Excel - Introduction to Pivot Tables | Simon Lambourne | Skillshare

Excel - Introduction to Pivot Tables

Simon Lambourne, Microsoft Certified Trainer

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6 Videos (56m)
    • Introduction to Pivot Tables Outline

    • Introduction to Pivot Tables

    • Pivot Tables Analysing Data

    • Pivot Tables Grouping

    • Pivot Tables Slicers

    • Pivot Tables Pivot Charts


About This Class

Mention Pivot Tables and sometimes a gasp of worry arrives.

What are they and what do you use them for?

This course will demystify Pivot Tables and get you using them like an expert. From an introduction to how and why use them, to how to get the most from your data. 

The course is ideal for anyone who works with a large amount of data and needs to crunch it into something easier to read and report on. You'll also pick up useful trick for summarising your data and great tricks if you need to present or print your report.





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Simon Lambourne

Microsoft Certified Trainer

I have been an IT trainer for over 9 years and have acquired many skills in teaching different software packages to students of all abilities. I aim to build confidence in all attendees of the courses that I teach, for both large and small groups. Through my professional conduct and enthusiasm when working with learners of mixed levels, I am able to create good rapport with students, which forms a high-quality learning environment. I believe it is important to enjoy attending each t...

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