Executive Briefing: Big Data and the Hadoop Ecosystem

Frank Kane, Founder of Sundog Education, ex-Amazon

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11 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction and Learning Objectives

    • 2. Please Follow Me on Skillshare

    • 3. Definitions and Applications of Big Data

    • 4. Vertical vs. Horizontal Scaling

    • 5. Big Data: The Lay of the Land

    • 6. The Hadoop Ecosystem

    • 7. Quiz

    • 8. Big Data, Big Decisions

    • 9. The Costs of Big Data

    • 10. Conclusion

    • 11. Let's Stay in Touch


About This Class

If you're a business leader who keeps hearing about "big data," but is confused about what exactly it means and how it works - this short course will de-mystify it for you. Anyone curious about learning more about how technologies such as Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR work and what they're used for will learn enough to be dangerous here.

This is not a hands-on, technical programming course, but rather an executive briefing on what these technologies offer, how they impact your business, and how to make the right decisions surrounding their use.

We pack a lot of information into this 45-minute course, including:

  • How to define "big data" with the "four V's"

  • Real-world examples of big data in business

  • Horizontal vs. vertical scaling

  • The main components of Hadoop

  • Understanding the main data platform vendors (Cloudera and Hortonworks,) their product offerings, and the impact of their merger.

  • The many components of the larger Hadoop ecosystem, the buzzwords surrounding it, and how they fit together

  • How to decide between hosting your own "big data" cluster and leasing capacity from cloud service providers such as AWS

  • Understanding the real costs of deploying a big data platform in your organization, including the need to re-organize.

  • Deciding whether you really need "big data" systems in the first place - it's not for everyone!

Your instructor is Frank Kane, a former senior manager from Amazon and IMDb who led the development of numerous "big data" systems from both the technical and managerial side. Frank will share his experience on how these systems work from a technical side, and how they impact your organization from the business side as well.

There is no need to know how to program in order to understand the content in this course. It's designed for someone who is technically literate, but not necessarily a technician.