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Everything You Need to Start a Drone Business And Part 107

teacher avatar Daniel Williams, Filmmaker, Business Owner, Extrovert:)

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why A Drone Business?

    • 3. Class Project!

    • 4. Drone Business Requirments

    • 5. The Best Drone For You

    • 6. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Learn everything you need to know to start your own drone business. Right here. Today. 

Did you know that now is the best time to start a drone business? It reaches the pinnacle of technology in many areas, and the demand for aerial video is constantly growing. The best part -- absolutely anyone can learn to be successful at it, and the only limit is yourself.  

Want to know how to turn drones from a fun hobby into a tool that can actually bring in full-time income? Curious about what's involved in being the boss of your own drone company? Think you might want to hear an entrepreneur's experiences in this exciting field? You've come to the right place. 

Hi, there! I'm Daniel Williams, and I'm the owner of a media production company, drone pilot, and entrepreneur. I love what I do, and I love getting to talk to creative minds like you even more. 

In this class, we'll cover:

- Why It's a Great Idea to Start a Drone Business

- The Requirements for a Successful and Fully-Legal Drone Business

- How to Painlessly Meet the Requirements 

- Tips on Choosing the Best Drone for Your Business

- Pointers on Getting the Best Aerial Shots 

...and more! 

At the end of this class, you will take what you've learned and create a mission/goal statement for your prospective drone business. I'm always here to chat -- nothing gets me more excited than helping you bounce your amazing ideas around! Let's do this! 

Additional Links:

DJI Mavic Mini

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2

Find the right test site for you: FAA testing locations

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Williams

Filmmaker, Business Owner, Extrovert:)


Hey, there! I'm Daniel Williams. I'm a filmmaker, business owner, professional drone pilot, and photographer. 

I've been in the media industry since I founded Integrity Productions at age 17. During that time I have worked with national and international clients. I'm a firm believer in making dreams a reality, and I'm obsessed with honing my art to be more creative than I was yesterday -- and helping others do the same. 

I'm based in the southeast U.S. but I love to travel and I'm always up for an adventure. I'm obsessed with finding adventures with my little fam, playing musical instruments, watching YouTube channels, and coffee. Totally obsessed with coffee. 

Say hi on Instagram (I'm always hanging out there) or Facebook! Let's stay in tou... See full profile

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1. Introduction: I got my name is Daniel Williams in a commercial drone pilot, and I'm really excited for you guys to the year. Teach this course about how to start a professional. I have years of experience running my own production company in a had many of my drunk photos featured worldwide. This courses for anyone that wants to do this full time, part time, or is maybe, just, like, interested in getting started to this later. But is it right now? All right, so it's going get started in the next section. We're gonna talk about benefits, boning drone business and how to get your part one of seven license as well. It's just a couple with Debs pointers. 2. Why A Drone Business?: Okay. This segment, we're gonna talk about why you should start during business, and the first thing we're gonna do is kind of give you guys my story. So I started my own business when I was 17 years old. I know that's really young. People are surprised about that, but this is something you can get into any stage of life. I think actually, after your 15 when you're eligible to get apartments and last Insana business license in general. So the first thing I did because I went out of business license at my local I think it was the sheriff's office. And then I just started, like, reaching out to people and doing cold calls, sending out emails and actually got, I don't know, maybe three or four clients in the first month. So I was able to pull in just revenue eyes, maybe a couple $1000 in first month. So that went really well. And I think it's it's completely doable based off of what I did. So anyway, that's the way I got started. Of course, I got my one of seven license short after when actually it became a thing. You have to do after I was 17. So before 2016 I believe you didn't actually have to have a part. One of seven license to fly drones commercially. That's all changed now, And that's why I'm bringing you guys this year. Number one. Having a drone business is a great way to bring in passive income or full time income as well. So if you already have a job having a drum businesses something easy, you can do schedule things later, say, maybe real estate project. Go out there on the weekend, do that. There's just a lot of options and a lot of industries you can get into. We're gonna actually go into this in more detail later, but this is absolutely something you can do if you already have a job or just want to do this, is gonna take some time to build with your company, obviously, but I highly recommend if you're interested in this just taking a shot at, you know, buying that drone, getting the drone license and making this happen. Number two. And I know this is a little bit cliche, but having your own business does allow you to have your own schedule. Not all the time. Sometimes I'd be on a contract with the deadline after get things done in a certain period of time to be professional. But most of time I can wake up nine oclock in the morning. Get me a cup of coffee. Take it easy. Unlike people that are doing a 9 to 5, having your own business also gives you a huge sense of fulfillment. Going out there with your drone, your equipment, doing a project for someone sending it and being professional, the whole process for me. I just enjoy it so much being able to create something of your own. Working for somebody else is fine creating something for them. But to me, just going out there, making your own stuff and being as professionalized, you won't. Taking your work as serious as you won't is always something that gives a great sense of film. So there's two things that are definitely going Teoh be a great value when you're doing your business. Number three. Since you own your own business, you don't have a box telling you how much you could make, how much you can't make a guess what the more time played into this, the more you are going to make most cases. Number four is just plain fun. So being a dropout filmmaker, you just get to G o all kinds of places, behind the scenes places you wouldn't normally be able to give as a person and just experience things in a completely different way. I know this isn't really drawing stuff, but just being a photographer video for when you get to see that better than anybody else, you get to be there with the bride. You get to be there with the groom. It's just a really cool perspective. Being a filmmaker. Drone pilot, You get to see everything in a full, encompassing circle, if you will. 3. Class Project!: okay? The part you've been waiting for The project. Go to the project voter below. Introduce yourself and maybe think about what you would like your dream business toe look like maybe what industry you're gonna be in where you would like to see yourself in a couple of years and just type all that out. I love talking to you guys. I have. Ever since I've got started with my business or got started with my business, I've enjoyed being able to talk to people about this. So if you would do that now, blow your actually doing me a favor. Let's let's get the talking down there and maybe we can help each other out. 4. Drone Business Requirments: okay, In this section, we're gonna be talking about what you need to start your drum business legally and not legally. The first thing you need to do before going into the drone stuff is just get a business license, a license to operate. And I'm not really going to go into detail on this because in every state is different here in Louisiana, I think it's just a little bit more simple than usual. But basically, what you're gonna need to do is get LLC, maybe a sole proprietorship. If it's just gonna be you working and you don't want your business equipment or yourself insured and, uh, or you can go to the sheriff's office in your town and get basically a little piece of paper this bigger that says, Yeah, I can make money with my own business, lots of options. There is definitely gonna be the first thing you need to do. Number two, part one of seven. This is definitely going to be the most daunting. Coming in this entire project is gonna be difficult. But if you have any sense of getting something done and finishing something, I promise you'll be able to do it. So what is part one of said? Well, part one of seven is basically a list of rules or guidelines for commercial drone pilots put together by the Federal Aviation Administration or the FAA. The way I like to describe Part one of seven is that it's basically getting a manned aircraft pilot license without actually happened to fly an airplane. It gets really intense your happen to go over airport charts, which you would do taxing to runway 03 080 It gets really intense, and the thing is, you're not going to use most of this information, I promise you. But you have to know for the test because if you were flying something that is over £0.6 it identifies under it FAA standards as actual aircraft. That's why you have to learn all this stuff. But once again, I promise, you're probably not gonna have to use most of their life fonder once again. If you have any questions throughout any of this to go down below and just type it out, let's talk about now. There's a process you have to go through to actually going do the tests and What you have to do is go to https. Cold slash laugh. Federal registration dot com slash park, one of seven tests. Singers. You don't have to memorize that. That's why I put it below Coppin section or me about scoring eso. You're gonna go on that website, Look through a list of places in your area I think goes by your area code and simply just picked the place You want to go and then also picking a point in time where you're gonna go actually take the test. I think that give you two hours to take the test. It took me one hour to do it. And I was, you know, a lot of maybe 30 seconds to each question. So you're gonna be able to if you take your time on king schools dot com dark drums dot com Any of that Self Take it seriously. Study a couple times a week, maybe take a month. You don't know. Rush it. Don't Russian. You have the stuff. Just go do it right the first time and make sure 130 bucks you spent spent well, you have to have a great of 70 in order to pass. I think I got maybe, like a 91. Something like that. Don't give you all that information in there, but a couple more things. Also, you're not allowed to bring a pencil. A note pad. Definitely not your phone. So you can't cheat. You're basically going in there with your clothes on. That's about it. So that's why you need to take the studying for this seriously and just elaborating a little bit more. When you get only your study course and start looking at all the material you're gonna have to go through it is going to be very, very stressful. You're gonna be how the head am I gonna go through all this stuff? Because me, even though I had flown, had that previous experience, I was still like, I have to go through all this stuff. There's no way I'm gonna learn the weather charts. And it's like a completely different language that pilots use in their everyday lives that you have to know. You probably forget this stuff later on. But in order to take the test, you have to know just a little bit of encouragement. Though my uncle want to get apartment of seven during license, he studied for a week. And then that weekend he went and took the course and passed. So he had no experience whatsoever. He was a shipyard fitter, And, uh, yeah, he's And he's a smart guy, but I wouldnt say smarter than most of us. Uh, but he did it. Just find. So I think there is 100% chance to take this seriously, getting it. 5. The Best Drone For You: Now we get to the fun part. The drones. What exactly You need to get to be able to be drummed out because you can't. Exactly. You probably have a drink, right? There is probably hundreds of options out there, but definitely the couple companies that have proven themselves the most is D. J I. Number one parrot and GoPro. Also, I think it's called you Nicky. Probably pronouncing that wrong. But that is a different type. You can have it. And I'm gonna type all this stuff down below as said before, so you can check it all out. My also do links to each one of these drones I mentioned specifically. What do I recommend you ask? I'm gonna say go with D. J. I. These guys make the best products on the face of the planet for the price. So what I would recommend to absolute beginners that haven't fallen a drink before is the maverick many maybe the magic pro if you want to spend a little bit more money. Yeah. If you haven't flown drugs before, I would recommend getting something that's really cheap. So when you crash, you haven't lost your months salary. If you have flown dreams before you know how to operate. The controls are pretty confident. Maybe go with a phantom for pro V two. That's their newest model. As of now, the third month of 2020. Once you get your driving, begin practicing, making some new shots. I'm not gonna go into this year. I might make a completely new course for this. Just about what makes a good drone shot. And one of the biggest things I would say in general is keep them smooth, keep the motion you have moving in one direction, following through. So if you're chasing someone right here, maybe a car, something to continue to follow through, passing up even if they got a screen, don't ever jerk the gimbal. If you see someone that's just started, I've had probably on may be 60. Your own companies come to me and asked, like, Can we work with you? Collapse something like that. I'll go look their stuff and it's is jerky. They don't know how to make a cinematic drone video, and the reason is because they're just drove ballots. If you want to be a drone pilot in cinematography that is going to be completely different from being a drone pilot and say the industrial world where you don't have to have a smooth shop. So make sure you taking this seriously after you get your drone, you're confident with it. Go ahead, start practicing Washington's YouTube. It's, uh, the free colleges. I'd like to put it and just get better at it because every single minute you watch, of course, or something is gonna make you it somewhere better than your competition. That's the way I see it. 6. Final Thoughts: to go out there, be beast and take these courses feel empowered to better yourself. This information and I'm excited for you guys is gonna be so fulling getting your part one and seven. It's a great feeling. And then going and doing your first project. It just doesn't get much better than that. So, thank you, guys, for watching this course. I really appreciate it, and I will see you later.