them like the main. And the second will be, ah, DoubleClick secondary. Maybe de select the main on the secondary. You want to go to animations, you want to open the animations and you want to select lines. Lines is a animation like you see here. So you want to take the line, you want to click on the red one, and Power Point will automatically snap. Just pointed here. Perfect. So this is now a perfect cover off this entire slight and you can see with the mouse click , but I didn't want a mouse click. Right click with previous Federation should be like one second not longer. And the delay should be depending on how long you want slight to stay. This is just an example, So I'll make it delay off five seconds or maybe four seconds to make everything quicker. It also a one time freak here. I'll also click on this information go to effect, and I'll Samoud, Only the end. How it will take this five seconds until I can preview it. Okay. Very nice animation. Now you can open up a back the main by having the secondary selected click on animation painter and painted over to the main. Okay, I know this is working, and this needs to be delight at least a little bit. So I'll late by quarter a second. Okay, we have our transition ready. And in order for this to work now, why does this work This worked like that? That this rectangle covers the screen Power point goes to the next slide. And so the screen is red. Power point in that time goes to the next light. You don't see it, but when you are on the same red background as the next light, and then everything starts to animate in this creates a custom transition effect. In order for this to work, you need to click on each of those slides, transitions, no, no transition. And just make it after zero seconds. This will make sure that after all animations happen, it will proceed to the next flight. Now the only thing you would have to do is to take this transition control. See, just go to the next light control V controls be control V. You can remember that You need to see the next the color of the next light here. So I would take this color and I would just need to go to form it, shape Phil and make that next slight color. Here I see it probably here. Well, here the animation ends, but I will make this shape for the purple one. And what I forgot about I forgot to go to transitions after a zero transitions. After a zero transitions after a zero and I have the portable solution, I should have the purple transition also here on delay it a bit a little bit off delay so I can transition onto the slide. How does this look? Shift of five transition should happen about now. See? Absolutely beautiful. And oh, my little mistake is that I didn't delay this animations. Eso they happened like simultaneously. But let me show you now. I delayed this a bit. Let me see if in the right order. Now it's perfect. So this is my little mistake. But basically you get the idea this'd is very advanced animation in Power Point. I would say this is why you need to open the presentation file, which I am attaching. You can always open this file. You can click on each object. You can even take this object control. See, bring it to your presentation, control V and see what happens here. Try to replicate the steps. Try to replicate it until you have it. Mm. I hope you were able to follow this transition. This is one off the most difficult part here. But once you do it once, and it will be simpler if I deleted those lights and I would be working only on those two or three slides so you would like have more understanding off what's happening with each on animation. I am holding both my thumbs. Now it's your turn to create these transitions. And I would love to see what you come up with. 15. Add custom music to round it up: I cannot believe. But we are nearly done with this animation, and if you would have the transition first now it would be so simple to duplicate, I would duplicate had control K, and we already have those transitions implemented. Not only that, Power Point also knows, because who on the transition step we clicked after zero seconds. If you copy the slide with all those options, it's also already copied with all those options. So now you see why it is so simple to replicate slight when it comes to music, I made a very quick search about free background music, toe search for some royalty music and, for example, a great website, which is called Ben Sound. Again, we have licensing here and on the licensing. I read about it that you just need to attribute them. I previewed a few tracks, and when I click the black downal button it downloaded and let me show you how simple it is to put this inside of Power Point. You just take the music track. You put it here and on the all your tools in the playback, you just play in background. This creates this sound animation, which is looked until stopped playing across slides and hidden during show. Which means that this little, like a sound icon is invisible. But you could just put it outside of the screen and problem solved. If you want to start from a different moment in this song, you trim the audio, you come forward. You listen to it. Okay, Pretty good. This would be a good start you had Okay. And if it's if you don't want toe be so boring You faded a little bit in so the music doesn't start like abruptly instantly. You can also not click here. You can just make it start automatically. It will become this animation. And if I press f five now, we are done with our animation. Hold your ears because this can be a bit loud. I try to not it down. But this is the animation we created right now it proceeds. It has custom transitions. May be the text could be right here. Look are so beautiful. And no one would expect that this was created with power point. This is this transition, really is what separates like beginning on a power point. Designers, wit, prose that understand what's done, how it's done and what is possible. I am so glad that we are doing this animation together because I really like the result. And this is the first explainer video we did here. We will try approach second animation with a completely different spin on it because I promised you explainer videos in discourse and I wanted to start with that because we have so many essential things. And look how beautiful this looks and you can make this a smaller, bigger. And if this looks OK to you and you can be fine, then you can be really fine and satisfied with what you did. Of course, I would need to change the text changed elements, but in the end it was just a local. The different superb. I am very happy about this first animation that last proceed. Let's take a little break, maybe, and then we will continue our work