Excel like a Pro: How to filter excel data SUPERFAST using only the keyboard? | Dev M | Skillshare

Excel like a Pro: How to filter excel data SUPERFAST using only the keyboard?

Dev M

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5 Videos (21m)
    • 1. Filtering with keyboard preview

    • 2. Three shortcuts to apply or remove filter

    • 3. Filtering on a particular item(s)

    • 4. Types of filters

    • 5. Filtering on different data types


About This Class

Enroll for this class, if you like learning techniques to:

  • Get more done on excel in short amount of time
  • Master keyboard shortcuts without having to touch the mouse.
  • Make your everyday spreadsheet experience a breeze

In this class, learn how to filter data super fast using only the keyboard without touching the mouse.

You can follow along by downloading the file which I have used in the class to and complete the exercises in the class project. 





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Excel is a bread and butter software, which I tend to use extensively as a part of my job.

It especially plays a big role in Data Analytics where you need to make sense of huge volume of data within minutes.

Being in such a profession, figuring out faster ways of working on Excel was not only imperative for survival but also a fun process to break the normal work routine.

Given the depth of Excel features and applications, my goal here is to build focussed class on specif...

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