Expand Your Riff Writing In 4 Simple Lessons! (Rock & Metal Guitar Lessons) | Carl Stacey | Skillshare

Expand Your Riff Writing In 4 Simple Lessons! (Rock & Metal Guitar Lessons)

Carl Stacey, Carl Stacey - Guitar Tutor

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4 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Episode 1

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    • 4. Episode 4


About This Class

This masterclass will walk you through expanding your riff writing and riff ideas using various simple techniques such as: Slides, Sequences & String skipping, Hybrid picking and the use of Extended chords. 

It is aimed at intermediate Rock & Metal players who are struggling to write new and different ideas!

Each lesson will walk through through various exercises for you to learn and practice at different speeds in order to perfect each technique and write your own interesting Rock & Metal riffs!





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Carl Stacey

Carl Stacey - Guitar Tutor

My name is Carl Stacey and I'm a musician from Gateshead, North East UK. I have been playing guitar for just under 11 years and playing gigs for 8 of those.

I started playing guitar when I was 11, I'm now 22.

I have studied a BA HONS in music, a Foundation Degree in music performance and previously studied GCSE and BTEC music.

I have experience teaching privately as well as in schools (I taught guutar at Joseph Swan Academy 2014-2016) I currently perform and tour music ...

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