Excel Basic Skills And Power Tips - BUILD - Building Your Worksheet - Part I | Billy Wigley | Skillshare

Excel Basic Skills And Power Tips - BUILD - Building Your Worksheet - Part I

Billy Wigley, Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert

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6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Here Is What You Will Learn

    • 2. Five Things That Can Go Into An Excel Worksheet - F2 Is Your Friend

    • 3. Minimize Repetition - Learn The Auto Fill Handle

    • 4. Learn How To Create A Create Custom Fill Series - No More Typing That List!

    • 5. How Many Rows and Columns In Excel? Select All And The Name Box Will Tell You

    • 6. Insert Rows and Columns Like A Professional


About This Class

Learn five things that can go into and Excel worksheet, and be on your way to Entering and Editing Data like a professional.

You will learn, for example, that when editing F2 Is Your Friend.

Plus, other methods of entering, and editing data in Excel.

Have you ever wished there was a faster way of typing a list, like a series of names, numbers, dates, etc.?

There is, it is called the Auto Fill Handle, and it is amazingly easy to use with its preset lists, and ability to create your own custom lists.

Learn how to use the Auto Fill handle, and unlock the secrets of this handy little tool.

Create your own customized lists known as, Custom Fill Series.

Ever wonder how many rows are in Excel 2007, and beyond? Before 2007 there were 65,000 rows, and 255 columns.

Learn how many are available now, and the fastest way to find out.

As you have noticed, Excel is made up of Rows and Columns. So you will need to know how to insert rows and columns when you need them.

There are many ways to do this, and in this class we learn fast and easy ways of inserting rows and columns into your Excel worksheets.





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Billy Wigley

Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Billy Wigley is a Microsoft Office Expert in Excel. He actively travels throughout the USA, and other countries leading public seminars teaching Excel skills. In just five years, he has personally trained more than 45,000 professionals in over 100 cities. Wigley also consults with emergent business owners on their plans and projects to ensure success. With over 25 years of leadership experience, and from having resided in various cities worldwide, Wigley is w...

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