Excel 2016 Macro Basics including VBA | Tim Wright | Skillshare

Excel 2016 Macro Basics including VBA

Tim Wright

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5 Videos (29m)
    • Macro Basics intro

    • Macro Basics overview

    • Macro Basics

    • Vba basics

    • Macro basics, whats next


About This Class


You don't have to be a programmer to start using the basics of Excel Macros. Excel makes it easy to identify your list of actions and automate them with buttons and/or shortcut keystrokes. 

This video lecture covers all the basics of Macros in Excel 2016. Topics include: 

  • Overview of macros
  • Identifying the series of commands and actions to automate 
  • Avoiding common errors in macros 
  • Creating universal and local file only macros
  • Creating shortcut keys 
  • Creating custom buttons
  • Creating Quick Access Toolbar links
  • Managing macros
  • VBA Macro Basics

Start this course today and tomorrow you be be automating tedious tasks in Excel make your work more efficient and less frustrating.

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