Excel - Bringing Data to life with Conditional Formatting! | Simon Lambourne | Skillshare

Excel - Bringing Data to life with Conditional Formatting!

Simon Lambourne, Microsoft Certified Trainer

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4 Videos (27m)
    • Intro Video

    • Applying Conditional Formatting

    • Top Bottom Rules

    • Text, Duplicate and Formula Rules


About This Class

Excel is not just about figures and formulas. There are other tools available to make analysing data visually easier. Conditional Formatting allows you to colour in cells based upon their value.

For Example, you can set high numbers to turn red and low numbers green.

This course will give you an introduction into setting up and creating your own Conditional Formatting rules to suit your needs. You could use Conditional Formatting when reporting on anything from sales figures, feedback scores to exam marks.

This course will show you which rules work best with which type of information you are working with. And you can follow along with the course using the exercises found in the Class Project.






Simon Lambourne

Microsoft Certified Trainer

I have been an IT trainer for over 9 years and have acquired many skills in teaching different software packages to students of all abilities. I aim to build confidence in all attendees of the courses that I teach, for both large and small groups. Through my professional conduct and enthusiasm when working with learners of mixed levels, I am able to create good rapport with students, which forms a high-quality learning environment. I believe it is important to enjoy attending each t...

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