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Expert's guide to Negative Watercolors - Bookmarks

teacher avatar Femvisionary, Watercolor Artist and Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Warm Up Blending + Negative Painting

    • 4. Warm Up Leaves

    • 5. Project Part 1 - Prepare the Paper

    • 6. Project Part 2 - Blending Layer 1

    • 7. Project Part 3 - Blending Layer 2

    • 8. Project Part 4 - Add Contrast Color

    • 9. Project Part 5 - Splatter

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to this watercolor class that goes into detail in regards to negative painting using blending. This technique is different from the usual negative painting technique, so I am really excited to share my step by step tutorial!:D

Meet Your Teacher

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Watercolor Artist and Instructor


Hi there! I am Madhumika Sankar and I go by the name Femvisionary on Instagram. I am originally from India and have lived my entire life in the Middle East. I am an avid traveler and really enjoy dreaming up new places.


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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to my negative painting Bookmarks class. I am model. I am a watercolor artist. I've been painting for over 10 12 years now, and I've been drawing for way longer than that. It's something that I grew up with, and I really enjoy painting and watercolors has been my main medium on And I'm gonna be learning a lot of different, um, new techniques as well as things that I have come up with, So I'm excited to have you here and let's get started. 2. Materials: So let's discuss the materials for this class I'm gonna be using Carthy. What a color paper. These are rough crane. They're really beautiful papers. It's 100 person cotton on. And, um, you can get them as a bundle. You can get them separately. Um, the handmade papers on I get around 300. She s, um because I like a pickle quality paper in terms off Peens I'm using to specific colors. That is the red on the violet start Red is form mission my Jell O and the while it is from it's a Newton, It's a Cartman Siri's, um, one thing I've noticed in terms of improving your art is to actually invest in good pains. They don't need to be really expensive, but they do need to be better bronze than the usual Kam Lin. And very cruel, because the quality Julie differs And also the vibrancy of the paint really changes when you use better quality brands. So I would just even getting a Cartman series because they're much more cheaper than getting a Winston you 10 professional set. Now about from this for the paintbrushes I'm gonna be using to paint brushes. One is a Princeton. It's a Neptune, Siri's around brush that is a size four. And along with that, I'm gonna be using another brush. This an escort, er, but don't worry too much about this one, because this is just for blending in the water. It just needs to be a round brush. There's no specifications to it, So the mean one is the Princeton itself, so make sure you get a really good quality round brush. Invest in one because it really matters in terms of improving your art. If you get a good brush where the tip is really nice and really then and it stays shape and doesn't get damaged with use. So this one is actually a good Siri's if you're planning to invest. But it's not too high price compared to some of the more higher natural quality brushes. So I love this on done. It's really good in terms off multiple uses for florals, for landscape, for everything. So, yeah, this is the materials that we're gonna be using for this class. Really simple. Andi, you were also need along with this pencil every czar masking tape to tape the edges off our bookmark glass of water, so I generally just keep one glass of water. And then I get up to really change the water whenever it gets Marquis. But that's a personal choice just because I performer kind of getting up in between I painting and not just being stuck in a position because I feel like that affects my back and things like that. But you can also use two sets off water glasses as well as tissue to just tap out the excess water. Now let's get started without practice projects. 3. Warm Up Blending + Negative Painting: Now let's start with some practice exercises. I'm just taking a piece of people. Um, you can take a bigger sheet to do more practice. I'm just starting with, um, some idea, some tips. So it just depends on how much you wanna practice. It's completely your choice. First, I'm going to start off with blending, which is basically the idea of taking dark pigment with a little bit of water and then taking Clearwater and gently touching previous there and letting the color bleed through. Do another once you can see it to starting off with the dark lier off the pigment with water. They dark with little bottle as you can see and then taking a brush with clear water and gently starting from far away and then slowly moving upward. And then you can see the color leading don't, and this is a technique we're gonna use throughout the negative painting on. I really love this effect. So now let's go a little bit more inter negative painting. Later painting is the technique where instant painting inside an object you paint around it for our bookmark. I'm gonna be using a specific type of leaf like the one that you can see where the right and left side stem meet at the same point. This gives a different effect than if you're planning to do the right love being up on dawn . So just keep that in mind like we did with the blending starting off for the dark layer off pigment with water. This is not a dry brush. It does have more doing it, but just very dark umpire quantity of pigment and then taking a brush that has just clear water and gently spreading this to give the splendid effect. This might take a little bit of practice, but I can guarantee if you can get this right. Your artwork, it's just gonna look amazing. A couple of things in case your first layer was try. You didn't have enough water, Just a lot of pigment. When you go into the second part off adding the Colonel water brush, it's not gonna blend way. Mine is so if yours just gives a dark Leo and nothing's happening. Just remember that maybe approach was to try, in case you take excessive water in the first Leo with the pigment. The minute you put in the second year with a second brush off Clearwater. Everything is just gonna bleed around, and it's just gonna be a bubble of water. So that's when you know you've taken too much water, so it needs to be the right amount. And how we actually figure out the right amount is Every time I take my projects, I dip it in water. I always nature that I remove the excess along the sites off my water glass, and then I take my pigment. So I always make sure that I take out the excess along the sides off the glass. - So , as usual, starting over the dark layer pigment with water and then taking a clear brush, a brush with clear water starting from outside and the engine and leave touching Pickman. Cleo. So that's why I mentioned in the materials that you need to have one fresh that has a really good tip so it can go into those nips looks off the stem, and then you can have a second rush. That can be any brush as faras throughout, just for the blending. Not that we've done this. I would suggest you practice more so you get more used to it. 4. Warm Up Leaves : we're gonna work on a couple of leave practice set. Taking a fresh new paper. Starting off, it might thin brush thin drunk as you really loved the tip off this brush. So starting off just the tip and then gently pressing the crash stone and ending belief with a tip again. So starting with the tip, you can see how it's just touching and then press it down and then lift it up again. Could see this again. I'll show you another close it. So don't worry. There you go tip pressing down and then lifting up. And don't worry. Belief can be like any weird direction like it doesn't have to be exactly straight. You can really play around with it as far as the tip is pointed. And that's what I found is the really cool trick in terms of doing leaves is to make sure that the tip off the leaf is pointed and your initial you an example. If you have a round brush that doesn't have appointed tiff, what's gonna be the results on why investing in a good brush can make a huge difference? You can see all leader starting Leo. Wasn't that the starting line was in that pointed and the brush doesn't look as great as the previous ones. And this is literally because of the brush. And it has nothing to do with the skill. So don't worry if you're not able to get it. Just remember that you need to just get better brush so that you can improve on your technique. Now, let's do Ah, hold stem. So starting off with stem, you can move. Believes any direction. It doesn't have to be street. You can just move them horrible. Your hand kind. Of course. And you can see this. I'm just kind of like swirling it. Andi, has I mentioned before for the leaf that we're doing for the bookmark? Both the right and left side stem need at one point. And we're gonna follow this even with, um, are solid leaves. - I'm actually showing you, like, really crazy lease this nonsense. Really? How I paint. But I really want to show you how you can allegedly move your brush. Any. Which way has far that point on? The end off leave is pointed. It's gonna look really good, and it's going look really nice. Did you just see these, like crazy shapes. Companies like they're not even, like planned. It's just like Hubble on my brush, kind of his moving on a on the tip. That's the focus. I was just to practice this a lot more before we go into our bookmarks. 5. Project Part 1 - Prepare the Paper: So are you guys ready to start off with a bookmarks? So I'm gonna be taking my Qadi sheet, and I'm starting off with cutting out the bookmark sizes. So I'm gonna be basically doing two inches in width and the height is gonna be about 6.5 inches. I was doing a lot of markings to make sure that it's two inches throughout the bookmark And I wanted to be team bring on one end. Now, since I'm doing cardy sheets instance actually cutting the paper with the scissors, I'm actually gonna be tearing it because I love the effect his car, the sheets are really rough on. They are handmade. So it looks great when you actually tell the people and it gives this rough edge compared to if I just take us is us and cut it. So in case you using other brands, maybe you want to use the sisters. It's your choice, but with cardi sheets absolutely tearing it. It's just the way to go. It looks so, so nice. You can see this. It gives this kind of rustic effect. Now that I've done that, I'm gonna keep this down to my table and I'm gonna be using masking tape. And the taping down is also gonna be my weight off making sure that the pain doesn't plead around the edges. So I have a really nice border around my artwork, and I generally try to make sure that all the four corners four Sorry, all the four edges have a seem distance kept in terms of masking it. Um, I try to make sure that, like, you know, just not the top is bigger on the bottom, because in the end, when it removed the teeth, you're going to see the crisp edge. So we just make sure equal around, and then I make sure that I press it down, probably because I don't want any of my paint bleeding through. 6. Project Part 2 - Blending Layer 1: Now that we have our bookmarks tape town, let's start off with our first layer off thieves. So I'm gonna be doing a nice big lier um, for this, Tim. Nice big stem. Doing the leaves has been discussed with the right and left meeting at center. Um, ultimate orders. A notice. How ab done this with them in a cough? Because I don't like doing it. Street just looks really unnatural. Also, I like thinking sure that some of the leaves are shouting outside off the bookmarks or not , everything is inside. It gives it a better effect, and it looks really interesting. You'll see what I mean. Has I start beating on Bennett moment? Um, effect that comes along. I'm gonna be doing to off the bookmark side by side doing I'm not gonna actually show you the whole thing twice, but you can basically see at every stage what's happening with the other one are generally like working with two artworks side my size, so excited by side when I'm doing negative painting just because the process is really long . And plus, I love seeing two different color effects on bond. When one is trying, I can walk on the other, so it's just very beneficial. Generally you do this, Um, one of on painting. Now that I've done, though, stem off our first leave, I'm gonna be taking the bright red color and exactly how we did our practice. I'm going to start off with water. Not too much pigment, more of a pigment and then taking my second brush that has Clearwater ready for me to blend . Don't forget to take the second crush. Um, this is just gonna be usually big hassle for you to keep using the same brush. So keep that in mind. Now, all these notice how I'm actually doing those 10 dark and then I blend leaf part of it. So my doc figment comes towards this time, and I also take a lot of effort to make sure that the stem off the leaves sentenced him. Everything is seen like I've left enough gas and they're not overlapping or anything like that because you don't want the leaves to look like they're kind of floating around in case you do make a mistake. And in case you do get paint, don't worry. At the end of it, you can take white color pen leg up in Shelton with has fight, or you can use acrylic and just paint in that area. But I generally try not to make that stick just because at the end you can actually see that it's not natural like it's not the white of the paper. It makes a difference. So just take your time. The process is slow and dust take patients, but it's so weird that I really love working a negative painting. It's something that I enjoy. It's just so relaxing. And sometimes when you just had a busy day, it's critical. Step bad. Take your time and just work on an artwork that here no is gonna turn out amazing in the end. - So notice now that we've done one side of the stem, how just the stem. It's dark off, and that looks so so lies and it fades away towards the leaf and do worry about all this pencil mark at the end off it. After this, Leo well, just veggies everything out after its strike, so don't worry about it right now. Just continue doing what you're doing. Completing your painting. This is really your son. Tread by the way, from Mission. My Jell O. So if you are looking for this kind of a shade, then definitely check it out. It's called Permanent Red on unloving backers. Their pains are very battery there, so smooth and just like it's so buttery. I don't I don't know how else to explain it. But if you ever get a mission, are go pains. You'll realize that it's just so small on you immediately get the pigment as soon as you take your paint. Some of the other brands don't work the same, but yeah, I really love this red. So I'm not doing much of blending in this year just because that's right interest. But as I go on foot, I'm going to start blending it out. Um, has the tip of the leaf is more visible. - They go with Mike Lil Water Brush, just blending it out. - Try not to do too many off the pigment. Liam's like kind of like what I'm doing, trying out two too many because they might just dry off. And then it's gonna be difficult for you to blend it after, so it needs to be wet winter blend and just keep that in mind so you don't end up with legal, really dry layer off this pigment That's flat, and you're not gonna be able to spread it, do anything, and it's just going to give you lying there. And I'm gonna actually show you a close about what's happened on the tip where I did want side and then I let it dry. So now I have a line that is dried, um, which is completely dried, so I'm not gonna be would have blended. So when this is the case, if it's happened to you, all you need to do is take pigment, um, just weapon and diarrhea and just take more of a pigment and blend in that you could see what I'm doing here. So now that line that was there kind of disappears 7. Project Part 3 - Blending Layer 2: now the second leaf. I've just done it along the side. You can see most of it is actually gone outside the paper. And that's the look that I'm going for. So it's just part of it. And then I'm actually keeping in mind that I need to do a couple of more leaves. The center is gonna be with the next leaf. So I left that gap between them on also notice. The way that I've done leave is that it actually overlaps with the previous leave that be true. And I love doing that because it also shows this kind off. It just creates a lot of interest and interaction between the elements and the artwork, So always try to keep that in mind. You don't want them to be just really separated and have nothing to do with each other, brush and blending it. - I'll show you a close up off what I'm doing at the overlap. So you have an idea off how to deal with that part? It's I'm just using the Dakhil pigment to sure that there are those leaves underneath. Now. I completely let the artwork try, and I use a hairdryer on I'm gonna raise out any of the pencil marks just so that they do not disturb the artwork when I go on to the next leaders, so just make sure you raise out any of the pencil marks. 8. Project Part 4 - Add Contrast Color: And then let's we want to our next beef some little start by drawing a leaf in the center. That kind of overlaps. Um, the previous two steps, by the way. Wish When do you like, Do you like the red one? Would you like the neighboring Paul Pogba block? Let me know in the discussions again. So I'm drying the pencil. This'll one is gonna be tricky to pain, so just be prepared, Have a little bit of patients, but it's gonna be so what? That when it's finished, I'm gonna be adding a couple of more. Just don't talk. These ones don't necessarily know gonna be overlapping anything. So they're gonna be a lot more to paint. I'm just kind of having them People from outside the people inside thinking shorts. Try taking my papa. This is from pins in YouTube. That's exactly a scene. Take me. But since there's no much to blend, um, I'm gonna blend only with top. So at the border, I'm just gonna the doctor call. Just focus on this, please, because it's gonna be really visible. And it's also one of the key elements clock. - Something interesting is people always say, like when I started painting. They always mention how you need to hold a brush like with two fingers. That's that's when you have pressure. But what I noticed is that Charlie doesn't matter. It's just spent on you. So don't get too bogged down on how you have to hold your brush. Just really have fun with it as far as you can get control over your brush. Don't worry. I've seen artists hold their brushes and Julie or base. I personally hold my brush in your way. Um, so don't worry. But I know like a lot of websites that do mention that you need to hold a brush a certain way. That's when you have control. I don't get you bothered by that. The reason I mentioned it just because some of my students actually asked me about this. I'm saying, Oh, you don't really talk about you know how to hold a brush? How do you get this effect? And I generally tell them that it's actually the brush itself. Yes, a little bit of your practice and your technique comes into play. But if your brushes not good, then it doesn't matter how much you practice sometime towards the top and there's more breathe ability. I would save more area. I'm gonna actually no blend at the bottom. I wasn't able to blend too much because there was just no much gap. But now that I'm at the talk and this little bit of a gap between the leaves now I actually want to blend it, - doing the other side again, darker Leo's the bottom and then blending more when it comes to the top. - Yes , by there were always almost half it through a painting more than half actually so definitely opposed to congratulate years have for getting this far cost a stick patients. And I'm really proud of you for continuing, um, and call me to actually see a projects as well, because that's also really fun part off not just seeing it, but actually doing it and practicing it water. I'm blending. Okay, so we're done with a toughest lier, literally competitive. Everything else. This was the toughest lier. Now the next is gonna be so December. Look at that. Just like you can do the edges to stem. You can even make these really small, or you can even skip thes ones I was like adding it in terms off the overall elements off the clock. Andi also look at the blending effect. It's just makes it look like that's an impression on the people which I love, which is not like the trash. No negative painting. It's just, um, a really cool effect and always remember toe blend before your, um, painting layer dries up. Okay, so another we've done this, we're gonna let it completely dry, and then it raise out any off the pencil marks, just like last time. Make sure that the Bieber has no pants remarks, and then we should just add on another earlier off leaves just to add a little bit more in effect. 9. Project Part 5 - Splatter: you can see the second book markets coming along as well on the side. So no, actually planning out where I'm gonna do the soul leaves. This is just for you guys. Generally, I wouldn't. But just to know, where do we want those to come in? I try to find gaps between my previous Leo's to please them. I don't want to overlap my negative painting, cause then Hotpoint, negative painting goes away, right? So I'm doing it in the caps. Notice how it's literally in between, um and as we discussed, started for the tip. And then Chris Stone. I'm doing really small ones, but I'm making sure that the right and left side meat in Santo No , I feel that the bottom is kind of empty. So I'm gonna add one more at the Porton the moment he and two big, because I don't want to over par all my negative painting that I've done before. Okay. You know, we were down this. I'm gonna dry the whole thing, make sure it's completely dry. Any about Amy Bensel locks from the previous thing, and then I'm gonna flat. I'm just gonna take my brush with water. A little bit of water treatment and then just tap it gently to get the splattering, and I also go in and add some actual dots as well. What you can do is in the step, the color. It's naturally scene. That's the color you can use when you're doing the dots so it highlights and more so you can see in the second bookmark. The red is no that scene. So that's the color I'm using in our 1st 1 as well. Read is not maybe seeing so maybe I can just do it in dread just to highlight that color more another. We're done. I'm gonna dry everything out completely. Make sure that the paper is completely dry and then I'm going to remove Are masking tape. I try to do this very, very carefully. The masking tape, Andi Also at an angle so I dont remorse just straight up. I do it in anger so that it doesn't drip people. - In case you do have some pain than his kind of seep through. You can just use acrylic paint on paint over that video of the Lightman. Look at the angle that I'm pulling the tape in so it doesn't help the people. The street. Actually, there's more chances of tripping, so it's better to actually do it like that. Yeah. So there you go. These are really pretty usually starting book locks. 10. Conclusion: I am so excited. Andi, so happy that you guys got through on finished our project and enjoy the whole process. Um, I would love to see, um, Summers reviews. If you have any questions about things, you can leave it in the discussion. Um, have a really good day. Happy painting and take care.