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Excel Basic Skills And Power Tips - The Quick Access Toolbar -QAT- Find The Secret Features Of Excel

teacher avatar Billy Wigley, Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introducing the QAT

    • 2. The Quick Access Toolbar Explained

    • 3. Your QAT Project

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About This Class

Have you ever heard of hidden features in Excel? 

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is jam-packed with hidden secret features, and is easily customizable to suit your needs. Step into this lecture, and begin your discovery!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Billy Wigley

Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert


As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Billy Wigley is a Microsoft Office Expert in Excel. He actively travels throughout the USA, and other countries leading public seminars teaching Excel skills. In just five years, he has personally trained more than 45,000 professionals in over 100 cities. Wigley also consults with emergent business owners on their plans and projects to ensure success. With over 25 years of leadership experience, and from having resided in various cities worldwide, Wigley is well-known around the world. With his strong USA and Colombian heritage, Wigley takes pride in his multi-cultural background, and being able to reach English, and Spanish speakers around the globe.

Billy Wigley always says: "Don't Get Mad...Get Skills!"

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1. Introducing the QAT: Have you ever heard of hidden features in Excel? I tired of quick and all over the place. Just a get toe. 12 Why not place all of your favorite tools where you can quickly and easily find them? Your solution? Well, it's called a quick access toolbar, also known as E Q. A teeth. It is jam packed with secret hidden features, and it's easily customizable to suit your needs. So come on, step into this class and begin your discovery. And let's keep all learning. Remember, don't get math gets Gilles, Ohio. 2. The Quick Access Toolbar Explained: Are you ready for the quick access to a bar? Are you ready to start customizing cell? Are you ready to get into some of the secret hidden features of Excel Hidden features? That's right. There's tons of hidden features in Excel and their hidden away in the quick access toolbar . Now take a look at the upper left hand corner right above the file tap This group of buttons right there that's called your quick access toolbar. How do I know it's color? Quick access to bar? Well, because I'm a Microsoft certified trainer, and I'm supposed to know that that's true. But also, excel told me, remember, What's the Hawaiian word for eyes? Marca. So just open the markka. So I'm gonna take my pointer and I'm going to just hover right over the drop down next to the quick access to a bar. And it tells me that by clicking on that drop down, I can customize the quick access to bar. Now, any time you see arrows, anytime you see an error like that dialogue box launcher, arrow, this arrow, this arrow, that arrow, that arrow whenever you see arrows, would he do you click on them. That's right. Don't be scared. Just click. You'll be all right. You can always undo. Remember the UN, dear, they don't do. But I think we learned that. But the very first day we started working with software which we had an undo button in real life. Right? No more saying I'm sorry. Just undo and then redo the fun stuff. Anyways, we're talking about the quick access toolbar. We understand that it Whenever we see arrows, we click on them. So I want to show the quick access to a bar right below the ribbon. I want to customize it. It's pretty far up there. So when I click on the drop down, I can see that I've got all of these options for customizing my quick access toolbar. And here I see that it tells me show below the ribbon. So I click show below ribbon and there I have it. My quick access to bars now, right below the ribbon. That's where I personally like it. If you prefer to have it above the ribbon, well, you know what to do now. How can we begin to add some of these tools to the quick access to a bar like, for example, notice that I have my print preview full screen, and I have the print Previ in print. When I click on Brink Preview and Print, this is the print view that I see well, I prefer different view. I prefer what I call the old school pre preview from 2007 So that's called the full screen print preview. So I click on the print preview full screen and there I have that preview. I want to get out of there really quickly. How can I get out of there really quickly escape? That's right. So I escaped right out of there. Okay, so let's take a look at this. Drop down for customizing the quick access to bar. And let's take a look at the options that we have available to us. So here we see that I've got my print Previ imprint button, which is that one. But this one right here is the print preview full screen. Where is the print preview? Full screen in all of these options, I don't see it. So what we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have to go to Mork commands and see what other commands are available. Now that's where a lot of our hidden features are. So when we click on Mawr commands, there we are in our Excel options Quick Access toolbar. And here we see popular commands. Where you want to do is click on that drop down. When you click on that drop down, it's gonna take you to see all of the available commands. So we're gonna click on all commands and now we see all of the commands that are available to us in Excel this 1 2013 So we're taking a look and we're seeing that we've got all these options. Look at all that. I want to go to my prince. So I goto quick on P and it takes me all the way down to my prints. Look at all these pace that we have right here. Did you think there's only one way to paste? There's a lot of ways of pasting, and we're going to get into that in this course. When I keep looking through the peace, there's my print, and here have my print preview imprint and there's my print preview full screen. Let's say I wanted to add the print preview full screen. How would I add the print people full screen to my quick access toolbar? Well, I can just click, add, and it's gonna add it right to my quick access to a bar. Now I want to show you something else. I'm gonna press the letter C and the letter C takes me down to the C section and there's a camera to I want to add that camera tool to my quick access toolbar. Some look click on add and there I have it. Now let's say that I want to move that camera tool up a little bit. I want to move it to a different location. Well, then I could just quick right here on this move up. But then So when I hover over that but and it tells you move up and I click, click, click, click. And I could move that camera up to where I want it. Now I'm gonna move it down, down, down, down. And I want to be at the very end of my quick access to bar tons of hidden features right inside your quick access toolbar. Remember to go to all commands and go explore those features. Now the camera to check it out When I take a look at the quick access to bar. Now we've added the camera tool. What is that camera tool? Do we'll click on it and check it out? Ah, that's a little bit more advanced than what's going on in this course, but ticket out. They'll be scared. Quick on it. All right, so now we know that we can customize the quick access to a bar. Like, for example, I want to add my new, but into its I click on new. And there I have the new but right there. All right, so I want to remove that button here. Let me just show you some shortcuts, tips and tricks instead of clicking on this drop down and de selecting right there. What I can do is I can just right click on the tour that I want to remove. Check this out. When in doubt. Right, quick. Nothing happens. Left quick, nothing happens. Check. Your options are right. So right. Click left click Options. So I right click and I see that I have this menu and I have the ability to remove from the quick access toolbar that specific tool. And there I have it now Swiss. You know about that right? Clicking feature. When in doubt, right, click, nothing happens left, nothing happens. Options. Watch this. I want to add my format painter. Too quick access toolbar. So when in doubt, right, Greg and I Look, I can add it to the quick access to bar, and here it is, right there. I want to add the fill color to a quick axe toolbar. What should I do? Right. Click and then added to the quick access to bar. And then I have it on my quick access to bar. I want to remove the fill color from the quick access to bar. How would I do that? Right quick. You got it and then removed from the quick axe toolbar here, I'm gonna remove the format painter. How do I do that right quick and then remove it from the quick access to a bar Now that you've learned about the quick access to bar also known as the Q A T and how it's loaded with hidden features and it's a great wayto ADM or tools and it's easily customizable. Now it can move on to the Seven steps of Excel Success. So I've broken down success for work in Excel into seven major categories, kind of like the seven habits of highly effective people. But these air seven steps to ensure success in Excel, and they're coming right up. 3. Your QAT Project: Congratulations. You've taken the steps to learn the quick access to a bar, and you're on your way to maximize your productivity's making Excel fun by customizing it to your liking. Glenn Start a project customized your own quick access toolbar. Fisher. A screenshot of it with the rest of the class. Now keep on building your skills by checking out the other classes in the Excel. Basic Skills and Power Tips. Siri's Look for the class or you're gonna learn the Seven Steps to Excel, Success and unlock the secrets to accurate and profitable spreadsheets. Let's keep on learning. I remember. Don't get mad gets Gilles. Hello, hi.