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Excel Advanced Features and Functions Course: Third Part - Financial Functions

TEST4U !, Testing Training and Evaluation Platform

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17 Videos (1h 35m)
    • Introduction to the Course

    • Lesson 1 - Class Introduction

    • Lesson 2- The PMT, IPMT, PPMT functions

    • Lesson 3 - The Pv, FV, NPER, RATE functions

    • Lesson 4 - The NPV, XNPV functions

    • Lesson 5 - The IRR, MIRR, XIRR functions

    • Lesson 6 - The DOLLARFR, DOLLARDE functions

    • Lesson 7 - The Yield functions

    • Lesson 8 - The DISC, RECEIVED, INTRATE functions

    • Lesson 9 - The Price functions

    • Lesson 10 - The ACCRINT, ACCRINTM functions

    • Lesson 11 - The Coupon functions

    • Lesson 12 - The DURATION, MDURATION functions

    • Lesson 13 - The SLN, SYD, DB, DDB, VDB functions

    • Lesson 14 - The Treasury Bill functions

    • Lesson 15 - Epilogue

    • Bonus Lesson - TEST4U Access


About This Class



  • Some basic knowledge of Excel and its main functions is required to complete this course.
  • Being familiar with the previous parts of this course

What will you learn?

  • You are going to be able to hold your own in any work related Excel project.

Who is our target student?

  • Excel users that want to start using Excel in a work environment.

Course Description

Hi there. My name is Kornilios, and I am part of the TEST4U team.

In this course we will teach how to use some of Excel’s advanced features and functions.

In addition to other courses we offer a way to learn skills by doing, by using the TEST4U software.

So, the tools we will use to achieve our learning goals are:

  1. Detailed lectures for each function with at least 2 examples. The Excel files of each lecture will be available for download as supplementary resources.
  2. Assignments for each function with a video solution for each one. And ...
  3. This is the game changer…We will offer free access to the most innovative training concept. The TEST4U training system. It is an irreplaceable tool that provides you with a hands-on interactive way of learning. It consists of dozens of free exercises that are automatically graded helping you learn by getting your hands dirty and not by just listening to ... plain old me.

In a bit more detail TEST4U shows an Excel workbook with certain instructions to follow, to solve the exercise. When you are done you submit your answer and TEST4U automatically grades it as correct or wrong. If you were wrong, you will see a video solution of the exercise. Neat, right?

We should note here that some basic knowledge of Excel and its basic functions is required to complete this course.

In this class, the third of our course, we will examine a lot of the financial functions of Excel. 


In the other classes of the course:

  • We will deal with some advanced general knowledge along with some good to know Excel features.
  • We will go on a quest to find the best and most versatile lookup function.
  • Then we have a chapter on statistics. We explain how Excel helps us make our lives easier in this field.
  • Finally, we will proceed into data analysis where we will introduce you to power pivot and pivot tables.

Feel free to check our bio to learn more about us.

We hope you will enjoy this. Let’s begin.





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