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Al Chen, Excel Trainer & Coda Evangelist

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9 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Setting Up the Scenario

    • 3. Cleaning Up the Raw Data

    • 4. Filtering, Sorting, and Pivot Tables

    • 5. Creating Charts

    • 6. Detecting Trends

    • 7. Revisiting the Original Hypothesis

    • 8. Formatting

    • 9. Presenting Findings

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Project Description

Present your insights and recommend a business decision to the CEO of Acme Inc.


Take the raw Google AdWords campaign data data from the class attachment and analyze the data using the techniques learned in this class. Your final recommendation to the CEO of Acme Inc. should be concise and actionable.


Upload a screenshot or your Excel file with your analysis and one PowerPoint slide with your insights. Your project may include:

  • Multiple Excel file and/or worksheets with various analysis
  • PowerPoint slide should have a headline, sub-headline, and 1-2 charts and graphs that support your business decision
  • Bullet points that call out certain trends or interesting data points 

Skillshare doesn't let you upload Excel files to the Project Gallery, so upload a screenshot of your Excel/PowerPoint files and send me your files at [email protected] Pretend I am the CEO of Acme Inc! I will review your project and the insights you gathered. The projects with the most interesting findings and actionable business decisions will receive a free KeyCuts Excel keyboard cover!


  • Download the Excel for the Real World III Workbook in the attachments to follow along with the class videos (see full syllabus in the file)
  • Extreme Presentation is a great resource for creating really effective presentations
  • Other great sites for data visualization techniques include Flowing Data and Information is Beautiful


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