Excel Basic Skills And Power Tips - SAVING - It's Not Just CTRL+S. What About Compatibility?

Billy Wigley, Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert

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4 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction To Saving

    • Saving And Compatibility.

    • Learn To "Save" Using Power Tips!

    • Next Steps


About This Class

There's nothing worse than spending hours on your work, and suddenly, something happens and you lose your data because you didn't save it.

Have you ever sent an Excel file to somebody, and they tell you that they can't open it? You send it to them again, and they still can't open it? You even ask them for a different e-mail to send it to, and when you send it, they still can't open your workbook! What's the problem?

What's the shortcut to "Save?"

What does Read-only mean?

How come your colleague can't see the Sparklines in the report that you sent them?

Step into this class, and learn about saving, and compatibility so that you can answer these questions. Plus, I will also show you some Saving Power Tips!






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Billy Wigley

Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Billy Wigley is a Microsoft Office Expert in Excel. He actively travels throughout the USA, and other countries leading public seminars teaching Excel skills. In just five years, he has personally trained more than 45,000 professionals in over 100 cities. Wigley also consults with emergent business owners on their plans and projects to ensure success. With over 25 years of leadership experience, and from having resided in various cities worldwide, Wigley is w...

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