Excel 2016 Advanced Formatting Techniques

Dennis Taylor, An Excel Guru

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12 Videos (54m)
    • Adjust fonts, font sizes, and font colors

    • Adjust horizontal and vertical cell alignment

    • Apply border styles and adjust grid lines

    • Apply underline, strikethrough, subscript, and superscript formatting

    • Build custom date formats

    • Build custom numeric formats

    • Control titles and headings using Wrap Text and Shrink to Fit

    • Create angled text variations for greater variety and readability

    • Work with numeric formatting options

    • Create value based formatting using logical operators

    • Prerequisites for this course

    • Use fill color and patterns for cell backgrounds 473587


About This Class

Get simple, powerful tips for making spreadsheet information readable and understandable in Microsoft Excel 2016. Dennis Taylor shows how to emphasize specific cells with fonts, borders, and color; adjust the positioning of cell contents; format numeric data; and add style and readability to worksheets. You'll also learn how to add pictures to worksheets and discover automation techniques (including conditional formatting) that take the drudgery out of formatting even the largest amounts of data.Topics include: Controlling fonts, borders, and cell color Adjusting horizontal and vertical cell alignment Creating angled text Adjusting numeric formatting Building custom date and numeric formats Creating value-based formatting Working with tables Using styles and themes Adjusting row heights and column widths Hiding and unhiding sheets Copying formats Formatting text with Justify Displaying data as outlines Formatting images and sparklines Creating picture links Formatting column and row titles






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Dennis Taylor

An Excel Guru

Dennis is the author of Teach Yourself Microsoft Excel 2000 and a co-author of four other books on spreadsheet software. He has developed customized Excel courses for specific clients, and has recorded over over 140 hours of Excel training courses for Lynda.com. Since 2006 he has presented over 500 public webinars on a variety of Excel topics.

A former employee of Levi Strauss, the University of Colorado, Amoco Oil, and the federal government, Dennis has taught over 5,000 seminars and ...

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