Excel VLOOKUP Masterclass | Jiri Benedikt | Skillshare

Excel VLOOKUP Masterclass

Jiri Benedikt, Future skills trainer

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15 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Before you start: Regional and language differences in Excel

    • 3. VLOOKUP intro for beginners

    • 4. VLOOKUP from a table on another sheet

    • 5. Common VLOOKUP errors and mistake and how to avoid them

    • 6. VLOOKUP Tips and tricks

    • 7. "Numbers stored as text" issue in Excel explained

    • 8. How to fix "Number stored as text" problems in VLOOKUP

    • 9. Error handling with IFERROR

    • 10. Approximate match with VLOOKUP

    • 11. VLOOKUP from multiple source tables

    • 12. Nested functions with VLOOKUP

    • 13. Case study: Comparing two price lists using VLOOKUP

    • 14. NEW: The XLOOKUP function the future of Excel is here!

    • 15. Thank you and Wrap-Up


About This Class

What will you get with this class?

Learning the VLOOKUP function will boost your resume and make your life so much easier! VLOOKUP is the most powerful function in Microsoft Excel. It will help you do stuff in minutes instead of hours. It is especially good for people in Finance, Accounting, HR, Sales, Manufacturing or Admin. 

Learning Objective

This class will teach you the basics, tips and tricks and advanced uses of the VLOOKUP questions in several short and easy-to-understand videos.

Who is it for? What you need to know and have?

  • This class is intended for everyone: From VLOOKUP newcomers to daily users 
  • You need to understand how Excel functions work and be able to use at least few simple functions like SUM or AVERAGE.
  • You can use any version of Excel since 2007 on either Windows or Mac. (I am using Microsoft Excel 365 (2019) in this class.)

Workbook: Practice with me!

  • You can (and should) practice all the example with me
  • In order to do so, please download the class workbook in the Class Project section