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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Floral names

    • 4. How to choose flowers

    • 5. Floral care

    • 6. Floral foam set up

    • 7. Floral arrangement part

    • 8. Homework

    • 9. Final thoughts

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About This Class

In this class, I want to teach you how to make an exotic floral arrangement and give you my floral tips and tricks as much as possible. I want to inspire you very much to do what you love and learn something new in the process. I hope to inspire you to make your own unique creations.

Meet Your Teacher

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Irina Abramova



Hi, there my name is Irina Abramova, I am a wife, mom, educator,multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, multi-passionate creative coach, creative lifestyle blogger, professional organizer, floral, candy buffet, tablescape, and events designer. I run a unique gifts Etsy shop using my own designs. I am a Skillshare teacher online. Creative homemaking and lifestyle are what I really love and here I want to share my creative ideas with you in order to inspire you. I love everything and anything creative and unique. My interests are in DIY, crafts, designing, photography, graphic design, art, decorating, styling, planning events, cooking, baking and food styling.

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1. Introduction : I welcome. My name is Irena from Creative Life. 24 7 dot com. This is a black where I share many creative ideas for you to look at and get inspired and created only unique projects. This is basically creative lifestyle, blogged wife. Share everything crafty and fund for you to do for whether it's personal for your career, for anything else that you're interested in. And I most creative, multi passion entrepreneur, a designer. I'm a professional organizer. I do many different things, and I have a passion for many things out there, especially crafts. So here today I want to show you how to make this beautiful arrangement that includes exotic flowers, greens and some. I believe that included on these flowers, if you're interested to learn, had a me his beautiful arrangement. Please click the enroll button and I will see you in my next video. Thank you so much for stopping by. See some by 2. Supplies: Hi. Welcome back. Thank you for enrolling. So let's go over the supplies that will be needing for this arrangement. So we have a continue off water here for floral phone around glass bus. Obviously you can use a plastic. Doesn't have to be last. Mine is a blessed. If you're gonna find a similar that's blasted, that is totally fine. Then we have Oasis for floral abusive. That will be using together with our bling and their stones here. Now we have Ciller's way. Have floral scissors. Okay, we have another forces it that's like for harder stamps that are binary thinker but state where I have to tweezers here, which will be used for our germs as well. Two different styles a knife to cut a war floral phone and our tired He's pattern holy sites in ribbon to decorate our bylaws which I will show you the next video. So these these air the supplies in terms of the tools on I'll see in the next city. Thank you so much 3. Floral names: Okay, so welcome back. So let me go over the flowers will be using for arrangements. And I want to show you while using the stocking them out of my hand which is included in your project section. So you can print it out and each show you the flower, the flowers near that. Each of the flowers. I have the name and the website, but 50 flowers that calm. And the other one I'll tell you laying around when we go to it. You give me some information, you look background information. If you're interested to look into more on this particular flower that we're using, the first time that we're looking at is the They end this boy this green trip. Okay, That's the farm I have here. So you look at it. You haven't easier time. Identify. You can take this to the store so that you can get everything that you need to do this arrangement. Okay, so that's number one is the 2nd 1 I have on my list is though Jarquin a circle osa. Okay, which is right here. You sure you okay here? He began his website on the bottom. What? You could look and get more information about the plans and the means of the fullest. Everything that we're using today. Okay, now we have green with right. 40 line. These killer okay again You want here. Okay, so it's very easy. The pictures are very nice and clear. You can take it along and do whatever you need to do. Other father would mean for the syringe in accordion leaves, which is right here. Hey, I really have a stapled might not have. It depends on your store. Okay, that aspe dish really plenary sprint. Here we have it. Yeah. Okay, so this masa Gina leaves miliary right here. Uh, you know, full course. We have the CPI green filler right here, minus little cart. This is the way my store was selling yet. So my little bit different than the picture. But you can see one of them is still sticking up. That's just the way a border. Now we have the problem with Phoenix screen filler right here. Now we have a good night where he will flower here. Then we have the Mardi Gras Sienna pain to Salah Joe right here, which we didn't after the Syria went off stamps. Okay. Using that region This well, next we have here is the V high Ginger, which is right here. This gorgeous piece. Yeah. Okay, now we have the more pineapple Who wants here. Okay, so those are a lot what will be using, in our reason today Now, just reminded that not every flower you see here you will find in your store because it depends where you live, what's available, what they carry. So do you research where you can find it? Asked, Maybe you can order it, But just be aware that not everything is always available in space and where you live. Okay, so in the next video, we're gonna start hopefully arranging, never arrangement putting it all together. And I'll see you soon. Thank you. 4. How to choose flowers: Okay, So I know. I mention that we're going to start arranging before we just start a region. I want to tell you how I choose my flowers for my arrangements. Um, in general were just whatever if I'm inspired to do something. So this time when I went to the store, I looked at this piece right away. Quote my eye. Okay. Behind ginger. Okay, so I sold it. And I'm like, Wow, this is gorgeous. I love it. What can they do with it? What other flowers? Coming by with it in order to make a beautiful arrangement. So this how was inspired for this arrangement? Other times it depends who you making it for? What's the occasion? The event. Who you're working with, The theme, The colors. It's a lot. It's not only one thing that's a well, they're making the arrangement. Or if you just saw a picture online, you just gotta spot. You want to make something that's also another way. But in general, it's old depends on the situation. And that's how you would choose the colors and the whole look of your flowers based on that . So we'll see in the next video. We're going to start working on the arrangement. See you 5. Floral care: se welcome back. So in this city, I don't want to talk to you about how to work with your flowers, Wants to bring them from the store or whether you placed in order. Yeah, right. By whichever way you did, it doesn't matter. But the first thing you want to do is open flowers, Do you? You wanna trim it at a 45 degree angle? Okay. Thus, and show you. Okay, then you cannot take off in this case of an afternoon. Believes that that we don't know when you don't Not, but to show you gonna take off some of the access leaves. You don't want them to hit the water. Because if it does hit the water, gets the water jury because bacteria and wounds your flowers so, you know, take off access leaves so they wouldn't go straight up to the top to hydrate the flowers. So all of them, you're cutting at a 45 degree angle, taking off the excess leaves I'm putting get into your Basel water, okay to hydrate, and it's gonna be ready because while it's traveling while you bring here from home, home and all that kind of hydrates of flowers, so I want to give it back old water. Thank you. After people, actually on the water straight up to the top. Okay, This one here. Okay, so that's that. That's how you care for your flowers. Wants to bring about the next video. Like I mentioned before, I'm going to go over the flowers I'll be using in this arrangement. So see it. So I'm thinking. 6. Floral foam set up: welcome back. So let me show you how to prepare a floral form for our goal here. So we have a phone here. Well, when that does, within a measure before put into the water. So I put it like this one. Make sure that the space for it to go in now we're gonna do you really go here? Okay. Measured it very simple. Just cutting it around. Thank no measure to see. So I'm gonna cut the corners a little bit. That's what we're gonna do. You gonna put the river and we don't want to bother us. We'll put the ribbon. And if you want to make more strata, you're welcome to cut out Itamar yet even from both sides. Okay, we're gonna measure again just to be sure. Kind. Perfect. Now we have the gaps left around here, so we're gonna take our other piece, left the worst. We're gonna cut it again. Approximate to fit The former's fine. Perfects perfect, Donald slightly. It's in a because we don't want justice older into the booth. I'm sure that it's not in the way. Okay. Perfect. Okay, so it's a little bit loose. And yet enough to car. Everything going now? Once we have that, we're dropping. Have a phone into the water. We're not gonna push it. We're just going to give it a little bit like pressure. Look very slight pressure. And then go seat down itself to do the same thing with the other ones. Okay, well, pushing it in, we just letting it do its thing. No, no, Horrible. Here. So and where, Now, measure it out. What I wear. Oh, so you're gonna do it Here is make sure touching the ball, huh? Approximately how much you need? So that's about how much you believe around to measure it. And over in a piece now. So now put around here. Okay. This here. Now, what was gonna put it? And you're gonna see that the ribbon is higher, then our vote. So again, approximate look and see how high it ISS give it look a little full. So we know where to credit from. Okay. Yeah. So proximal this right? I'm sorry. Our than the Cut it. No, our phones already down the bottom of the container around. Okay, now that's that. So that part that you got to keep on top because you want the bottom to be even so perfect now was take out the phone. It's also pinto water on a gently shake it so the water comes out, I'm gonna drop it in the middle. Okay? Other forms also ready. Not seeing them. I put it to the size of the way we measured it before. What's the next one? The next one dropping here. So now we have our rib. In all the rounds we have our foreman site, so stay too. We're gonna go into the next video. I'm going to show you the flowers will be will be using and as well as how to care for the flowers when you bring it from the store in order to start arranging them. So see you soon. Thank you. 7. Floral arrangement part: welcome back. So we'll find those Iranian our beautiful arrangement now. Okay. So that our scissors who got a staple and this isn't here You something more. Okay, I forgot to mention when we're doing our supplies that you can get the latest. Susie, this is very convenient to do. You arrange to go around and look because while you're doing this, you want to constantly move back, look and see what you're doing. How? Well, look, that's the best way to look at your arrangement and see how it looks okay to Constant. You will see you doing this constantly. Okay, so let's start so that everything here, which were for all ready to start now because I was inspired by this piece. I'm gonna take this and start with this now. Someone up. Put it right here then. One thing. How high on my arrangement? Where do I want the central to send centerpiece? Okay, someone, uh, we'll cut right here. Does that feel like this is the height I will be happy with? Okay. So much. Stick it right in the middle. My central peace. Now you if you feel like it's high after you put it in and you do things. You're welcome to cut it again, Leader. Now let's take our I mean trip. So I'm gonna cut off the leaves. We don't want that leaves. You don't need them. Okay? Right for us again, you can take no one right away so that you can start. Do you have a guy? Thanks. Okay, so now, looking at this, I feel like it's too high. I feel that I want to put this lower someone again while you're working. Always going to be doing this. Okay. It's another trick. Almost didn't mention the quantities of each there were using this arrangement. I'll put that also project section together with the images of the flowers. One of them will be the list went over in the previous videos, and then they will be a list of just how many flowers in each cup. It's easy to. Okay, if you're looking going to the store, see how I'm here to teach. Okay. So we could also use this is our guideline. Just like approximately to know where to cut. Be adjusting yet. Let's get off old access leaves. So no more are going to be using again if you If you want your beginning and you want a little I want that. Okay. So I'm gonna turn now and see how it looks. Okay. I think I'm gonna take myself. No. You never close to here. Okay, so So I think with them, Keep it here for now. We'll see. Well, what if you want to change anything now? So that's right here. Let's say here were to kill weeds from the previous video then right here, it's with another one. It's already like I say, use uses a by line. Okay, then. No. So I think I'm gonna the front gonna get a little lower, and this one will get lower. So let me show you how easy it is to take you Now quote about again, just gently. War. Thanks. We re here, so I feel like I wanna cut these out. Also a little bit more down. Okay. See how you easier this? So we're working on getting a different idea. Everyone, something different. You feel like it's not what you were expecting. Okay, this will make you a short now. Okay? Okay. So that's that stuff. I think because we caught this, I think just slightly. Cut this more just a little bit because I feel that way. Okay. So as you can see, while you're doing the arrangement, you might change your mind. You might look at it. You feel like OK, I think I want to Something different here, but let me change. Let me cut this. So you're gonna get there. Don't worry about it. It's OK. It's very easy to go back and do that. Now, let's take over door pineapples, sing with one first. Figuring. Okay. A big one. Yeah. You must stick it right here. Okay. Okay. Turn it around, Look at it and see how you like it. Look of it. Okay. If you don't like when you placed your welcome again to take it out with this, right? Easy. Put it in. Casey. How easy that this Very easy. Okay, well, let's take another. This leaves must get this right in the middle. Okay. Okay. So this one, I think it's carving this a little bit more from the cut. Just but 16 seats. Very easy. Particularly again. Okay. You know, wanting other pineapple here. Still here. Okay, You constantly arranging, Moving, moving. Get if you feel like you want to bring you forward. You something else? You'll come over around. Okay? No. Yeah. Next. I'm gonna take He's here. Most. Right here. Thanks. Right here. Okay. No, let's get to our mom. But sins. Okay, so this one was in a new bunch of them. He's fancy getting rid of news. Was the parting this? Thank you. Those pieces, like for him to keep him here in case we have to fill some gaps. Thanks. Yeah. So let's see, I think just a little more. Okay? I look up the soft little piece here. It doesn't have a flower on that. I think this one just a little bit higher than the other. One more, please. Fully the use if we need them. Very easy to adjust the pieces to get out. Put it back in. It's this next Thanks. Use before. So when a cut on war, I will be taking more of the flowers sons before. Okay, it's two more. Okay. Table for little flowers, because one. Okay. Easy stuff. Morphing. Okay. This time. Yeah. Peaceful. Just fine about the pieces here. Okay, so now I'm gonna turn it around to see how it's going, how it's looking. I would change anything, so I think I'm gonna pushed to the back a little bit. Okay? So far, so good. What was on the stuff back and see how it lifts. Okay. I feel like I'm gonna take this pineapple just a little bit off, put on a slight angle, because I feel like it's too tight here. A little bit. Okay, then I moved this little bit here. Yeah, some space right here. Okay. Lets people this year. Now, I want to remove some of the leave because we don't need it that long. Who want to stay with the size but this soul. You got to come from the store in that? Yeah. Fishing. Um, Okay. Two more of these cooking wolf for them to say sometime. Thank you. So one of them here, I think this is for too long. Okay, this one a lot. Take again. So as you get used to doing this a lot and constantly, you're gonna realize that there is a way to memorize how short along you want your farmers to be, because it's ready doing it. And you kind of like doing so much that you already know approximately besides, right? So sometimes, of course, you will have to take it out and some more. But then you just use the whole process from doing that. Okay, so, you know, trying to see how it looks. If I feel like a woman at something, move something. Let me take my pineapple. Just stick it right here. What? Just peace. Let's take this one from leaves. I think the study it's easy to put people extra loses. Okay. No kidding. He said if something Okay, think I'm just cut us a little bit more Just a bit shorter, I think. Simple. Just a little more. I feel the balance would be much better if I do That says you consider constantly looking signing. You want todo constant decision making while you're raging, you might change your mind. Also again. The process. Okay. Okay. No, this piece. So I will do with this piece. Here is Then I take it we're gonna fold it. Okay. Give a little trip in the use of steak. Where in the state? Drop it. Great. I was just using degrees to fill up our gaps. Okay, so that's that Let's see another one again. I just that first put this off a bit twice. Just right now, we're gonna see this one here again. So this leaf is longer, so double. I know more in staple it. Okay, let's see the accordion. It was already staple, which is fine. I would have done anyways. Now. Okay, so no. Enough. I think I want to do with this one something. That credit is just a bit. I want to hold the way. This that stick into the back. Okay. Garrett of the a couple of bottom leaves. Tips stop right here. One right here. Yeah, that's another one. What? I want too long. And he said it. See if I want to change anything. Being a winner. I mean, you could before just stick it right back in. Okay? No. So take Oh, please. Okay, so this is the same thing here. This over me, This show What? I'm reading this from here. Staple it, then. Take with one of the branches that are lying around here. Use it as my It's them simply by stapling gift. It's it works. It works further. Cut off the step this way. Toe you don't stick it right to say so. Do I hear? Okay. No minutes going to show you another trick. So first, let me cut this a little bit too long. Please take a scissor, make a little hole. We're gonna run it through. So this will get this nice. Beautiful. Well, right. So no team stable once again. Staple it. Okay, No more. Is it still here? Okay, this site. So long. Who finished? See what I think about it before. Who wants the next part? Okay, so that's how you do it possible. See what you can fix. What? You can push down. What do you want to pull out? Okay, let's take this one. Yeah, well, that girl pieces here. Okay, Let's stick it right here. Let go. Now, you have these little ones here that obstructs on the show. Take one of this. Another one, right? There's something very cool. Good bottom. Take off the Leafs. Mystic in the middle of the green Here once to this here. Okay, so now let me turn it around. Take a look. See how it looks to me. See how I feel about it. If I feel like I wanna cut off something at something. So now what kind of moving things around? In short, it's what I It's what I like so far. Okay. So far so good. Okay, so you're looking out far seeing what you think about it. Okay? So far, so good. I'm happy the way it looks now for the last quarter arrangement. Don't take the little things that we have here. Now we're gonna take the listen. Listen. He said ok. Really use our freezers. Finally pushing. Take another one. Yeah. Students middle. No usar Tuesday to kind of push it down a little bit. That's another one. Stay with user chooser. Push it down you Can you just tell us if you want adjusted a little bit more to center? Yeah, Who can get messy? I suggested closer right away. No, we'll finally find that you'll find Look to with see if it's what I like Everything. If everything is the way I wanted it to look for a thing out. Okay, so it looks like I'm happy with the results. Anything I want to change anything at this point. And if you actually you welcome to add if you can actually I feel like this is not for my arrangement right now. Thank you for going through with me through the oldie steps in the mix. Today I'll explain to you the homework and what's being put in the project section. See? So thank you so much for watching. 8. Homework : Well come. So for homework, I want you, Teoh. Go out and find these flowers. If they're off course available in your state, in your area, your location and try to make this kind of radium using exotic flowers and just greens and wrangle other flowers. If you can find that that is okay, please substituted to the closest possible flower or make something of your own that you want to show me. Get creative. That is to for you to get practice and follow up with what we're learning in class today. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me in the project center and, um, don't stress too much about it. I just want to see that you understand the part of everything. That was the point that we talked about throughout the video different parts and had arrange it. And if you're able to get one, the the the lings and if you're able to put it all together, if you want, make a little smaller than mine because you know you don't have some resource available. That is also fine. I just want to see, Then you get you get the basic idea and the most important for you to get inspired. And despite everyone else, thank you so much. 9. Final thoughts: So final thoughts and what I'm gonna in cool in the project center. So on the say thank you for watching this class and please welcome into to friends and family if you enjoyed it. Um, I hope he learned a lot. Apple was able to give you whatever I know. And what I was person into this class today. And I'm going to put the project center like I said before the list of flowers that I showed you okay with the website and the name of the flower so that you can look into those flowers much more. Get additional information. I mostly include the supplies list of what we're using in this quest today. Okay, Um, and I will include a list off the same using the same pictures as I have here, just in smaller and right next to it. How many of each? We used arrangement today so that, you know, having to buy. So you're not wasting your money and time. Just buying resource is and supplies. If you want to make the exact look to pulls in the homework section, all the right that as well. If there's anything else, I feel that that would be good for you. I will definitely post there so that you can look into it. So thank you so much. I can't wait to see your homeworks and please go to the project section and see what I have put up for you. Thank you. See soon provide.