Excel Basic Skills And Power Tips - BUILD - Building Your Worksheet - Part I

Billy Wigley, Microsoft Certified Trainer(MCT), MOS Excel Expert

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6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Here Is What You Will Learn

    • 2. Five Things That Can Go Into An Excel Worksheet - F2 Is Your Friend

    • 3. Minimize Repetition - Learn The Auto Fill Handle

    • 4. Learn How To Create A Create Custom Fill Series - No More Typing That List!

    • 5. How Many Rows and Columns In Excel? Select All And The Name Box Will Tell You

    • 6. Insert Rows and Columns Like A Professional


Project Description

Make sure you practice your skills so that they are anchored in your brain. Download the attached Excel spreadsheet, and turn the list on the worksheet into a Custom Fill Series.

Remember, I am available to help you keep learning Excel so feel free to post any comments under to "Community" section of this class.

Keep on learning!

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