Expand your Creative Business: A Toolkit for Creative Business Success | Kristina Turner | Skillshare

Expand your Creative Business: A Toolkit for Creative Business Success

Kristina Turner, Crochet Designer • Tiny Curl

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8 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Expanding your Creative Business

    • 2. Brand Strategy: Mission & Vision Statements

    • 3. Brand Strategy: "Why" & Customer Bases

    • 4. Defining Your Financial Goals

    • 5. Revenue Streams: Active vs. Passive

    • 6. Revenue Streams: Categories

    • 7. Researching Your Business Idols

    • 8. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Do you feel like your creative business has plateaued or don’t know where to start with a new business? If so, this is the class for you!

With so many paths to a successful creative business, sometimes you just need a spark of inspiration to discover the right path for you.

In this class, I’ll guide you through revising or developing your brand strategy, help you hone in on your financial goals, detail a number of revenue streams you could employ in your business, and show you how to research and learn from your creative business idols.

I created this class because it is what I was looking for a year ago – a comprehensive guide for creating a business I enjoyed working on and monetizing my work to generate an income. By using this method for my own creative small business, Tiny Curl, I’ve discovered what success means to me, spent more time doing work I actually enjoy, and doubled my yearly profits.

After completing this class, you'll have a solid brand strategy and income generators that make sense for you and your creative business.


Special thanks to Sabina Gibson of Mount Royal Mint for letting me use her business as an example in the business idols lesson.

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