Excel Hacking II - Formula Blueprint (Beginner & Advanced) | Dragos Stefanescu | Skillshare

Excel Hacking II - Formula Blueprint (Beginner & Advanced)

Dragos Stefanescu, TeacHack Founder - Teaching 1000s Online

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23 Lessons (1h 30m)
    • 1. Excel Hacking Series Trailer

    • 2. Formula Syntax Explained

    • 3. A Complete Guide To Absolute & Relative Referencing

    • 4. 3 Essential Formulas To Master

    • 5. Quick Hack #8: Verify Formulas Fast

    • 6. 2 Ways To Identify Maximum & Minimum Values

    • 7. How To Use The IF Function The Right Way

    • 8. 3 Operators To Expand Your Condition-Based Formulas

    • 9. No-Nonsense Guide To Solving Nested IFs

    • 10. Excel Hack #3: Organised Formula Writing For Enhanced Visibility & Productivity

    • 11. Section Introduction

    • 12. Time Saver: How To Define Names In Excel

    • 13. Beginners Guide: Using VLookup

    • 14. Quick Hack #11: Vlookups For 100% Accuracy

    • 15. How To Identify Row & Column Indicators With Unique Values

    • 16. Quick Hack #12: The VLookup & Match Combo

    • 17. When To Use Nested VLookups

    • 18. Excel Hack #4: Extract Values From A Database With Row & Column Indicators

    • 19. The Tidiest Way To Deal With Errors

    • 20. Excel Hack #5: Looking Up Values With 2+ Unique Criteria

    • 21. The Fastest Way To Sum Up Different Sheets

    • 22. The Easy Way To Transpose Tables With Formulas

    • 23. Quick Hack #13: Excel Goal-Seeker


About This Class


Are You Ready To Take Your Excel To The Next Level?

I was an Excel Rookie too at some point. I put in a lot of hours to hone my skill and I managed to be recognised as an Excel expert in the companies that I worked for. Since then, I've gone on to teach thousands of students how to master Excel in the fastest possible time.

How Did I Do This?

By taking a different approach. I don't want this to be the regular Excel course, where I take you through every single different formula and functionality. I want you to:

  • Focus on the benefit of each feature, rather than the means of getting there
  • Understand the key elements that Excel experts use 80% of the time (my so-called Excel Hacks)
  • Do this in a practical & applicable manner by following along the spreadsheets and completing them yourself

The End Result

I've differentiated the lectures between normal ones, Quick Hacks and Excel Hacks. These last 2 are designed to give you a great understanding of the must-know Excel features.

Here's what you will be able to do by the end of this class:

  • Master 99% of the Excel Formulas that you will be using day-by-day
  • Start from the basics with Sum, Average, Maximum, Count or IF Formulas
  • Learn condition-based formulas (and the logical operators), as well as tricks to dealing with Nested formulas
  • Become an expert in Vlookups, HLookups & Nested Lookups
  • Master the most advanced formulas & combos which will make your spreadsheets superfast & accurate - Match, Index, Indirect, Address - Extract values based on Row & Column indicators OR Looking up values with 2+ unique criteria

Enroll now and let's start building your Excel journey together!





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Dragos Stefanescu

TeacHack Founder - Teaching 1000s Online

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I'm an Internet Entrepreneur with a background in both the Management Consulting & Telecommunications industries. The skills that I have acquired during those stints and in previous years in general have unleashed my passion to teach.

I have a wide array of skills that I share with you via my courses

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One of my true passions, I have invested a lot of time building a presence online. Highlights include:

Creating a connection base of 100+...

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