Excel - Creating a VLookup and HLookup Formula | Simon Lambourne | Skillshare

Excel - Creating a VLookup and HLookup Formula

Simon Lambourne, Microsoft Certified Trainer

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6 Videos (35m)
    • VLookup and HLookup Course Outline

    • Introduction to VLookup and HLookup

    • Range Names

    • VLookup Syntax

    • Using VLookup

    • Using HLookup


About This Class

VLookups and HLookups are very useful formulas used to retrieve information from another set of data. This course will take you through and explain what how a VLookup can work for you and how to set one up. This is a great formula to have at your disposal as many industries rely on using VLookups and HLookups to perform analysis and reporting on data in Excel.

You'll also get to work on the exercise used in the session so you can put into practice what you have learnt!





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Simon Lambourne

Microsoft Certified Trainer

I have been an IT trainer for over 9 years and have acquired many skills in teaching different software packages to students of all abilities. I aim to build confidence in all attendees of the courses that I teach, for both large and small groups. Through my professional conduct and enthusiasm when working with learners of mixed levels, I am able to create good rapport with students, which forms a high-quality learning environment. I believe it is important to enjoy attending each t...

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