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Expand your chakras and get the most out of your life!

teacher avatar Fernando Albert, Your daily dose of Light

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (2h 9m)
    • 1. I am Fernando. Let me tell you what are the chakras and why the are essential.

    • 2. Your chakras can be in great shape too. What do you need?

    • 3. The Root Chakra

    • 4. The Navel Chakra

    • 5. The Solar Plexus Chakra

    • 6. The Heart Chakra

    • 7. The Throat Chakra

    • 8. The Third Eye Chakra

    • 9. The Crown Chakra

    • 10. A short but powerful 10 minutes chakra balancing guided meditation. (In Class Project)

    • 11. Finding Balance and expanding to the Second Set, access your Eighth Chakra

    • 12. Chakras working in tandem. How does this go around?

    • 13. The Chakra Complete Guide. (In Class Project)

    • 14. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    • 15. Bonus: Chakra Upkeep

    • 16. How to meditate.

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About This Class


Do you know the chakras? Discover everything you can learn.

These are our main energy organs, and it is very important always to have them ready. Life asks us more and more, and it is increasingly necessary always to be "ready." In this course, you will learn to understand each of your chakras, how to enhance them and even exercises to keep them always in balance. You will realize that when you take all the potential out of your chakras, you will have great results in life.

You will realize that this course is very simple and direct, focused on your chakras and the expansion of these. You will discover how to extract all the potential from your chakras in a very simple and direct way:

  • You will experience how you feel the chakras in balance.

  • You will learn about each of the chakras. For what they are and how to keep them in balance.

  • Every day you will have a small exercise to do, some of them will ask you to do visualization, for others we will do a little exercise.

  • You will experience a very deep meditation that will work all your chakras.

I will explain why it is very important to have the chakras in balance. You will discover many benefits that you can bring to your life, such as, for example, greater success at work, better self-esteem, greater spirituality and much more. You will find that this course has:

  • Information about each chakra, such as:

    • What they are good for?

    • Why is it important to be healthy?

  • A mantra for each of the chakras.

  • Practice exercises.

  • A powerful guided meditation.

You will also find a practical written guide as well as a "growing course" since I bring new bonus classes all the time.

What are you waiting for? Get your chakras in balance now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fernando Albert

Your daily dose of Light


Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and both personal and spiritual development, so he has both attended and taught spiritual workshops around the globe. Fernando follows his life purpose in being of service to others. He dedicates himself full time to providing psychic readings, energy healings as well as coaching and teaching others.

Although Fernando is extremely talented at doing Energy Healings, he loves working with Tarot cards, taking his readings to the next level. He also enjoys doing Mediumship readings. In addition to these services, Fernando offers Energy Clearings on homes, venues, vehicles and small objects such as rings, statues and more. He love... See full profile

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1. I am Fernando. Let me tell you what are the chakras and why the are essential.: Hey, folks, welcome to expand your shack Ra's and Nice in 10 days. I am very happy you guys are here because you know I want to bring these cars in a very easy on a simple way to you. You know what they want to present to you guys. Are Shox OK on the approach to them in a very simple the way approach to them. It's too Yes, share with the same way. We have main organs that allow us to realize the same. We have had an energetic that Okay, we have the seven chakras to start that are the ones that this court is going to focus on. My name is Fernando and I have Bean already for over 10 years, working with many people in readings, healings, working with chakras. You can see that a hand, all the courses here. So, you know, I want to bring these cars because I have had many people asking for it, and I am very honored to bring this to you guys. Okay. I want to share with that. My passion is the page is to share if you have stayed with me before. You see, I love to reply to many questions. I love to bring new and he s bonus courses on this one is going to meet no less and sooner you join the mayor. But you're going to see these cars on growing more materials being released. You know, with the course of months on these as well are growing. I also like to share my new discoveries in the courses. But right now it came with a fishing off making these cars because they can come up with a very complete material for you could realize that having your shack gritting balance can really bring a huge difference to your life. It can bring a lot of benefits. You can bring our local completions, it will expand all of your living areas. And we're going to talk about each of the shack racing visually as well as we're going to experience one of my guided meditations that I like to include Miss Corpse on. The best thing of all is that you look really need so have any religion or if you have any religion, there is no problem at all. The approach I bring to the shop closes in a very PC and simple way that you do not need to change your beliefs or anything a new neither to need to be skilled at it because we're going to start from the ground base. And if you already skilled at it, you can always learn using. You're going to see that the exercises I'm goingto provide I don't quite symbol on quite easy. That will be ableto Adam were very retained. On that way, we will be able to prove your life with little to no afford. Yes, invest in a few minutes away. It's going to be great because you're going to see that you can also have your shackles in a completely level off balance. If you don't know yet, what's the anything of that you're going to realize throughout all the passengers that really there are many benefits in having all of your shockers even a great great live. In fact, I want to share with you the sooner you start with the cars. Better because as you aspired to practice with the exercises, I'm going to go right. You're going to see the more competion you're going to feel already changes already. Improvements on more. You go deep bringing scores on. You start to notice and work more in your shack Rights. You're going to really see your ice didn't change. So what are you waiting for? Be very happy to work with you. I love too. Answer questions so you can ask us Menus. You mean Andi will see a Chris? 2. Your chakras can be in great shape too. What do you need?: everyone. How are you? God's well searchable. Thank you very much for listen to me for being interested in these cars, you know, with greatly like I am bringing to you these cars. So the shackles and I want to share with you a lot of information about each one of them. But they want to do it in a very simple on a very easy way that you will get to understand from day one where you are going, who experienced changes from the very first moment you a start applying your learnings in your life inside. I want to share with all of that pre match with yes, a level of the senior, some medication on wanting to experience a change. You are going toe already be able to accomplish these cars because I have created discourse in a way that it's going to be quite easy for you to understand it. It's going to be quite simple for you to progress through the course. In fact, I want to share with you. I am always here for you. You can always asking questions about because he about any of the shackles off any off the lessons, everything that battles. You're mine. You can go ahead and ask those. I will be delighted. Toe. Answer them. I love teaching. I was answering questions. I got helping people. So you're more than welcome to asking questions. You know, that's my goal. Here. It's for you to be able to get the most out of his course for it. We will accomplish it for you to be able, tow, infuse your life with the greatness of having all of your shackles in a great state of gallons on one requirement you have for that. It's still gets to know your shot, Chris. What they need, what expands them, what shuts them down. What can you improve them on? So you're going to get simple exercises that you can apply in your life in some you're going to sign later in the course, a guided meditation that already will bring you deeper in communication and we will truly get who enjoy it. Okay, So, really, the most important thing for you to be aware of this course is that your goal has to be to have your shockers in a perfect state off balance. Okay? It's no, that's isn't that complicated In fact, it's quite simple. It only requires from you some desire number one on, then maybe Cygnus. I'd sometime on, maybe not even for meditation, even though I would greatly recommend for you to set aside some time for meditation. But if you are a very D C for you can go ahead on you can at least invest time on the exercises. They're quite simple. 5 10 minutes tops. Exercise on the vesting of all is that some of these you can do them at the same time you are doing other things. Okay and well looking to go into the shack, Chris. But if you can find something to set aside, it's important. I am pretty sure you're going to find the desire to do so because he's your life. Eight. Your entire life here that it's in the game, the more your sack risk stand. This train you're going to become, you're going toe Open yourselves toe Future opportunities to make greater connections to make more significant transitions in your to be more aware of your surroundings, and you're going to get benefits in all off your leading areas. You know us, we'll ask your entire being whether it's physical men. Cullen's in equal. So it's like a huge reward. OK, it's like a really a huge reward for you to move forward in getting the most of your shack . Reason you're going toe. You really are going to notice that he doesn't think that match and it is adding something to your life. You know, through the course store in existence, we always have new things in our life. Maybe we buy the first car on. We have to our lives driving the car, going from here clear the maintenance of the car of the positives and negatives on we get coolly with it. We get to leave with our weirdness. We have a car and we have to take care of it on the car can take us to places. You know the same thing. You know you're going to have the notice. Okay, so now then waking up and going to work on that a chakra miracle power or in the shower and going to work on that solar plexus toe cleans myself. You know, we're going to see that this exercise is most off them. They are going toe combined with your already vacant Faith alerts. This is the reason why I was so excited. Brings cars because you guys are going to see if it is so easy, so simple. You know, it is so convenient to be able to see that you can also achieve competion on doing great. Like I said, you're going to notice big changes in life big changes. But I want to advice to you to know rash through the classes, to look rushed through the cars. You know that It says in 10 days you can already have your shockers in a complete state of violence. But this doesn't mean that they were going to be perfect. You know, you can be a member state, but even if you reach to sack his state on you, do not continue on applying. These new learns have taken care of your sacristy after they Then you're going to lose. Okay, This is why it's important to have some perseverance on if you feel you. Let's say your reach to your navel shack, Rocky and you notice you have to work a lot on it. Don't rush to your set up that you feel you have to stay for several additional days. One shocker. You can go for it. You can also choose to go ahead and try. You know who you are of the scores. Discuss what ones for everyone each day. You know it's up to you, but definitely what I want to make sure it's for you to make sure you infuse as matters. You can income from getting the most out of it and getting out of practice and getting a lot off development. I'm out of awareness. Like I say, you come with new ideas where you have questions. So you're unsure. How could something you can go ahead? I'm asking a question. Okay, I'll be very happy once. So the only thing you really need it's going to get start. Okay, if you are listening, convince already you have a device that will be able to hold all the requirements of excursions besides following the only thing you're going to be in order to get a week push forward. It's through a nation that's including these cars, but obviously you're going to be able to paint. So no problemo. Then you know it's the desire that game is start to go truly me. Okay? You gonna invite anything else? You know, you can always use some crystals. You can you? Something sense. You know, even you know, if you can do self here and yourselves, go for it or give you on someone else to do a human you that could bring some benefits. But these are extras. These are sort of upgrades or enhancements. He can do it. We have this, but it's true. You can help yourself more with a crystal, for example. Looking or instance, instances fantastic in imitation. Okay, it's triggers crimen therapy. That's a condition I'm certain of that. But it triggers, you know, for Armagh therapy, you know, cream of therapy. So something they wanted to mention that it's something you can also include and and work with the chakras on going to mention, you know, each of the colors of the shackles and maybe some sales promote therapy. The realization she could make okay, in addition off whatever visualizations work where we think according to his shots, okay, because visualizations help ballot. This is something I want to share. It's very important you're going to notice that through visualizations you're going to help yourself out you are going to be able to go forward is you have a fantasia. Don't worry about it because you can still accomplish scores without having to visualize. Are the owners in maybe a little trickier? Because we have a physician, you get do it in different ways, but steal their many ways. Like I said, Cuomo therapy through every therapy. I also will, even to you guys, a mantra for each of the shack ra's that you can repeat, or even that you can play back. Yes, I chanted. Okay, and it's something that will also raise the vibrations and raise the energy off your shatters. So, as you can see, he doesn't matter. You know, if you have a fantasia or not, you also will be able to accomplish this car's I wantedto approached in a way that it would apply to every single cable. This is why I am giving our schools because you may be able to visualize. But you may be able to notice that you might be better at listening or you might be there at yes, maintaining silence. You know, the kicker is to find your cue, your way to move forward on this course will give you all of the options for all of the options you need to be able to move forward on to be able to get the most out off all of your shockers, which is gonna eat some cast. Okay, So with that being said, I just want to say let's go for the classes. This get started working on the chakras on, you know, give it a try. Try the bureau chakra and you will see that got ready. Brings a good difference in your life, OK? And you're going to be very grateful. I'm very happy about so see X class. 3. The Root Chakra: Hey, folks, how are you guys doing? Well, once again, thank you. Very matched continuously. It's a huge pleasure sharing all of this information. So let's get started on the route. Shocker. The root chakra. It's the first off the seven main shackles. Okay, We always count them from bottom to top. I want to mention that the young, the seven shockers there are more on. We're going to briefly talk about them layer on these cars. Okay? Also, I want to mention to you guys some all of the Shah crus are asking park. Okay? The kicker here is not going ahead and jumping, right. That's their I. Maybe that heart chakra crown shock. You know, you gotta work on all of the shockers, even the ones that appear to be less important or a little more chlorine or not so interested. But let me tell you something. Each one of the checkers are as important because there is a great thing. And the great thing is that once all of your shack roots are in a state off balance, you create a certain degree off energy signature where the energy flows throughout your entire physical body, an astral body. He's much better. It's much more empowered on much more positive. It's like you get additional benefits. How yes, from this out from the fact that all the sharks are going to Venus take off balance is why I wanted precisely doing is Carsten because it would be much easier for you to become on turned into a winner even if you're the d A solution count that's in manner. You know this this really start working in shackles. The best on the root chakra is no less a new fact. Their check is quite important because this chakra keeps us connected with a physical thing . The root chakra is the one that keeps us connected and grounded to the earth. Okay, After all, our physical phone nurtures from Earth and requires the Earth energy to sustain itself proper. Okay, I want to mention that the good color to visualize if you want to make some criminal therapies, you want to play with the color off red? Okay, that's a very great approach. Playing with the color off rent. You know, there are many ways for you to do it. I'm free to know where they chucker is. I want to mention to you It is located in your tailbone area. Okay. In a given area at the end of your spinal cord, you will be able to find their route shock. Okay. Also something very important. The root chakra nurtures the physical body very much. Okay, If used to me, it is important to empower the most. The root chakra. If you're going through a very difficult moment lights If you have so much in your life, you kind of very handle it. If you need is your ceiling more energy and you will even Shalit unique realize that when you are going through a very decent on a very difficult period in your life, whether it's passing for negative, you might exhaust your energy. So doing root chakra exercises is going to be idea because then we will sort of charge your parents. Okay. I also liked sometimes at some points, to use the root chakra tokens. Okay for self cleans, the best choices easily, so are taxes. But the heart chakra for crimson brings a lot to you because it's sort off allows all of your energy to just fall into the earth for the gravity to pull out from with scenes that negative energy and for you to feel more completed and more energy. It's OK and a little benefit from your root Chakra is the fact that it helps the other shocked. It's okay. He helps to empower the energy off the other, Shack writes. It is something that many people gets cold meats. They want to focus and work in the fair. I crown, you know. But then they they don't focus on the root chakra on. They progress that fast because when other Shaqra Sinus sick off balance there more energy . But some couples guru chakra. It's one of the cool. The other one is a crown that brings energy, foreign energy into our faces. Alcohol. It's okay before in energy that Checker Irish for two heirs energy okay on the crown chucker from astral inch. But it is very important. Freak, you know, is that when you get plenty off these off these earthy energy, you know all of your physical valuable benefit. But all of your shackles also, we'll have circles sort of motor strength, sort of a grounding point. Okay, because something that had a common issue that having some people who are focusing on the available at a spiritual level. It's a day tend to forget a vulgar lower chakras. And then they become inextricably this violence. They become the energize. They lose their power, their strength, you know, on something can say, Hey, what's going on here? And in all this work well, the problem is, is that the chakra is not being paid enough attention because, you know, in matching like it's sort of a grounding point, and it's a little hard to explain. But when you get to use your right or your crown, you know they China huge among this image on, Do you want to stay as focus? And it's grounded during that thinks because then you pick up Abel off challenge, more energy off, sensing more perceiving more. So as the upper shockers develop, we're going to use a lot of the astral energy. So having Euro checker open and expanded and connected with his chakras, it makes her background on the way equally issue for you to continue to develop possibly faster because they're going to be glad of all time and energetic and violence on. Definitely you're going to get more, obviously growth as well. It's going to happen in a more stable and more set stink on. It's something that you are going to be able to perceive and realize as you go feeling, because you're going to notice that these is giving you more and more energy. Okay. And even converted got, like a costly almost, you know usually depends on comparison, but yes, you know, when you get to be a little tied it where you feel you are out of energy. No working on your checkers going to bring a huge, huge amount of benefits, okay? And I'm going to share in a certain moment on exercise. It will bring great health. But you know another thing that they checkers important. It's for you. Contract with a physical thing. Okay? The physical plane is obviously most of our life. Are they living? You know that it's very, very important for you to realize that when you start to whom or more grounding exercises when you start to work more in your heart chakra, you're going to know this much barriers around IDs. Maybe there's a plant near your home that's beautiful, and you haven't even noticed and you will notice at some point you also going to be much more attention to detail. We're going to be much more, much more focused, much more press, you know. In fact, I use things that people is going to notice you more. You're going to notice 1/2 a greater strength. We're going to notice, you know, have a lot. We think they're going to notice that you are going to be able to bring a lot in clear life . Yes, out from your press, it's obviously they're more shackles and will play a key paper in these press. It's but at least with an open good chakra, people are going to notice you have your feet on the ground and that alone we'll push away people from trying to take advantage of trying to steal from or people we've got intentions in general. OK, it was going to have some sort of more. Maybe not so much off some more respect, because that's more cool sort of taxes. But more like so Alex saying yes, we notice you're here, and I know I know that you noticed, you know, so somewhere that intentions will really feel withdrawn toe work with your Do not work with you, but still something from you Or take advantage of you or something negative thing that sets . Okay, so first of all, I want to share with an exercise. But also, I like convention. The mantra for it's a shock. It's OK. One mantra I personally like to use on. Obviously this mentors are well known, I guess. Have added valuables the root chakra. The mantra forward shocker is lum Okay. L a m And you chanted something like, Yeah, something like that, but holding a longer bang gration on your throat. Okay, we found it's starting to flicker in the immigration. If you go, it's time for a stop. Okay, Su chin, lamb. My hook shocker is expanded. However, for each of those lambs, you want to make a long coat King. That's very important. Yeah. Yeah. My route is extended. Making the Lambs no. Okay. And now I'm easy grounding exercise. You can't do these extra cents anywhere. You can look in your office. You can do it. You know, if you are having lunch with someone in class, you can do it. Whatever. Okay, Precisely. This exercise is quite east. The only thing you need through his name to be a stationary for a few minutes, Okay? For five years, the station and then come visualized that golden group comes down from the earth. Okay. Comes down from the air thin attached to your tailbone area. The route is going okay. And I think that that's one area you want to visualize A huge search off Ares energy. You can visualize it in waiting person. It's the most. Okay. And if it's yes, Earth energy, that's completely you want to visualize Earth energy on you Want to visualize that your physical eyes second nap All these earth energies being a spread throughout your entire physical album on also throughout your shacks. Okay on then. From there you want to visualize that this golden rule is also training out from within. You black energy, negative energy. No black, great. Wherever colors, you know, quote 3% more negativity for and you uncle visualize that these go down, they go then go outside from your body on ghost into the earth recycling the Fokker posses edge, trying to find some gratitude to the air for these assists. Okay, Also another exercise you can use is to place your bare foot on the ground. It's important that you listen a base floor or outdoors. Okay, that way it's a little more elegant in the technically speaking, because you don't send about energy people. And in case you didn't have hard numbers, you want to put your feet slapped barefoot on the ground in each day. Grass and visualize that years, every all the energies falling from you can elected, and they escape throughout your entire body through three your legs on the week of the soul of your feet on the earth. Once more, it's taking away that edge in this one. There is no me could easily with charge. It resonates more current through the room, but for extracting so you can do these through the soul of your feet. You're going to notice is going to expand, allowed your who chukka and as you start working, who chakra, you're going to start to notice Already changes in your life. More aware several things you're going to feel more connected with the world and the world's going to van anymore. Okay, so that's pretty much each for the chakras. So I hope you guys enjoyed it and let's go for a little shock 4. The Navel Chakra: Hey, everyone, How are you guys doing? How is that root chakra going? I hope you guys have started already in noticing the great changes and noticing the progress that you're going to experience as you work on each of the shock. Smoky, please Remember, if you have in questions, do you have any doubts? Please let me know. I'll be very happy to repent. Okay, so today we're going to talk about the second shocker, the neighborhood or is Saeko Shocker. This is our second chakra on. It's located in our naval area. Okay, this chakra, it's also quite in pork. Okay, As I told you guys, all of them are extremely, extremely important. They each has hunching. They each bring a purposely bring a goal to you know, your main organs, the function the same way you're shocked in on the first and most obvious function off his chakra. It's the empowerment, they enhancing off our professional lines, our financial life as well as our intimate lies. These are three foundations. Okay, that they're quite important in life. Okay, love sciences on your professional life toe, be able tow connect with all three of these know the neighbor check. It will make a huge connection. Maybe not so much for love, but you know it best for intimate things. Okay, on through intimate times Obviously Love Maiden Express. Okay, So getting empowered on a more enhanced naval checker, it's already going to empower several important foundations in your life, your professional life, your financial life on your sexual lives. Okay, You really are going to be able to notice a very big transformation when you start to focus more on the navel chakra to get to start to work more on it, to expand, to enhance, for example, you know, one great Venice from having on open navel chakra. It's that you are going to get more magnetism in your aura and your entire being to attract more whales. Okay, this is one step. Okay? You do You know, when you feel that someone seems like a magnet for finances for money like they always have black or money always comes to them or they make money easily. You know, it could be because of many reasons, but one significant reason. It's because these people they have a strong navel chakra. Okay, The FAA is turning will chakra on. They can manifest more financed people who has bean for a prolonged period of time with a strongly will chakra. It's unlikely for it to go back because they're going to get so much trust, especially in their financial on their professional life, that they only would need a some extra help from their sexual life to have a flawless chakra. But still, you know, this shocker can really bring a lot. You can really open many, many doors for you in those aspects, because when wealth grows when you sniff growth, you can really move forward at the very fast. Bates. Okay, you can move forward really, really well in the professional level because you know you're going to have also a very strong Madden isn't or person presents for others. Let's say that you work in corporate some things that personal crescents or the professional persons in this aspect it's essential. Okay, if you can bring that you already has half the way the your hands half of the bottle. What if you have a strong professional presence? It's going to be a few greater benefits because your hunger uppers, if any, they're going to respect you more your coworkers, if any. They're going to respect you more. You're going to know how to execute better your professional duties. If you work for yourself for your business, you're going to be able to more corn comprehensive with her employees or associates. If you have any on that and consider burying on self, do not overload yourselves constantly with work on Toby Kind and gentle on Listen to your old to your own needs as well. Okay, so mainly these talks about the fact that you're going toe to be able to offer complete professional balance. We know. And when multiple people with a similar professional balance gets together, they become really successful business. They working, they become very successful. But still, you know, wherever you are professionally, you know you still going to have an advantage because running since you have a job and you want to get hired with their strong, they would shocker. You're going to be more likely to be hired because you will catch the eye off others, and maybe many people, while they would be, knows exactly what's going on. They are perceiving your vigor, your larger, stronger navel chakra okay and that's going to be great. It will help with the truck right there. Right job. He would have it. The track more wells. We were able to get the most out off your intimate life, so it will definitely open many doors. In fact, you know, another good thing about this is that with an open enabled shocker, you're going to the site. You're going to desire to aim higher, being more aggressive in a good way. Three more goal oriented on this does not only mean in terms of making a sale, but it would mean at a professional level as a whole as an entire thing, you know, the entire world rated stuff as well as to be more focused, more keen to have ideas or to have solutions to be able to make a hunger revenging on 1000 proving even food or your financed. Also, you're going to be more adventures, you know, at the more intimate level, you're going to be more adventures. You're going to desire to discover more. You're going to desire to give more to your partner on. You are going to get much more enjoyment. Okay, because one thing that this Siaka has is that is Shaqra off enjoyment the center from joining Okay on these are very important trade. Also, they haven't mentioned when you get to enjoy something like me have a movie crazy, right in a roller coaster tree, it doesn't matter, OK, but if you have a healthy on open naval Shaka, you are going to be able to enjoy much more out from life and to get more alcohol, every single situation. We're looking out that on the whole chocolate enable checker actually experiencing actually enjoy. This is way on a sexual level. It can be very powerful because you're going to find more, more confidence in yourself, maybe more confidence and trying new things with your partner. You are going to feel stronger. You know the energy of your path in there, you know as well as your very own energy or get you're going to get more out off these intimate. That's OK, and they really are going to pay off a lot for you, but also for your path, because you're going to find that it's also going to be very easy to promote self expression. Have to be able to be to yourself and for you and your partner truly be able to honor yourselves. Could be taken away. Okay, As you are, mate together. So you know, as you can see, it improves Very significant foundations. Okay, Very, very significant. Foundations lies very important in hours Saturday on our data. Gaitley. So how we can work with the shock. First of all will share with you the munch. Okay, remember your men's chants, The mantra? Forest limits? Who can, with help using your voice, something like, um, which, of course, I could extended more, but I find that your example. That's great. So it is them from my neighborhood is extended from the Okay, that's your mantra. Escort and they will shock. And now in this one, we have a few off in the first option. Especially if you can visualize it's their best. It's free to visualize yourself. Accomplishing your work goes on. Try to connect that visualization with number one ceding power in your neighborhood area. But then number too connected a visualization with the feeling off, an accomplishment that you has already went because of the way you're sort of bringing more off that energy into your lives with the visualization and you're bringing that energy. Include your navel chakra. Was it, Of course, will help it progress on will help it to expand at the move forward in a faster way. Now you can do the same also in terms off this well, I sing financial goals, OK, financial. You know, this sign years, maybe a tree in very new house you can make because this realization, you know, if you can't visualize okay, but you want to do is to change your past, the accomplishments, even if they're small, something can feel proud off. And it's gonna get to your financial life you want Visualize it in order to attract stronger Okay on then, for the most intimate side, you want to make sure you make more. These realizations in comes off since wanting or you know more they physical things off the , you know, off the intimate times. It's more to focus on the more sexual part rather than be loved. Because for the love, we have another shock. Okay, on, then, also, you can visualize and be grateful for any enjoyment. And it's fun. Any joy you getting lies because that way is us. When I said that you're grateful for them. We're going to attract more, including okay on this alone. It's also going to expand your navel chakra, which you are attracting energy that enhances learning checker. And that also will help all of your order in areas calling good evil chakra finances on your professional life. So definitely a very, very strong chakra. Now you know it's importance. Now you know what can you go working? Can't remember, they say guided meditation of one of the cars that could also help you out. Compare your shack, Receive your interview The truck. OK, so now it's time to go on increase oil crash class so Syrian 5. The Solar Plexus Chakra: Hey, holds How are you guys doing? How are those shackles Code? We have already war on the root chakra on on neighbors go very important shackles. And as you know, all of them are essential. But these two that we have been talking about, they are the most important for the physical plane on for our nice go. It's as we go out. We're going to connect with more speed was shot Chris on. Check us more young, The physical. How whip? You know, we still going to work in one that is very much connected with the physical plane, but already has a nickel more than Yes, the feast. How regulars? Okay, this reflects, in fact, for me is this center off these shops? For me, this is a shocker that this treatments the energy throughout the entire Shaqra sees on a few more things that I am going to be sharing with you guys in this class. Okay, so let's start serviceable. This chakra is located in the lower stomach area. Okay, this is where the chakra it's OK. And also it's off the color off yellow. Ok, so for her most therapy, the study Sezer's and such. Make sure you use the color off. Yeah, the operator. It is the better, even if it's a little border into the eyes. You know, pass illnesses of the dragon could damage your eyes. You want to make sure it's a very, very bright yellow lemon tykes. No, this is a very special shock. Okay? And this is shocker. They have from that many people needs work. Is this shackles connected with your with with your personal power, your personal crests and Fortuna? This assign has never taught us how to focus or how could bring forward the greatness of our very own special. There's on power. And for two, Nicky, this society has feel some special hundreds that it gives the feeling that if you do not feed those standards, you are trash. You are worked well. The big lesson here, it's to learn that that's not true. It may or may not be the goal of certain, but you know it's coming to happen because fortunately, you know, the solar plexus and being worked on all the waiting and, you know, actually, this one off the east years, shackles to work in. Okay, One of the easiest shockers to working. And actually, it has the most powerful exercise for the shackles. And I can tell you that from my own personal experiences when you have and we'll get into that in a little. But they want to mention to you that it's stronger, your neighbor, you're sort of precious. Is the greater your personal powers? One. I know your national power in a very good weight. No, in a way of having a huge low reading your high horse, you know I'm playing your chance. Actually, point of first. No, this isn't enough. You know, it's actually quite as a culture because people always a kind on a healthy and open solar patches are kinder, are more check on their far away from their ego. Why? Because the ego in the end, is yes, I mechanism of self defense, maybe someone in school to be behind their ego in order to protect themselves on their some coffees. This lack of self coffee slap off self empowerment, lack off personal power was obviously still plain toe. A not healthy solar plants shock, so it's very important to work as much as you can on the solar plexus because this. This is one of the society has seen. Really? Really? From what I seemed to every single person, you know, one there is a reading. Eri flew over cautious about many things in terms off self esteem Selves. Love is sick. Okay, Was something very important that this sort of really having a healthy sort of practice will if you back your good self esteem? I know only that singer going courage to a moment of having good self skin. You are going to seal that you can move. So were you conceive that you can opposition, you can recover its more because you're going to you're going to be able to make a leap of faith. You're going to be able to say yes. I'm going to aim for every poor country. Besides, no, I'm going to accomplish okay. Or maybe you want to connect with somebody else and you would sing before. Yeah, well, I'm not warned. That person won't even look, you know, But maybe you say, Well, why not? And you push yourself and you couldn't with that person. And maybe you can develop a years with French. Okay? Many self doubt music itself believes lack off wanting to show yourself to the world are connected. Solar plexus province. Okay, Another report casting our solar plexus is that having a health solar productions will allow have making good connections with others now, but especially to make a very good connection with yourselves. Because in order for others to love you, you have to get through. You love yourself. Okay, As much as you can. When you get to love yourself, then others will love you in an issue. And, you know, while love goes with the heart chakra and it will benefit the sort of precious signed it violence, thinking that you are who you are and your perfect your own way, You have your strength, you have your own weaknesses, and it's fine now, but you can be yourselves. And you can feel safe about its very core to focus a lot on being yourself on a meeting itself in a special you know, if you can visualize, you know, I don't then what you want to do each to trying to be as much as you can yourself, frankly, kinder to yourself, try to give more to yourself and not allow others to step on. You need someone criticizes. You can go ahead and I'm a lives. If it's something you can change them, why not go for it? But if it's something that wasn't constructive alone, you will notice it, and you will be scarred. Okay? It was just very, very important. You're going to meet much more if a gold seeker Very passionate life. Because you are going to feel your work. You're going to feel repaired. A big feel, a strong. You're going to feel that strength we've seen. We're with your physical volume that the sire could really heat. They were OK, So that's going to give you out of more passion in life and is going to help. To search for new goes new accomplishments and becomes a This is circle because the more you do that, you get toe one more on to seek for more. And that's going to be really good on really optimistic. Okay, People also will get to see you better. He would have more. Magnet is in general. Where is professional ways? Friendship? Whether it's for a quienes connection, it doesn't matter. He prints more money this season. You're going to feel like a stronger person with a stronger were so the presence. In fact, let's see that for instance, you are broke and you don't have your life very unstable. But you have a healthy solar plexus, and you show the world people are going to see or really that you are in a much higher stay off lacks. Okay, on that alone will allow the universe to attract that energy. And for you to be able to accomplish that and straight to be able to get okay couldn't require quite significant and quite important for you to notice that the city will open all others and match in your life. It's going to help the brothers in life. You're entering your happiness as well. Okay, that's very important. Spring to know you're going toe. Feel more complete in General. Eric Felix, When you have a good meal that you feel full, you're going to be feeling full off. Joy full of energy, full off, off potential could be able to move forward with that. And when you have it self confidence in yourself, you really are going to find a huge amount of brooks. You know this dimension before it's a shackle at this treaty. It's the energies happen down about like the lowest shoppers with the upper shocks, and I also like to call it The car was disposal because it's 31 check. It would create alcohol use that myself already releases negative energies. If it comes up, then you won't be able to release that much. Okay on, then you can even get blocked. Appalling that you are not releasing in negative energy. There's a very easy exercise here that you can do in the shower. But first, let me share with you the mantra. Okay, here it's, uh and you would say, Ram brand my solar plexus. He's extent around ground again. It would be So are taxes is expanding from on now. The exercise is a very simple exercise for you Grew in the shower what you want. Who, once you're showing you want matching that you have a faucet in your lower back area, and the one thing match that you open this process on mountain wider. A smelly water, American fish wise, the better. It's coming out from your lower trying to look at the they included a tap. Okay, another drink. Visualize and see how the water on your soap and everything else it's school. The hunger drink in action. These black water you're releasing. It also goes down the dream Drinks in any superior from within. Make sure to spend good five minutes. No, as only the water shower falling on your head relaxes. No. You know, obviously that you weren't releasing, releasing and released oil that you can't exercise anymore or you start visualized Yes, bigger wire or white energy or something. I will. You do these things yourself or anything vested on you can see is your show. Okay? Because this will create a huge reason. If you have horrible, they a very difficult situation are very complicated. Hang, you get to your house and do your thesaurus stations in your shower. So not just exercise. And you're going to feel completely liberated from all in here. I was just going to pay us in a very good way. So this is each for the solar plexus? Truly have a powerful exercise after your life. Everything shower that when you keep, you know, as much as possible your positive energy on negative entity. You keep it clear us. You know if insurance possible defeats every day that you went back. Okay, so we have these solar plexus now. It's thanks to him the words the heart shocker. We start locally at what's now, so I hope you try the gas and switch. 6. The Heart Chakra: way. Hoax Welcome Cuvee Heart Chakra class Honestly shirt with you guys. This is the fears Chakra from the other said OK for me the solar plexus The naval and the hood are lower chakras on the heart, you know, scaling the needle because off its level of migration and its position by findings, one could be also one off the upper shockers. In addition off, throw the sarai and crown OK, and then we have food and checkers. Of course. However, the heart chakra is quite special in each. For me, possibly, you know, one of the most important shoppers, like a safe. All of them are very, very important. Insulin has a different function in how eager. It's precisely the reason having all the shockers in the great steak off balance that it's essential for you to get the most out of your life. Why is that? Because for an instance, the hard Chagra. Once you have your heart chakra open, you will be able to get a lot more out from your lap on orders Will. Small can usually get a lot out from we think you think you would have a quicker perceptual in a greater a feeling, a greater connection with everything we do in life. And that's quite symbolic even. Actually, we're going because being proposition off a heart felt position, it's what really will make it look forward, especially if you're seeking is p equal path. Having an expanded heart chakra is essential. Okay, you're going to get a huge boost for doing readings. A huge boost for many, many things. But let me share with you guys. So first of all the hard chatter on the fourth chakra, it was the car of green. Do not confuse with red or with being with the colors that represent love or passion because the heart chakra for chemotherapy you need the green color on actually very dark green. It's missed. Okay, Like forest green, your green that nature divas you want resource? Well, usually your heart chakra is located in your heart center. Okay, However, it's more located in the immunity chance because circles right on, then you know where even more about becoming others and reach me to tell you more around that however you know in science it can be larger, and your aura, even you can really, really powerful, especially is you allow for loss to be one of your life guides, you are going to expand for re heart. Okay, In fact, the first thing you can make that will start grown. That heart chakra is to find self love against, to extend your own self love, sending love to yourself sending loving everything you are good are pursuing your looks, appreciating what you have done in love learnings from Would your crowd us and Serafina Shame changing. Find more auspicious in the past, where you have seen Abel, who moved forward, you're going to find for their no Sonakul connection to that people who has their heart chakras look, they cannot even seal a cautions feeling out a positive recall because they have the heart chakras block. But when you start to find social shipments themselves love to realize that I have done these to the best of my ability. I am happy with it. I love it. You know, you need to find that we're here, so that's going to make your life much later. You attract much more into your life on on who is going to break the help in expanding your heart chakra. Okay. In fact also, you know it's important to get to lost life and tranquil of others. Okay, there many ways there many aspects of love. You know that Only romance off here, many more. You can love the connection. You have someone who is very productive. You can love your job. You can love your life because you find it very healthy and that your three lumps are this criticism. You know, you can be anything that any excuse to be able to get who lost more. Your line. You're later they do. It's In fact, these are great reflection point. Because if you are unable to sign true love, we seem what you're good. Then it might mean that you need to change. This might mean that you're not following the path that your heart's desire OK, maybe following the path of your hearts, the sire requires you to embrace require sicko. Aim, Heidger. Remember, this is something we were talking about in the solar practice area. So as you can see, it's really, really important working on it now. When you get full of yourself, it's also easier. Could be lost when you are loved. You are travelers. You know, like attracts. Like when you're able to look at the mirror, find something to look at your job, be happening. Caregiving. Find love for it. Love your connection with your partner with your friends. The Harvey you're going to at night off winsome skating, you know? Give me anything. Okay. Any good excuse to find you And you look there things that you don't like yourself you cannot change Trying to focus on those posses teams that you can change. Okay, on this goes especially like a health. It's very important. Cracker sign, you know, elsewhere yourself. Connection Hansen's travel with that. So when you get good love more yourself, others gets loving even more. In fact, those who has on open heart chakra are much more approachable on What is that? Because people with a more open heart chakra are going to get more humble, more gentle, more loving. Were considering, you know, someone who can approach we someone that you can get to talk someone that you will know that we'll listen to you and we'll pick out listening Withrow chakra. But so that you know that this will be willing. Policing win. Convinced he's her hair kind of doing more fun poking. You will also find that you're a person that will have a greater the Sanger to making The foot's a greater desire to help poking. We're going to find the more love you bring to your heart, the more loss you're going to find. I'm using this last to help others. It's going to bring more love. You're going to decide to make a difference in other people's slaps. Okay, you're going to the sire, Cookie Able, who find that people say, Hey, thank you have seen off great health, change my life. You know, you're going to have more desire of that. You're not going to tolerate suffering. You're gonna look like calorie unfairness. So you're always going to have a desire to help to make a difference. In fact, we're also going to the sire to be able to do more in life. It sells to make a big difference. Do not has maybe yes, in mundane jock. Hey, maybe you love her length ice job. Your super happy with it with your Kashmir is an awesome by. Maybe you find in your heart that that's not for you. Or maybe you want something more, okay, And then we can put heart chakra. It's going to be easier for you to perceive these assigned to perceive these this jury for life because you're going to get to enjoy much more everything about life because the more you love yourself and when you're lost everything around you, the more you have everything you do, it's only going to bring more awesome learn more willing Mr People growing and expanding, which received really well bring Martin off and Marcia destruction in your as you see you create a business. Our cities in this aspect, like Ibiza Circle about a positive circle in this aspect. Okay, because you're going to get this movie looking. In fact, you are going toe to realize it will be easier for you to los to perceive love. You're going toe hands greater of being with us. And that's going to be like, wow from test, you know, So where you sense is that you are going to feel like a heart based person, and then you're going to be much more approachable. People are going to really want to connect more with you because they're going to feel safe and sound under image. We're going to feel Listen, we're going to feel nurture because they're going to be more nurture, you know, for owners. Yes, well, and it's going to be like you're going to be a loving persons for those to be able to approach on to connect with your energy. Okay, so now the mantra of the right mantra you want to use for your heart chakra it is. Yeah. Okay. As you remember, it has to be longer as minister can we have having your voice check on? The whole mantra is young Young Jim. My heart is in Jum young. Yeah, Okay, once more He's young. Yum. Yeah, My heart is expanding. Yum, yum, yum. This will bring you the visualization. We will bring the energy as you hear it. Awfully like Britain's of your heart shock. And remember your primal therapy color for this one. It is green on then. And that simple exercise that I find grateful Alicia for heart shopper on this is an exercise that you want to go through out of a yes many. And it's to focus on your breath on reading for a few months on, then focus on higher breathing in and breathing out this race How the air obscene and comes up Then from there you want cove insolence that as you inhale a stream of green energy enters your notes, okay and goes down to your lands and then when you release the air, you want to visualize golden image. Okay, This is represented green energy and powering the strength of your heart. Shall that's going help you overall could be able to make the changes. The strategy kind of changes. You need to open more your heart chakra. We will be perceived on receive more. Last okay. And also for those of you who are sensitive that maybe you're feeling to match. Do you really, really will know that this war is quite a traditional play something. So using the hours of connection, we go through your heart chakra upmarket, overwhelm us, want to visualize Connecticut bubble that comes out from your heart chakra and starts to being flake until it surrounds you Entire. You can be size of the s office bubble are very sick distractible energy. You know that only allows also he's energy could penetrate. I'm promoting releasing whatever negatives energy or hope this will accelerate sequencing on well aligned group of records from negative, which is okay, so well, I hope you have enjoyed the heart chakra Hessen. Love, as you can see, all these shackles half a lot. So, you know, no one can go to get your heart checked Working. This is a very lies ongoing thing, but you'll see quickly referenced soaking. So let's go for a communication 40 filled checker. 7. The Throat Chakra: how well we'll build. Are you guys loving markets cars now that you have working her chakras? How it was hard checker school, you know, those are really parking work, even though all the shockers air very importantly, her Chuck, right Beliefs quite special, you know, because he's enough after it offers the strongest about when you know so it will sort of power and enhance every other single basil. Make sure to be plenty of work in those hearts. However, they we are not talking about the heart check. We're going to talk about the throat chakra, which is for me, the center of communication. You son, it can be quite easy to realize out there who has a strong and expanded still chakra on who thus, the chakra is quite easy work on. It's something that you also get get to go on a daily basis, OK, changing some of your approach to that change some of your behaviors. You know, there's obviously a mantra that we give to you guys and small exercise the heart chakra the photographs Hello about doing so for in the aspect of communication. So first of all, if you want to steal do any criminal syrup we feel check. You want to look for the color off off Do for the color off You re percent states Roach on obviously a slow checkers located at our throat. Okay. And so this is the center off. You are free to communicate our ability to express ourselves our ability to know when is the right time to listen when I would go more into detail that, you know, that's the overall value of yourself. We're going through the kinds that communication is this cinch. Those were unable to communicate. They end up falling behind in this great society. So, honey, I really perfectly communicates, You know, this can get enhance from having great self esteem from your solar plexus on you have great Selves, love. When you want to share your you know us and see on the shockers, they help it. You know the first thing the first blessed that you get from your so chakra. Once it's expanded, it's the vibrations off your voice. I do not believe that actually your boys real change or anything like however, the migration that your voice makes is going to be higher. Okay, sort of going to be more spiegel somehow more tender, more friends, you know, He can also be depending on the saying that you are. He can be also more out story like, you know, command, but not in the negatives. Way off Eagle Kinda Lika. Kind of like a very a aware Hurst, charismatic leader. Charismatic leaders most likely do have their throat shackle us. Really? Really. Extend the main. See if that if we go back hundreds of years, you can see it. Know that many times. You know, hundreds of years ago, it was more about you know who had the eloquence, who had the strength in the voice to be able to throw attention from someone or from a group or 30 to form a small but helium whatever. Okay. But, you know, getting your voice empowered by open throat shack, right? Something that he will green out of significant since to be able to move forward in slacks . We listen to me. We need to be here. We listen also, we need to be hair on those with expanded throat. Chakras are going to be here more uses. It's like the voice itself. Even if it doesn't change is going to become more noticing that. But we notice more defaults on even. This is serious mean that the purchase talking out loud. It is because off the energy that the words will come out from your mouth once your throat chakra is scared. Now another benefit will feel. Chakra eats about. Spin your eloquence. Okay, every single person has eloped with so may have Marceau me has less, but every single person ring can come up with some elements. However, you know the throat chakra once is expanded, it will bring more easy for that eloquence to come out. It's like you're going to get better by yourselves with words, self expression, something that also the throat chakra really expanse. They are really to not only estate what you need, what you are going through, but also to find the strength to bring that up in a moment that maybe someone with a field checker close within half, that you're going to hear more desire to bring the self expression forward to bring the self expression into other people's lives. And that's something that you are really going to find as you expand your approach and also having more a having more eloquence is going to be very significant because it means that your words will come with more arguments. They will come with more values. More mean? No, in fact, another great thing that brings to the overall or throat chakra. It's ironical knowing how to lease, you know, knowing when it's the right time to talk. Maybe, you know it's the right time for you to talk and you don't do it. If you go for that, maybe you're so checkers and most extent, or maybe it's not your time to talk and you are talking and stuff. You know, actually someone who is talking and start, you know, Listen, it's a sign off on healthy, thrilled Siaka, because with a healthy throat chakra you Well, no, thank once, Rex, to listen when it's right to yet to stay there on what's right toe, Speak up, Okay. And that's something that you would have to study. You didn't have to. There is something that will just come to you naturally natural. Now, if you're going to want to make a greater impact on people and this is why I said our charismatic leaders, they have a much more potential is there. Still, shockers are expanded? This is what we want to focus for if you're only the speaker. If you have to record like this cars, for instance, if you have to tout represent in a number. If you have to make an interview, is you have to make up observation. You can be many things where you are going to need to use your voice to be able to get the edge off orders to be able to bring what you want to share into other people's. You know, these revolves around the throat chakra because those who might have a little you're going for my talk with a lower body months. No, it's cream is not good, either. But being able to speak with confidence speak fear on straight forward without doubting your words, getting stacking that knowing what to say. You know it's very natural. Your speech. You know, the more your search expands more, it's going to calm a easier one. Great way to start working yourself chakra. He start trying to speak up more If you are remind. The Google never speaks up, even if you have a great idea. Next time that this great idea comes to you, you want toe, bring it. If you want to explain and you want experience with confidence, this will empower your throat. Chakras can see having a healthy, so our pledges also helps. But, you know, the Cheka also needs to have spark be fucked. Your Ardennes. Your statements will have a much greater because you're really the one that provides more to the conversation rather than being they rather than leave. We wanted it's more shine. Or maybe they wanted this. Talking nonstop for media isn't the one that can only green give average income conversation. You are going to be that equation because you're going to know that when you have to speak , you're going to make a very significant in other people's types. So as you do that you are going to receive that the legal reveal your flow checker. If some girl you can always help yourself, of course, with the mantra and with small exercise. In fact, the mantra is funny, seems it says, but it's not him, even though it's redid him. It's sort of by the course, as long as you can, without having your voice shakes. Okay, On the mantra will be him. Um, my girl Shaqra, He's experience. Um uh, again, Um, you feel Shaqra? He's spin. Uh, this man trapped were by bigger than this one. It would be the most year one to keep their vibration as long as you can, because even only my break at the frequency throat chakra. But you're actually using your chakra. To make these vibrations means mattress You can gain a lot of extra out from that. Alone is fantastic. Now, you also want me these realizations. Maybe you want to visualize you cross through a blue are okay and you get into these blue room on There is this blue table and there are 234 talking about whatever you need to focus on what we talked about or anything. But you want to vigilance that you are in that room with great self expression on listening when you have to listen and bringing a lot into the conversation being very happy and very communicate, even able to express yourself and bring out easy citations. Also, we'll make your throw chocolate experience. So we get probably one of the most weighted passes. The most favorite shot graph. Pretty much everyone this. So let's go for it. 8. The Third Eye Chakra: a How is it going? Well, I am pretty sure that most of you we're looking forward the most for these class. He feels to me that the right has always been the most are the most popular Shaqra on. I am betting That's mainly for its awesome, awesome things that brings to us, you know, because happened right now we have been talking mainly about everything connected with the world. There is in contact with a mundane we say they to think. But still we haven't really went been younger. Let me share with you. Cool Remain shockers are your gateways for these other work for the hunger planes off existence. Okay. And you know you can get a lot out from your school on. It doesn't only serve for speak up artists because many off its benefits You can also a blanket in your day to day life goods. That's why it's great. And you can't imagine how many rates at how much time in coalition can save. So this is why it's important to also work in this chakra. I want to share with you. If you have jumped right away Fair I chakra. It's fine. You know about a year before you could get more alcohol. It's of your shoppers you want to work on awful. So if for some reason you want to start work person there's there and make sure the work on the others as well, even though I still recommend for you to get started and the war on the Who chakra and start from there. Okay, so, first of all the surroundings for your premise therapy, it's for the corner off indigo. OK, the corner off India, and it's located in this forehead. We could think eyebrows, annual adults, Which is right. OK, right around this area. We have our syrups. So the first on great gifts that this there I brings us is you commission intuition. It's a great tool on when we are properly connected with our in creation and when we do not work when the people are in creation, can be an extremely extremely helpful guy because intuition is never wrong. This is why it's important to have your solar plexus, for example, his term and empowered even for your Sarah. Why? Because you will increase your ego Ego blocks. The surrounding also will block your connection with the spirit and you will be able to perceive us mats are you might be able to perceive something about you might ground because it may be something that your ego don't tell you something you want. Okay, that's going working the other sectors essential. But you know also, if you haven't open heart, you're going to be able to perceive his weapon or game. It's truthfully, think with intuition, or it's something that you have came up with on that. Maybe without even noticing, you have put some thought into it. So inclusion well, work perfectly with you when you were a site from ego and when transit on conditioner. Okay, intuition. It's going toe many times. Come out of the blue. Maybe you can control it at some point and say kind of saying, Well, I want to get a feeling of this But if you get to do that already, it can be more than Yes. Information can be more outside awareness about sensing energies. Let me share with you. These are also aspens. From this there I shock crap that you well, Venice. Okay, they are very good looking toe other people's eyes. Get a perception of their energy. Maybe you're next to seem next to seeding with someone and you consents or feel he's her hair owner, OK? Or maybe you know, you may receive us politic message. It may come out of the blue can be in a formal ceremony shown coming in the form off your spirit guide me section. Now, there are many ways, okay, but definitely I forgive you started working. You're staring. It's very important. So you can notice that you want to have a clear mind looking on. Asked these questions distinguishing with a clear mind You're going to be able to get an answer much because you're going to have your mind clear on. Then you're going to notice Southern like you already know. The answer is like Well, how I haven't even listened. That's precisely because you are focusing on getting more information from your Sarah. Okay, you are using more of your self awareness sensing energies around since the intentions of other people. You know, intuition alone is great, but when you useless their ankle, so you see, you will be able to truly seem the same shows everyone realizes they're wearing a mask or not on realize before whatever you were trying to check it. It's convenient for you or not. So you can see you know, into issues. Taking up tennis and sensing energies are essential parts off this road. I mean history that this is going to bring a lot more growth on a lot more awareness off the ice and begin blinds. So, yeah, you know, this is a shocker. Also, bring small benefits because, you know, on what benefit is expansion off dreams, imagination and more creative in someone with a very open Sarang, we'll have always great imagination. Okay, like really, really a strong imagination to a point that you can make a whole movie in your head with him. Second, smoking has less imagination. You know, they can say that many people day they seem during their own world because they're there. But they had much focus on day. Seems they are lost in their side, you know, obviously that's not really because I could mean a block root chakra, But it's also good in the sense off saying this person has connected with something or has sensed some subtle energies for something we are perceiving on. Just this realizing that maybe the person's imagining and it's taking up this realization. It's making kamani fish you can use the slices into money thinks that when you have an open surround, you can bring more clarity on more into the manifestation. And the more clear it is, the better, because the faster you're going to attract it. It's great because we're going to be able to perceive more than the physical plane. But in a normal you know you're going to be able to perceive for us you are going to be able to perceive the energy of others. You're going to be ableto perceive, including messages knowing the outcome of things, getting premonitions. You know you're going to feel that there's more, But you know what the physical has to give you. They may be someone ghosts, mining, raise their hand on their back on your back, and they say, Hey, you know, we have to really have a great time one day or whatever, you know. Oh, work together, you know, to get a promotion in a very friendly way on. Maybe you're picking out that this person that's me has good intentions, and you will see that tuition has safe from a big negative seeing booking. And it's like, Wow, you truly are going forward. Usually are going mutually are heading into more completion to mark our movements in the spirit. Well, is people end OK, because you're be more connected with high levels of existence. You are talking actively. And Kevin, you're looking to see a young the physical plane and asked him that we constant reality for you. Obviously, this is going to bring a faster speed development because you're going to get to love. Very match what you can do with your Sarah, okay, Can be really from past and coming really empowering for you. So you know you're going to the sire to grow a speaker into other leading areas. Okay. Also, it's in German to be more critical with some energies that alone they practiced into a day after a late He's also going to accelerate your spiegel development. Okay, It seems to me that has that keeps on going, you're going to be scored. Gifts here were discovered near the Sanders. No, you're going to be much more safe, like you're going to feel much more secure. Life, thanks to intuition because you're going to feel that intuitions. But me Well, and if they're going to make something girl, that mistake or something, you can pursue and you can get your inclusion, okay? And it is something that it's really empowering because you are going to be able who trashed more urine question which we'll make a develop faster, will expand your stare. I'm And then you will get to feel more secure in length making you enjoyed it more who love it more to be happier on with that, you're going to have a stronger pressure. Presents are sooner authority, you know, as you can see all the most correct. So, you know, at this their I d slices into your life because they're going to help a lot. Okay, the 1st 1 with my entrance. You know, this is the most classic mantra. I am sure all of you are from in there with it on the mantra is oh, back off. Usually with the longer boats without shaping. Ok, Has to be, um, nice. There. I experience 000 Again. Um um um my serai. He said stem. 000 This will bring greats in to expand your sirrah. Okay, then you have a few options to expand. You know what you mean? Like in general, working in meditation, suspicion, silent meditation. If you cannot make a little Lindholm, try Salad made ation seriously it and practice with a guy in addition, couldn't discourse OK, but if you can do salad medication, that's the best idea on for you. You can visualize yourself. I decided meditation and visualizing developing it on expand. Okay, then asking yes or no questions to spirit to your guides. It could be fantastic. Okay, questions, Even if they're Seeley and then questions that get validation following your intuition, everything constantly also will get to enhance your serum on. Then what's looking through the eyes of others you know, trying to perceive their orders or their energy in general. This also well, trying on help your store ankle explain. Okay. And as you move, it's you are going to develop. You want to disparage the babble of quite like on your heart chakra. When you try to read all the people, okay, it's going to be better for you because he wouldn't get on their negative energy casing. But otherwise, you are going to do awesomely well, following these keeps on advices for your scare. And you're going to see it in no time. You're going to hostile intuition on once you start with a stunning question, you're going to keep going up. Okay, so we have been set. Thank you very much. We are going to see it's all there next class crunch ceiling. 9. The Crown Chakra: Hey, how are you guys going? How it's going? Well, once again, thank you very much for following me all the way. We are sign early in the crown chakra become chakra is another one of the most favorite chakras, obviously for its amazement, you know, it's quite quite amazing. Shocker at some degree is this chakra that also keeps us connected with Heidger planes with higher mentions. Higher consciousness, you know at some degree is our gateway. Su. The upper shoppers are gateway to its been quantity, our gateway through connecting with hunger beans with Heidger dimensions. It is definitely something amazing. When you get working, you get to experience a huge amount of things. You can even has profound life experiences, as you get to may take and get to do some work on your crown. Shocker. In fact, you are going to notice who's clans that after you a star club tonight. The fact having become chakra a sparkles your day in consideration in terms to enhance and he'll you are going to start the witness many great things. They're going to notice that what you are able to perceive physical here is a sliver off everything that is surrounding wasn't square quite quite amazing. You know, it's it's incredible to be going on. It's but it is very nice. And now toe visualize that it is one of the main seven Shaqra, and it also will bring you some benefits for the physical plane. Some benefits to your physical body on obviously some benefits to the arrest of your shop. Okay, so these checker for crema therapy, you know, visualizations You want to use the color off purple. OK, it's the color of purple when you want to reach. Let's those weights located these when it's located about home about the head. You know something? It gets out of the screen but you know, like a local level he can see my hand were my with my ankle finger Here ends. It's where the Shaqra starts more or less on it is connected to this Speak one word it is that some degree are gig. We could connect with speaker world, you know, saving sharing with you it is very important to have all of your shack writes in a very good Spain because this is on essential King for you to be able to connect to hunger beans off light. But it's not the only there. Two more. As you know, the heart Chakra is one of them, and obviously this right. But when you combine all three of the shack, Chris, you are going to realize that you tune are bringing more on greater on. It's like amazing, you know, in a way, because you're going to feel much more connect and the same way you sort of go to our soccer mats and you are watching with your eyes. Kramat hearing the stadium feeling the the heat coffee off the you know, the energy of the actual game. Well, it's kind of like that. Okay, when you hand all obviously shackles and violence, you really get cacnegative deeper level, but definitely take ate way. They access the bridge toe hangar they mentioned to the spirit world. It's your crown shack, okay? And this connects with a hunger sick of shepherds you're going to be. Do we also talking of your book about those? Okay, I'm gonna mention so the next greater benefit does it's it's that you get a greater of India astral project on do some exercises such as remote viewing and remote visualization. Okay, you are going to notice that the more open your crown chakra is, the more peace you're going to be in silence. Okay? You can find that many people have speak with people, get to enjoy salads. Were years to the society of constant notes on that some degree it bring since disconnected from Heidger Grillz. Okay, looking deeper into our consciousness. Silence Service friend. Because we don't get this wrapped, You know, with Tiger on more empowered crown chakras, you're going to feel comfortable in a stick of science. You're going to create more science of into the cider being put more in your life because you're going to find out. The silence is really bringing a lot to your life. It's really bringing a lot. I look good. I look off. Great. Okay, Now, you know when you get to be able to astral Project, you know, it's amazing. I actually teach astral projection, and it's like amazing working with all the people. There were soldiers. They have the experiences they have. It's like they really amazing, you know, it really surprising. To be honest, that's a bridge is actually one of my most favorite things I talk about astral projection. I even have a small really show about it. You know, I take really, really amazing. Okay, So I want to share with that, you know, as the pressure is going to be more at ease for. And if you already know how to our circle chip on, you can do it even if your crown chakra is closed down. Obviously it's still possible, but it wouldn't be such a empowering projection. But if you get to Ashley Project with an empowered current chakra, you're going to experience much longer pre actions on much deeper experiences. Okay, Another important aspect of the crown chakra. But they're really mentioning prior lessons Is that it is our beacon access energies from the higher realms. I like to focus. And this was his energy. Is the energy source okay? On the same way? Or her chap writes getting energy from the Earth on that energy into our Shaqra system. Okay, we get the crown chakra toe, bring us source energy in vine like like energy that it's added in course, physical on is a spread. So out off the chakra, it's okay on you know, there's another great thing that you will feel a greater oneness. Okay, you will feel or you will have a greater perception to realize that everything is connected . You know, fuel, energy, everything is connected now. It's like right now they're microphone. Technically, it is catching my mouth. It isn't because it's a little far away, but in a Cherica you know, there is this energy through the microphone on the perfecter and my cells, you know, on we're connected in that sense, like you would see it in a frame now in a paint a picture. Okay, there's paint connecting everything that picture and here's the same symbology. And you know, you're going to perceive this much issues you're going toe feel it in your heart that truly we are all connected. And truly we're all one, including physical or even on any makeup tests. OK, you're going to steal that your partner, these great angry. Okay, you're going to feel also very connected to your spirit guides because you're going to be more sensitive to the astral energies you're going to perceive at a greater level the vibrations of high Garvin's okay on dso Whether means it means that you Wheeldon able most forward really fast. But before really fans and move forward in a way that we're going to be surprised you're going to be amidst, Okay, It's very important that when you could do start to feel your guys, you work connecting with them. This is sort of something teach. Okay, on when you get your card check According open, you're going to be able to perceive your guys or than perceiving many different ways. It depends on the person we've been to the guys. But you're going to know that the air there around cocaine and that alone will bring you forward. But if that's not enough, you are also going to experience natural on even much greater people awareness and growth. Okay, we were saying that they there I will bring you more streak on Awakened. We'll bring you more a really to see by the crown chakra. We also expand that a lot more in terms off spreading into the other dimensions. You know, it's a really repower. So you know, these Shaqra also comes with its mantra off course. Okay. On the mantra will say something like but off course, as usual, prolonging and that the noise. Okay. Something like, 000 My crown chakra is expanding 000 again how 00 my crown chakra. He's expend home. But always remember Cooper around them on, you know, especially for the home on the thrive on for the hour on your crown chakra you want toe put extra scored into a brown your voice even more You can help with the values or something. You know that you can replay it somehow will even official for you because it will get you to feel stronger will be the entered service Shackle. It's now meditation. Obviously, it's going to greatly help you out with the crowd. Okay, It's going traditionally help you out because you are going to Max working with the spirit . Knowingly commit eight. You lose the connection with the physical planning were more open to the aspirin. And this is something that powers the count. Shocker. Okay. Letting Harker channels itself may also teaching. I really enjoyed teaching and sharing these releases. Great. No, any really gross our lives. So you know, challenge is also something that will help you expand your ground chakra because when you get a channel you are strengthening your theory, your heart chakra on the crunch. Okay. And it's great. Was will empower your energy, even Marshall, take good exercise. Okay. Group to start channeling and stack. Look into going with your guys once you're a one. Chicago Checkers expanded also. You know, working on the other six chakras. You are going to get benefits from the crown because having all seven chakras in order, you want to bring you a lot. Okay, so definitely, that should be an important awareness. Also, that working on the other six shackles going to greatly benefited stares off your ground, Chuck. And you know, so can have found my sales. Good readings of the shackles and such is that spirit writes useless things work a lot on the crown chakra, especially with the person has intention. Could grow a spin quickly on hasn't tension could get their lives to a high gear estate. You know, if you're listening to this, mostly your rights are really working on. You're shockers because you have send it intentionally going over some. You're going to get that ongoing. OK, So as you can see with multiple things, you can really get on going and you can really get your crown chakra Super expand. Okay. Really, really extended. So it's something Great. Now, if used to meet Mary, Fantastic. Could get trashed something, So we're gonna cover that on next lesson ceiling. 10. A short but powerful 10 minutes chakra balancing guided meditation. (In Class Project): you know everyone. So are you guys ready for the guided meditation? I am sure you guys are going to truly enjoy it on truly get a look out for me. You can go ahead on download these meditation for you to keep. Okay, You will truly enjoy it. You can? Don't know. It'd be three. Why? Making a video for that? We have to save some data so you can download your chakra healing I night ation. I really recommend you to get to try it because you're going to enjoy it. Notes on your goingto be able to feel how your shepherd's field violence on how they feel in a good is that Okay? So go ahead with your meditation. I hope you enjoyed lots on. See you next class. 11. Finding Balance and expanding to the Second Set, access your Eighth Chakra: Hey, how are you? Well, I wanted to bring on additional class an additional cub that we are still yet to catch. Okay, Because you find that while we have to focus as much as we can on our main seven chakras, we shouldn't Yes, look ourselves out from a much more fantastic world. Okay, From a much more incredible you know, opportunities, Cooper. A greater existence that it's sarong, all of us. Okay on. You know, we all are moving the dimension of its We have more people buns. We have the physical. We have the astral body has the men cover with emotional. And then we have buns for everything mentioned. You know, on the same goes for the chakras. Okay. Past multi dimensional beings. We are not only bound seven million shoppers, do you found after the Silman shutters? We have a second set off four shepherds on the next 30 said, if I believe five shackles and then you can keep on going, I am going to keep on discovering dudes. You know, I have in a rented moving forward, the youngest seven chakras. And this is precisely why I am bringing this lesson. Could because I want to mention to you a little more about the main shackle us out, the second said. And also about the eighth shocker. Okay, on a still, it's great because the eighth chakra these are starting to freeze over on. They do have their Sanskrit names, but it's easier to get good now with even more simple ways. He said. They went home and came scars simple, and so we'll call it the Eighth Shack. Okay, but Denise Plenty affairs At this second set of shackles, it's more connected to our astronauts. OK on. Well, I has really explored only the eighth chakra, I can tell you that while the eighth chakra empowers our connections from a match Hi, Gher. Astral dimension The food shoppers most likely are already work at the very intense level of me we can't even perceive or understand in our hunger bots. OK, you know the chakra. It's a shocker that we have some great off axis, okay, because we can continue on growing, you know, there is no limit on how long or how much we can grow. There is really no limit arrow. Okay? It seems to me that you want to go ahead and growing on standing, you're always going to find have rings. Okay, You're going to sign that your second secret ship. It will allow you to connect with hanger beans off, like in a match issue one on also with muti dimensional. It's OK being that normally you don't get channel where things that normally you don't or you usually sitting sitting in the Astra pain. But when you get to project through hunger shockers, then you get to experience at discover more about these higher worlds. Okay, to discover more about this greater, you know, a they mentioned that we have in front of us have a great thing of all is that when you get to start working on the second set of shackles, you are going to notice that nearby little you're going to be more connected, do they to the nines to attends to the 11th. You know you're going to feel yourselves that these checkers are going to be more and more connected with you because it's very interesting to work on this bizarre Shaqra that night I steal, at least for the eighth chakra. Okay, He's very significant for you. You already know Arcelor projection because acid production will allow you go get experiences Shaqra in a much more hence left, you know on. In fact, I am going to share with you guys are very simple ASAP. Creation Exercise. Okay, for you to be able to work on connecting with this is Chuck. Okay, because in this case chapter, you can find a huge amount of light. It vibrates a huge, huge frequents. Okay, if they was saying amazement about the the around on the ground chakra. Okay, how about this one? I can say 100 times or 100,000 times more amazement because the jump in energy is quite significant than when you have a complete balance on your seven Shackleton with despair research and to explore your chakra, you are going to start rediscover that there is a love more wing for you ahead. Really, really impressed. Okay, on you are going to find Arkus chewing on giving to find it. It's a shocker off very, very high migration. You're going to sign that you are going to be very breaking the very high frequency. And if you manage to do a national protection and then you get you connect with your eighth chakra. I'm trying to get a sense of its energy. When you return to your bond, you're going to feel streaming Any chance extremist? Turn your link. The single leg is through your arms there. Is there girls like and make us energy United have described It wouldn't take pretty amazing because it really green a lot. Okay, you can really bring a lot So let me share with you an easy way to get to astral crochet. If you have your seven shack rashness, take off balance We will be able to easing ASAP a chippy I explain more your different corners but it's still I want to give you something this one for a good track if you care. First of all, you want to get used to relax your body compete okay to a point that you can't single your volume at all because even want to be skiing your physical body In order to be able to actually protect, you need to separate your consciousness from your physical body setting the intention for that When you're Syrian special, your crown are open. It's going to help out when you get your eighth chakra captain to wait and do to focus on it. It's going to be amazing, Okay? Because then it's going to be much easier for you to actually project once you're able to manage to feel the energy from the eighth chakra once and for that once interfered me Master plane you're going to have That is a very strong memory and you are going to be able to move forward on Google, check with more. It's OK, but first, you need to make sure you relax as much as you can. You're feasting. Government appointed your catch, have you and feel it. Okay, then. Second, you also want to relax your mind on this one, Make a Michael trickier. However, if you haven't working off your chakras, if you having an ending, prospection your life. If you have been following all the advice that I'm sharing the scores, you really are going to be able to find yourselves to set aside. You know, sometime and you are going to be ableto relax your mind and keep it in silence for a few minutes. Okay, If you have some, really have a hard time that's in your mind you know, in having no such for beer this time A few unities you're going in. You can start practicing that through a few exercises that you can find at my love cocaine . But it's quite east gate. Get contain your man, you know, through the sensation through focusing one single upset that time you have many ways we will go. Could come down your mind then, when you get to work on all of your shackles, you are going to sign more reasons we're going to find that is not that hard deciding your man for a while Once you have your mind sanguine on your body relaxed you are going to enter in France. This is also called a sleep paralysis and it can be quite scary sometimes. Okay, I talk about this allowed in my extra traction cars on my youth group reports that you know , I want to mention to you for now. Do you want to make sure that these are not getting the way that you ignored him as much as you can when you get to field this sleep paralysis If you hear or see weird things, remember there, Yes, Health nations and we are harmless. You want to visualize your immigration going further, expanding on growing, stealing your body light like a feather. And you want to visualize that blankness to grow that likeness to expand and to keep on making feel, liar And Langer, like, if you start to float away, you will find yourself at some point at the astral cocaine and you will know it when we were there because they're very quick testing on. You know, if it's your first time, obviously it might not be that easy going to be a chakra. But if you have done this a few times, you can hold yourself for away national plane. You want to go ahead on you want to visualize or sit intention, connect with the energy off your eighth chakra and then you wouldn't get that on this alone will help to expand on toe, open it a lot more on screen to be able to connect with. Okay, Well, guys, I hope you have enjoyed it. This is the This is the end. You know, we have spoken about all of this chakras that they wanted to share with you. So you know, now you have a complete among those exercises. And where does that you can use on You can bring forward. Okay, I'm going to enjoy egg nuts. So I hope you have enjoyed lots between a very, very big pressure on, I am sure. Will have seen its owner in other courses on the Locusts, Stephen. 12. Chakras working in tandem. How does this go around?: Well, I'm kind of bringing you, you know, an additional lesson about something I want to share and something I want to talk about. Hey, on, This is I would call it the Shockers working in tandem. As they explain to you. You know how important usedto have all of your shack, Chris, in the same state of violence. But obviously, when we're in certain situations, we get to use more some shackles than others. Okay? And it's very good to be aware about which ones we use, because maybe at some point we want to focus on empowering a circuit group of chakras for a certain goal on we could get for their on very results wouldn't get crude's for example. You know, you can combine your heart chakra, the Terai and the crown. These three shackle us work together at the same time for reasons for granted spirit. I've been extremely sturdy. The hard Shaqra it's I can elect your battery, you're saying now we're your migration. The sarai. It's what allows you to see on the crown is what allows Okay. For instance, you can find another combination about the navel chakra, the heart chakra on the skilled shocker when these three shockers are connected and activated because people that they might seal toe have something more romantic together. It precisely means that there's a Parsons Couples connection enabled Checker We're presenting this sexual connection. The higher chakra representing the unconditional love on the throat. Shaqra representing communication, for instance, Naval and still check going. Both of them work together. You can find and realize that we're going to be awesome in terms off your self expression and your communication at a professional. If you would approach a pallets between or me has to give a speech where a sales presentation most likely you're going to empowered and evil chakra on the self shucker. Okay, it's going to be very important because it really would speak up. Your things must easily. You can also combine the throat on the solar plexus on this will actually make you a much even stronger public speaker or picture or whatever numbers extend. This is confidence in your skills. Shackle. Okay, I mean, you're in your solar plexus, and that alone will empower your solar your throat chakra so their pledges will empower your checking. When both of them were handing Also, you're going to be able to teach and to explain and could bring up what? Agreeing, agreeing with much more. It's OK. It can be quite amazing. You can have the heart chakra on enable chakra, you know, which could combine on mean very meaningful shop or even a very meaningful romantic connection. Okay, so definitely you can see that when we worked with different shockers, you can get more people benefits. I mentioned the most important ones, but I feel that there are some more that you are going to be discovering as you used. So it's very important that you haven't done so. You work on expanding your shackles on getting the most which one? Okay, so I hope is held on. It's been a pressure enjoying loads these combinations and using that they will really pay off in a very good way. So see your express 13. The Chakra Complete Guide. (In Class Project): Hey, you know, I felt it was great to bring something from to bring on in CPD If guy that pretty much contains all this information. And it also contains, you know, even a more deeper explanation for So the shack Roszina, you're going to find a very solid among of material in these hideous Okay, a book that very much will cover everything about the cats. Also, you might find some or their external wings to my love on you will have a lot of stuff to reap. Okay on. You can read everything and you know you're going to enjoy its true on. Definitely. You know, it's group has a queen guy by hand to make a great concern. Patients and you're going hands everything that you need. In that case, you can go ahead now noted is yours for years, so I hope you enjoy it. 14. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.: Hey, hose. So we have reached the end. I always like to show my gratitude. I really value the fact that you have been smear with me. I am very great school that you haven't followed me between a big pleasure teaching for you bringing this to you on. I hope you can learn loads from your chakras on. You can massively improve your I want to remind you you can go ahead and send me any questions you made me. Okay. If something came to your mind that you are here because out from this questions, future bonus classes are going to come. I love to keep the classes of growing on becoming more complete. So new classes are going to be at, so make sure to stay cool. Okay, I also half or their classes that you can check out everyone. And I was have a special keeping for my spirits. Okay, so I hope you have enjoyed this class notes on you. Get your shack, Chris through the next level as well as your left. See you next course. 15. Bonus: Chakra Upkeep: Hey, hang everyone. How are you guys doing? Well, even though it's recently released, I came up with one new bowlers. Class one of you have asked me on a really great to share swap. Kiss on. This is about they keep off your shepherds what you have to do in order to give a constant upkeep. How often and how to know of your shackles are in a good state before fears of all. The first thing a person a like you do with this is to include all of these exercises income a daily basis. For me, it is very significant that for having basis, I get to work into the shack Ritz. Some of his shockers. You could work on them even without notice, because something we haven't mentioned that it's very true easily. When you get to work of something specific in life, let's say that you are working towards making investments or in from your job on. You are passive about it and you are good about it. You are working your neighbors shocker. In addition of any works, um, your chakras, you want to go ahead and always do they taking care off the exercises. Okay, for an instance, the solar plexus chakra I personally could with every single time you take a shower. You know, it's why not your washing yourselves when it washed yourself energetically. Also, see ECE short visualization. That's it? No, but you know, you had a person with a very busy mind. For some reason, you have Harting remembering who's the freest chakras or you know your for appear to stand You're traveling and you are not thinking about them The advice I personally gets to all of you It's for you Could you at least a weekly check on? If you say you know, even have time even for sleeping then you can go ahead on the 10 minutes guided May taking the scores like before you go to sleep on Even if you fall asleep, What's most like you? Well, we think I admit station. Then you're going to still get the minutes okay at a subconscious level and the main stations engineer toe clear and empower your shepherds if you can find it as one of the classes here. So you know that's the meaning. We can go on a weekly basis for all of your shackles examination blood ones because they have shared with you. OK, folks, you won't go ahead and do the solar plexus kings in a daily basis. The chakra cleansing would be also ideal. Could be on a daily basis. Now I understand that he is an apartment. It may be difficult to find candidates, but you can try any excuse when you're outdoors to secure still five minutes a side of your visualization exercise. Okay, a Shaqra They personally finding Horton's to focus on he's a heart chakra is one that they focus on it every single day. From the point that I made find myself on refer something and I make a check of my heart chakra or I feel the energy is very heavy. I make a check. My heart chakra Ingram's off energetic protection is the result of people if they have toe cans, you know, tryingto to make sure that her checker is always at its best. Because it is your unconditional love center on. Even though your solar plexus is no, you're a center in the heart chakra. It's also longer. Standards for me are equally important. Okay, so its significance for you could go ahead and make sure your heart checker isn't good slamming on. Okay, Now, I officially recommend, you know, you go ahead and that some medication, you know, even if it's 5 10 minutes, and that's completely fine, you know, it's more than anything. Okay? Same goes first moments of science. If you can sing, you can go ahead and maybe even know, You know, sugar PV for five minutes before you go to bed and, yes, seeking the silence and listen to the silence. You're going toe to start hearing your head making Selves and Adria's. And then you're going to be more connected this very quickly and more open in a change. You know, you get good work on moments and introspection Do you are going to expand your theory and you can chakra and essentially going to be working on them. So you know, you get do find for community, for you go to bed. Some sign Jerry got to shackles the crown of the Thera. Then you do the chakra exercising the shower. Okay, You got to slurp letters down every morning. You are outdoors. You can do your root chakra, you know, and then you have your heart shop. This remains, you know, throw checker. And in England chakra on. You know, this one's on daily bases doing I pretty much health he trying to do your job, your most honest one, or keep pursue growth or to pursue expansion, Meaning when you're healthy, you're empowering your navel chakra. And if your own is you have clear communication. You expressing yourself properly, you're going to enhance your I don't check this. Will you keep it completely keeping those seven on? Then, if you wrapped up up with a guy annotation, you're going to fantastically well. And when you see way to know how your Shaqra start booing, I personally like, first of all later in bed, place my hands on my chest and then send my intentionally awareness through the enable go the throat through any of the chakras. Okay, the same way I can tell you. Okay, go ahead and focus in the deep off was the coal of the of your pinky toe. Okay, focus on there, and then you can have your awareness right there and they think we're thinking cold. All kind. Will you have to do the same for the shocker. okay. Like for your higher tank of focus in the chest, Sander. Okay, on seeing how you're feeling tryingto to look into your into your chakra and see how connected you are feeling how grandmother thing, You know, he took observation once again. Your moment of silence. Relaxation. You go ahead and check your sales. I'm You're going to see that you get to see each of the Shah Kristen estate. They are okay. That wing will greatly help get tremendously of your shackles. Much better. Since you can see it's quite easy group Give your Shackleton to know how their good. Okay, So, guys, if you have more questions, feel free to send it. The miracle small of his bogus classes may come up OK, so see you next class. 16. How to meditate.: Hey, hang everyone. You know, I wanted to bring on additional bonus class that I find that it will be extremely helpful in every single course. In fact, pre matching every single course, if not all of them. I have been asked how to meditate. So I'm going to give you guys a brief video. You know about meditation. I do have a block. Made it with Fernando that come that if you search how to may take, you will have a complete guy. Okay, But first of all, it means share a few things. A get started with many myths that are not true. Maintaining is not about setting yourself in Lotus position on starting tenting on four hours pretending toe work. No, definitely. That's a wonderful type of notation that it's a mantra type of meditation that you may practice with or without the lotus position. But definitely that's just one off the many, many, many mate is yourself there. Okay, so you don't need that. You know, it's good for you to have a specific spot, communicate, you know, there that is the that is not the best place. Even though sometimes there is no other option and you have to go with that option. Expended another, made a little. But if it share or a room that you can specify it for maintaining them, that would be ideal. Okay, But that's the only thing you needing. No toe. Be able to set the right seven setting. Okay, Like if you have a family, you noticed everyone. Hey, I am going to may they now, So I don't want to disturb than you love yourself. Even if it's in your bathroom, that's fine. Okay, If you have any dogs and cats, you know, you definitely want toe prevent them from access in because they are going to access, especially care, because they feel drone toe a greater source of energy. Always and they're going to be covered. Your meditating that your energies concentrating on the cat will love to go there to put the poor and to receive some love. Trust me, I live cats, so I know that well, So you want to be the Easter you know on to make it the place comfortable for you. If you have an office and you feel it stressed out, then don't maintain their knighted somewhere else. If it has to be your room. Then find so be it. But make sure that they places the right A seven saying is very important. You may want to, you know, version insensitive You want, or like, a candle that it's not really necessary. Okay, you have to make sure that you are able to relax to lay down or sit down whatever you more comfortable with, you know, on make sure you're not going to be the start, Cain. Now, when you get to that there many many wish to meditate. And for me to give you guys a simple one, it's a simple US breathing exercise. Okay, us went toe. Get yourself comfortable. Okay, on. Then, allow your bring to go on its natural pains off surf you're reading. You can even question your Renick even think about oh, and bring faster and green slower. I feel that I have to take many deep breaths and the insured breaths that I don't recommend them. But every now and then you will and things like that to a point that you yes, allow your brain to keep on its own on for you to be observing it. Like if you would be watching a tennis match. Okay. You are? Yes. Observing You're not interacting. You're not questioning the athletes your years looking at their gaming until one scores. Then here. You just want to look at your breathing until in Aatish is over. These will put your mind at very relaxed state. And yes, out from that, you are going to find the huge difference. Okay, try it on. You will see. It will definitely make a huge difference on I want invite you to try this with some instrumental music. But also I want invited with without it. If silence disrupts you, then put yourself some instrumental music. I understand some people struggle with silence, Will even a very nicest society. But then put some instrumental music. Okay on when you can try some saying moments even if it's in the middle of the night because you woke up to go to the bathroom. Okay, but here to try, because you will see how much it pays off. Also in convention that I have a host of guide Nate ations in May date with Fernando that come and over there you can get medications to help you sleep to help you. Okay. Your shackles to Luthi. Dream toe. Check your akashic records to connect with your guides. Toe. Amplify your shack, Grass toe. Do in a research. Empower your self esteem. Everything okay? You can find it there on one less piece of advice. He's not so much about meditation, but it's about a man. Falls for you to try to go easier with life. You know, we live in a society that it's mad. The average person wakes up checks, their phone goes toe weather teeth both to breakfast, a coffee, checking the phone again while you do all of that driving and some even checking the phone , wondering they go to war Working, working, working, checking your phone, then talking here and there. Have to win this place. Other place, then activated in the afternoon. Think that it's here. Over there. Over there, you get a home exhausted, give cook dinner. You trigger something again. You're watching TV, checking your cellphone and talking with your friends, and then you go to bed exhausted with your suffering. Hand the secret by to your very best friends. You know, that's awful. And many people are going the page No. You know, you need to tack on constant activity and constant steel. You have to find moments off silence. You have to find moments off relaxation. And if you can decrease in the amount of things, they're not a festival. You're doing all these long then better. Because if the mind is constantly at 100,000 MPH, it's not going toe to toe down. Not even if you're trying. So you need to also have my finished in a day to slow it down. Okay, so with this, try both and you'll see how much easier meditation gets. Okay, so see an express.